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Zemun, Serbia – The Ultimate Guide (By a Local)

If you are searching for a new travel destination where you can enjoy without crowds of tourists, then you should visit Zemun Serbia this year. 

Zemun will give you a great atmosphere, new places to explore, and some mind-blowing historical facts on the area. 

Reader Awards in 2019 included Serbia as well, so visiting this small country, and its hidden gem – Zemun, is a must.

People get attached to Serbia so quickly that they barely want to leave. 

You have probably heard about the many things to do in Belgrade. Belgrade, or the ‘white city,’ has a rich and long history, vivid nightlife, jaw-dropping street art culture, and vivid river life. 

However, have you heard about a ‘town’ within a city, also known as Zemun?

Zemun is a favorite of true Belgradian like myself and should be on your list of places to visit in Serbia.

Trust me, I’m local, and there is no place like Zemun.

And in this Ultimate Guide to Zemun Serbia, I’m going to oinsupen your eyes to one of my personal favorite places to visit in Serbia.

Visiting Zemun is like traveling to past centuries, and experiencing the best from the past.

There are a lot of things to do in Zemun, so I put together this epic guide to help you explore them like a local.

From best Zemun tours to eating the best local food, to best Zemun hotels, and charming hostels – I have got you covered! 

Ok, ready to dive in?

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Why Visit Zemun Serbia?

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Are you on the lookout for a new place to explore? Then I recommend you visit #Zemun, #Serbia’s hidden gem. In this comprehensive #TravelGuide, we will walk you through the best things to do in Zemun, what tours you should consider, what local food you should try out, and the best Zemun hotels and charming hostels you should choose to stay at. As a bonus, we have included some helpful practical tips for visiting this awesome place!
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In the past, Zemun used to be a border town between two Empires: Austrian and Ottoman. 

Zemun joined with Belgrade in 1934, but given its history as an independent town before that, it comes as no surprise that Zemun has that old-town charm, rich local history, and significant local pride, next to mixed Austrian and Ottoman design.

Many still believe that Zemun is a separate city. However, that’s not the case. Zemun is a significant part of Belgrade and its history. 

Further, Zemun is full of diversity and unexpected. 

Just last year, I took some friends from Morocco to explore and experience Zemun.

Can you guess where we spent almost an hour?

On the cemetery!

They were so surprised that people from different religions are buried together. 

Compared to the city center of Belgrade, Zemun is a calmer piece of paradise. 

It has one of the best walking areas in Serbia, amazing views from Gardos, and a perfect balance between hectic city life and nature.

This hidden area in Belgrade is also one of the best places to go if you are passionate about modern art.

All in all, make sure that Zemun is your number one stop while exploring Belgrade!

How to Get to Zemun from Belgrade

Buildings along waterfront in Zemun Serbia

You can get to Zemun from Belgrade’s center via bus, train, or taxi. I’ll cover each option step-by-step in this section.

Whatever you do, one thing is for sure – you will love the ease of transportation here in Belgrade. To get from the Belgrade’s city center to Zemun is easy, fast, and rarely takes more than 30 minutes. 

Unless you decide to walk, in that case, you can spend one hour and fifty minutes walking. That’s actually not too bad, though, right? 

A couple tips to remember when planning your trip to Zemun:

First, you will need cash Serbian Dinars (RSD) or a credit card (for a taxi) to use transportation. 

Second, if possible, always go to Zemun from Belgrade’s city center (versus from further out). It’s more affordable, closer, and easier to move. 

Belgrade to Zemun by Bus

Use bus 95 from Skadarska (Skadarlija) and ride to stop Sava Centar, then wait for bus 88, which will take you to the heart of Zemun.  

Important: remember to buy a bus transport card at any corner shop so that you can move freely. You need to buy the plastic card for $3.22, and it will last for three months. That same card can be charged with additional money for bus rides as you go.

