A table with breakfast at the terrace of Cour des Vosges, one of the best restaurants in Paris France

55 Best Restaurants in Paris (By a Local)

As a Paris, France local, I get asked about the best Paris restaurants all the time. Here’s the thing—the problem isn’t that Paris lacks good restaurants. There’s just so much good food that people don’t know where to start! 

I’ve rounded up my favorite restaurants in Paris to help you decide where to dine while you explore the best things to do and see in Paris. These restaurants are worth checking out and where you’ll find delicious dishes. 

Hungry? Let’s get started!

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Best Paris Restaurants

Le Jules Verne

🍽️ Haute French | $$$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 83 77 34 34

View of the awning and entrance to Le Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tower
The entrance to Le Jules Verne restaurant (photo: Pe3k / Shutterstock)

Le Jules Verne is a legendary Paris restaurant. It’s located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower and the price tag for a meal is worth it for the people-watching alone. But, the food is incredible, too.

Try the seven-course menu if you’re feeling adventurous. Otherwise, the lobster is excellent. The sommeliers here have a deep knowledge of the menu and the wine list: ask for their recommendations!

Le Procope

🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 40 46 79 00

A plate of sea bream tartare from Le Procope
Sea bream tartare
The "Café gourmand" dessert platter from Le Procope
“Café gourmand” dessert platter at Le Procope

Le Procope is a Left Bank institution and the longest continuously running restaurant in Paris. It has ties to the French Revolution–and its dishes are delicious. The coq au vin is particularly good. 

The wait staff is attentive and relaxed despite the formal surroundings. The formal dining room is great for people-watching. Although, you can reserve one of six private dining rooms for an event. Just make the arrangements far in advance–these private dining rooms book up quickly!

Café de Flore

🍽️ Haute French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 45 48 55 26

View of the crowd chilling at the terrace of Café de Flore
Crowds on the Café de Flore terrace

The Café de Flore offers classic French dishes. But the real appeal is in the people-watching you can do from the terrace. The café became iconic for its famous clients during the mid-20th century. It’s recognized as a hub for writers. However, I’ve seen at least one famous actress here!

The prices can be high for the quality of the food. I recommend “the Flore” for a breakfast croissant and coffee or a pre-dinner glass of wine and snacks

Restaurant Palais Royal

🍽️ French | $$$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 40 20 00 27

A plate of the main lunch course at the Restaurant Palais Royal
A main lunch course at the Restaurant Palais Royal

The Restaurant Palais Royal is my ultimate “celebration” restaurant. The three-course lunch has gotten more expensive since they got their second Michelin star, but it’s worth it for a truly special occasion. 

When I went, the tasting menu started with a marinated egg or similar hors d’oeuvres. The lunch menu continues with a starter, entrée, and dessert. All the dishes are equally delicious, though. 

The staff at Restaurant Palais Royal is exceptional and discreet. The ambiance is modern without being intimidating. 

La Tour d’Argent

🍽️ French | $$$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 43 54 23 31

View of the exterior and beautiful awning at the entrance of La Tour d'Argent
The Tour d’Argent’s entrance
List of wines on the exterior of La Tour d'Argent
Restaurant exterior advertising its wines

Dining at La Tour d’Argent is a Paris tradition. Everyone from French kings to movie stars has supposedly dined here. The high prices of its dinner service are reasonable for the quality. The exceptional food and the luxurious interior live up to the hype.

The restaurant’s most famous dish is its pressed duck. A farm raises the ducks exclusively for the restaurant. When you order one, you actually get a card with the duck’s number on it. 

Chez Janou

🍽️ French Provençal | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 72 28 41

The author Rachel Kapelke-Dale, posing with her plate of steak at the terrace of Chez Janou
Me enjoying the enormous steak at Chez Janou
A huge serving of the chocolate mousse from Chez Janou
The restaurant’s chocolate mousse

Chez Janou specializes in food from the Provence region. Its entrees are varied and include several vegetarian options. The restaurant also focuses on pastis, an anise-flavored drink: it offers over 80 kinds. It’s most famous for its chocolate mousse, which the restaurant serves in huge portions.

Be sure to make a reservation for Chez Janou. Its cozy interior is always packed, and people can wait hours for a terrace seat. 


🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 47 27 98 85

View of the variety of pastries displayed at Paris-Carette
Carette is famous for its Paris-Carette pastry
A to go box with pastry from Paris-Carette
The Paris-Carette pastry is available to go

Carette is a staple of Western Paris. However, you can find other locations around the city, including at the Place des Vosges. The savory dishes at this Paris restaurant aren’t anything to rave about, but the pastries here are delicious. 

Carette has its own take on the classic “Paris Brest,” called the “Paris Carette.” This flaky praline delicacy usually comes in a ring, but Carette presents it in an eclair shape. I suggest pairing it with a cup of hot chocolate for true decadence. You can also get it to-go if you’re in a hurry!

Le Petit Italien

🍽️ Italian | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 71 05 80

A plate of spinach fusilli with a glass of Pinot Grigio at Le Petit Italien
The spinach fusilli and Pinot Grigio at Le Petit Italien

An Italian restaurant probably isn’t on your list of places to go in Paris. But Le Petit Italien should be! This corner restaurant has inventive pasta dishes, a cozy interior, and an attentive wait staff. 

This is one of my top recommendations for vegetarians, as well as for good value. The wine list is short, but the choices go nicely with the main dishes. Ask your waiter to recommend a wine pairing. 

Cour des Vosges

 🍽️ Light fare and patisserie | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 50 30 30

A table with breakfast at the terrace of Cour des Vosges
A light breakfast at the Cour des Vosges

Many visitors reach a point where they can’t take another heavy French meal. That’s where the Cour des Vosges tearoom comes in. 

This upscale patisserie has a light breakfast and lunch menu. I love the salads and truffle pizza for a quick afternoon bite. It also happens to be in one of the best neighborhoods in Paris, Le Marais.

The Cour des Vosges truly shines when it comes to desserts, though. The chef has won prestigious awards for his innovative takes on French classics. The lemon tart and hazelnut block are my favorites.  

Aujourd’hui Demain

🍽️ Vegan | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)9 81 66 20 01

The dessert case inside the Aujourd'hui Demain
The dessert case at Aujourd’hui Demain

Aujord’hui Demain has you covered if you’re a vegan. After all, what can you eat in the land of cheese? The cheerful wait staff, relaxed atmosphere, and extensive terrace make Aujord’hui Demain one of my top choices. 

I’m not vegan, but I still come here fairly often. Weekend brunches at Aujourd’hui Demain are superb: try the pancakes for a fluffy treat.

Season Marais

🍽️ Health Food | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 71 52 97

Cozy interior of Season Marais in Paris
Season’s interior

Hotel breakfasts can be dismal, and most Parisians will just order a croissant and coffee at their local café. Go to Season Marais if you want a more substantial breakfast. 

Brunch at Season Marais will fill you up with everything from pancakes to avocado toast. Meanwhile, the interior is modern and relaxed. 


🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 78 90 74 74

View of the interior of Bonnie's with a floor to ceiling glass window overlooking the cityscape
Bonnie’s Interior

Bonnie offers French food with a Mediterranean twist. It also has some of the best views in Paris: you’ll be able to spot many landmarks from your table. Otherwise, the atmosphere is clean and modern. The view is the main focus.

The food at Bonnie is excellent, particularly the seafood. The sea bream ceviche and lobster linguine are particular favorites of mine. 

Le Train Bleu

🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 43 43 09 06

Glamorous interior of the fine dining restaurant of Le Train Bleu in Paris
The interior of Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu provides the seemingly impossible: fine dining inside a train station. This Gare de Lyon restaurant is worth visiting even if you don’t have a train to catch. The classical decor, including the murals on the gilded walls, is gorgeous. 

Try the leg of lamb. The wine list is good; ask your waiter to recommend a pairing. The staff provides attentive service. 


🍽️ Haute French | $$$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 78 51 45

View of the black door at the entrance of L'Ambroisie
L’Ambroisie entrance on the Place des Vosges

L’Ambroisie has been a three-Michelin-starred restaurant for more than 30 years. It deserves every star! It’s not one of the city’s more stylish restaurants. Instead, it’s a classic that serves traditional dishes prepared to perfection in an elegant dining room.

The staff alone distinguishes this restaurant from others. They are unobtrusive, in the background until you need something. Then, they bring you your food with no fuss.

L’Ambroisie is one of Paris’s pricier restaurants, making it great for celebrating a special occasion.  

