Bali vs Thailand, a guide to choosing which is better

Bali vs Thailand | A Brutally Honest Comparison

Bali or Thailand, Thailand or Bali?

With decisions like these, it’s a tough life right?

While both destinations are incredible, and in an ideal world you could travel to Bali Thailand (and everywhere else in SE Asia), I’m assuming you’re here because you have limited time and need to figure out whether it is better to visit Bali vs Thailand in your situation.

Well, don’t worry: I’ve got you covered!

In this post I’ll go over the pros and cons of Thailand vs Bali, and help you figure out whether Bali or Thailand is best in your situation.

Why should you trust me?

Well, because I know my stuff! I’m an American travel blogger who has been traveling non-stop since 2016. I’ve been to both places multiple times on my trip, and even lived in Thailand for a few months recently.

Before we get into the weeds of Bali vs Thailand, I’m going to answer this question right away:

Which is better, Bali or Thailand? 

The short answer is: You can’t go wrong with either Bali or Thailand!

Though there are some differences, both are amazing (it’s no wonder they are both among the most popular destinations in Asia), and I’ll happily return to both Bali and Thailand.

So use the guide to help you pick, but be confident in whatever destination you choose because I think you’ll have an incredible vacation at either spot!

Bali vs Thailand: A Quick Guide to Choosing

Here’s what I’m going to do in this guide:

First, I’ll quickly make the case for picking each of Thailand and Bali.

Second, I’ll cover 6 key differences between the two.

Lastly, I’ll give you 3 questions you need to ask yourself in order to decide if Bali or Thailand is best for your situation!

The Case for Picking Thailand over Bali

Bali Thailand - the case for Thailand
Thailand fast facts

Thailand is beautiful and relatively safe (though you should still consider buying travel insurance for Thailand due to the crazy roads!).

Thailand is ALSO huge, and has something for everyone. I mean, just check out these 17 awesome places to visit in Thailand and you’ll see what I mean – there’s just so much variety to do!

So whether you’re a backpacker doing some Thailand solo travel, a family on vacation, or a couple on honeymoon.

Want to bounce between tiny sun-soaked islands until you find your perfect slice of paradise?

Great. Thailand has HUNDREDS of islands to choose from.

Or maybe you’d rather enjoy some time in the mountains, visiting with elephants and exploring temples by day, while relaxing enjoying the culture by night?

Thailand has that too. Just head on up to Chiang Mai, Pai, or Chiang Rai and you’ll feel like you’ve left the islands for an entirely different country.

Or maybe you’re a city slicker who needs public transport, pulsating nightlife, and modern shopping centers?

Well, Bangkok is a world class city. And, with so many things to do there, it’s just waiting to be explored.

Sometimes bigger really is better right?

The Case for Picking Bali over Thailand

Bali vs Thailand: The Case for Bali
Bali fast facts

Bali may be much smaller, but it packs in so much that you’ll hardly notice it.

You can wake up for a sunrise hike of Mount Batur (an active volcano), spend the afternoon staring over rice terraces and exploring the Monkey Forrest, and still be back at Seminyak beach in time in time to sip a drink while watching the sunset!

If you’re looking for a place to relax, Bali has everything you need. From long stretches of beaches, tons of boutique hotels and resorts, and a world-famous culture known for welcoming visitors, it’s no wonder so many people fall in love with Bali. But Bali is also a great place for adventure seekers. There’s quality surfing here, not to mention rafting, hiking, ATVs, and more. So while Bali may be the underdog in terms of size, it still packs quite the punch!

And while not quite as cheap as Thailand, costs in Bali are remarkably affordable. For example, you can hire a private driver for about $45/day! Which means Bali is a great place to enjoy some luxury on a budget.

6 Key Differences Between Bali and Thailand

Bali Thailand - Koh Lanta Island
Koh Lanta in Thailand

There are a lot of similarities between Bali and Thailand. Both are amazing destinations with incredible beaches, great food, welcoming cultures, tons of history, gorgeous temples, stunning landscapes, and lots of quality accommodation.

With that said, there are a few differences that matter when choosing Bali vs Thailand:

#1 Thailand is MUCH bigger

There is one HUGE difference you need to be aware of when comparing Thailand vs Bali: Thailand is an enormous country consisting of islands, cities, mountains, islands, and much more.  So you need to be aware upfront that comparing Bali vs Thailand is a little like comparing apples and oranges without knowing where specifically in Thailand you want to go.

