The author Lea Rose, posing with glasses of beers on the table at one of the best breweries in Asheville

18 Best Breweries in Asheville in 2023 (By a Local) 

I’m an Asheville native with insights into the absolute best breweries in Asheville! 

Asheville, NC has been named “Beer City, USA” four times, and with over 50 breweries, it’s the beer capital of the Southeast. Trust me, sampling some local beer is one of the best experiences in Asheville.

In this guide, you’ll discover what the top breweries are known for, and learn why Asheville has one seriously hopping beer scene (pun intended). I’ll also point you to some local favorites that you won’t find featured anywhere else! 

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18 Best Asheville Breweries 

Highland Brewing Company

Asheville’s first and oldest brewery was created by the city’s very own “godfather of beer”.

Flight of beers served on the table near the window with downtown view in Highland Brewing Company
A flight at Highland’s downtown taproom

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Highland Brewing Website | 🍽️ Food Served Nearby / Food Trucks Nearby | 📞 (828) 299-3370

In 1994, Highland Brewing Company opened its doors and paved the way for Asheville’s infamous craft beer scene. This Asheville brewing company is known as the oldest and first legal brewery in Asheville. Today, it’s one of the largest family-owned breweries in the Southeast.

Highland Brewing Company offers a range of beer styles, so there’s something for everyone. Its Gaelic Ale, Highland Pilsner, and Oatmeal Porter are popular and available year-round. The brewery also offers seasonal and limited-release beers. Getting a flight is the best way to sample them all.

There are two taproom locations. One is 15 minutes southeast of downtown and the other is downtown inside S&W Market. Hands down, Highland Brewing is a great place to start your Asheville beer journey. 

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Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

A state-of-the-art brewery with an impressive facility, great food and beer, and guided tours.

Exterior view of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company with a clear blue sky in the background
Sierra Nevada is a must for beer lovers (photo: digidreamgrafix / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Sierra Nevada Website | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 (828) 681-5300

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is located half an hour away from downtown Asheville in Mills River. It’s a huge attraction regionally, but it’s frequented by locals and visitors alike. Its nationally-recognized craft beer, massive taproom, restaurant, and guided tours make Sierra Nevada a must-visit brewery. 

Beer aficionados will love the state-of-the-art facilities and anyone can enjoy the lively atmosphere. There’s a beautiful back porch garden and live music takes place on the weekends. Overall, Sierra Nevada is an impressive brewery that’s great for all ages. It’s also a great stop if you’ve been hitting up hiking trails or visiting waterfalls near Asheville.

Burial Beer Company

A funky brewery in downtown Asheville’s South Slope district with some of the best beer in town.

A tray with fries and grilled cheese sandwich with glasses of IPA from Burial Beer Company
An IPA, imperial stout, and a brie grilled cheese sandwich

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Burial Beer Website | 🍽️ Food Served

Burial Beer Company is a funky brewery that’s great for good-weather days. It’s known for its imperial stouts, but its IPAs are great, too. I highly recommend the “Until There Is No Longer” IPA, specifically. The staff here is friendly and knowledgeable, and the food menu is filled with unique and hearty fare. 

This brewery has multiple sections to hang out at, including an indoor area, an expansive patio, and a small rooftop. Overall, Burial Beer is a fun, eclectic brewery with some of the best-tasting craft brews in the Asheville beer scene.

Wicked Weed Brewing Pub

One of the most popular breweries in Asheville known for IPAs, sours, and delicious food.

View of the outside patio at Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium
The outside patio at Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium in South Slope

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Wicked Weed Website | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 (828) 575-9599

Wicked Weed is a staple in the Asheville craft beer scene. It’s known for its West Coast-style IPAs and barrel-aged sours. It has three taproom locations in Asheville. 

The downtown Brewpub on Biltmore Ave is the most popular location, and it has a full restaurant and taproom. The South Slope “Funkatorium” is a sour-dedicated taproom that’s also home to Cultura, Wicked Weed’s fine dining restaurant. Wicked Weed West is a 50-barrel production taproom located west of Asheville in Candler, North Carolina

Twin Leaf Brewery

A friendly brewery with unique beers, frequent events, and a cozy atmosphere.

