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Best Time to Visit Georgia (the Country) in 2023

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The best time to visit Georgia is either May or September. The weather is warm during these months and there are fewer visitors than in the peak of summer. 

I’ve spent over two years living and traveling throughout Georgia and I can assure you, the country has awesome things to do year-round. My guide covers the pros and cons of visiting in each season, plus the best times to visit Georgia for various preferences and attractions. I also share key tips to help you make the most of your trip! 

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When is The Best Time to Visit Georgia

May and September have the best combination of travel factors like fewer crowds, lower costs, and ideal weather. The grape harvest season in September and early October is a highlight of the year. Winter also has great attractions such as snow sports and the holiday season.

There’s really no wrong time to visit Georgia given its sunny beaches and ski slopes. The best time to visit will depend on what you are looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular factors for determining when to visit Georgia:

When to Visit Georgia for Good Weather

View of the people around the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi
Tbilisi’s massive Holy Trinity Cathedral is even more impressive on a sunny day

Georgia’s best weather comes in the late spring and early fall. May and September have the best combination of mild temperatures and (generally) sunny weather. Rain can fall in any season, though, so it’s always good to bring a rain jacket along.

When to Visit Georgia for Families with Kids

Family and kids watching the sunset at the beach
The shoulder seasons are the best time to visit Georgia when traveling with kids

May and early June are the best times to visit Georgia for families traveling with children. The crowds of peak season have yet to arrive — Tbilisi attractions can be crowded enough without tourists! 

This is a great time to explore the capital, take various day trips from Tbilisi, or visit the Black Sea coast. Hotel prices are lower, too, although prices year-round in Georgia are affordable by Western standards.

When to Visit Georgia to Avoid Crowds

View of the peaceful mountain town of Mestia with mountain views in the background
The mountain town of Mestia is quiet, but still active in October

The shoulder season months of May and September are the best times to avoid crowds. April and October are also less crowded but will have colder weather. 

These are some of the best months to explore Batumi and the Black Sea Coast for a seaside vacation. Far fewer tourists visit Svaneti in October, but many businesses and attractions remain open.

When to Visit Georgia for the Grape Harvest

View of the grapes on the vines
Winemaking is one of the most important pillars of Georgian culture

September to early October is the best time to visit Georgia for the grape harvest. Locals will be hard at work with the harvest so some wineries, usually the smaller ones, may close. 

Meanwhile, other wineries will host special events. I recommend booking a private harvest tour so that you can get the most out of your visit at this special time of year! 

When to Visit Georgia’s Mountain Regions

Aerial view of the mountain region of Ushguli
Visit Ushguli in the Svaneti region in October for epic beauty minus the summer crowds!

Georgia’s mountain regions are some of the most beautiful in the country. The Greater Caucasus Mountains mark the northern border and the Lesser Caucasus stands to the south. The Tusheti region occupies the northeastern corner of the nation and a near-mythical place in the hearts and minds of Georgians. 

This region is so remote, though, that it is only possible to reach it once the snow melts enough to clear the roads. May through late September is the best time to go but even then, the road there is treacherous and best handled by a local driver.

Other regions of Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains include Svaneti and Khevsureti in the north and Upper Adjara in the southwest. Early to mid-October is another good time to visit these more accessible mountain regions.

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When to Visit Georgia for the Winter Sports Season

A resort below the snow covered mountain in Gudauri
The resort at Gudauri

Skiing and other winter sports are a highlight in Georgia and often go unnoticed by the outside world. Ski resorts can be found in nearly every alpine corner of the nation. Gudauri and Bakuriani are the most popular, but lesser-known ones such as Goderdzi and Bakhmaro are also worth exploring.

Mid-December through February is the best time to visit Georgia to hit its hidden gem slopes. The snow often stays on the mountains well into March but by April, it melts too much to be viable for skiing.

Georgia Travel Seasons


View of the greenery around Kakheti in Georgia
The green has returned to Kakheti by late May

Spring is the wet season in the lower areas of Georgia, with frequent rain starting in March. Flowers and cherry trees blossom at this time and May is one of the best months for hikes around Tbilisi and Borjomi.

The biggest holidays in spring are Orthodox Easter (the date varies by year, usually in April or early May) and Independence Day (May 26). 

Orthodox Easter, called aghdoma, is marked with midnight masses, the ringing of church bells, and some of the most beautiful of Georgia’s unique polyphonic sacred music. Independence Day sees huge parades on Rustaveli Avenue, one of the best places to stay in Tbilisi.


A group of friends chilling beside their car in Georgia
There’s always time for a good conversation in Georgia

Summer is the most popular time to visit Georgia. It’s also the best time to visit the more remote areas of the Caucasus Mountains, such as Tusheti and Svaneti. I recommend horseback riding and enjoy folk music evenings in these regions. Summer also sees huge music festivals such as the Black Sea Jazz Festival in Batumi. is the best place to keep track of festivals and events in Georgia. Even some of the biggest ones will not have websites (or will not have updated them in years).


