Colorful daffodils by the City Hall in Cardiff

The Best Time to Visit Cardiff (A Local’s Guide)

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The best time to visit Cardiff is in spring (MarchMay). You can see the city in bloom, experience some Welsh cultural events, and avoid the busier summer months.

Cardiff in the Spring is particularly beautiful, but the city changes with each season. There are so many great things to do in Cardiff all year long. The ideal time for a visit really depends on what you want to do.

As a local, I’ll walk you through the seasons and some activities to help you decide when is the best time for YOU to visit Cardiff. One thing will remain the same year-round. You’ll need to pack a raincoat!  

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When is the Best Time to Visit Cardiff

Cardiff is an all-year destination with different things on offer in each season. But the best time to visit Cardiff is in the Spring (March-May). 

Cardiff’s weather is variable. Temperatures in winter can drop below freezing whilst record temperatures have reached above 30°C. Cardiff is notoriously rainy, but don’t let this dampen your trip! Cardiff makes up for its lack of tropical weather in other ways. 

The best time to visit Cardiff will depend on what you plan to do. I’ll suggest the best time to visit Cardiff for outdoor activities, the best time for families and the best time for good weather. I’ll also give an overview of the Cardiff climate and some local tips to help you plan the perfect trip! 

When to Visit Cardiff for Families and Kids

View of the Family Fun Park at Cardiff Bay from the Giant Wheel
Aerial view of the Family Fun Park from the Giant Wheel

Summer (June-August) is the best time to visit Cardiff for families and kids. There are lots of familyfriendly activities around Cardiff during the school summer holidays. You’ll find fun-packed programmes of child-friendly events in local museums, like the National Museum Cardiff. Many events are free to attend! 

There is a Family Fun Park in Cardiff Bay with a Giant Wheel, funfair, and artificial beach. Older children who are confident in water will love completing the giant inflatable obstacle course at Aqua Park! 

When to Visit Cardiff for Good Weather

View of the Cardiff Bay during morning
Walking from Cardiff Bay to Penarth

June – August is the best time to visit Cardiff for good weather and warm temperatures. These months see the highest average temperatures ranging from an average maximum of 21.43°C (70.57°F) to an average minimum of 11.27°C (52.29°F). 

June through August also has the least days when rain falls, and the city is less windy. You should still expect some wind and rain, but generally, the climate will be much warmer than other months of the year. 

When to Visit Cardiff for Outdoor Activities

View while cycling in Cardiff Bay Trail at morning
Cycling the Cardiff Bay Trail

The best time to visit Cardiff for outdoor activities is June to September. The average temperature is higher and there is less rainfall. Some popular activities such as the inflatable watercourse ‘aqua park’ are only open in summer. The average temperature in the water is highest in August. 

But my favourite time to go for a bike ride or long walk is spring. It is warm and the spring flowers are in full bloom!

Cardiff Travel Seasons

Visiting Cardiff in Spring (March – May)

Close up view of a flower on a park in Cardiff
Colorful daffodils on the Bute Park
Magnolia trees and daffodils in Bute Park

Spring is one of the best times to visit Cardiff. Wales celebrates St David’s Day (the nation’s Patron Saint) on March 1st. Many events take place across Cardiff including a National Parade in the city centre. 

I love seeing daffodils (the national flower of Wales) in bloom across Cardiff during the spring. There are also beautiful magnolia trees in Bute Park and bluebells by Castell Coch. 

You’ll see Wales rugby fans wearing daffodil hats during the Six Nations Rugby Championship. This is an important fixture in the rugby calendar and culminates on ‘Super Saturday’ in mid-March. Cardiff has a very lively atmosphere on matchdays and it gets very busy. 

Avoid visiting Cardiff on match days if you don’t like rugby or the buzz of sporting events. There are plenty of other days in Spring and it’ll be quieter and cheaper! 

Visiting Cardiff in Summer (June – August)

Clear blue sky over the Giant Wheel at the Family Fun Park at Cardiff Bay
The Giant Wheel and the Pierhead building in Cardiff Bay

The warmest months in Cardiff are in the summer. Well, the Welsh summer. The average high temperature is around 20°C (68°F) and the average low temperature is around 12°C (53°F). There is an average of 11 rainy days per month from June – August.

The sunny days add a shine to outdoor activities, like going on a boat trip in Cardiff Bay. Attractions in Cardiff are busier during the school holidays (mid-July to the start of September) but are rarely overcrowded. 