Flight of beer served on the table inside Twin Leaf Brewery
A Twin Leaf Brewery flight

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Twin Leaf Brewery Website | 🍽️ Food Served Nearby | 📞 (828) 774-5000

Twin Leaf Brewery is a downtown Asheville brewery located in the South Slope district. The taproom is smaller, but the atmosphere is cozy and inviting, making it one of my favorites. It features house-draft craft beers which I recommend sampling by getting a flight.

The taproom has a few game tables up for grabs, and it hosts events throughout the week like karaoke, trivia, and an open mic night. Twin Leaf Brewery is also dog-friendly. Lastly, you can order food from the restaurant next door, Little Chango. 

👉 Book a Tour: Consider booking this downtown Asheville guided brewery walking tour! It features Twin Leaf and several other craft breweries. 

New Belgium Brewing Company

This well-known Colorado brewery has one impressive riverside taproom in Asheville.

The author Lea Rose, posing while holding a glass of New Belgium’s Fat Tire beer
Me with New Belgium’s Fat Tire beer

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 New Belgium Website | 🍽️ Food Trucks Nearby | 📞 (828) 333-6900

New Belgium Brewing Company is one of the largest craft breweries in Asheville. It’s located along the French Broad River near the River Arts District (RAD). 

What makes this one of the more unique Asheville breweries is that it’s accessible via the French Broad River Greenway—meaning, you can bike here! Consider joining this guided electric bike brewery crawl for a unique experience. 

The vibes at New Belgium are truly family and dog-friendly and the space is so open. You can choose to sit inside, on the lawn, on the covered patio, or above the river. New Belgium produces a wide variety of beer styles, but the Fat Tire Amber Ale is a favorite. It also has a ton of hazy IPAs and a unique selection of sour beers.

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Asheville Brewing Company

Pizza and craft beer living in harmony at this longtime Asheville brewery.

Exterior view of the Asheville Brewing Company
Outside Asheville Brewing’s South Slope location

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Asheville Brewing Company Website | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 (828) 255-4077

Asheville Brewing Company is a lively, yet laid-back Asheville brewpub that’s known for its pizza and craft beer. The atmosphere feels like an old-school pizzeria, but you can sample a variety of house-brewed beers. The Ninja Porter is a local favorite, but many people honestly come for the pizza. 

There are three locations but the South Slope brewpub is the go-to spot. It has indoor as well as patio seating, and its friendly vibe is ideal for families and pet owners. The North Asheville location is a brewpub and dine-in movie theater all in one, a great spot if you want something a little quirky.  

Hi-Wire Brewing

A family-friendly circus-themed brewery with a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Two glasses of beer from Hi-Wire Brewery
At the RAD Beer Garden (photo: zimmytws / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Hi-Wire Brewing Website | 🍽️ Food Trucks Nearby | 📞 (828) 738-2454

Looking for a fun and colorful atmosphere? Hi-Wire Brewing probably takes the cake in the Asheville craft beer scene. There are three locations: “Big Top” in Biltmore Village, the South Slope taproom, and the Beer Garden in the River Arts District (RAD). 

Each one is decorated colorfully with circus-themed art and games, making it really family-friendly. The Biltmore Village and RAD locations both have permanent food trucks operated by Foot Hills Local Meats. You’re also welcome to bring outside food to all Hi-Wire breweries. 

Popular beers from Hi-Wire include pale ales like the Hi-Pitch Mosaic IPA and the Lo-Pitch Hazy IPA, as well as its selection of sours.

👉 Don’t Miss: 12 Bones Smokehouse is a popular BBQ spot not far from Hi-Wire’s RAD Beer Garden. You can take your food to-go and bring it to Hi-Wire, as mentioned in our Asheville itinerary.

One World Brewing

A local-feeling, quirky, and cozy brewery with locations in downtown and West Asheville.

A glass of house IPA served inside the dimmed pub
The house IPA

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 One World Brewing Website | 🍽️ Food Trucks Nearby (West Asheville) | 📞 (828) 785-5580

One World Brewing is a quirky and cozy Asheville brewery with a local, welcoming feel. This brewery produces a variety of beers and you can expect IPAs, chocolate stouts, pale ales, and more.

The downtown location is underground with a cool tavern vibe. It’s close to popular places like the Asheville Art Museum and French Broad Chocolate Lounge. This taproom also has games and you can bring in food from nearby restaurants. 

The West Asheville location has an alien theme going on, which is pretty fun. It offers events like Latin dancing and live music, and it has a food truck on-site between Thursday and Sunday.

