The author Chelsea Booker smiling with the Chengdu spicy chicken wings in Nue, one of the best restaurants in Seattle

32 Best Seattle Restaurants (Where to Eat, By a Local)

I’m a local Seattle foodie and in this guide, I’ll point you to the absolute best Seattle restaurants. 

Come to Seattle hungry and get ready to pig out! No matter which neighborhood you’re in, something delicious is right around the corner. Expect mouthwatering dishes from all around the world, along with great eats for every budget. 

No matter your preferences, this article has something that’s sure to make your mouth water. It features some of the city’s most popular eateries, plus a few hidden gems I know you’ll love as much as I do. 

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32 Best Restaurants in Seattle


🍽️ Australian | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 829-8235

The Arthur's Brunch bowl with vegetables and sliced boiled eggs drizzled with white sauce
The Arthur Brunch bowl is absolute perfection

Arthur’s is a gem of a restaurant tucked away in the Admiral District of West Seattle. It’s one of my favorite places to go when I want to treat myself to a nice brunch without the crowds. 

Its menu is full of tasty items with an Australian flare. Some of the most raved-about items are its sammies. These include the ever-popular bacon sammie and the flavorful Lebanese chicken sammie. 

Order some fluffy ricotta pancakes for a sweet breakfast, or go with my personal favorite: Arthur’s Brunch Bowl. Smoked trout, coconut rice, pickled onions, greens, lemon aioli, an egg, and Aleppo powder make this a super satisfying meal.


🍽️ Global Eclectic | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 257-0312

A plate of stacked Chengdu spicy chicken wings
The Chengdu spicy chicken wings are addicting

Nue is an unusual restaurant. It doesn’t serve one type of cuisine. Instead, it specializes in specific dishes from different countries around the world. Only at Nue can you get South African bunny chow, Sri Lankan squash curry, and Balinese barbecued spare ribs in one place.

Its menu is quite eclectic and interesting, so if you’re an adventurous eater, you’ll enjoy the variety of dishes. If you’re really adventurous, take a chance on the Thai water beetles, its most unique offering. 

The dining room at Nue is as quirky and fun as the menu. It’s decorated with pictures, lanterns, and trinkets from cultures all around the world. If you visit, try to make it during the daily happy hour from 3 to 6 pm.

👉 Don’t Miss: After dinner at Nue, I recommend Molly Moon’s for dessert and Capitol Hill Cider for drinks. Check out my Seattle itinerary for more area recommendations! 

Cafe Salem

🍽️ Ethiopian | $ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 328-0404

The author Chelsea Booker enjoying the meat combo at Cafe Salem
Me enjoying the delicious meat combo at Cafe Salem

Seattle has a large Ethiopian population which means you have endless options for Ethiopian food throughout the city. One of the top things to do in Seattle is to enjoy some of this tasty cuisine. For some of the best, I recommend visiting the Central District gem that is Cafe Salem.

This casual and comfortable eatery serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner from a no-frills dining room and outdoor patio. For breakfast, order its delicious foul plate that consists of fava beans, olive oil, egg, chilis, and feta. For lunch or dinner, enjoy beef tibs or doro wat, all served over spongy, sourdough-like injera. 

If you’ve never tried Ethiopian food before, this is the perfect place to get an introduction to the staples. 

Taqueria La Fondita

🍽️ Mexican | $ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 551-0529

Two servings of adobada tacos in Taqueria La Fondita
Don’t pass up the adobada tacos!

If you want the best Mexican food in Seattle, Taqueria La Fondita is the answer. The main location is in White Center, but another recently opened in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. Whichever you choose, La Fondita’s tacos alone make the journey north or southwest worth it.

There’s nothing particularly fancy about Taqueria La Fondita. But what it may lose in style, it makes up for in flavor, quality, and price. 

While its tacos are phenomenal, you’ll enjoy any of its other Mexican classics, too. Order a generously-sized burrito, quesadilla, and perfectly seasoned beans and rice. Both locations have covered, outdoor patios for you to sit at and enjoy your food immediately while it’s nice and hot.

Itto’s Tapas

🍽️ Tapas | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 659-0465

A plate of Maakooda in Itto’s Tapas
The Maakooda (Moroccan potato cake) is just one of Itto’s yummy offerings

If you love tapas, you’ll love Itto’s. It was opened by two brothers in honor of their late mother, and this romantic and dimly-lit restaurant makes the trek to West Seattle worth it. When you visit, you’ll be rewarded with expertly prepared Moroccan and Spanish dishes.

