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Portugal Packing List | 25 Things People Forget [2023]

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Having the perfect Portugal packing list is essential for a successful trip to this European country, especially for 2023. But figuring out what items and clothing pieces you need to pack for Portugal is trickier than you might think. 

The season, the type of traveler you are, and the places you visit in Portugal will all impact the contents of your packing checklist. Missing just one important thing when you’re visiting Portugal can throw the whole vacation out of whack. 

I would’ve been totally lost if I didn’t mindfully pack my bag for traveling around Portugal in the summer of 2022. To save you the headache of forgetting something, I’ve put together my ultimate Portugal packing checklist!

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Portugal Packing Checklist

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Travel Insurance

Sky's Choice
Travel Insurance from World Nomads

World Nomads offers simple and flexible travel insurance. I’ve personally always used World Nomads. After 10+ countries, I keep using them!

Portugal is a relatively safe country and whether or not travel insurance belongs on your Portugal packing list is ultimately a choice only you can make.

I still personally choose to get travel insurance even in a safe country like Portugal. World Nomads has been my personal go-to insurance when it comes to insurance for traveling, and I personally never pack for Portugal without it.

International Charging Adapter 

HAOZI Universal Travel Adapter

I took the HAOZI charging adapter with me to Portugal, but it works anywhere on the planet. It’s a terrific investment in your international travel future.

You won’t really think about putting an international charging adapter on your Portugal packing list until you forget it. Once that happens, it can be a domino effect of annoying circumstances afterward. 

I take my HAOZI universal travel adapter on every trip abroad. It works anywhere in the world so it’ll be a mainstay in your bag.

Small Day Pack

Whether you’re spending a day at the beach or exploring the mountainous wine country, your small day pack will be a core part of every excursion in Portugal. When you’re traveling, it’s nice to have a bag that’s bigger than a handbag but smaller than your main backpack. 

Luckily, Osprey also carries day packs like the high-quality Arcane small day pack. Its simple design is stylish but effective. It comes complete with a laptop sleeve and a self-locking security hook as an anti-theft measure.

Packing Cubes

Our Pick
Well Traveled Packing Cubes
These Well Traveled packing cubes make your packing experience 100X easier. This brand is my favorite because they allow you to actually smooth your clothes down flat.

Packing cubes have completely revolutionized travel for me. They save space and make it effortless to organize it all. However, not all packing cubes are created equal. Trust me, I’ve had a cube or two break in the worst possible moment, but I know I can always trust these Well Traveled compression packing cubes. They’re very durable and squeeze down to nearly flat.

Dry Shampoo

Our Pick
Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

The Amika dry shampoo will be your best friend after the beach. On those days when you need to fix your hair after baking under the Portuguese sun, all you need is a little spritz.

Dry shampoo is a total lifesaver when you need to freshen up your hair but don’t want to take a whole shower. Just a spray or two and you’re grease-free for another few hours. 

My favorite one on the market right now is the Amika perk-up dry shampoo. It doesn’t leave that nasty, pasty residue that a lot of dry shampoos leave behind. 

Quick-Dry Travel Towel 

Our Pick
Rainleaf Microfiber Towel
This lightweight Rainleaf towel is way more convenient than a heavy & wet beach towel. It dries fast and is super high-quality so you don’t have to worry about it ripping.

Whether you stay in an Airbnb or a hotel, most places in Portugal will specify that you can’t use their towels at the beach. Then, what are your options? Buy a huge beach towel and lug it around, or go without one at all? 

My suggestion is that you bring along a lightweight, easy-to-carry Rainleaf microfiber towel. Rainleaf towels dry in minutes after use and come with a little bag making them very convenient to pack. 

Travel Backpack

If you don’t have a good travel backpack, then everything else on your Portugal packing list can fall through the cracks. Literally! If you want to invest in the best of the best, I can’t recommend the Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Pack enough. 

I brought it along to four continents so far and it’s been worn hard. Yet, it still holds up and remains my favorite backpack of all time after owning a bunch of others (for more, see my Farpoint review).

Plus, you just can’t beat Osprey’s lifetime guarantee to repair or replace any damage or defect for any reason free of charge. You can’t buy insurance that good!

👉 Want a Carry On Backpack? Check out Nate’s review of the Osprey Porter 46L, a slightly slimmer bag that’s carry-on friendly.

Filtered Water Bottle 

Our Pick
Brita Insulated Filtered Water Bottle

The highly-respected Brita water bottle takes the guesswork out of hydration when you’re spending all day in the heat of Portugal.