One bus ride ticket is $0.92, and you have the privilege of using it for an hour. 

Also, make sure that you validate your ticket every time you enter the bus.

Time: approximately 27 minutes
Ticket price: $0.92

Belgrade to Zemun by Train

You can use the train to get to Zemun from station Pancevacki. There, you should board the “BG Voz,” which rides to Batajnica and ride for six stops. 

To station Pancevacki most, you can come from almost any part of the city. If you are using any of the following buses: 16, 23, 48, 33, 95, 96, 27e, or 48, to get to Pancevacki most, you should step out on the station named ‘Aleksandar Nikolic.’

If you choose the train you can see here the timetable, check the price for you and your bike. You can even make online reservations. 

Time: 50 minutes
Ticket price: $0.92
Pro local tip: if you are planning to explore Zemun on the bike, you can place it in Bg: Voz for a small extra price.

Belgrade to Zemun by Taxi

The exact distance between Belgrade and Zemun is only 13km. That’s why you can walk to Zemun for under two hours, and it means that a taxi may be the most viable option for many. Note that, usually, the cab is cheaper by day than by night.

Time: 10 – 20 minutes, if it’s not the rush hour
Price: $ 9.20-day ride 
Pro local tip: always use official Taxi service

3 Awesome Zemun Tours

White boats on a river in Zemun Serbia
The waterfront in Zemun

Since Zemun has so much to offer, the easiest and the fastest way to explore it is by joining one of well organized Zemun Tours. 

As mentioned earlier, exploring Zemun on foot is the best way to explore the area – and so many of these tours involve a fair amount of walking. Moreover, this is also the cheapest, environment-best, and the most exciting way to emerge yourself with the locals. 

Who knows, you might as well meet a like-minded person from another part of the planet. 

If anything, it’s sure that you will be a part of the smaller group of people, who most probably appreciate the same, if not the similar, values as you do. 

Here are my top 3 recommended tours that you should try while in Zemun, Serbia.

#1 – Walking Tour of Zemun

Old street in Zemun with cars
The best way to explore Zemun is to wander the back streets

Walking tours with the local guide is fantastic if you want to explore the real charm of Zemun. You will see the oldest parts of the area next to the Danube river. 

Gardos Tower is included in this Zemun 2 Hour Walking tour, next to Nikolajevska Church, and ’’White Bear’’ – the oldest house in Zemun. 

The most central place of Zemun – Madlenianum, is also a feature of this tour. 

The tour ends with a long break at the Rakia bar. Trust me, this is an excellent place (Serbia never take foreign friends for a lousy drink, lol!). 

Duration: 2 hours
Starting time: 11:00 AM
Price: ~$16 per person
How to Do it: Reserve Your Tour Via Get Your Guide

#2 – E-Scooter Zemun Tour

Bright building at night in Zemun Serbia
Don’t forget to look up on your tour!

If you prefer fresh air, but not walking a lot, then the E-scooter Zemun tour is a logical choice. 

This tour will let you experience local ways of Zemun while being friendly toward the environment. 

This highly-rated E-Scooter Zemun Tour will show you a more Mediterranean atmosphere of Belgrade, and you will feel like you are on the sea. 

If you want a private photo session, this tour offers an individual photographer as well. 

On top of this, if you or your friends are real foodies, a street food boulevard can be included. 

Duration: 4 hours
Starting time: Monday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Price: $28.29 per person
How to Do It: Reserve Your E-Scooter Tour via Get Your Guide

#3 – Bike Tour of Zemun Serbia

Aerial view of Zemun
Zemun looks great from every angle

The best way to stay away from traffic, but to move fast is to participate in a bike tour. 

With this fun Zemun bike tour, you can explore Zemun and other areas of Belgrade, as well, quickly.

While riding along, you will discover all the significant historical facts, and get to experience both old and new parts of Belgrade. 

Don’t stress about bike rental. Bikes are provided. Moreover, you will get to ride the bike next to the Danube. 