Café Charlot

🍽️ French | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 44 54 03 30

View of the not so busy outdoor seating area of Café Charlot from across the street
Café Charlot’s terrace

Café Charlot is a classic French bistro with a twist. It serves traditional dishes with special flourishes. 

You can get steak frites here, and the steak has a delicious butter sauce. The roast chicken has a lemon kick to it. 

The service can be slow, particularly on the terrace during peak hours. However, the staff are friendly. Meanwhile, the interior is bustling and modern. 

Café de la Paix

🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (01) 40 07 36 36

People chilling at the vibrant exterior and terrace of Café de la Paix
Café de la Paix’s terrace

Café de la Paix is the perfect French restaurant for picky eaters. Their enormous menu gives you tons of choices. It offers seasonal plates, as well as a standard menu with French classics like steak tartare. 

The terrace is a great choice for a quick coffee or drink while watching people at the Place de l’Opéra. However, the gilded dining room is so luxurious. I recommend eating inside if you’re having a full meal.

La Chope des Compagnons

🍽️ Wine bar with small plates | $ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)6 09 56 51 02

La Chope des Compagnons from the outside
La Chope des Compagnons

La Chope des Compagnons appears to be an unassuming wine bar with a focus on natural wines. It is, but it’s also a great place for a light meal. The French wines this bar serves are an incredible value, at between 3-5 euros per glass of wine. You can order an inexpensive platter of meats, cheeses, or a mixture of both to snack on with your natural wine.

The owners and staff are some of the friendliest in Paris. You can request to privatize the upstairs at a reasonable price for special events.


🍽️ Breakfast and Diner | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 82 28 00 80

View of the signage and beautiful exterior of Holybelly in Paris
Holybelly’s exterior

Holybelly is the place to go if you’re craving an American-style breakfast. The breakfasts here are big and tasty. It’s also one of the only restaurants in Paris that I’ve seen offer granola! 

As one of the best restaurants in Paris for breakfast, Holybelly can have long lines on the weekends. They don’t take reservations; your best bet is to arrive early.

La Sarrasine

🍽️ Crêpes | $ | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 43 25 79 59

View of the people chilling at the terrace of La Sarrasine in Paris
La Sarrasine’s terrace

The restaurants on Île Saint-Louis are generally disappointing–but not La Sarrasine. This intimate creperie provides great sweet and savory crepes for incredible value. 

I recently took a group of three visiting friends to lunch there. The bill for four people, including cider and dessert? 55 euros. 

The “galette,” a savory buckwheat crepe, is a Normandy specialty. Order one here for your main course, then follow it with something sweet. The hard cider is a great accompaniment. The friendly staff are happy to advise you if you’re stuck making a choice!

Madame Brasserie – Tour Eiffel

🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 83 77 77 78

View of the people relaxing on the benches at the park with the Eiffel Tower in the background
Madame Brasserie is on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower

Madame Brasserie reopened in 2022. This is a less-extravagant alternative to the Michelin-starred Jules Verne. Madame Brasserie provides classic French cooking in the Eiffel Tower–without the eye-watering price tag. 

The menu is fairly limited, and dinners can still be expensive. I recommend lunching here for the iconic experience at a reasonable price.

Au Pied de Cochon

🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 40 13 77 00

View of the people dining at the terrace of Au Pied de Cochon in Paris
The terrace at Au Pied de Cochon

Au Pied de Cochon is one of the top restaurants in Paris for meat lovers. The specialties here are pork-related, including roast pork in different forms. 

Don’t bring vegetarians here. Even non-pork dishes may not be vegetarian-friendly. For example, the restaurant also specializes in oysters. 

The terrace is a great place for a relaxed conversation since the large interior can get packed at peak hours. 

ÅKE – Table & Vin

🍽️ French-Swedish fusion | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)9 75 41 07 65

View of the cozy terrace of ÅKE restaurant in Paris
ÅKE’s terrace

ÅKE’s unassuming storefront hides one of Paris’s hidden gems. This French restaurant has strong Swedish influences. Its extensive wine list is impressive, providing you with the perfect choice to accompany each flavorful dish. Meanwhile, the vegetables are very fresh and inventively prepared.

I’ve never had a bad meal here. The gnocchi with red peppers is one of my favorites and I highly recommend it.