Scenic mountain views and the fall foliage from Svaneti
October is an awesome time to visit Svaneti

Fall may be the best time to visit Georgia all around. The wine harvest in late September and early October sees the Kakheti at its best. There are beautiful autumn colours throughout the country and much fewer tourists.

November 23 is the celebration of St. George’s Day (Giorgoba in Georgian). Festive meals are held in every home and special concerts and dance performances take place across the country. The best way to find one is to ask Georgian friends because many of these festivities are not “major” events like bigger music festivals.


A woman selling the Georgian-style Christmas trees in Tbilisi
A woman selling Georgian-style Christmas trees near the Dezerter Bazaar in Tbilisi (photo: Victoria Tori Dim / Shutterstock)

Georgia is a hidden gem for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. The ski season begins in mid-December and lasts well into March. 

The winter season also sees several holidays in Georgia. New Year’s in Georgia is an experience unto itself. Festive meals mark the turn of the year and the air over Tbilisi is filled with fireworks — most of which are launched from people’s backyards and balconies!

Georgia celebrates Christmas on January 7 and Christmas markets spring up in the major cities in the weeks leading up to the holiday. These markets are a great place to purchase homemade wine and food products, as well as Georgia’s unique take on the Christmas tree. The chichilaki (see above) is a walnut or hazelnut tree branch shaved to look like a shaggy tree.

Georgia Weather and Climate

Colorful buildings around Old Town Tbilisi
A sunny summer day in Old Town Tbilisi

Georgia’s climate is mild, overall. It does, however, have a surprising number of microclimates for a small country. The main division is between western and eastern Georgia, divided roughly in half by the Likhi Mountain Range. Travelers will find that the division between lowlands and alpine regions is usually the biggest factor in temperature differences.

Lowland regions’ summer temperatures hover around 86°F, sometimes getting into the 90s and dropping to the 70s. Western Georgia sees more humidity than the more arid eastern part of the country. Tbilisi tends to have the hottest summer, partly due to all of the concrete in the city.

Winter temperatures in the lowlands stay above freezing, for the most part. The mountains, though, experience a freezing winter that lasts from about November into April. Even the balmy Black Sea coast will linger in the low 40s during the winter months.

Tips for Visiting Georgia

Plan for Awkward Arrival Times

Tbilisi International Airport has a rather unconventional schedule. Many major airlines’ flights arrive in the dead of night. Only a few flights arrive in the daytime (Turkish Airlines is often a good choice for this). 

Buses from the airport start running at 7 am. Download the Bolt or Yandex Taxi apps to avoid a long wait and potentially dodgy taxi prices.

Know How to Eat Khinkali

A man eating Khinkali

Dumplings known as khinkali are a staple at any festive occasion and the king of Georgian food. They are to be eaten with your hands, grasped by the nub on top and flipped upside-down. The inside is full of piping hot juices so make a careful first bite and then suck the juices out.

Trying to eat these delicious dumplings with a fork and knife is borderline sacrilege to Georgians. 

Tbilisi Traffic and Georgian Drivers

View of the light traffic and tall buildings in Tbilisi
This is light traffic by Tbilisi standards

Tbilisi has seen a near-exponential increase in traffic in recent years. Trying to get around town during rush hour (about 4:30 pm and onward) is much more of a pain than it’s worth. I highly recommend you avoid driving at this time because traffic grinds to a virtual halt. Renting a car is best reserved for exploring the areas outside the capital city.

Georgians are also notoriously aggressive drivers. They will honk their horns, make daredevil passes, and flagrantly ignore the speed limit whenever it suits them — which is most of the time! They are used to this high-octane daily driving in Georgia, but even seasoned drivers from other countries may be taken aback by it at first. 

Black Sea Beaches

View of the people chilling at the rocky beach of Batumi at sunset
The rocky beaches of Batumi offer spectacular sunsets, but better swimming lies elsewhere

Batumi is the main city on the Black Sea, but the beaches there aren’t the best for swimming. Head further north or south of town for the best swimming holes. Shekvetili lies to the north and has famous magnetic sands with reputed therapeutic properties. Gonio is to the south and has a historic Roman fortress to explore. 

FAQs About When to Visit Georgia

When is the high season in Georgia? 

The high season in Georgia begins in late June and continues into August and the beginning of September. Summer is the most popular time to visit Georgia given warm temperatures, events and festivals, and access to mountainous regions. 

Which is the best month to visit Georgia?

September is the best month to visit Georgia. It has the best combination of weather, lower prices, and fewer crowds. It’s also the grape harvest season.

What time of year is best for weather in Georgia?

Early fall is the best time of year for weather in Georgia, in my opinion. Late spring, specifically May, is also an ideal time to visit for good weather. 


Thanks for reading my guide on the best time to visit Georgia! Follow this up with a look at our article on the top options for Georgia travel insurance

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