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21 Best London Cafes & Coffee Shops in 2023 (By a Local)

Whether you’re looking for a specialty craft coffee or your staple order, you will not have a hard time finding excellent coffee shops and cafes in London.

As a coffee lover and London local, I’ve been on a hunt to find the best cafes in London and have encountered some lovely atmospheric cafes on this journey.

In this article, you’ll find a selection of my top picks of cafes in London where you can have conversations with friends, work, or read a book while enjoying a coffee or tea beverage of your choosing.

Once you’ve had your coffee, be sure to check out my top picks for things to do in London – you’ll be ready and energized!

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21 Best London Cafes & Coffee Shops


This cafe features rich coffee with some of the flakiest pastries that London has to offer, all within a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

A cup of frothy black americano from Pophams
A frothy and full-bodied black americano (left)
Two plates with different variety of pastries from Pophams
savory and sweet pastries (right)

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 208 525 1416

Famously known in London for its flaky sweet and savory pastries, Pophams is a bakery and cafe that you will not want to miss. There are two locations, London Fields in East London, and Prebend St in Islington, North London.

I really enjoyed the coffee, food, and atmosphere when I visited the London Fields location. The vibe inside is chill yet cozy, making it the perfect spot to get some work done or catch up with an old friend. It’s the kind of place you wouldn’t mind being stuck inside on a rainy day.

I had a black americano to drink, which was fantastic. Pastry-wise, we tried a sweet and a savory, indulging in the chocolate and almond croissant and ham and cheese croissant, both of which were very generously sized.

Matt’s Cafe

New to the buzzing Fulham neighborhood, this family-owned business puts a personalized touch on everything from the coffee to the customer service.

view of the outdoor seating area with glass ceiling at Matt’s Cafe in Fulham
Covered outdoor seating
A glass of iced Americano from Matt’s Cafe
and the best iced Americano at Matt’s Cafe in Fulham

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 208 109 8055

I’m spilling the beans on my personal favorite cafe in London right off the bat, because why wait? Matt’s Cafe in Fulham, South West London is a new family-owned cafe that’s been open less than a year but has quickly become a neighborhood favorite.

The iced Americanos are some of the best I’ve ever had and the customer service is fantastic. The menu offers brunch and lunch staples and desserts, using locally-sourced ingredients.

Additionally, the atmosphere at this cafe takes the cake, with a great indoor space that leads to an incredible covered back patio, perfect for a London summer day.

Allpress Espresso Roastery and Cafe

Nestled within the edgy area of Dalston, this cafe in London offers the opportunity to watch beans get roasted while you sip your coffee.

Brick exterior view of the Allpress Espresso Roastery and Cafe
The simple brick exterior
View of the displayed products inside Allpress Espresso Roastery and Cafe
and inside of the Allpress base for roasting, located in Dalston

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 207 749 1780

Allpress Roastery in Dalston is one of the coolest cafes in London, particularly because they roast all of their beans in-house and you can watch how it happens while sipping your coffee. The coffee is so good that it has been distributed and sold at many stores and cafes around London. 

The artisan atmosphere of the cafe is minimalist and provides a historic feel through its location in an old factory. The cafe specializes in single-origin filter brews and espresso. They also offer pastries, a selection of sandwiches, breakfast plates, and canteen dishes. 

Allpress hosts events on weekends and evenings, with everything from film screenings to ticketed supper clubs and more. The coffee beans are available for purchase, so you can take a piece of your experience home with you. 

Hagen Espresso Bar

This Danish coffee house with the heart and soul of Copenhagen does coffee so well that it occupies nine locations across London.

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 795 806 0036

Hagen is a small but mighty Danish coffee house that has quickly taken the Big Smoke by storm after opening 9 cafes in London and counting. Coffee is a way of life in Scandinavia, and this cafe aims to bring a part of that Danish “hygge” culture to London to share with others. 

One of the major things to note about Hagen is the quality of the coffee. After the first sip, you will be glad you made the decision to try this cafe when you taste the richness of the coffee they have to offer. For those with a sweet tooth, be sure to try one of their specialty Danish cinnamon buns.