La Dame de Pic

🍽️ Haute French | $$$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 60 40 40

View of the minimalist exterior and entrance of La Dame de Pic
La Dame de Pic’s minimalist exterior

La Dame de Pic is a peaceful restaurant in a busy area, just across from the Louvre. I love it for its inventive dishes: Brittany octopus with zucchini and a veal chop with seaweed have both recently been on the menu. These seasonal dishes change often, though. Picky eaters should check the menu before making reservations!

Bouillon République

🍽️ French | $ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (01 42 59 69 31

View of the interior and empty tables at Bouillon République
Bouillon République’s interior at the start of lunch service

The Bouillon restaurants are perfect if you want to try French classics without breaking the bank. 

You can get a great à la carte three-course lunch here for less than 30 euros–and that’s including wine. The savory dishes are particularly good: the steak frites and roast chicken are excellent. 

The Bouillon can get busy, particularly on weekends. 

Chez Toinette

🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)7 53 37 86 99

Chez Toinette provides the cozy vibes many people picture when thinking about French restaurants. Meanwhile, the food in this intimate restaurant is top-notch. The roast duck, foie gras, and beef bourguignon are among the best dishes. 

This is one of my top choices for a date-night restaurant. The romantic atmosphere and unobtrusive staff make it perfect for deep conversations.

L’As du Fallafel

🍽️ Middle Eastern | $ | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 48 87 63 60

View of the signage and exterior of L'As du Fallafel
L’As du Fallafel’s exterior

L’As du Fallafel takes “à la carte” (ordering separate items) to a whole new level. This storefront on the Rue de Rosiers has a big reputation–but it lives up to it. Come for the falafel, but stay for the kebabs and shawarma if you’re really hungry! 

The Middle Eastern eatery doesn’t have seating, so make plans about where to take your falafel once you have it. Warning: this may take a few minutes, as lines can get long. 

I recommend taking your food over to a garden just down the street, the Rosiers Joseph Migneret Garden, at #10. You’ll need to look carefully for the gate!

L’Ami Jean

🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 47 05 86 89

View of the exterior and terrace of L'Ami Jean in Paris
L’Ami Jean’s terrace

L’Ami Jean is easy to walk by without noticing–but savvy eaters should pop into this Left Bank establishment. The warm interior, friendly staff, and flavorful dishes make this a great lunch choice near many popular attractions. 

Particularly notable dishes to try are the parmesan soup with cabbage and bonito flakes; the rice pudding; and the roasted pigeon.

Oyster Club

🍽️ Seafood | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)7 82 76 25 16

View of the vibrant exterior and terrace of Oyster Club restaurant in Paris
The Oyster Club’s exterior and terrace

If you stay in Paris long enough, you will hit a point where more French food just doesn’t sound appetizing. That’s where the Oyster Club comes in. This restaurant serves fresh French seafood that will make you forget you’re in Paris.

The wait staff is incredibly helpful with recommendations. But if you’re in doubt, go traditional: a dozen oysters.

Sancerre Rive Gauche

🍽️ French fusion | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 43 06 87 98

People chilling at the terrace of Sancerre Rive Gauche in Paris
The Sancerre Rive Gauche terrace

Left-Bank diners can have a hard time finding cozy local restaurants in fancier neighborhoods. Enter Sancerre Rive Gauche. This cozy yet classic restaurant is both intimate and upscale. Don’t be put off by its specialty–the stuffed cabbage is that good! 

If you’re wondering where to stay in Paris, the Gros Caillou neighborhood around Sancerre is one of my favorites.

Roger la Grenoille

🍽️ French | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 56 24 24 34

View of the flowers and plants at the exterior of Roger la Grenoille in Paris
Roger la Grenoille’s exterior references its namesake, the frog

Roger la Grenoille is a great choice for Paris visitors who want to try classic French dishes. Where this restaurant excels is in old-school dishes: frog’s legs, snails, terrine, and other delicacies. 

Less adventurous eaters shouldn’t hesitate to try the restaurant, though. The warm bistro interior and other offerings (like steak and chicken) make Roger la Grenoille a good choice for almost everyone.

Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie

🍽️ French | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 33 31 32

A duck figurine displayed at the counter of Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie
The counter at Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie

I’m a sucker for a high-end boutique grocery store. When it has a great restaurant attached, as Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie does, I’m all in. Luckily, the food here is incredible. The ravioli, onion soup, and seared foie gras are particularly good

This restaurant is popular, so reserve well in advance. This is particularly true if you want a seat on the terrace in good weather!