Since Belgrade has two major rivers, you will experience first hand the real river life in Belgrade.

Duration: 4 hours
Starting time: Every day at 2:30 pm
Price: $20.95 per person
How to Do it: Reserve Your Zemun Bike Tour via Get Your Guide

👉 Pro Tip: Heading back to Belgrade after exploring Zemun during the day? Consider join in this super-fun Belgrade Night Out

7 Things to Do in Zemun

For a long time, Zemun has been to art-lovers interested in things like the opera. Typically these tourists to Zemun would visit Madlenianum, and some of the local restaurants afterward. 

However, it all changed in the last decade when people discovered that they could enjoy both opera and local music. With such exciting things to do in Zemun, this revelation comes as no surprise to use locals.

Whether you are an opera fan or you prefer a local pub, you can find it all in Zemun. 

Here are my 7 picks for the best things to do in Zemun Serbia:

1. Marvel at Gardos Tower

Gardos Tower in Zemun Serbia
Gardos Tower

Gardos Tower is a memorial tower located in the heart of Zemun. 

It was built in 1986, and it’s a real example of Gothic art. This is truly a historical and visual symbol of Zemun, and its history will leave you speechless. 

That’s why you must visit this place in Zemun in my opinion.  

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2. Witness the Opera & Theatre Madlenianum

Opera & Theatre Madlenianum, or simply Madlenianum, is known as one of the best culture-related places to visit in Zemun.

Even if you are not an opera fan, you should visit this famous building. 

Its architecture is impressive, and you can usually see the interior of the building. Moreover, this is the first private opera and theater in Serbia. 

3. Meander Kalvarija, Zemun

Kalvarija is an urban neighbor of Zemun, with a rich history. 

Residents of Zemun are incredibly proud of this area, that’s connected with the park Tosin bunar (also famous tourism spot) with 128 painted steps. 

In 2016, local activists collected 150 euros and painted the stars, by writing 128 different names of people who lived, worked, and positively influenced Zemun. 

4. Walk Along the Danube River

many swans drinking water at the river

Walking next to the river wraft is mandatory, especially in the summer. 

During the summer the whole river area is full of fun things to do. 

You can ride bumper cars, boat rides, and try some delightful homemade cookies. And of course, some swans will only make your Zemun visit more magical. 

5. Grab a Bite at Cafeteria Gardos

If you love original and real-magic places, with good vibes, you must visit Cafeteria Gardos.

Are you looking for a great place to rest from your bike tour in Zemun? This cafeteria will welcome you for a quick tea, coffee, and some French food bites. 

This place also looks fantastic in photos (if you are Instagram fan), and it’s most magical during the winter.

6. Soak in History at the White Bear Tavern

Apart from Belgrade Fortress, the “White Bear Tavern” is the oldest surviving building in the Belgrade area, dating to the mid-17th century. It was originally a “kafana,” or a type of community bistro.

Depending who you ask, it might be the oldest house in the Belgrade area, though it is certainly one of the best preserved example of Serbian history.

It was built in the 1600s, and during its long life, it operated as a tavern, then a real-life dungeon, and even as a rooming house. 

Today, this house is completely abandoned, and it’s under the city’s protection.

You can find the White Bear Tavern just off the main strip of Zemun at 10 Vasilija Vasilijevića Street.

7. Paddle Board in Zemunski Park

View of river in Zemunski Park Serbia

Next to the big city square (Veliki trg) is Zemunski park. 

This is the biggest Zemun park and the main one. The park is located on the old border where Zemun quarantine once stood. 

Here, you can visit two churches, one elementary and one high school. 

Park is rich with statues, and overall, this is a great place to relax and find silence from the city’s rush. 

👉 Pro local tip: If you are visiting during the summer, you must visit Daska & Veslo, for stand up paddle boarding, great music, amazing fast food, and endless summer vibe. 