Having a filtered water bottle on your Portugal packing list will come in handy on a daily basis. You’ll be thirsty all the time in Portugal’s temperate climate and you’ll want clean water available all the time. 

Enter: the Brita insulated filtered water bottle. You probably already know the name since it’s one of the top water filtration brands in the world. 

Dry Bag

Our Pick
MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

If you plan on spending any time around water when you visit Portugal (and you will) this MARCHWAY dry bag protects all your valuables. It even floats if you accidentally drop it in. 

Portugal’s beaches are perfect for endless days of relaxation. However, that chill vibe can quickly deteriorate if one of your electronics or valuables gets destroyed by water. 

To be on the safe side, don’t forget a MARCHWAY waterproof dry bag when you pack for Portugal. It even floats, so you can bring your camera or phone along on boat trips. 

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

No matter where you are in the world, it’s possible to become one of the millions of victims impacted by cybercrime. That is unless you safeguard your web surfing with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

While there are a lot of choices out there, I’d recommend Express VPN. It’s simple to use on multiple devices and is affordable.

Toiletry Bag

Our Pick
Narwey Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

The Narwey toiletry bag comes in tons of different styles from simple to eccentric designs. Its variety of storage compartments makes it effortless to organize all your bathroom stuff.

A toiletry bag is key for keeping yourself organized on a vacation to Portugal. After all, if you’re organized and efficient, you’ll have more time to enjoy the country. This Narwey hanging travel toiletry bag has everything you need to keep yourself in order. 

Portable Power Bank

Our Pick
RGVOTA Portable Charger

On those long days of exploring Portugal, you’ll be glad you brought along this portable charger that can handle 4 different devices at once.

A portable power bank is another item that will be especially helpful on those beach days in Portugal when an outlet may not be readily available. When you’re traveling in a foreign country and don’t know your way around, it’s even more crucial that your devices are charged. 

I’m a big fan of the RGVOTA portable charger for traveling. It has a smart LCD display that tells you exactly how much battery percentage the power bank has left. You’ll never be surprised by a dead portable charger. 

Noise Canceling Headphones

Our Pick
Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Canceling Headphones
These Anker headphones will ensure that you’re in your own little world whenever you want to be.

In general, Portugal is a pretty quiet country. However, in major cities like Lisbon, the sounds of the street can make their way into the accommodations. Luckily, with these Anker soundcore noise-canceling headphones, you only have to be a part of the action when you feel like it. 

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Our Pick
Moleskine Classic Notebook

This Moleskine notebook has a color for everyone and it’s compact enough to bring along on all your adventures in Portugal.

Forgetting the details of a memorable trip is easier than you might think. The best way to keep the memories of your trip to Portugal fresh forever is by keeping a travel journal. Just simply writing for five to ten minutes a day will leave you with a priceless souvenir. 

But, you’ll still want to travel light, so go for this Moleskine classic notebook. It’s compact enough to bring along and comes in a bunch of different colors. 

Travel Speaker

Our Pick
Tribit Portable Speaker

One of Portugal’s selling points is its heavenly beaches. But having quality portable speakers, like this Tribit one, makes your time there even better.

When I was in Portugal, I always saw people jamming out on the beach with their little portable speakers and I was so jealous! Learn from my mistake and put one of these handy Tribit portable speakers on your packing list. It’s 100% waterproof, has surprisingly impressive bass, and straps right on your backpack strap. 

Passport & ID Carrier

Our Pick
PASCACOO Passport Holder Wallet

This PASCACOO is a stylish and effective way of keeping your travel documents secure and clean.

You want to minimize the risk of damaging your passport as much as possible when you’re in Portugal. That’s why I carry my passport, ID, and important travel documents in a cute passport holder. 

Such as this stylish leather PASCACOO passport holder wallet. I appreciate the variety of colors they provide and it even comes with a 1-year warranty. 


Our Pick
Apple iPad mini

The Apple iPad mini seems like it was practically made for travelers. Its design is so lightweight and convenient for all types of travelers. Whether you want to use it as an eReader, for movies, or even for work.

Tablets are multi-useful when you’re traveling in Portugal, or anywhere for that matter. I mean, they’re basically a computer in a travel-friendly body. 

Whether you want to read books, watch movies, or work, an Apple iPad mini has you covered. Known for its feather-weight design, this rendition of the iPad is absolutely perfect for traveling abroad. 

First Aid Kit

Our Pick
Evantek First Aid Kit

The easiest way to have a struggle-free trip is by being prepared. This Evantek first aid kit will have you covered for any scrapes, bruises, or burns when you’re in Portugal.

