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View of Santorini Greece and the colorful sky
Santorini, Greece

Why We Love Greece – Whether you’re after history, gastronomy, sun, or just a little time on the water, Greece is sure to deliver. Just be aware that you are hardly the only tourist interested in visiting the country! For every Greek citizen, the country receives three tourists per year. Because of this, certain places, like Santorini, have recently fallen victim to the perils of overtourism. With that said, Greece is a big country and, for those determined to look for it, it’s still possible to find a beautiful and authentic vacation in Greece. 

Best of Greece

🏙️ Destinations

View of The Acropolis of Athens during sunset
The Acropolis of Athens

From ancient cities to historical sites and islands, Greece has a mile-long list of incredible places to visit. Here are some standouts:

  • Santorini – One of the famed Cyclades islands, Santorini is where whitewashed houses meet the brilliantly-blue Aegean sea. Towns on the island include Oia, Thera, and Kamari.
  • Athens – The capital city of Greece and the hub of the ancient civilization, Athens is home to sites such as the Acropolis, the Plaka district, and Mount Lycabettus.
  • Nafplio – A coastal city, Nafplio is a quintessential summer destination and features a gorgeous old town, scenic harbor views, pebble beaches, and some great museums.
  • Crete – The largest Greek island, Crete is the place to go to relax in the sun, join a party, go on a hike, and soak up fabulous ancient history.

✨ Things to Do

A country with deep history, gorgeous islands, and impeccable cuisine, there’s no shortage of things to do in Greece. Some of the best include:

  • Delphi – Once dedicated to the Greek God Apollo and considered the center of the world, Delphi was developed in the 8th century B.C. as a sanctuary. Today, this site is stunningly preserved and a great place to dive into history.
  • Acropolis Museum – An archaeological museum in Athens, you’ll find tons of ancient artifacts once uncovered at the archaeological site of the Acropolis.
  • Epidaurus Theater – Located in the Greek city of Epidaurus, this ancient theater was built in 340 BC and is impeccably preserved. So much so that it is still in use today.
  • Melissani Cave – Located on Kefalonia island, Melissani Cave (and the lake of the same name) is special in that it’s surrounded by forest and features crystal-clear water. In Greek mythology, this cave was known as the “Cave of the Nymphs”.
  • Vergina Royal Tombs Museum – Housing the tombs of historical figures such as King Philip II and Cleopatra, this underground museum centers around the tombs built by the ancient kingdoms of Macedon and the archaeological findings that accompany them.
View of people in Epidaurus Theater
Epidaurus Theater (photo: Pit Stock / Shutterstock)

Greece Travel Advice

🗓️ Best Time to Visit

The spring season of March to May is the best time to visit Greece. It’s the perfect weather for outdoor activities, prices are much cheaper and you get to avoid the influx of tourist crowds during the summer. The autumn months of September to October is also a good time to visit. It’s just a matter of the occasional storms that occur during October.

⚠️ Safety

Other than the occasional petty crimes and scam incidents that are common to a lot of tourist destinations, Greece is a very safe country to visit. Just practice caution and common sense, get Greece travel insurance, and you’ll be fine. It is also a good idea to check the latest US State Department travel advisories for your destination. 

👉 Tips & Things to Know

  • 🚌 – Take Public Transporation – Though road tripping through Greece can be a seriously fun time, driving through Greece’s mainland is not for the faint of heart. The roads are often narrow, winding, and the rules are often seen as guidelines. If you’re a skittish driver, opt for public transport.
  • 📅 – Avoid High Season – High season in Greece is July and August when the weather is hottest and the tourists come out in full swing. Plan your visit for the shoulder season or even the winter for better prices, less crowds, and slightly more temperate weather.
  • 🧻 – Put Toilet Paper in the Bin – While this isn’t so much standard in larger hotels, many pipes in Greece are too narrow for toilet paper to be flushed through them. There are usually signs for this, but when in doubt, put your TP in the bin.
  • 🏛️ – Don’t Skip the Mainland – Though island hopping makes for an attractive itinerary, there is so much to uncover on the mainland. Think of unreal landscapes, ancient historical sites, and picturesque towns. It’s generally less expensive too!
  • ⌚ – Don’t Be in a Hurry – Greeks are famously nonchalant about schedules and timing, so don’t sweat the small stuff. If you have to wait a little longer for your food, or if your transportation doesn’t show up right on the nose, just sit back and go with the flow.

🧳 What to Pack

  • 💧 – Water Purification Device – Though you can drink tap water almost everywhere in Greece, it’s smart to bring a water purification device if you’ll be traveling through the islands.
  • 🦺 – Travel Insurance – Though Greece is a fairly safe country, you never know what could happen. Secure your trip with travel insurance for Greece and get peace of mind knowing you’re covered.
  • 👕 – Seasonal Clothing – Greece can be very hot in the summertime and quite chilly in the winter. Research the weather patterns for the region you’ll be traveling to and pack appropriately.
  • 📖 – Greek Phrasebook – Though most Greeks working in tourism know English, knowing a little lingo will go a long way. Carry around a phrasebook and don’t be afraid to use it.
  • 🌞 – Sunscreen – Summer in Greece is no joke, and unless you want to walk around all crispy, you’ll want to cover up with some SPF. Just make sure you get the reef-safe kind if you’ll be swimming in the ocean.

🤓 Facts & Info

  • Population – 10.8 million
  • Capital – Athens
  • Currency – Euro ($1 = ~0.90 euros)
  • Language – English
  • Plugs – Type C or F, 230V / 50Hz.

💵 Budgeting & Money

Credit cards are widely accepted in Greece and ATMs can be found all over the country as well, unless you’re in a very remote area. Do make sure to bring enough cash on hand just in case.

📰 Greece Travel Guides

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