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The Bravo Fountain in Grote Mrkt
Bravo Fountain in Grote Markt

Why We Love Belgium – Belgium has more to offer than just chocolates, waffles, and beer (though, never worry, you’ll find plenty of those things too!). This tiny European country is easy to overlook on your itinerary, but pencil in some time to visit its quaint towns and meander its idyllic streets, and you are sure to come away with some incredible memories of your travel in Belgium! 

Best of Belgium

🏙️ Destinations

View of horse carriages in Grote Markt
Horse Carriage in Grote Markt

From medieval villages to modern cities and everything in between, Belgium is a destination that is sure to delight no matter your travel style. Some of the best destinations include:

  • Bruges – Located in northwest Belgium, Bruges is a fairytale-like city that is characterized by baroque and gothic-era buildings, cobblestones, canals, and more.
  • Brussels – The capital of Belgium and the administrative hub of the European Union, Brussels is a culturally-diverse destination that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
  • Ghent – A port city and university town, Ghent is known for its large markets and medieval architecture.
  • Antwerp – The diamond capital of the world, Antwerp is the second-largest city in Belgium and a foodie haven.

✨ Things to Do

Home to some of the best museums, castles, and cultural spots in the world, Belgium is a heavyweight when it comes to fun things to do. Our favorites include:

  • Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium – Comprising six art museums in the historic center of Brussels, this institution is home to some of the most important pieces of Belgian art.
  • In Flanders Fields Museum – Located in Ypres, this museum is dedicated to the history and research of the First World War.
  • Castle Gravensteen – This medieval castle is located in Ghent and has lived the life of a residence, court, mint, prison, and cotton factory.
  • Castle of Vêves – Located just outside of the village Celles, the Castle of Veves was built in the 1410’s although its foundations have existed since the year 670.
  • Mont des Arts – Meaning “Hill of the Arts”, Mont des Arts is a historical site in Brussels that includes the Royal Library, the National Archives, the Square (meeting center), and more.

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View of the Mont des Arts and the Brussels City Hall during sunset
Brussels City Hall and Mont des Arts

Belgium Travel Advice

🗓️ Best Time to Visit

Spring (March to May) and Autumn (October to November) are certainly the best times to visit Belgium. Why? The weather is comfortable, places are less crowded and tourist-related expenses such as accommodation are definitely less expensive.

⚠️ Safety

Other than the occasional petty crime and scams that are common to a lot of destinations, Belgium is a very safe place to visit for tourists. You just have to be mindful at all times. Still, it is a good idea to check the latest US State Department travel advisories for your destination. 

👉 Tips & Things to Know

  • 📅 – Many Shops Close on Sundays – While not a hard and fast rule, you may find there are less shopping options on sundays in Belgium.
  • 💵 – Tipping is Not Mandatory (Sometimes) – Though you may sometimes find an automatic gratuity added to your bill at restaurants, tipping isn’t expected at most establishments in Belgium. That said, it’s not unheard of to tack on 10-15% for great service.
  • 👂 – Almost Everyone is Multilingual – Though the three main languages of Belgium are Flemish Dutch, French, and German, almost half of all Belgian residents speak English fluently.
  • 🚆 – Getting Around Is Easy – Being such a small country, you can generally get from Point A to Point B in just a few hours. Trains and buses make this especially easy.
  • 🍺 – There’s No Last Call – Belgium doesn’t have a federally-mandated last call for bars and alcohol. Meaning, if the vibe is right, parties can go all night long.

🧳 What to Pack

  • ☂️ – Travel Umbrella – Belgium is known to have its fair share of rainy and gloomy days. Pack a travel umbrella and be ready for whatever the weather may bring.
  • 👞 – Walking Shoes – Regardless of where you’re exploring, having walking shoes that will keep you going all day is a must.
  • 👖 – Smart Clothing – Like other destinations in Western Europe, the unspoken dress code in Belgium is smart and put together, yet casual.
  • 🔌 – Universal Travel Adapter – If you’ll be visiting from outside Europe, be sure to bring a travel adapter and converter that can adapt your devices to Belgium’s sockets.
  • 🔋 – Power Bank – Don’t get stuck with your phone battery on low. Bringing along a portable power bank can be a game changer while traveling.

🤓 Facts & Info

  • Population – 12 million
  • Capital – Brussels
  • Currency – Euro ($1 = ~0.91 euros)
  • Language – English
  • Plugs – Type C or E, 230V / 50Hz.

💵 Budgeting & Money

Major establishments accept credit and debit cards, but smaller-scale accommodations, tourist sites and restaurants tend to only take cash. ATMs are widely available. 

📰 Belgium Travel Guides

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