Zillicoah Beer Company

A hidden, local joint with a taco truck along the French Broad River.

Aerial view of a glass of beer, taco and sandwich
Mittelfrüh Pils and food from the taco truck
View of the river surrounded by lush greenery
View of the calming river out back

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Zillicoah Beer Website | 🍽️ Food Trucks Nearby | 📞 (828) 424-7929

Zillicoah is a friendly and relaxing brewery that sits along the banks of the French Broad River. It has a low-frills and local vibe to it. The seating stretches from inside the taproom, out to the patio, and down along the river. There are picnic tables, hammocks, and there’s even a fire pit. 

German-style beers are what Zillicoah is known for, and ordering half-pours is the way to go since they don’t do flights. Zillicoah also has a permanent food truck, Taqueria Muñoz, that serves authentic Mexican street food. Another thing to note is that Monday through Saturday, Zillicoah is 21+ only. Sundays are open to families. 

👉 Pro Tip: Since Zillicoah sits along the river, it’s worth a stop if you’re visiting during the spring, summer, or fall. These are the best times to visit Asheville.


A chilled-out downtown brewery known for its unique flavors, IPAs, and sours.

The author Lea Rose, holding a glass of Crab Rangoon at Dssolvr
Drinking the Crab Rangoon—a fruited cheesecake sour
View of the quirky interior of Dssolvr
The vibe inside DSSOLVR is quirky and a little sci-fi-esque

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Dssolvr Website | 🍽️ Food Not Served

DSSOLVR is a chilled-out downtown brewery that’s all about unique flavor combinations. It crafts a range of beer styles but its IPAs and sours are most popular. I recommend getting a couple of half-pours to sample since it doesn’t offer flights. 

The atmosphere at DSSOLVR is dark and cool, but the drinks are the main attraction. Food isn’t really served here, aside from chips and some snacks. However, you’re welcome to bring outside food. 

Overall, DSSOLVR is ideal for beer enthusiasts who want to try something different, or those who want to go brewery hopping downtown. DSSOLVR is located on N. Lexington Ave and it’s close to places like Bold Rock, One World Brewing, and other breweries.

French Broad River Brewery

A casual Biltmore Village brewery with seasonal beers and a honky-tonk vibe.

 A glass of scotch ale from French Broad River Brewery
The scotch ale
View of the people listening and dancing to the live band
Local band and dancing

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 French Broad River Brewery Website | 🍽️ Food Served Nearby | 📞 (828) 277-0222

French Broad Brewery has a more honky-tonk kind of vibe compared to many Asheville breweries. It’s a bit of an older crowd that frequents here, and there’s live music on Thursdays and Fridays (with dancing!). On tap, it has seasonal beers, but the scotch ale and Kolsch are local favorites. As for food, you can get pizza right next door at The Original Papa Nick’s.

French Broad River Brewery is located in historic Biltmore Village within walking distance of Hillman Beer and Catawba Brewing Company. 

Archetype Brewing

A fun and laid-back West Asheville brewery.

A glass of Cowboy Poet near the neon sign in Archetype Brewing
Cowboy Poet—a light lager at the West Asheville location

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Archetype Brewing Website | 🍽️ Food Served Nearby | 📞 (828) 505-8305

Archetype Brewing is an Asheville brewing company with locations in North and West Asheville. They serve a variety of seasonal, small-batch, and barrel-aged beers on tap. They’re known for their lighter beers like Commitment Phobia IPA and the Cowboy Poet lager. 

I’d recommend the West Asheville spot out of the two locations. It has a rooftop deck and ample outdoor seating which is great for families and dog-owners. This location also does weekly events like trivia, game nights, and live music. You can also order food from the restaurants next door. On the other hand, the North Asheville location is great for booking private events.

🍺 Book a Tour: Sample some of the best of the area on this West Asheville guided food tour! This includes stops at Archetype, Bean Werks Coffee & Tea—one of the best Asheville coffee shops—and much more.   

Catawba Brewing Company

This casual, no-frills brewery has two locations and is known for its white zombie beer and sours.

A glass of white zombie ale served at Catawba Brewing Company
A white zombie ale

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Catawba Brewing Website | 🍽️ Food Truck Nearby (South Slope) | 📞 (828) 552-3934

Catawba Brewing Company is a super casual, chilled-out brewery best known for its White Zombie ale and selection of fruity sours. It has two Asheville locations: one in South Slope, and the other in Biltmore Village. Both locations host pretty popular trivia events.

