A bartender getting a beer on a beer tap in one of the breweries in Puerto Rico

11 Best Breweries in Puerto Rico (By a Local)

Whether you’re hunting down unique beer flavors or you have a refined palate, you’ll find plenty of breweries in Puerto Rico ready to surprise you.

I’m a Puerto Rico local, and I can tell you Puerto Ricans love beer so much that is present in every single festivity and outing, which is why artisanal breweries are popular Puerto Rico attractions.

In this article, I’ll spill the beans on the best breweries, but I also suggest checking out my guide to the best Puerto Rico beer brands too.

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11 Best Puerto Rico Breweries

FOK Brewing Co.

A brewery in Caguas with a beer garden, movie nights, and live entertainment.

A woman holding a beer mug and chicken and fries on a wooden board
(photo credit: FOK Brewing Co.)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 FOK Brewing Co. | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 +1 939 437 0365

FOK Brewing Co. produces 21 daily flavors and more than a thousand gallons of beer per week! This Puerto Rico brewery is one of Caguas’ best places to visit, and it creates its beers with local products.

FOK Brewing Co. constantly offers live music shows and movie nights you can enjoy on their patio without an entrance fee. 

Their fruit-infused beers use ingredients like orange peel, mango, and passion fruit. You’ll also find beers made with coffee from top-notch Puerto Rican coffee farms.

The Beer Box

Enjoy a beer and a hamburger in this Aguadilla brewery.

A burger and a glass of beer served in The Beer Box

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 The Beer Box | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 +1 787 291 3963

If you’re a craft beer lover, The Beer Box should be on your must-visit list. This popular attraction in Aguadilla offers up to 16 on-tap flavors including their own and other local breweries beers.

The Pale Ale is one of the visitor’s favorites, but you can also order a flight with four beers and combine it with the Grilled Cheese Sandwich and the Box House Burger.

The Beer Box sports both an interior and outdoor sitting area and during the weekends, you’ll find live entertainment.

Reina Mora Brewing Co

Enjoy the best of local culture in this brewery in Sabana Grande’s town market.

The Reina Mora Brewing Co signage at the store
(photo credit: Reina Mora Brewing Co.)

📍 Google Maps | 📞 +1 787 679 6900

Reina Mora Brewing Co. is a brewery located in the town market of Sabana Grande. Visitors can enjoy 11 different flavors on rotation throughout the year. 

La Pajarita is one of their signature craft beers, a blonde ale so popular it’s served in Old San Juan bars. 

Their space is limited inside the market, but they offer a great lively atmosphere during the weekends. Since you’re close to the main plaza, you’ll also have access to the town’s festivals, with music, local artisans, and food trucks.

👉 Pro Tip: If you can’t make it to the west coast to visit the local breweries, visit La Taberna Lúpulo in Old San Juan. This craft beer bar boasts 50 taps and 150 bottles of local beers. 

Cold Blood Brewery

Located in Quebradillas, this young brewery quickly became the town’s favorite hanging spot after its foundation.

A glass of beer on a table in Cold Blood Brewery
Matabuey beer from Cold Blood Brewery (photo credit: Cold Blood Brewery)

📍 Google Maps | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 +1 787 458 9498

Although their taproom is relatively young, Cold Blood Brewery grew quickly to be one of the best breweries in Puerto Rico.

Located in Quebradillas, Cold Blood Brewery offers 14 tap beers, including in-house brews and a great selection from other local breweries.

They also do pop-up kitchens with local businesses like Fire Up Kitchen and Broken Noodles. Through their social media, you can find out what they are offering for the week.

Matabuey is an American Amber Ale with a 5.3% ABV, and it’s one of the most popular beers in Cold Blood Brewery. 

Boquerón Brewing Co.

This Cabo Rojo brewery takes Puerto Rico as an inspiration for its beers.