If you’re reading a packing list written by me, you’ll almost always end up seeing this item. First aid kits are simply a must-have for any type of trip, but especially one like Portugal where you’ll likely be spending a lot of time outside. The Evantek first aid kit works well for a vacation because it’s small enough to toss in your bag and forget about it until you need it. 

Wrinkle Release Spray

Our Pick
Downy Wrinkle Release Spray Plus

I’m always looking for ways to make traveling less complicated and this Downy Wrinkle Release Spray is an amazing hack. It actually works like magic to de-wrinkle clothes that have been stuffed into a bag for hours.

No matter how hard you try, it’s next to impossible to keep your clothes nicely pressed when you’re stuffing them into a backpack. That’s why I was blown away when I discovered this Downy Wrinkle release spray. It sounds too good to be true, but it works. All you have to do is spray the wrinkled fabric, flatten it out, and it looks like it’s been freshly ironed. 

Compact Umbrella

Our Pick
Yoobure Mini Umbrella with Case

If you’re visiting Portugal during the rainy season, you never know when a sprinkle might come your way. This little Yoobure will save you from getting drenched while you’re exploring.

Everyone imagines their trip with purely sunny skies. But it’s pretty likely you’ll get a storm or two if you’re visiting during the rainy season from November to March. 

If you do decide to visit during this time period, make sure you bring along a Yoobure Mini Umbrella. Even though it’s compact as could be, it’s very well-made and even provides UV protection for those sun showers. 

Other Portugal Essentials to Pack

  • Extra copy of passport and travel documents 
  • Booking confirmation receipts
  • Toothbrush and non-liquid toiletry essentials
  • Prescribed medication
  • Makeup remover wipes
  • Contacts lens and solution
  • Sunscreen
  • Face masks 
  • Laundry bag for dirty clothes 
  • Emergency documents (Embassy address, emergency contacts, etc.)
  • Neck pillow
  • Travel blanket
  • Eye mask
  • GoPro Camera 
  • eReader

Clothing to Pack for Portugal

Packing for Portugal isn’t as cut and dry as your standard beach vacation packing list. Depending on where and when you go, and what you do, your wardrobe requirements will vary drastically. The dress codes in Portugal vary from relaxed to fancy, so it’s important to consider what you wear in Portugal. 

So what clothing should you pack for Portugal? Here is a quick clothing checklist for Portugal: 

  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 2 light sundresses
  • 1 flowy skirt
  • 3-5 casual shirts or t-shirts 
  • 1-2 dressier shirts or outfit
  • 2 swimsuits
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 windbreaker or packable jacket
  • 1 pair of flip-flops/sandals
  • 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes
  • 1 pair of water shoes
  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 7 pairs of underwear
  • 5-6 pairs of socks
  • 1 beach coverup

Are you looking for some more specific recommendations for clothes to wear in Portugal? I’ve got you covered right here:


Our Pick
Amazon Essentials Women's Short-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt

These basic t-shirts come in over 25 color combinations and fit beautifully.

Our Pick
Gildan Men's Crew T-Shirts

These Gildan men’s shirts are super simple and breathable. Perfect for the hot Portuguese weather. 

A few t-shirts with a simple and neutral design can go a long way on your trip to Portugal. You probably will only need around three well-made shirts for an average-length trip to Portugal. Like a pack of these Amazon Essentials women’s crewnecks and Gildan men’s crew t-shirts

Bathing Suits

Our Pick
Tempt Me Women Two Piece Vintage Swimsuit

This women’s two-piece is the ideal combination of alluring without showing too much. Plus it has three ties, so you know it won’t fall off in the ocean waves.

Our Pick
Nautica Men's Quick Dry Classic Swim-Trunk

If you’re looking for a piece of versatile and stylish beachwear, look no further than these Nautica swim trunks.

One of the things that people flock to Portugal for is its stunning beaches. So, a bathing suit or two is an absolute necessity for this European destination

For the ladies, this Tempt Me Women two-piece vintage Swimsuit hits all the requirements for being comfortable and attractive on those days by the ocean. For men, the Nautica Men’s quick dry Classic swim trunk is top of the line when it comes to value and fit. 

Beach Coverup

Our Pick
Blooming Jelly Women’s Swimsuit Coverup

Instead of planning out an outfit every time you go to the beach, you can just throw on this adorable beach cover instead.

I absolutely hate thinking about what I’m going to wear on my way to the beach. That’s why I always bring a cute, light beach cover-up with me to beach paradises like Portugal. This Blooming Jelly swimsuit coverup is an excellent option because it’s comfortable yet classy enough to wear in a restaurant.  