Of its varied menu items, the stuffed dates, cumin beet salad, and beef tenderloin often steal the show. Its lamb dishes also never disappoint. 

The cocktail list at Itto’s is extensive. The drinks are strong, complex, and well-balanced. Grab the Macho if you like something bright and unusual, or the Kiss From Kenitra for a drink that’s light and effervescent.

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🍽️ Nepalese | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 320-7770

View of the bright and vintage decorations at the entrance of Annapurna
You’ll be greeted by bright decorations the moment you walk in

This cozy, underground restaurant became a quick favorite when I first moved to the city. Luckily, it still holds up years later. 

Annapurna looks nondescript from the outside. But once you enter and go downstairs, you’ll emerge in its lively and colorful dining room. The smells will immediately make your mouth water.

Annapurna is a staple in the Capitol Hill food scene and the perfect place to meet up with friends after work on a cold night. Come here for incredible Nepalese, Indian, and Tibetan bites. 

Try its best-selling chicken tikka masala with a side of crispy garlic naan. Its Himalayan curry and creamy vegetable kofta will satisfy your cravings and keep you coming back for more.

Off the Rez

🍽️ Native American | $ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 414-8226

Two different breads, taco and drink from Off the Rez
My husband and I always try to get a bit of everything on our visits

Off The Rez is a Native American restaurant in Seattle that started as a food truck. Luckily, it now has a permanent cafe connected to the Burke Museum in the U-District. Visit this budget-friendly spot for some creative and interesting quick-bite options. 

Off The Rez’s specialty is chewy Indian fry bread tacos. The classic chili Indian taco has a slightly spicy kick. For the most filling thing on the menu, order the wild rice bowl with pickled veggies and succulent braised bison. 

If you want to try its sweet fry bread, you have tons of topping options. Choose from seasonal jams, lemon curd, cinnamon sugar, honey, and more. 

Un Bien

🍽️ Caribbean | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 588-2040

The bright pink and blue exterior of Un Bien
The bright pink exterior of Un Bien

If you find yourself craving a Caribbean roast sandwich in Seattle, you’re in luck. Un Bien in Ballard is the place to go to satisfy this craving. Here, you’ll find all sorts of succulent marinated meat sandwiches that are as good as the lines to Un Bien are long.

The restaurant space at Un Bien is on the small side. You’ll place your order at the window and can take it to go or eat at its covered patio area. In addition to its famous Caribbean roast sandwich, Un Bien serves various bowls with rice, beans, meat, and veggies. Its sauteed seafood dishes are equally as delightful.  

It’s impossible to miss the bright pink of the building that houses Un Bien. It may be a bit out of the way, but if you venture out to this restaurant, you won’t be disappointed.


🍽️ Pizza | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 420-8880

Hands down, MOTO is one of the best pizza restaurants in Seattle. It serves Detroit-style pizzas and treats its pizza-making as an art. 

The fun and offbeat flavors explain why MOTO claims to serve “Seattle’s odd pizza.” Try its clam chowder pie with housemade garlic chili oil. The bestseller features a crispy pork belly, lime, and chimichurri sauce. All of its pizzas are made with a perfect sourdough crust that is thick, crispy, and golden.

The pre-orders at MOTO often fill out months in advance but never fear. To get a taste of this incredible pizza, show up right when it opens and place your order. Lee, the owner, is kind and enthusiastic and will be happy to chat you up about all the choices available.

Sisters and Brothers

🍽️ Hot Chicken | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 283-2078

Breaded chickens and mac and cheese from Sisters and Brothers
The chicken was perfectly seasoned and breaded, and the mac and cheese is just as good!

Seattle may not have a plethora of delicious Nashville hot chicken restaurants, but what it does have is delightful. Sisters and Brothers is in Interbay, the point where downtown Seattle meets Magnolia. Stop here if you’re interested in getting some spicy and delicious chicken, plus classic southern sides.

The menu at Sisters and Brothers is short and simple. You can’t go wrong with the chicken tenders and smoked gouda mac and cheese. The chicken sandwich, fried green tomatoes, and house-fried pickles are also excellent. 