A woman holding a canned beer from Boquerón Brewing Co. with a beach view
(photo credit: Boqueron Brewing Co.)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Boquerón Brewing Co. | 🍽️ Restaurants Nearby | 📞 +1 787 381 4334

If you plan on exploring the main sites of Cabo Rojo, stop at Boquerón Brewing Co. and get your beer to go. 

Considered the first nano brewery in Puerto Rico, Boqueron Brewing Co. is a family-owned business that takes the Caribbean and Puerto Rico’s landmarks as an inspiration to create its beers.

You can find a large selection of seasonal beers in 6 or 25-ounce growlers at their Boqueron location. Boqueron Brewing Co. is also one of the Puerto Rico microbreweries that distribute its products in cans throughout the entire island.

The Crash Boat IPA, Boqueron Blonde Ale, Caja De Muerto Caribbean Ale, and Boqueron Ale are their four signature beers available all year. 

Cervecería del Callejón

Combine the views of Old San Juan with a refreshing craft beer in this brewery.

Chicken on a plate and glasses of beer on the side in Cervecería del Callejón
(photo credit: Cerverceria del Callejon)

📍 Google Maps | 🍽️ Food Served 

With everything to do in San Juan, it’s easy to miss Cervecería del Callejón. But, this Old San Juan brewery is one of the city’s hidden gems and a must-stop for beer enthusiasts. 

Visitors can enjoy their artisanal beers in their tap room or an outdoor sitting area along with mouth-watering Asian-inspired dishes by Envuelto Callejón. 

The spicy Korean wings and the dumplings are some of the visitor’s favorites!

Rienda Suelta IPA is one of their year-round signature beers with a fruity & tropical taste. But, you can also try seasonal flavors like Callejón Oscuro and Del Cerro. 

Best of all, you can choose a flight so you don’t miss out on any of them.

Rincón Beer Company

This Rincón brewery boasts a tap room with sixteen taps, a cocktail menu, and beer food.

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Rincón Beer Company | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 +1 787-280-8866

If you’re staying in Rincón, make sure to stop at Rincón Beer Company. This microbrewery has a tap room with 16 taps that serves both in-house brews and beers from other local microbreweries.

Even if you’re not much of a beer lover, Rincón Beer Company offers cocktails and a variety of top-notch dishes for foodies. 

The cocktails are made with local ingredients and are named after characters and events in Puerto Rico’s history.

The food menu is full of dishes prepared with beer and known as “beer food”. The fish tacos and nachos are two of the visitor’s favorite choices.

Cervecería Takabru

This Guaynabo brewery sports the only tap wall in Puerto Rico.

A bartender pouring a beer from the beer tap in Cervecería Takabru

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Cervecería Takabru | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 +1 787-620-2337

Founded in 2021, Cervecería Takabru is the youngest brewery on this list, but it’s already noteworthy. 

Cervecería Takabru houses the only tap wall in Puerto Rico. Visitors can fill their glass directly from the tap and decide between a selection of Blonde Ale, IPA, Lager, Pilsner, and Wheat.

Along with the beers you can enjoy an exquisite menu of tapas and burgers. You can also visit with your family, as the location is family-friendly and the kitchen even offers a kid’s menu.

Papa Rupe Brewing Co.

This brewery combines Ponce’s historical charm with modernly crafted beer.

View from the inside of Papa Rupe Brewing Co.
(photo credit: Papa Rupe Brewing Co.)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Papa Rupe Brewing Co. | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 +1 787 212 9271

Beer enthusiasts will find Papa Rupe Brewing Co. a short walk from Ponce’s famous site, Parque de Bombas. 

Housed in a historical building from 1893, Papa Rupe Brewing Co. is a nano brewery and a tap room with over twenty local Puerto Rican beers. 

Contrary to other breweries that have a large distribution of their beers, you can only buy some Papa Rupe beers exclusively in their location, which makes visiting even more exciting.