Shaman Coffee

Shaman cafes double as co-working spaces, making them great spots to do some remote work, catch up with friends, or network with colleagues, all while enjoying a specialty latte.

View of the industrial interior with plants around in Shaman Coffee
Industrial interiors and plants fill Shaman at the Locke at Broken Wharf in the City of London

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 203 912 1297

Shaman’s culture is all about great coffee and creativity, and each location comes equipped with a co-working space where people can fuel their ideas with one of their crafted lattes. I’ve been to the Shaman location in the City of London at the Locke Hotel many times and can say with confidence that it’s always a good vibe.  

Some of my favorite drinks on their menu are their matcha latte, black Americano, and maple latte. I’ve also been tempted many times by their freshly baked pastries. These cafes in London have the perfect relaxed atmosphere for meetings, whether it’s work or catching up with friends. 

Pear Tree Cafe

A buzzing waterside cafe serving up delicious pizzas, brunch, coffee, and an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and baked goods.

View of the people dining at the picnic tables at the Pear Tree Cafe on a sunny day
Picnic tables at the Pear Tree Cafe filled with people and good vibes on a sunny day in London

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 207 978 1655

The Pear Tree Cafe is another one of my absolute favorite cafes in London, particularly the Battersea Park location, situated lakeside in the middle of the park. The vibes at the Pear Tree are immaculate, especially when the sun is out. 

The space is filled with picnic tables, and you order in indoors. The cafe offers a delicious menu of pizzas, brunch items, coffees, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If you’re looking for a quick bite to grab and go for your walk around the park, the Pear Tree also has some amazing baked goods and snacks. 

👉 Don’t Miss: The Pear Tree has live music on Wednesday, Thursday Friday, and Saturday summer evenings from 6-9 pm. Make sure you stop by one of these times to take it in!

Holy Shot

A great coffee haunt in Shoreditch with friendly staff, satisfying coffee and brunch, and a back workspace.

Interior view of the cozy workspace in Holy Shot
Steps down to the cozy workspace in the back of the cafe.

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 207 613 1071

Holy Shot is a small and unassuming coffee shop nestled on Bethnal Green Road in Shoreditch. As soon as you enter its doors, you’ll be greeted with the delicious scent of a fresh brew and know you landed in the right place.

Not only is the coffee delicious, but they also offer a wonderful brunch menu with meat and veggie options. The back section of the shop just down the steps is cozy and has a number of tables and furniture, which can also double as a workspace. 

As if it couldn’t get any more enticing, they take the ethics of their business super seriously and are an accredited London living wage employer. They have also implemented a number of sustainability practices including compostable cups and being run solely on renewable energy.

Blank Street Coffee

Minimalist cafes in London that serve great craft coffee warm and cold brews in miniature locations across London.

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website 

Born in the USA as a Brooklyn coffee cart, Blank Street Coffee has made waves in London, with a belief that your coffee ritual sets the tone for your day. With this principle at its core, the coffee shop brand focuses on quality and affordability in its menu.

Blank Street Coffee shops tend to be small and efficient and do their coffee very well, using specialty-graded coffees sourced from around the world. One thing I love about this coffee shop in addition to their great tasting caffeinated beverages is the fact that they pay their baristas above-market wages.    


Simple and affordable coffee and brunch dishes are made really well in a fun atmosphere.  

The author Brooke Horrobin, posing with a glass of prosecco at London Bridge Grind
Here I am enjoying a glass of prosecco at London Bridge Grind’s bottomless brunch

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 203 019 7178

As far as cute cafes in London come, Grind is at the top of the list,  boasting everything from amazing lattes to delicious brunch, all within a fun and vibrant atmosphere. The coffee shop originated in Shoreditch in 2011 and has since spread all over London in many variations including cafes, restaurants, and coffee trucks.

Their oat lattes are to die for, and although I’m normally a black coffee drinker, I make an exception when I visit Grind because they’re just too good to pass up. It is also one of the most Instagrammable cafes, with its iconic pink branding, plants, and neon signs.