As for your chicken’s spice level, I highly recommend the “Seattle hot” if you want to enjoy the heat without feeling like your mouth is on fire. If you choose the “Nashville hot” or “insane,” …you may want to consider ordering a glass of milk when you place your order. 

Xi’an Noodles

🍽️ Chinese | $ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 522-8888

A bowl of spicy cumin lamb biang noodles and shrimp dumplings from Xi’an Noodles
Tasty and filling spicy cumin lamb biang noodles and shrimp dumplings

Xi’an Noodles brings delicious Chinese cuisine to the University District. It serves biang biang noodles — wide, hand-pulled noodles covered in a chili oil sauce.

The most popular choice is its spicy cumin lamb noodles, but if you like the numbing sensation of Szechuan pepper, try the tingly beef noodles, too. It also has soups, dumplings, and Chinese street food dishes. Choosing just one thing from the menu is difficult, to say the least.

This is a popular spot, but the wait is never too long. Enjoy your meal outside at its covered patio, and add Xi’an Noodles to your budget-friendly dining options! You can get a good amount of food here at a reasonable price.

💸 On a Budget? Bookmark my guide to free things to do in Seattle! Several attractions are located near Xi’an Noodles’ three locations. 

Plum Bistro

🍽️ Vegan | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 838-5333

A plate of Banh mi with fries and a glass of drink in Plum Bistro
I loved this simple and tasty Bahn mi for lunch

Vegans will find plenty of dining options in Seattle but should start at Plum Bistro. It’s been considered one of the best restaurants in Seattle for vegans for many years. At Plum, you’ll enjoy a variety of seasonal dishes in a dining room that strikes a perfect balance between industrial and classy.

Visit for lunch, dinner, dessert, or its weekend brunch for a variety of options. One of its most popular dishes is “mac and cheese,” which is a clever take on the comfort classic. For other fun options, try its buffalo portobello burger with rosemary fries, or the flavorful and filling Bahn mi sandwich.

Whether you’re vegan or not, it’s almost impossible to not enjoy the food at this delightful Capitol Hill restaurant. 

👉 Pro Tip: Book a hotel in Capitol Hill to be close to some of the absolute best restaurants in Seattle! But make sure you review all of your options — see my where to stay in Seattle guide for insights. 

Tacos Chukis

🍽️ Mexican | $ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 905-8537

A plate of two grilled pineapples on tacos in Tacos Chukis
The grilled pineapple on the house tacos makes the whole meal come together wonderfully

Tacos Chukis is one of the best restaurants in Seattle if you want something quick, tasty, and cheap. It made my list of restaurants to try if you’re visiting Seattle on a budget, but you should visit even if you’re not pinching pennies. 

Its menu is simple. In my humble opinion, the house tacos with adobada and grilled pineapple are the best things to get. It also serves mulitas, tortas, and burritos if you want other options. 

Find Tacos Chukis in multiple Seattle neighborhoods including Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, and Beacon Hill.


🍽️ Japanese | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 622-2631

Tempting as it may be, you can’t waltz into Maneki on any day and expect to be seated. This Japanese restaurant is an International District icon. Plan ahead by texting the number on its website to guarantee your spot in this coveted space. 

Maneki opened in 1904, making it one of the oldest restaurants in Seattle. Walking in, you’ll be welcomed to a cozy, traditional dining room. I recommend grabbing dinner here if you have only one day in Seattle — and for good reason!

Sushi is one of its specialties, but you’ll find plenty of other items on the menu to please your palate. In particular, the unagi rice, black cod miso collar, and beef sukiyaki get rave reviews. 

If you’re visiting with a group, consider renting out one of its tatami rooms for an elevated experience.

🍣 Love Sushi? Book this unique Local Fish Store Tour And Sushi Rolls Class on Viator! 

Toulouse Petit

🍽️ Creole | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 432-9069

View of the cozy dining area of Toulouse Petite
The attractive dining area of Toulouse Petite

Since Toulouse Petite is near the Seattle Center and several other Seattle landmarks, it can get crowded. It’s a good idea to make a reservation if you’re craving some drool-worthy Cajun-Creole food from this New Orleans-inspired restaurant. After all, it’s popular with both locals and tourists. 

Toulouse Petite is known for its delicious, fluffy beignets which are a must when you visit. Don’t stop there, though. Order some jambalaya, gumbo, or crawfish and shrimp dishes to see what all the fuss is about. 