Moreover, from here, you can paddle around the War Island (Ratno ostrvo) and explore a real untouched river island in Belgrade.

Where to Stay in Zemun

View of tower near the lake
Gorgeous Zemun Serbia

 The great thing about Zemun is that it’s affordable. 

Still, for being in the capital city of Serbia, Zemun offers a variety of different accommodations for everyone’s wallet. 

It’s cheaper to stay here in a luxury hotel than in any western European country!

Here are the best places to stay in Zemun Serbia, depending on your budget:

Best Luxury Hotels in Zemun

Hotel Zlatnik

Hotel Theater Belgrade

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Zemun

Hotel Jugoslavija

Hotel D10

Best Budget Hotels in Zemun

Gardos Riverview

Villa Petra

If you prefer to stay using Airbnb, that’s an option in Zemun as well.

Oh, and if you happen to be using Airbnb for the first time, make sure to use our referral link to get up to $55 off your first booking!

Since the Zemun area is highly safe, you can easily find your private accommodation. 

Where to Eat in Zemun

Plates of food in Serbia

Foodies brace yourself because if anything, Zemun will blow your mind with original and delicious food! 

The food offer is so abundant here that even if you are a vegetarian, you won’t stay hungry! 

Prices are so affordable by American standards that you will eat at every corner. And trust me, there are so many fantastic food corners to visit in Zemun. 

Best part?

The majority of food in Serbia is naturally organic. 

So, let’s see where to eat in Zemun by looking at my favorite Zemun restaurants:

  • Restoran Balkan EkspresDespota Đurđa 22 – offers real Serbian cousins, with a twist. You can find dishes inspired by the Balkan region and even globally-known dishes Serbian style. Here you can try most traditional drinks and sweets. The river view is fantastic. 
  • Restoran RekaKej Oslobođenja 73b – if you are looking for good food, and good party time, this is your place. Music is an excellent addition to already fantastic food. Don’t be surprised if you go there just for a quick lunch, and you stay dancing for hours. 
  • Restoran Bella NapoliZmaj Jovina 35 – this is one of the oldest restaurants in Zemun. This restaurant is also inspired by Italian cuisine, so if you are searching for Mediterranean flavors, you will find it here. 
  • Restoran SaranKej Oslobođenja 53 – if you want to experience authentical Zemun interior, cuisine, and fantastic fish dishes, you should visit Saran, at least once. After all, this is one of the best Zemun restaurants. Saran is also close to the river so you will enjoy a great view, next to some great rakia. On top of that, Cafeteria Gardos is next to this famous restaurant, so it’s a win-win location. 

Oh, and if you want to eat like a local, make sure that you eat pancakes at Pinokio, the famous pancake place. 

Even if you are exploring on foot, you can ask anyone on the street to direct you to Pinokio. 

They will do it gladly. 

Tips for Visiting Zemun Serbia

Old tower in Zemun Serbia

Last but not least, here are some straightforward and honest tip about visiting Zemun:

  • Make sure that you have an ID with you all the time
  • Feel free to drink tap water in Zemun
  • The majority of people understand English. Even if they can’t speak English, they will probably understand and try to help you. People 70+ usually speak French or German.
  • If you are visiting between November and March, make sure to bring a warm winter jacket and boots. 
  • Before visiting, look into travel insurance for Serbia to protect your trip

The climate in Serbia is the Mediterranean, meaning that from March until November, you can expect beautiful weather and sun most days. 

Moreover, Belgrade can be a great starting point to other cities in Serbia and beyond. 

Because of its great location, you can easily reach other European countries with some surpassing transportation prices!


I hope that you will use my local’s guide on your first Zemun visit. Make sure to let me know in the comments if you discover something new in Zemun!

I will be more than happy to explore those places further.

So pack well, travel light, and make an excellent to-see list, because you will have a lot to see here. 

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Enjoy Zemun!

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