A cute cafe outside of Hampstead Heath Park with both indoor and outdoor seating that offers up tasty treats and a great atmosphere.

View of the storefront of the Eurphorium Hampstead Heath
The Eurphorium Hampstead Heath storefront
Variety of pastries from Eurphorium Cafe
and delicious pastries served in the cafe

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 203 637 8624

I stumbled across one of the cutest cafes in London, Euphorium, on my first-ever visit to Hampstead Heath Park, and it did not disappoint. In addition to its cozy indoor space, there are a couple of tables located in front of the shop, which is perfect for soaking up the sun and people-watching on the high street.  

The bakery has a great selection of both hot and cold drinks, pastries, breakfast pots, brunch items, focaccia sandwiches, and soups. Their sweet potato roll, a veggie version of the classic English sausage roll, is divine, and I also love their salted caramel chocolate tart (both pictured above).

St Clements

A cute cafe nestled within Fulham that serves healthy food, coffee, smoothies, and juices with fresh British ingredients.

View of the light yellow storefront of St Clements
The light yellow storefront
View of the cozy interior at the counter of St Clements in Fulham
and cozy interior of St Clements in Fulham, South West London

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 207 998 8919

Everything about St Clements is aesthetically pleasing, from the soft yellow exterior to the simple rustic furniture, making it one of the prettiest cafes in London. Located on the lovely street of New King’s Road in Parsons Green, South West London, this cafe is located in an adorable part of town filled with great parks, restaurants, cafes, and shops.

St Clements has a very inviting atmosphere, spanning two levels. The upstairs is very cozy with tables and booths, and the downstairs is a great spot for meetings or independent working. 

Offerings at this independent brunch spot consist of breakfast, brunch, lunch, homemade cakes from seasonal ingredients, and single-origin coffee. The cafe is also pup-friendly, giving it a competitive advantage over other cafes in London.


An industrial-chic bakery, restaurant, and cafe located in the heart of North London.

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 203 887 2309

Made even more famous by TikTok, Jolene is a neighborhood bakery and restaurant on Newington Green, North London, with a relaxed atmosphere. Not only will you feel good after trying what’s on offer, but also because its offerings have been ethically sourced through regenerative food growers and small producers who prioritize Landcare and animal welfare. 

A fun thing to note about Jolene is that its menu changes daily, making it an adventurous spot to try. The atmosphere is simple and intimate, and it’s a lovely cafe to impress a date in London. The pastries are also a must-try.

Yeast Bakery

Family-run cozy Viennoiserie bakery located along the Regent’s Canal and nearby Broadway Market in Hackney, East London.  

View of the aesthetic urban industrial interior of Yeast Bakery
Aesthetic interiors with an urban industrial vibe at Yeast Bakery in East London

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 797 387 8801

Consult your London itinerary and pop into Yeast Bakery if you find yourself in Hackney between Wednesday and Sunday. When you walk in the door, the buzzing energy fills the room and the hanging plants are an instant mood booster.

Between the atmosphere, beautiful decor, selection of savory treats (including impressive croissant variations), and excellent caffeinated drinks, what’s not to love? If you’re in the mood to take your treats outdoors, this cute cafe in London is conveniently located on the Regent’s Canal, perfect for a sunny stroll.


Cute and cozy Danish-inspired coffee shop and bakery serving decadent Danish pastries and specialty coffee in the heart of South Kensington, West London.

View of the big window storefront of Hjem in South Kensington
View of the variety of pastries displayed inside Hjem
Freshly baked cinnamon and cardamom buns a Hjem in South Kensington 

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 797 387 8801

Hidden within a residential area in the classy neighborhood of South Kensington, this Danish hidden gem with an airy feel is worth seeking out. Hjem has cozy written all over it and is the perfect place to go on a rainy day.

With its Danish influence, you know the pastries will be top-notch, and in addition to its array of sweets, they have a great selection of coffee, teas, and sourdough sandwiches. Hjem is also a very environmentally-friendly joint, taking its sustainable practices seriously when it comes to its zero-waste policy, ethically-sourced coffee beans, and sustainable packaging.