It has one of the best happy hours in the city, with a super extensive menu of some of its most popular dishes for less.

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Tat’s Delicatessen

🍽️ Sandwich | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 264-8287

A big serving of grinder sandwich in Tat’s Delicatessen
My grinder sandwich was filled to the brim with toppings and so delicious — it’s easy enough for two people!

Go to Tat’s Delicatessen in Pioneer Square for a really good sandwich. This East Coast-style deli serves nearly all the classics.

Try its pastrami, Reuben, roast beef, cheesesteak, or my personal favorite: the grinder. The prices are on the higher side, but the portions more than make up for it. An eight-inch sandwich is plenty of food for two, especially if you add on a bag of chips and a side of soup.

Tat’s gets pretty busy and the lines can be long, especially around noon during the weekday lunch rush. However, the wait is usually short, and there is plenty of seating inside once you have your sandwich. If you’re traveling solo, this is one place you’ll want to hit up for lunch.

The Corson Building

🍽️ New American | $$$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 762-3330

You may be surprised to find The Corson Building in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. This neighborhood is known for being industrial and gritty, but it’s home to one of the prettiest Seattle restaurants. 

At The Corson Building, you’ll have a fine dining experience in a vintage 1900s-era building with a gorgeous patio garden. It’s upscale but comfortable with friendly waitstaff and delicious food sourced from local farms.

Make a reservation for a Saturday or Sunday to get a pre-fixe meal that includes wine. Come on Thursday or Friday for a la carte dishes. The menu changes often. Previous dishes have included Moroccan spiced beef cheek, ricotta dumplings with chanterelles, and za’atar focaccia bread with marinated feta.

Oriental Mart

🍽️ Filipino | $ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 622-8488

View of the signs and letters in the dining area of Oriental Mart
You can’t miss this Pike Place Market restaurant, especially not with all of the signs surrounding the eating area

If you’re searching for a lunch spot in Pike Place Market that feels a bit removed from the hustle and bustle, check out Oriental Mart. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you stumble upon the cacophony of sassy, quirky, and colorful signs at the eating area.

Oriental Mart offers a limited menu of homestyle Filipino food. Try its chicken or pork adobo, or salmon sinigang, all served with pancit and rice. The woman who does all the cooking is friendly and chatty, and she’s been running the show for years. If you want to get a homey and filling meal for a decent price in the market, this is the place to go.

🍽️ Still Hungry? For a more comprehensive experience, consider booking this Chef-Guided Food Tour of Pike Place Market


🍽️ Korean | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 547-2040

A plate of Korean dish in Revel
One of my favorite meals I’ve eaten at Revel

Revel is in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood and it’s a local favorite. The stylish, contemporary restaurant has plenty of space and a drool-worthy menu. Visit with friends to try a little bit of everything. 

Some of Revel’s popular dishes include the kimchi pancake, spicy miso rice cake, and short rib wontons. Try the Dungeness crab noodle for something well-balanced, flavorful, and downright addictive. 

Don’t pass up on the cocktail menu either, where you’ll find drinks that are equally parts tasty and attractive. Its menu does change every once in a while, so make sure you double check its current offerings before going to know what to expect.


🍽️ Seattle Soul / New American | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 391-8140

Communion has rightfully gotten a lot of buzz since it opened at the end of 2020. This newer restaurant offers a dining experience that is all about community. Come with a group to enjoy the communal dining spaces and the family-style servings. 

The dishes are inspired by the owner’s southern roots and living in Seattle’s Central District and International District. She calls it “Seattle Soul.”

Chow down on jambalaya with Pacific Northwest clams, order the bayou teche with a Dungeness crab gravy and enjoy a tasty Creole fried rice. For brunch, order cornbread french toast or catfish and grits.

This Seattle restaurant is quickly becoming a staple in the city’s dining scene, so reservations are smart if it’s at the top of your list.

Donburi Station

🍽️ Japanese | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 767-8075

A bowl full of chicken katsu in Donburi Station
A generous serving of chicken katsu

Donburi Station is one of the Seattle restaurants I go to when I want something delicious and filling, and that will last me multiple meals. Choose from a range of donburi including chicken katsu, salmon poke, chirashi, and grilled beef short ribs. 

