View of the three bathtubs filled with water at Mystic Hot Springs, one of the best hot springs in Utah

14 Best Utah Hot Springs in 2023 (With Map)

Your mind may not automatically associate Utah with hot springs, but the red desert state actually offers more hot springs than many other U.S. states.

Visiting Utah hot springs is one of the best things to do in the state. It makes a perfect respite after a long day exploring deep slot canyons, or spending hours trekking through a top Utah National Park like Bryce Canyon.

As a Southwesterner myself, I’ve experienced some of the best hot springs in Utah and created this ultimate guide to share the knowledge. Let’s dive right in!

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14 Best Hot Springs In Utah

Here’s a map of the 14 Utah hot springs on this list:

Mystic Hot Springs


View of the red rock formations over the steaming Mystic Hot Springs

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If you only have time to visit one hot spring in Utah, prioritize Mystic Hot Springs. Soak in mineral pools surrounded by red rock formations as the heated geothermal waters melt you into a mystic trance. 

The large pool pictured above is 4 feet deep and can easily fit 10 or more soakers. Be sure to climb further up the stairs to check out the private hot spring tubs at Mystic Hot Springs – the perfect option during a busy day at the springs. 

Also known as the Monroe Hot Springs, Mystic Hot Springs offers summertime events like live music on its outdoor stage, which can be viewed from conveniently-located vintage bathtubs. Visiting in the winter also has its perks, like uncrowded pools and snow-dusted sandstone pools.

🎟️ Admission: $25 adult, $12.50, child
🌡️ Temp: 99-110 F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: bathrooms, showers, multiple soaking pools, camping spots

Meadow Hot Springs


View of a dog leading walking along the snow covered landscape to Meadow Hot Springs
My pup leads the way to the snow-laden Meadow Hot Springs

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Some of the most scenic free springs in Utah, Meadow Hot Springs is for true hot springs enthusiasts due to its somewhat remote location. The high hills, wooden fence, and open desert country surrounding Meadow springs make it my favorite Utah hot spring.

A 5-mile, non-technical dirt road is required to access the wilderness springs, so don’t go right after a fresh car wash. There are three soaking pools at Meadow Hot Springs but the largest pool is the most comfortable temperature, with the smaller ones nearing scorching degrees. 

If you want to avoid avid hot springs crowds, I recommend visiting Meadow Hot Springs in winter. You will experience a more pristine environment at this time and the juxtaposition of freezing air temperatures and soothing hot water makes it an excursion to remember.

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🎟️ Admission: Free
🌡️ Temp: 100 F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: private property, multiple soaking pools, free admission

Red Hill Hot Springs


The author McKenna Mobley posing while soaking at the Red Hill Hot Springs during winter
Me staying warm at the Red Hill Hot Springs

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Just a hop, skip, and a 4-minute drive away from Mystic Hot Springs is Red Hill Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah. These less-frequented springs are completely free of charge and offer four different pools to choose from.

Surrounded by an acropolis of red rock, the spilling pools at Red Hill Hot Springs are backdropped by melting heaps of red Utah desert sand – one of the most picturesque aspects of the Red Hill springs.

The pools are pretty small and can only fit a few people at a time. For the best experience, I recommend going early in the morning to have a wild thermal pool all to yourself. Winter is another great time to experience hot spring solitude.

🎟️ Admission: Free
🌡️ Temp: Up to 154 F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: pit toilets, parking area, multiple pools

Fifth Water Hot Springs


Aerial view of people relaxing at the Fifth Water Hot Springs in winter
A winter view of Fifth Water Hot Springs

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Enchanting blue pools spill into each other at Fifth Water Hot Springs. The milky turquoise waters of these succeeding springs are the hidden crown jewel of northern Utah.

Also referred to as the Diamond Fork Hot Springs, Fifth Water Hot Springs springs require a 4.5-mile hike but are entirely worth it. The photogenic hot springs also parallel Fifth Water Creek alongside three crashing waterfalls. 

While you may be tempted to relax in the pools at the base of the first waterfall, I recommend hiking to the pools of the slightly higher second waterfall because they’re less crowded and provide a view of the entire Fifth Water Hot Springs site.

🎟️ Admission: Free
🌡️ Temp: 102-111 F
📅 Season: year-round, road closed in winter but can hike an extra 2.5 miles roundtrip
♨️ Features: clothing optional, parking area, hiking trail, multiple pools

Homestead Crater Hot Springs


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A geothermal spring is hidden inside a beehive-shaped limestone rock at the Homestead Crater Hot Springs. Similar to a Yucatan cenote, this subterranean-like enclosed spring was formed over the course of 10,000 years.

The open-domed beehive hot spring is one of the only warm scuba diving destinations in the continental U.S. To say Homestead Crater Hot Springs is a unique experience is an understatement.

The springs are located on resort property but soakers don’t have to stay overnight for access to the springs. For a small fee, you can soak in the warm springs for up to an hour or book a scuba diving adventure through Homestead Resort.

♨️ Pro Tip: Those interested in the crater don’t need to get wet to enjoy the experience. Ask about self-guided crater tours or a paddle board yoga session at the Homestead Resort front desk.

🎟️ Admission: $15 adults Monday-Thursday, $12 children Monday-Thursday, $18 adults Friday-Sunday, $15 children Friday-Sunday, Free under 3
🌡️ Temp: 90-96
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: warm springs, scuba diving, resort, lockers

Inlet Park Hot Springs


View of the sunset at Saratoga Springs
The sunset over Saratoga Springs, some of the most scenic hot springs in Utah

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A free, open wilderness hot spring in northern Utah, Inlet Hot Springs is off the beaten path and promotes a natural environment away from heavy crowds. Also known as Saratoga Hot Springs, the large pool is big enough to accommodate the whole family.