Its beer offer includes fruit beers, IPA, lagers, and stouts. But, Papa Rupe Brewing Co.’s love for beer extends to its food menu, in which you can find beer-infused dishes like their Buffalo wings. 

Miramar Brewing – Old Harbor

This brewery is a short ride from the airport.

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Old Harbor Beer | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 +1 787 477 1111

Old Harbor Brewery in Carolina is Puerto Rico’s oldest craft microbrewery. Although it recently changed owners, Old Harbor keeps its essence and renowned premium craft beers.  

As of December 2022, Old Harbor Brewery’s taproom is under construction and is expected to reopen in Spring 2023.

But, beer lovers can find their products in cans and bottles around the island including Coqui Helles Lager, Santo Viejo Pilsner, and El Yunque Session IPA.

Ocean Lab Brewing Co.

Enjoy coffee or fruit-infused beers with a VIP view of the ocean.

A glass of beer placed on top of a sandy beach

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Ocean Lab Brewing Co. | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 +1 787 648 5655

Located right on the Isla Verde beach, Ocean Lab Brewing Co. boasts a beachfront location. 

It shares the space with the Vivo Beach Club, one of the best places to visit in Carolina, which means you’ll usually find a lively atmosphere.

The Baraka Coffee Stout and the Driftwood Brown have coffee aromas in them, but you’ll also find fruit-infused beers like the Ocean Blue, and Ocean Mambo. 

Beer lovers often choose flights for tasting, before committing to any of their craft beers.

FAQs About Puerto Rico Breweries

Does Puerto Rico have breweries?

Puerto Rico has dozens of breweries around the island. One of the most renowned breweries is Cervecera de Puerto Rico in Mayagüez, the producer of the Medalla beer. Old Harbor, Ocean Lab, and FOK Brewing Co. are other popular breweries in the area.

What is a popular beer in Puerto Rico?

The most popular beer in Puerto Rico is Medalla Light. This beer is locally produced in industrial quantities and it’s available in supermarkets, bars, restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores. Residente Maibock, Residente Tripel, and imported beers like Coors, Heineken, Corona, and Redd’s Apple are also popular beers.

What is Puerto Rico’s national beer?

Medalla Light is considered Puerto Rico’s national beer. It’s produced by Cervecera de Puerto Rico in Mayagüez. Medalla Light was created as a celebration of the Pan-American Games in 1979.

What are some Puerto Rican beers?

Some commercial Puerto Rican beers include Medalla Light, Silver Key Light, and Magna. But, there are many craft beers brewed in local breweries including Matabuey, Crash boat IPA, and Ocean Maya West. 


Those were the top 11 breweries in Puerto Rico worth a visit! Once you’re out and about exploring, don’t miss out on these famous places in Puerto Rico.

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  1. Hola, te falto Brew Taller en Rio Grande, unas de mis ceveceras favoritas de la isla. Comenzaron bajo Dragon Stone Abbey junto a las ceveceras pioneras como FOK y Old Harbor. El Brewer se dedica a hacer belgian beer en la isla, y en el 2022 ganaron segundo lugar con su Belgian Saisson, Saphira en el Womens International en Alemania. Una competencia juzgada por mujeres.

    Tambien para los amantes de las belgian Sours, wild fermentation y funky beers, hacen una linea llamada Ghost Sour Project donde hacen diferentes recetas con un blend especial de sour que hacen.
    Gracias y disculpe la molestia, si no a ido la invito a que pase por su Tap room alli mismo en Rio Grande.

    1. Muy buena la lista. Aprendí de varias cervecerías que no sabía que existían. Recomiendo Cacique Brewery en Orocovis. Es una microcervecería muy muy buena y recomiendo la Guaguancó

  2. Thank you so much for this list! We are headed to Puerto Rico in February and typically one of the first things we do when we travel is find a local brewery. We love chatting with the local folks and finding out the best places to eat, visit and drink. As Vermonters and craft beer lovers -thank you for this list!

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