The bowls are always hot, filled to the brim, and well-priced. I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve gotten here. In my opinion, this is by far one of the best takeaway restaurants in Seattle.

Cafe Munir

🍽️ Lebanese / Arabic | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 472-4150

You’ll be lucky to get a seat at Cafe Munir. This tiny restaurant is a hidden gem in north Ballard where locals enjoy Lebanese delights. With an intimate and cozy ambiance, Cafe Munir is the perfect place for a date.

Some common menu items include hummus with spiced lamb, perfectly crisp pitas, and roasted beets, and tahini. Order a tasty lamb skewer with chiles, bulgar, and fresh herbs, or choose one of its eggplant dishes cooked in flavorful spices. For drinks, it has an extensive whiskey selection.

While any day you can grab a seat at Cafe Munir is a good one, a visit on Sunday is extra special. On Sundays, the entire menu is the chef’s choice so you’re guaranteed to get something unique. 

Walrus and Carpenter

🍽️ Oyster Bar | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 395-9227

Closeup view of the huge platter of raw oysters with sliced lemon in the middle

If your Seattle itinerary takes you to Ballard, eat at Walrus and Carpenter for some of the best seafood in the city. This small and bright restaurant specializes in oysters sourced from local seafood farms.

Other popular dishes include salmon terrine, shrimp toast with spicy honey, and grilled sardines. Its menu extends beyond the sea, too. The beef shank terrine is one beloved dish you’ll want to try if it’s available on your visit.

This is a popular place, and it takes people on a first-come, first-served basis. Its menu changes based on what’s available, so check online before you visit to get an idea of your options.


🍽️ Filipino Fusion | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 708-6871

Musang is one of Seattle’s newer restaurants. It opened in 2020 and has become a mainstay in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Musang serves elevated Filipino food. Expect some of the most beloved dishes of this cuisine prepared creatively and with interesting flavor profiles. Enjoy sinigang with crispy lechon, a creamy short rib kare kare, and perfectly prepared pancit and lumpia. 

It also serves brunch on the weekends. Lumpia, fried sweet rice balls, and a delectable French toast made with ube custard batter are just some of the popular items. Since this restaurant is popular, it’s a good idea to make a reservation ahead of time to save your spot.

Pho Bac Sup Shop

🍽️ Vietnamese / Pho | $ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 568-0882

A bowl of pho soup with chopsticks placed on top

Winter may not be the best time to visit Seattle, but on cold and rainy evenings, nothing hits the spot more than pho. Fortunately, pho isn’t hard to come by in Seattle. You can find some of the best of this noodle soup at Pho Bac Sup Shop. 

Its broth is heavenly, simmered to perfection. Order beef, veggie, prawn, chicken, or other tasty options. It also serves spring rolls, lemongrass fries, and chicken wings if you’re looking for a little variety. The restaurant is large, bright, and spacious, making it a good place to meet up with friends.

The Pink Door

🍽️ Italian | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 443-3241

Exterior view of the iconic The Pink Door
The outside is unassuming, which makes the dining experience that much better (photo: The Image Party / Shutterstock)

The Pink Door is the perfect Italian restaurant for a romantic and elevated date night in Seattle. Located in Pike Place Market’s Post Alley, it’s identifiable only by, you guessed it, a pink door.

You’ll be charmed from the moment you step inside. The bohemian decor, waterfront views, and live entertainment add to the experience. Watch burlesque shows and aerial performances, and listen to mood-setting jazz while you enjoy dinner. 

The food matches the restaurant’s energy. Its menu features classic Italian food like lasagna and risotto, which are executed wonderfully. Make sure to try other standouts like the squid ink pasta and the tuna crudo as well. 

Matt’s in the Market

🍽️ American / Pacific Northwest | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 467-7909

Matt’s in the Market is a wonderful representation of the city’s dining scene. Despite being close to the bustling Pike Place Market, the restaurant has a calm atmosphere. Arched windows frame the market sign, and the waitstaff is kind and accommodating. 

If you’re looking for tasty, regional cuisine, you’ll find it here. Expect artfully presented dishes made with high-quality local ingredients. Matt’s is open for both lunch and dinner, but you’ll have more seafood options at dinner time. 

Try the grilled octopus, Dungeness crab, or seafood stew with clams and mussels. One specialty it has that looks almost too pretty to eat? Its deviled eggs. If you’re looking for restaurants in Seattle to impress your out-of-town guests, this is a great choice.

