Abkhazia in Pictures: Abandoned Places and Natural Beauty
An abandoned theatre in Gagra

Abkhazia in Pictures

Abkhazia is a remarkable juxtaposition of sorrow and beauty, where abandoned places mix with natural beauty. It has almost been forgotten by the outside world, and even just getting to Abkhazia can be a serious challenge. It’s a land that offers striking landscapes checkered by abandoned buildings everywhere — haunting reminders of the war that tore Abkhazia apart from 1992-93. Here’s a look at today’s Abkhazia in pictures:

An abandoned palace near Lake Ritsa Abkhazia

An abandoned palace near Lake Ritsa, Abkhazia.

Once a summer holiday destination for Soviet Union officials, including Stalin himself, Abkhazia was plunged into violence shortly following the breakup of the USSR.

An abandoned restaurant in Abkhazia

A dilapidated pier in Abkhazia’s capital, Sukhumi.

Abkhazia proclaims itself an independent nation, but almost no governments other than Russia recognize it as such. Instead, most of the international community considers it to be a part of Georgia.

Lake Ritsa

Beautiful Lake Ritsa, where Stalin had a summer home.

Today, Abkhazia receives few visitors except from Russia, whose military has effective control over Abkhazia.

Broken glass in an abandoned Gagra building

Shattered glass in an abandoned Gagra building.

Abkhazia’s population was cut in half by the war, and today a great many buildings stand totally deserted.

Abkhazia in Pictures - Abandoned building in Gagra

One of Gagra’s many hauntingly beautiful abandoned buildings.

The most developed part of Abkhazia is Gagra, a former Black Sea resort town in the north that is starting to see an influx of tourists from nearby Russia. They are lured there by Abkhazia’s photogenic landscapes and affordable prices.

Buildings in Gagra

A hillside in Gagra, a city slowly recovering its Soviet reputation as a Black Sea resort.

An abandoned piano in Gagra Abkhazia

An abandoned theater in Gagra.

The capital city of Sukhumi is slowly developing as well, but still feels eerily vacant.

Abkhazia in pictures - A train in Sukhumi at night.

Sukhumi’s renovated boardwalk at dusk.

The Black Sea resort of Gagra

Gagra’s pebble beaches.

Abkhazian flags

Abkhazian flags in Sukhumi.

Its many abandoned buildings are covered in graffiti, gritty reminders of the area’s recent past but great material for taking interesting photographs of Abkhazia.

Graffiti in Abkhazia

Graffiti on an abandoned Gagra building.

An abandoned pier in Sukhumi Abkhazia

An old Soviet era pier in Sukhumi.

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