Attractions like Cardiff Castle often run family-friendly events throughout the summer period. Don’t miss the Giant wheel at the Family Fun Park in Cardiff Bay for panoramic city views! 

Visiting Cardiff in Autumn (September – November)

The Cardiff Castle on a hill during autumn season
Cardiff Castle in the autumn

Cardiff gets colder in the autumn, and it is a noticeably wetter season than summer. The average temperature in October is around 11°C (52°F), and there are an average of 15 rainy days in the month. Of course, there’s always the possibility of an autumn heatwave!

You’ll be in awe at the beautiful autumn leaves, particularly in Bute Park. Autumn is a fairly quiet time in the city before festive celebrations start in November.

 It’s worth checking out Sŵn fest if you’re in Cardiff in mid-October. This city-wide music festival spotlights emerging and local talent in a range of venues.

Visiting Cardiff in Winter (December – February)

Lights during Christmas season in Bute Park at night
Christmas at Bute Park

Winter in Cardiff is a cool season (literally and metaphorically!). December – February has the lowest average temperatures in the year and the highest levels of rain. And snowfall isn’t guaranteed. 

The Christmas events and lights add a twinkle to Cardiff in November and December. You’ll find a fine selection of unique gifts and tasty food in Cardiff Christmas market. The cute wooden stalls are across the city centre, a great place for shopping. 

I have fond childhood memories of going to Winter Wonderland and the novelty hasn’t worn off! Winter Wonderland is made up of a festive funfair near the City Hall and an ice rink and ice walk in the Castle grounds. I’ve recently added another tradition to my winter – a visit to Christmas at Bute Park lights trail. You’ll need to book these festive attractions in advance as they get busy. 

Cardiff Weather and Climate

Cardiff is generally a wet and windy city, with an average of around 153 days of rainfall per year.  The warmest time of the year is June – August. July is the hottest month with an average high temperature of 21°C (71°F) and an average low temperature of 13°C (50°F).  

During the winter, the average temperature doesn’t reach above 10°C (55°F) or drop below 2°C (36°F), and January is the coldest month. The months between October and February are the rainiest, but wet days happen throughout the year.  

People don’t usually visit Cardiff for warm temperatures and guaranteed sun. They visit for the attractions, culture, architecture and great range of things to do!

Tips for Visiting Cardiff

Pack an Umbrella and Raincoat

The author, Ruthie Walters holding an umbrella outside the Millennium Centre
Me outside the Millennium Centre

Regardless of the time of year you visit Wales, the weather in Cardiff can be unpredictable. There is often a chance of rain. So pack an umbrella and raincoat no matter when you visit, and embrace the rain! 

Prepare for Evenings and Nights

The temperature drops at night, which is particularly noticeable in winter when it is colder. Bear in mind that the windscreen might get icy if you’re driving! 

Check the Forecast Before Outdoor Activities

View while sailing at the Cardiff Bay
Setting sail in Cardiff Bay

The weather can change quickly in Cardiff. Make sure you check the forecast and take care when doing outdoor activities. This is especially important if you plan to do any watersports or hiking. 

FAQs About When to Visit Cardiff

When is the high season in Cardiff? 

The busiest season in Cardiff is during the summer months of July and August. Cardiff attracts many visitors during this time when there tends to be higher average temperatures and less rainfall. However, the months on either side of summer are increasingly popular. There are high numbers of visitors in March, April, May and September.

What is the best month to go to Cardiff? 

March is the best month to visit Cardiff. The weather is usually warm, although it can be wet and windy. It is a lovely time to explore the nature around Cardiff. Cardiff hosts some important Welsh cultural events in March. It is usually quieter than the summer – except for match days during the Six Nations Rugby Championship. 

How many days do you need in Cardiff?

You need at least two days in Cardiff to see the city centre, explore Cardiff Bay and check out some attractions. Cardiff is also a great base to explore more of Wales. There are lots of amazing day trips from Cardiff and you could easily spend a week here. 

What is the warmest month in Cardiff?

July is the warmest month in Cardiff. The average high temperature is 21°C and the average low temperature is 13°C. July typically has the lowest average monthly rainfall and less wind compared to other months of the year.   

What is the rainiest month in Cardiff?

December is the wettest month in Cardiff, receiving the most rainfall in any month of the year. On average, there are 15 days of rainfall in December. It is also the windiest month!


Cardiff is a year-round destination. You might get wet regardless of when you visit, but you definitely won’t get bored! Be sure to check out my article about the best Cardiff day trips before you go!

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