Our 10 million readers want to know where to travel in 2024

And we’ve got some epic surprises in store this year …

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Coming November 7th on Travel Lemming …

The Best Places to Travel in 2024

This year more than 10 million Americans will get their travel advice from Travel Lemming. We’ve earned their trust with our honest style of informative guides, written by our team of more than 3 dozen locals & experts around the world.

And now it’s time to tell them where to go next year …

On November 7th, we’ll reveal our most anticipated piece of content: our annual list of the best emerging places to travel around the world. In past years, our list has been covered in press on six continents, including the likes of Lonely Planet, Forbes Africa, and EuroNews. Last year’s article even ranked on the front page of Google for searches like “places to travel” and “where to travel.” It is, we think, the best and most innovative annual list of places to travel on the Internet.

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Candidate destinations are first nominated by one of our writers. Then our editorial board reviews the submissions, solicits additional information from the nominees’ tourist boards as needed, and ultimately collaborates with our team to compile the best list of recommendations we can. The article goes through multiple layers of fact-checking and editorial review before publication. Learn more about our editorial guidelines here.

Sorry, you can’t. Nominations can only be made by Travel Lemming writers and editors.

For press inquiries, a media kit, and brand assets, email taylor@travellemming.com. We are also happy to provide quotes from our team and/or from the winning tourism boards (that is, if we have a contact at the winner).

Tuesday, November 7th.

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