WatchHouse Coffee

Modern coffee in the heart of central London where you can enjoy taste-tailored roasts from special limited edition international beans.

Exterior view of WatchHouse Coffee from the street at dusk
Street view of WatchHouse Coffee, one of the most renowned coffee shops in London (photo: Wirestock Creators / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 207 407 0000

Born on Bermondsey Street in a former 19th-century watch house, WatchHouse Coffee cafes in London are steeped in history. The original location took up a mere 25 square meters, which was historically a shelter for men guarding the graveyard of St Mary Magdalen’s Church. 

To honor its origination, the cafe considers itself a sanctuary for customers, with an aim to provide the highest quality coffee in London. Being quite a coffee snob myself, I can attest to WatchHouse having absolutely delicious coffee. 

The local chain is spread across eleven different coffee houses in London, and one in Bath, each with its own unique flair.

Sugar Pot

An adorable independent neighborhood cafe with mouth-watering baked goods and tasty coffee using organically-produced and sustainably-sourced ingredients.  

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 207 735 1439

Sugar Pot in Kennington, South East London, has a special place in my heart and was the first coffee shop I fell in love with since moving to this city. I will continue to fantasize about their cakes and sourdough for the rest of my life because they’re just so good.

Another special thing about this cafe is that it’s family-run, so visiting Sugar Pot helps support a local business. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences here with the food, drinks, and customer service. 

Drury 188-189

Fun, quirky, and highly-rated cafe on Drury Lane near Covent Garden featuring craft coffee, pastries, lunch, and brunch. 

View of the bookshelves full of books and drawings in Drury 188-189
Bookshelf in the cafe that features drawings from customers

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 207 831 7555

Founded by two friends from East London who gave up their stable full-time jobs to pursue a dream of opening a cafe, Drury 188-189 near Covent Garden is one of the coolest cafes in London that I’ve visited. 

What makes this place special is its personalized touch, where the owners use napkins with messages and drawings from customers as decor around the shop, giving it a homey feel. 

The eggs benedict I had here was one of the best I’ve ever tasted, and unfortunately, I was too full to try one of their Insta-worthy pastries, which will definitely warrant a trip back. 

👉 Don’t Miss: Covent Garden, a popular market in London to shop and explore is located nearby. 


A family-run joint with stylish decor and one of the best fry-ups in London.

View of the leather love seat and the cozy interior of Carter’s
Comfy leather love seats surround
A cozy fireplace near the seating area at Carter’s
a cozy fireplace at Carter’s

📍 Google Maps | 📞 +44 791 210 6692

Located in the City of London, I passed this cafe a few times on the way to my gym and had to stop in to see what it was all about. Carter’s is a family-run cafe meets modern diner, where people exploring popular tourist attractions in central London can pop in for a coffee, tea, or a quick bite.

The hanging plants, neon signs, comfy furniture, and cozy fireplace make this one of the most Instagrammable cafes in London. I would highly recommend visiting Carter’s if you’re looking for a good place to try some local London foods, such as an English fry-up.

Chairs and Coffee

A welcoming cafe in Fulham West London, where you’ll be greeted by friendly staff and delicious coffee.

A turquoise blue plate with bacon eggs benedict topped with hollandaise sauce at Chairs and Coffee
Bacon eggs benedict enrobed in a silky hollandaise sauce at Chairs and Coffee in Fulham

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 780 372 0921

Through my exploration of cafes in London, I’ve discovered that Fulham is one of the best neighborhoods in the city when it comes to the cafe scene. Another top pick of mine in this area is Chairs and Coffee, a cafe with friendly staff who have always gone out of their way to provide great service when I’ve popped in.

Chairs and Coffee is located near Fulham Broadway Station and within the heart of Fulham’s hustle and bustle. This spot offers great brunch staples, drinks, and smoothies at a very reasonable price, perfect if you’re on a budget in London

Ozone Coffee Roasters

New Zealand founded dog-friendly cafes serving up specialty coffee and tasty dishes.