Local North Carolinians might know that Catawba Brewing Company has other locations throughout the state. One is in Charlotte, which makes a great day trip from Asheville. The other is in Wilmington.  

Green Man Brewery

A longtime Asheville brewery with great balcony views and a tasty porter.

A glass of Green Man beer surrounded with leaves
Green Man beer (photo: Dennis Joslin / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Green Man Brewery Website | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 (828) 252-5502

Green Man Brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Asheville and it recently opened a huge new facility in Asheville’s South Slope district. It’s known for its porters, but its ESB beer is also quite popular. 

Green Man Brewery has a casual, but relaxed atmosphere. It has tons of seating and a great third-floor balcony. It serves classic beer food like burgers, fries, and pretzels. Green Man has a smaller, industrial-style taproom right next door called Dirty Jack’s, great if you’re looking for something more lowkey. 

Wedge Brewing Company

This local brewery is known for its eclectic vibe and traditional beer styles.

Exterior view of the Wedge Brewing Company on a gloomy day
The Wedge Brewing taproom at the Grove Arcade

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Wedge Brewing Website | 🍽️ Food Trucks Nearby (RAD) | 📞 (828) 505-2792

Wedge Brewing Company is a local Asheville brewing company with a decent selection of traditional beers. You can expect styles like IPAs, stouts, ales, and more. Its Iron Rail IPA is the one flagship beer to try, but its Belgian-style beers are also popular. 

There are three locations in total. There’s the Payne’s Way location in the River Arts District, which has an eclectic, industrial vibe. Not far from there is the location on Foundry Street, which similarly, has lots of murals and street art. Both of these spots have rotating food trucks and tons of outdoor seating. Wedge Brewing’s newest location is downtown in the Grove Arcade.

Hillman Beer

A Biltmore Village brewery with a variety of beer styles and food offerings.

The author Lea Rose, holding a glass of Hazy Half-Back IPA at an outdoor seating area
The Hazy Half-Back IPA
Closeup view of a fried chicken rice bowl with a glass of beer from Hillman
The fried chicken rice bowl

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Hillman Beer Website | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 (828) 505-1312

Hillman Beer is a western North Carolina brewery in Biltmore Village. It’s within walking distance of Catawba Brewing, French Broad Brewing, and several other attractions.

Hillman serves a variety of beer styles including IPAs, malty browns, lagers, and more. It also has a larger food menu than many breweries in Asheville. So, this is the spot if you want a food and drink menu to serve different wants. Indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Bold Rock Hard Cider

A casual joint with delicious ciders in downtown Asheville and Mills River.

Fried chicken sandwich with fries and a cup of tangerine cider
A fried chicken sandwich and tangerine cider

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Bold Rock Website | 🍽️ Food Served / Food Trucks Nearby | 📞 (828) 552-3720

Craft beer isn’t the only thing Asheville, NC does well. Head over to Bold Rock Hard Cider for something a little different. It has locations in downtown Asheville and Mills River, and they offer some seriously tasty ciders. I recommend doing a flight so you can sample different flavors. Bold Rock also has a pretty good selection of food, especially the fried chicken sandwich.

My personal favorite location is the Mills River Bold Rock since its open space is great for families and dog owners.

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FAQs About Breweries in Asheville

How many breweries are there in Asheville, NC?

There are over 50 breweries in Asheville, NC. This makes it top the list of best places to visit in North Carolina for beer.

Where is the best place to go brewery hopping in Asheville, NC?

The downtown South Slope district is the best place to go brewery hopping in Asheville, NC. There are numerous Asheville breweries within walking distance. This includes Burial Beer, Twin Leaf Brewery, Wicked Weed, and many more.

Do you need reservations for breweries in Asheville, NC?

You do not need reservations for breweries in Asheville, NC. All Asheville breweries operate on a walk-in basis. You won’t need (or even be able to make) reservations unless you plan on doing a guided brewery tour or special event. 

Can you walk around Asheville, NC with alcohol?

You cannot walk around Asheville, NC with alcohol in an open container. 


There are some seriously great breweries in Asheville and nearby western North Carolina towns. I hope this guide helped narrow down your list, no matter your brewery vibe! 

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