Water shoes

Our Pick
VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

To fully appreciate Portugal’s incredible rocky beaches, you’ll need these unisex water shoes. They'll protect your feet from anything sharp with high-quality rubber soles.

If there is one destination where water shoes come in handy, it’s Portugal. You just need them to take full advantage of the country’s expansive beaches. 

Luckily, these VIFUUR watersports shoes work for men and women. These water shoes feature a basic design and are available at an extremely affordable price. Not to mention that they’re easy to pack away in a bag, making them a great addition to your Portugal packing checklist.


Our Pick
YATHON Casual Cotton Summer Dress

This wearable, cute summer dress comes in a bunch of styles and is easy to throw on for almost any activity in Portugal.

Portugal’s summer months are no joke when it comes to hot weather. You’ll be sweating from the moment you walk out the door. When I was in Portugal over the summer, I practically lived in light dresses like this YATHON casual cotton summer dress. Plus, it’s awesome not having to worry about matching pieces of clothing together. 

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Portugal Packing Tips

Consider The Season You’re Visiting

Portugal changes quite drastically with the seasons. When you’re deciding on the best time to visit Portugal for you, it’s also important to consider how that will change your packing list. 

You’ll need warmer clothes and rain gear during the winter months after October. But warm clothes won’t be necessary at all in the intense heat of summer when you’ll need very light, comfortable clothes for exploring Portugal. 

Use A Large Travel Backpack Instead Of Rolling Suitcases

I’m a firm believer in trusting a large travel backpack as opposed to the more conventional alternative of a rolling suitcase. Traditional suitcases are just too cumbersome. Even without the wheels, high-quality travel backpacks are easier to carry around and organize. 

See our guide to the best travel backpacks for inspiration. Or, if you’re really dedicated to a suitcase, we also have a write-up of the best carry on bags.

Wear Bulky Clothes For The Flight

I’m sure you’ve already heard a thousand times that you should pack light for your Portugal trip. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by wearing any bulky clothes you need on the flight. It’s freezing on most planes anyway, so you can kill two birds with one stone. 

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Buy Liquid Toiletries In Portugal

Portugal isn’t one of those faraway destinations where basic toiletries or essentials won’t be readily available. There are stocked-up pharmacies, shops, and grocery stores all over the place. Instead of running the risk of a bottle exploding in your bag, you can always just grab your liquid toiletries once you get into the country.  

There Are Plenty Of Laundromats In Portugal

If you’re a long-term traveler, then you won’t have to worry about doing your laundry in Portugal. Lots of accommodations provide washing machines and drying lines. Even if they don’t, though, there are laundromats readily available. Even in smaller towns. 

Look Up Luggage Restrictions Ahead Of Time

It’s a drag to be all ready for your Portugal vacation, only to be halted to a screeching stop when your bag doesn’t meet the airline’s requirements. In order to avoid this situation entirely, do a quick search of your airline’s luggage restrictions beforehand. 

Portugal Packing List FAQs

What should I pack for a trip to Portugal?

You should pack a week’s worth of comfortable clothing, beach accessories, and toiletries on a trip to Portugal. Plus, extra electronics chargers. You should also protect your trip with top-notch insurance.

Depending on the details of your vacation, you might need to pack additional items. If you’re in Lisbon during the busy summer months, you’ll definitely want a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones and walking shoes. During the winter season after November, you’ll want to have a rain jacket and umbrella on hand.

Do I need water shoes in Portugal?

Water shoes are very helpful when you’re in Portugal. Many of Portugal’s beaches are very rocky and slippery. Getting around with bare feet or regular shoes is painful to impossible. Plus, water shoes are usually easy to fold up and pack. 

What should I pack for Portugal in February?

February is right at the tail-end of the winter season in Portugal, so you’ll need to pack warmer garments and rain protection. It still won’t be freezing cold during this time. A lightweight rain jacket, some pants, and a travel umbrella should do the job. 

What clothes are worn in Portugal?

The most common types of clothes people wear in Portugal are simple and laidback with a definitive touch of immaculate style. In Portugal, you’ll see a lot of long flowing skirts, and cute blouses that are always paired with some comfortable, clean shoes. Alternatively, you probably won’t see many people walking the streets of Portugal in sweatpants or gym clothes.


🖨️ Get a printable version of this checklist

That’s it for our ultimate packing list for Portugal! Remember you can also get the printable version here.

You’ve officially finished my comprehensive Portugal packing list! Up next, check out my guide to the best day trips from Lisbon.

Have fun in Portugal!

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