L’Avant Comptoir de la Terre

🍽️ French small plates | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps 

Dark themed exterior of L'Avant Comptoire de la Terre in Paris
L’Avant Comptoire de la Terre’s exterior

L’Avant Comptoir de la Terre is a small-plate restaurant and the best of its kind in Paris. At any given moment, you can choose among 60-70 small plates. The staff is great at recommending wine pairings (including natural wines) and dishes. 

The pork belly, oysters, and foie gras particularly stand out here. But if you don’t like a dish, don’t worry: there’s always another small plate to try!


🍽️ French | $$$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 47 00 03 22

View of the busy counter  inside the Fief restaurant in Paris
The counter at Fief

Fief prides itself on its locally sourced ingredients. In my experience, this means top-notch, seasonal dishes in creative combinations. The trout egg dish I had was especially good. But even as a meat-eater, I found the plant-based dishes (like the beets) delicious.

Vegetarians and vegans will particularly appreciate the vegan tasting menu: a rarity in this meat-heavy city! This is especially uncommon in Michelin-starred restaurants–and yet Fief has its first star.

Sacrée Fleur

🍽️ French | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 51 66 18

View of the diners from the glass window outside of Sacrée Fleur
The rustic interior of Sacrée Fleur

Sacrée Fleur is one of my top restaurant picks for cold weather. The meat-heavy menu, rustic touches, and warm space are all perfect on a chilly day in Paris during the winter

Rustic French food is not vegetarian-friendly. However, meat-eaters will enjoy the variety. The onion soup and filet steak are my favorite pairing.

Le Severo

🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 45 40 40 91

Le Severo is a carnivore’s paradise. A former butcher founded this Montparnasse steakhouse, and the cuts of meat are truly exceptional. 

Here, beef dominates the menu, and the steaks are excellent. The veal steak is particularly good. And I could eat the hand-cut french fries with every meal!

The small space ensures a personalized experience; you may be lucky enough to meet the owner. 


🍽️ Japanese | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 56 81 94 08

View of the awning and exterior of AT restaurant in Paris
AT’s exterior

You may not know what to expect when you set foot in AT’s minimalist interior. But trust me: this restaurant has earned its Michelin star. Japanese chef Atsushi Tanaka has created an exceptionally inventive and fresh menu

The multi-course menu is the best place to start to get the full experience. The short menu is perfect for lunch, and the long menu for dinner. Expect intense flavors!

Immersion République

🍽️ Brunch | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps

Two women dining at the terrace of Immersion République
Immersion’s terrace

You’ll see many brunch offerings in Parisian restaurants on the weekends. But be sure to head to Immersion République if you wake up late and want a full brunch during the week. Carb lovers will be in heaven: the waffles, croissants, and toast are all great. 

Expect to wait if you do come on the weekend. Immersion République has a well-earned reputation that makes it popular with locals

Chez Julien

🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 78 31 64

View of the exterior and extended terrace surrounded by greenery at Chez Julien
Chez Julien (right) with its extended terrace (left)

Picturesque Chez Julien features a lavish dining room that takes you back to the late 19th century. But I recommend dining on the extensive terrace when it’s warm. The surrounding cobblestones and plants provide a relaxing background for an exceptional meal. Meanwhile, larger groups can reserve the private dining room upstairs. 

Chez Julien does traditional French cooking incredibly well. My ideal meal here is their roast chicken for two with a glass of white wine, followed by their perfect ice cream (ask for chocolate sauce).

Le Taillevent

🍽️ French | $$$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 44 95 15 01

Menu of Le Taillevent restaurant
Le Taillevent offers three wine-pairing menus

Le Taillevent has an impressive seasonal menu. But for me, the wine and service are two reasons this restaurant has earned its Michelin star. 

The wine cellar here is outstanding, and the sommelier is a treat to talk to. Don’t bother trying to select your own wine unless you’re an expert: let the sommelier guide you through the wine list or try one of the wine menus.

Les Deux Magots

🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 45 48 55 25

View of the people dining inside and at the terrace of Les Deux Magots
Les Deux Magots and its terrace

Les Deux Magots is a Left-Bank brasserie with a long, mythical past. The iconic writer, Ernest Hemingway ate here; so did chef, Julia Child

Unlike the Café de Flore next door, the myth doesn’t overpower the food’s quality at Les Deux Magots. This is the best place to try escargot in Paris. The kitchen also cooks other high-end dishes, like the filet mignon, to perfection. 


🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 40 39 96 19

Frenchie is one of the most sought-after reservations in Paris right now, so book well in advance. But this is a case where one of the most popular restaurants is also the best. 

The chef at Frenchie has “carte blanche,” or free reign, so you never know quite what to expect. The anticipation only makes this Paris restaurant experience more exciting!

Dinner at Frenchie is an incredible deal, particularly for a restaurant with a Michelin star. A five-course menu for 140 euros is amazing in Paris. The wine pairing supplement at 60 euros is worth it. 


🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps 

View of the cozy interior of Septime in Paris
Septime’s interior

A friend took me to Septime right when it opened: before it got its Michelin star and became one of the most popular restaurants in Paris. Have I ever been luckier? You absolutely need a reservation: they open every day at 10 am. I recommend that you book three weeks in advance.

But the experience is worth it. You’ll find a romantic but airy space, attentive service, and creative dishes. I’ve had everything from lobster to green beans here, and nothing’s ever disappointed.


🍽️ Modern | $$$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 43 38 61 95

Logo of Maison outside the restaurant
Maison’s logo hints at the inventive food you’ll find inside

Maison focuses entirely on the food. The minimalist exterior and décor make you focus on the incredibly inventive food that you’re tasting, instead. The open kitchen lets you see the chefs preparing your food, making this a great place for solo diners interested in haute cuisine.

Maison is best for adventurous eaters: raw cream, roast pigeon, anchovies with corn. Even the website proclaims that the food changes “according to the chef’s inspiration.”

Restaurant Passerini

🍽️ Italian | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 43 42 27 56

Vibrant exterior of Restaurant Passerini
Restaurant Passerini’s exterior

Restaurant Passerini isn’t your classic Italian restaurant. Instead, the menu plays on traditional Italian dishes, giving them a French twist. The ravioli with sage butter is a perennial favorite. The rack of lamb is also excellent. 

Passerini is right next to the famous open-air market Marché d’Aligre. This makes Passerini a great choice for a relaxing lunch after a morning of shopping.

Les Papilles

🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 43 25 20 79

View of the beautiful exterior of Les Papilles in Paris
Les Papilles exterior

Les Papilles is more than just a restaurant: it’s also an upmarket grocery store and wine shop. But don’t let the busy space fool you. The chefs create sophisticated meals within this homey space!

There are a ton of great choices on the Papilles menu. The broccoli or sweet potato soup, lamb shank, and panna cotta are all superb. 

Le Ju’

🍽️ French | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 78 11 47

View of the crowd dining at the funky exterior of Le Ju'
The funky exterior at Le Ju’

Le Ju’ is a neighborhood brasserie that may look gimmicky with its rainbow parasols overhead. But its food is high quality and the staff is so friendly. It just may become your own “local” restaurant while you visit Paris. The burger with burrata and pesto is especially good. 

Le Ju’ is also known for its LGBTQ+-friendly atmosphere. It’s a great place to end the evening with drinks after dinner, as well.


🍽️ British | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 72 00 98

View of the flowery exterior of T' Cup restaurant
T’ Cup’s flowery exterior

Plan on brunch at T’Cup if you’re missing London. T’Cup is a British-inspired tea room in the Marais. I had a huge breakfast here with a friend and her excited toddler. The staff was so friendly and helpful with her little one. And the scones, tea, and eggs were perfect. We stayed for hours in the charming interior without being rushed at all, even on a busy Sunday morning.

The food here is good throughout the day, but I do recommend brunch. Although it’s pricey at 34 euros, you get a lot of food: it really will serve as both breakfast and lunch!

Bon Bouquet Café

🍽️ Brunch | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps

View of the signage outside the Bon Bouquet Café
Bon Bouquet’s exterior

Chic Bon Bouquet leans into its hip reputation. You’ll find American breakfast favorites like avocado toast and bagels here. Plus, portions are huge

Paris brunch spots get very crowded on weekends, and Bon Bouquet is no exception. Arrive early for a faster table. But if you have to wait, you’ll likely get a preview of the great service. The last time I stood in line here, the wait staff brought me and my friends tea while we were waiting! 