#2 Bali is Easier to Get Around

Bali, meanwhile, is just one island (albeit a large one) within the country of Indonesia. Bali packs a ton into such a small space, so I wouldn’t discount it based on size in this match up.

And the flip-side of Bali’s smaller size is that it’s much easier to get around. It’s only a few hours between destinations, and many tourists even opt to just set up a single base and use it for day trips around the island.

#3 They Have Different Rainy Seasons

Bali’s location closer to Oceania means it has a different monsoon season (October – April) than Thailand (July – October).

I’ve visited both during the rainy season and, honestly, the rain isn’t THAT bad (usually just flash storms that blow over quickly). But, still, if you can, it’s better to visit outside the rainy season.

#4 Thailand Has Better Beaches

In my opinion, the beaches on the Thai islands blow Bali’s beaches out of the water. The sand is just so much nicer, and the water clearer. Not that the beaches in Bali are bad … Thailand’s beaches are just THAT good.

#5 Bali Has More Activities Per Square Kilometer

The really nice thing about Bali is that you can do so many different things in such a compact area. You can go rafting, surfing, climb volcanos, visit monkeys, or tour the amazing rice terraces — often all in the same day!

Thailand has a lot to do, don’t get me wrong. It’s just more spread out than in Bali.

#6 Cost is About the Same, But Thailand is Cheaper for Backpackers

Both Bali and Thailand are pretty budget-friendly destinations. And if you’re a mid-range or luxury traveler, you’ll find tons of cool accommodation options (like hidden jungle retreats) at a reasonable price in both destinations.

With that said, the story is a bit different for backpacks.

According to the Price of Travel index for backpackers, Thailand’s cities clock in a hair cheaper than Bali. It’s not a huge difference (a strong case can be made for Bali as a backpacker destination), but for backpackers on a tight budget, I would probably say Thailand is a better bet.

Prices are very different depending on whether it is high season or not, though, so bear that in mind as well.

Bottom Line: 3 Questions to Help You Decided to Travel to Bali Thailand or Elsewhere

Bali Thailand: a flower in Bali
Balii Thailand – you can’t go wrong either way!

First, remember what I said at the start of this post:

You can’t go wrong choosing Thailand OR Bali. Both are incredible and you will have a great trip either way!

But if you still can’t narrow it down, here’s a few questions that I’d ask to decide on Thailand vs Bali:

#1 When is Your Southeast Asia Trip?

Since Bali and Thailand have different rainy seasons and high season, this is an easy way to choose between the two.

For example, if you are traveling in July, Bali is going to be more pleasant weather-wise (though see here for a good list of what to pack for Bali), although you’ll have to contend with high season prices.

#2 Which Flights are Easier and Cheaper?

This is a simple one but don’t overlook it! If you’re coming from Australia, for example, Bali is going to be a bit closer and perhaps a bit cheaper. But Thailand’s Bangkok airport is one of the largest in the world and often you can find great deals there as well.

#3 Do You Want to Explore A Lot or Minimize Travel?

As I mentioned above, size is one of the chief differences between Thailand and Bali.

So if you have the time and the desire to explore a lot of different destinations, you’ll find more variety in enormous Thailand. But if you’re on a limited schedule, or just don’t want to move around that much, Bali may be better in your circumstance.


That’s it for this quick guide on picking Thailand vs Bali! I hope it’s been helpful and I would love to hear your thoughts. Just scroll to the bottom and leave me a comment!

And, if you’re looking for something fun to read, check out my tips for how to travel alone in Thailand!

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  1. Thanks for the info Nate! I’m cashing in a travel credit for a 9 day trip in early March and trying to choose somewhere warm, lush and foreign with enough variety to explore somewhere new every day or two. I’ve been to Thailand before (~3wks in the jungle, 4 days in Pattaya Beach) and loved it. Think I might just go back!

    1. Thailand is beautiful! I’m actually currently in Ao Nang. A bit touristy but Railay beach if world class. Do let me know if I can help enjoy your trip!

  2. Thanks. Which has the best medical facilities if you are unlucky enough to get sick? BALI or Phuket? Thanks for your advice.

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