Nikko Teriyaki

🍽️ Teriyaki | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 264-8287

The chicken katsu and teriyaki combo with rice, vegetable and sauce from Nikko Teriyaki
The chicken katsu and teriyaki combo is my favorite

Teriyaki is another Seattle classic you’ll want to get your hands on. After all, rainy days and teriyaki go together perfectly.

Nikko Teriyaki in West Seattle is an unassuming place from the outside, but it does teriyaki right. Its food is made quickly and the portions are generous. 

For a nice, savory kick, get the spicy chicken teriyaki. Its chicken katsu is always nice and crispy, the rice is cooked well, and even the side salad is always fresh and crisp. Try its fried rice and gyoza if you want more options. 

It does have a little bit of seating, but this is a takeaway joint primarily so make sure you plan for that on your visit. 


🍽️ Pacific Northwest | $$$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 283-3313

If you want the most upscale dining experience in Seattle, you’ll get it from Canlis. Executive Chef Aisha Ibrahim ensures that diners here have a memorable meal and experience.

The tasting menu features rotating small plates. You’ll choose from several options for three courses, and be surprised by others. Needless to say, the preparation, execution, and taste of every dish prepared at Canlis is top tier.

Canlis has been a powerhouse of the Seattle fine dining scene since the ‘50s. It opens reservations 6 months in advance and requires a $100 deposit per person at the time of reservation. 

This is one of the only restaurants in Seattle with a strict dress code. If you want to dine at Canlis, make sure evening attire is on your Seattle packing list

Dough Zone

🍽️ Chinese / Asian | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 285-9999

The bright pink signage of Dough Zone outside the restaurant
Outside of the Kirkland location of Dough Zone (photo: Colleen Michaels / Shutterstock)

Dough Zone is a local Seattle chain that specializes in all types of dumplings. Whether your preference is fried, steamed, or soup dumplings, you’ll find it here. Dough Zone’s Seattle location is in the International District. 

This is a good place to go for lunch, whether you’re traveling solo or with a group. The prices are reasonable, so budget travelers need not shy away from this popular joint. 

Go for the dumplings, but explore the rest of the extensive menu which includes bao, dan dan noodles, and a delightful scallion pancake.

Cafe Campagne

🍽️ French | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 728-2233

Another Pike Place Market gem that you don’t want to miss is Cafe Campagne. This French cafe with food by Chef Daisley Gordon is a wonderful place to get a bite to eat at any time of day. 

Come for a weekend brunch and lunch to enjoy a croque monsieur or a croque madame. Visit during dinner for its roasted chicken, cassoulet, and coveted steak frites. The dessert menu includes a delectable creme brulee. 

This restaurant has been in business for over 20 years, and it’s no secret how good it is. Make sure you make reservations in advance if you want to enjoy some of Seattle’s best French food.

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Buddha Ruksa

🍽️ Thai | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 (206) 937-7676

A plate of stir fried spicy crispy pork topped with Thai basil

Buddha Ruska is one of the best Thai food restaurants in Seattle. The restaurant may not look like much from the outside, but you’ll find all your Thai classics here. 

I’ll admit that when I go here, I rarely venture far from the pad thai — it’s just that good! But its tom yum soup and the crispy garlic chicken are two things you do not want to miss out on. If you’re sensitive to spicy food, go easy on its spice scale. But if you can take a little heat, you won’t be disappointed here. 

If you’re visiting with multiple people, make sure you get a good spread of dishes so you can try a ton of things at once. 

FAQs About Seattle Restaurants 

Does Seattle have a good food scene?

Seattle has a good food scene. There are many different restaurants in Seattle that serve a variety of tasty dishes. You can find Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, New American, and a variety of other cuisines in Seattle.

What is Seattle’s most famous food?

Seattle’s most famous food is salmon. Seattle is also known for other seafood like oysters, Dungeness crab, and geoduck. For more, see my full guide to famous Seattle foods.

How much is dinner in Seattle?

Dinner in Seattle costs around $35 for one person (including a drink) at a mid-tier restaurant. At a more luxurious restaurant, dinner will be around $50 per person or more. A budget restaurant will cost around $25 or less.


Now you’re ready to chow down on awesome meals at some great Seattle restaurants! Rest assured that when you visit Seattle, your taste buds will thank you.

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