Comptoir Gourmet

🍽️ Italian | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 985 102 9047

Vibrant red exterior of Comptoir Gourmet restaurant in Paris
The exterior of the Comptoir Gourmet

The Comptoir Gourmet has some of the friendliest wait staff in Paris. But this wouldn’t be important if the food weren’t so good, too! Come to Comptoir for great rustic Italian food ranging from flatbreads to smoked salmon. The hot chocolate makes a great dessert (or addition to your dessert)!

The Italian cuisine also makes this a good choice for vegetarians and meat-eaters dining together. There’s a good selection of dishes with and without meat.

Le Colimaçon

🍽️ French | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞  +33 (0)1 48 87 12 01

View of the people lining up outside Le Colimaçon in Paris
Diners lining up outside Le Colimaçon

Le Colimaçon’s interior is traditional for the Marais district: stone walls and wood beams. The bistro’s food, though, is traditional with a twist. My favorite dishes here are the more rustic: rabbit, duck, and butternut squash soup.

The upstairs overlooks one of the district’s bustling shopping streets. Ask for the table by the window if it’s available.


🍽️ International | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)9 80 81 82 85

View of the beautiful tiffany blue exterior of Mokonuts in Paris
Mokonuts’ exterior

If you stay in Paris long enough, you’ll realize that French patisserie is great, but it’s hard to get a good cookie here. Enter Mokonuts. This breakfast and lunch spot has delicious homemade cookies. The pastries are also great. 

Mokonuts is small, so it’s worth making a reservation. You can also privatize the restaurant for dinners with advance notice.

Restaurant Eels

🍽️ French | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 28 80 20

View of the logo of Restaurant Eels at the exterior
Restaurant Eels’ exterior

Restaurant Eels is the perfect choice for foodies who want an upscale Parisian restaurant experience, on a budget.

Lunch is a particularly good deal. The food presentation is beautiful, the dishes are unexpected yet tasty, and the servers know the menu inside out.

The staff is particularly good at adapting the meal to dietary requirements, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Le Scone Café

🍽️ Health food | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +33 (0)1 42 33 52 38

Le Scone Café's logo on the awning with a beautiful exterior
Le Scone Café’s awning

Come to Le Scone Café for a light and healthy lunch if you have a big dinner planned later. Here, you’ll find fresh salads, poke bowls, soups, and lots of veggies. Of course, you can also get tasty scones here. 

You can order take-out from Le Scone or eat in. Take-out is a good option when the weather’s warm. You can cross the Pont Neuf bridge to the Île de la Cité and eat on the riverbank.


🍽️ French | $$$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps 

View of the entrance door of Verjus restaurant
Verjus’s door

Wine lovers who want a great dining experience should head to Verjus. The locally sourced ingredients make the dishes here fresh and appealing. Meanwhile, the wine list is excellent, particularly when it comes to wines by the glass. 

It can be hard to get a reservation. Try arriving right when the restaurant opens for a better chance at walk-in seating.


🍽️ Vegetarian | $$ | Website | 📍 Google Maps

Kitchen's signage outside the restaurant
Kitchen’s exterior

Kitchen is the ideal spot for a light lunch. This vegetarian restaurant uses high-quality ingredients. The tofu in my salad was particularly good when I dined here. There are also vegan and gluten-free options on the menu. 

This popular restaurant can get noisy as it fills up. Come early for a quieter experience as you enjoy your veggie stew and matcha latte.

FAQs About Places to Eat in Paris

View of the interior and grand staircase of Le Procope restaurant in Paris
The interior of Le Procope restaurant in Paris

What are the most famous restaurants in Paris?

Some of the most famous Parisian restaurants are the Tour d’Argent, Le Jules Verne, and the Café de Flore. These restaurants serve traditional French dishes in stunning dining rooms.

What are some good affordable restaurants in Paris? 

Good affordable restaurants in Paris include Bouillon République, Aujourd’hui Demain, La Sarrasine, and L’As du Fallafel. These restaurants have offerings that range from classic French cuisine to Middle Eastern street food.

Where do locals dine in Paris?

Paris locals generally dine at neighborhood bistros, saving haute French restaurants for special occasions. Bistros like Café Charlot and Le Ju’ are good examples of restaurants locals love.


The best Paris restaurants offer everything from haute French food to inventive fusion cuisine and everything in between. And they fit perfectly into my recommended 5-day Paris itinerary as you explore other parts of the city! 

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