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 207 490 1039

Ozone Coffee Roasters is a B-Corp-certified Kiwi-born coffee company that, in addition to serving at their cafes, also supplies to other coffee shops and businesses throughout the UK. They also sell their beans for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

There are four Ozone Coffee Roasters locations, all within East London, that focus on serving customers specialty coffee from local suppliers. The quality of their coffee is so good, and some of the best I’ve tasted in London. 

St. George Coffee

A vibey Coffee shop on King’s Road that specializes in three staples: coffee, bread, and olive oil.

A to-go cup of iced Americano with straw and a cup of water on a wooden table
An iced Americano
View of the bottles of organic oils displayed inside St. George Coffee
and some products sold in St. George Coffee

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 204 537 3712

When you come up to St. George Coffee on London’s famous King’s Road in Chelsea, you’ll know immediately what they are known for based on their sign out front that reads “Coffee, Bread, Olive Oil”. This alone should be enough of a reason to check it out.

Inside the rustic shop, you’ll be greeted by the incredible smell of freshly baked bread and cinnamon rolls, which will have you wanting to bask in the atmosphere while enjoying your snacks and drinks. 

Their espresso is fantastic and has a nice full-bodied flavor. My favorite item to get is their iced Americano. They also sell high-end olive oil, which is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. 

👉 Pro Tip: After getting your coffee fix, stop by the Chelsea Fine Food Market up the road which takes place on Saturdays from 10 am – 4 pm in Duke of York Square.

Fortnum & Mason Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon

A traditional English afternoon tea experience at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 207 734 8040

Fortnum and Mason is a tea institution within London, and its iconic Tiffany Blue color adds to the class and charm. Look no further than Fortnum & Mason’s Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon for a fancy cafe rich in history where you can take part in authentic English afternoon tea.

Located in the heart of central London’s Piccadilly, you will be amazed by how picture-perfect Fortnum & Mason is from the moment you lay your eyes on the interiors. This place provides the perfect excuse to dress up and treat yourself to a seating of afternoon tea, fully equipped with scones, sandwiches, and cakes.

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised that the price of the afternoon tea is more affordable than many other high-end locations that offer it in London.

Farm Girl Cafe

Healthy Australian cafe and restaurant offering holistic, fresh, and delicious food and quality Coffee. 

Two cups of coffee with fun latte arts in Farm Girl Cafe
Fun latte art at Farm Girl Cafe (photo: HosteSarah / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +44 207 229 4678

Located in Notting Hill, Farm Girl is one of the healthiest cafes in London, perfect for when you want a lighter option without compromising on taste and quality. This cafe has a bright aesthetic to go with its healthy brunch, sandwich, and smoothie offerings.

Farm Girl is situated on the most famous street in Notting Hill, Portobello Road. In addition to being delicious and nutritious, the food is perfect for Instagram lovers looking to share their experiences with their networks.  

FAQs About Cafes in London

What are the top 3 cafes in London?

The top 3 cafes in London are Matt’s Cafe in Fulham, Allpress in Dalston, and Sugar Pot in Kennington. Each of these cafes offers something different and more importantly, has incredible coffee.

What is the most popular cafe in the UK?

Out of all cafes in London, Costa Coffee is the most popular in the UK, serving thousands of customers daily and founded in London by two brothers in 1971. You will find this coffee shop popping up all over the UK.

What is the oldest cafe in London?

The oldest cafe in London is the Jamaica Wine House, which opened in 1652 and is located in St Michaels Alley in the City of London. This coffee house is also known as the Jampot and now functions as a pub and wine bar that has kept its eclectic look and feel. 

What are the local chain coffee shops in London?

The most popular local chain coffee shops or cafes in London are Gails, Costa Coffee, Pret a Manger, Cafe Nero, LEON, and Elan Cafe, one of the most Instagrammable cafés in London. 


Thanks for reading my guide to the best cafes in London, I hope it has inspired you to go and taste some of the best coffee London has to offer. If you’re looking for a great place to eat after getting your caffeine fix, then check out my guide to the best restaurants in London.

Enjoy your brew!

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