Resting on the north side of Utah Lake, this is the perfect spot to head after fishing or jet skiing all day under the sun. Relax your sore muscles at the Saratoga Hot Springs for a free spa day. 

The Saratoga Hot Springs is a day-use site only but there is a nearby Walmart that you can crash at overnight free of charge. I recommend calling first to double-check if that rule is up-to-date. There is also a nearby campground, Willow Park Campground, that’s only $25 a night and can accommodate big rigs.  

♨️ Pro Tip: When exploring hot springs in the winter months, I always like to bring some down booties with me so I can hike back to the car without freezing my toes off.

🎟️ Admission: Free
🌡️ Temp: 110
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: free parking, multiple pools

Gandy Warm Springs


View of the streaming water and landscape of Spence Hot Springs in Utah

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Enjoy the small natural hot springs, waterfalls, pools, and clear streams at the Gandy Warm Springs and the surrounding environment. 

Officially deemed a warm spring, Gandy only reaches 81 degrees Fahrenheit and is best suited during the summer when scorching hot springs would be unbearable in the summer desert heat. It’s something to consider when deciding when to visit Utah.

Gandy Warm Springs rests at the base of Gandy Mountain with plenty of hiking trails and surrounding forest to explore. Just 1 hour outside of Great Basin National Park, one of the best things to do in Nevada, Gandy Warm Springs also boasts a swimmable cave.

🎟️ Admission: Free
🌡️ Temp: 81
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: hiking, cave swimming, multiple pools, free parking

Horseshoe Warm Springs

Salt Lake City

Bird's eye view of the Horseshoe Warm Springs in winter

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Surrounded by dense sagebrush, Horseshoe Springs is submerged in Utah desert plains scenery. These free, natural hot springs are one of the best places to rejuvenate your muscles. A large deck runs alongside the hot springs and is the perfect place to let your four-legged friend rest while you enjoy a soak.

Two horseshoe-shaped springs transform the landscape in Skull Valley, western Utah. Because these springs are considered warm springs due to their 70-degree warm water, Horseshoe Springs are best visited in the summer when cooler water is more appealing after a hot desert day.

This desert location near Salt Lake City is also a popular fishing spot, so don’t forget to bring your tackle! There are also ATVs and hiking trails in the area, as well as the chance to visit the abandoned ghost town of Losepa.

🎟️ Admission: Free
🌡️ Temp: 70
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: parking, fishing, hiking trails, boardwalk

Belmont Hot Springs


View of the beautiful sunset over a lake

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Belmont Hot Springs RV Park is a one-of-a-kind soaking experience. Located in northern Utah on the Idaho border, this is the best place to stay if on an ultimate Southwest road trip. 

The untraditional hot spring lake is big enough to paddleboard in, while still retaining a jacuzzi temperature of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The RV resort is a great place to stay for motorhome travelers and doesn’t limit rubber trampers on how long they can stay.

This is another rare destination where scuba enthusiasts can dive in warm water. Ask about scuba diving opportunities at the front desk! There are also copious hiking trails within the area and Nordic Valley Ski Resort is but a short drive away.

♨️ Pro Tip: Don’t forget to bring your essential ski gear so you can check out top Utah ski slopes after soaking at the Belmont Hot Springs.

🎟️ Admission: $40/night, $250/week at the RV Park
🌡️ Temp: 97-104
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: restrooms, showers, hot water, front desk, laundry, clubhouse, nearby attractions

👉 Love to explore with a professional? View nearby tours here.

Veyo Pool Hot Springs

St. George

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Veyo Pools is one of Utah’s top resort spring destinations. Located near Zion National Park, one of the top national parks in Utah, Veyo Pools offers a large pool filled with geothermal mineral water.

Veyo Pools is one of the best Utah hot springs if exploring the national parks of the south. Established over 100 years ago, Veyo Pools is situated between dramatic desert canyons and nearby towering cliffs.

Because the temperature of the pool isn’t exactly scorching, I recommend visiting Veyo in the summer when Utah desert temperatures frequently exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is also a great place for families to stay, as the resort offers lodging in a historic farmhouse, tent camping spots, and plenty of room for RVers.

🎟️ Admission: $16, free under 2
🌡️ Temp: 89
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: camping, showers, restrooms, parking, gift shop, towel rentals


Panaca Warm Springs

Cedar City

Scenic view of the mountain and landscape from the hot spring

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Technically just across the border in Nevada, the Panaca Warm Springs are easily accessible from Cedar City on the southwestern Utah side. The huge pool at Panaca resembles a small lake, leaving plenty of room to sprawl out and swim about.

This underrated summer destination boasts natural hot springs in one of Nevada’s first Mormon settlement towns. The historic Panaca Warm Springs has been utilized for over a century and continue to be one of the top free warm water hot springs on the border.

♨️ Pro Tip: Make sure you have at least half a tank of gas or more when traveling to some remote hot springs in Utah like Panaca Warm Springs. Cell service isn’t always available and having enough gas could really save you a major hiccup in your trip.

🎟️ Admission: free
🌡️ Temp: 85
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: free parking, large soaking pool

Ogden Hot Springs


A hot water pool located in the middle of a red landscape in Utah

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A quick internet search will tell you the Ogden Hot Springs are closed but only locals know that they’re actually up and running! A path through the forest brings hikers to various hidden mountain springs, all ranging in temperature.

Please leave no trace when visiting the Ogden Hot Springs and pack out what you brought in. There is no glass, no pets, and no garbage allowed at the springs so kindly respect the nature of the area.

 ♨️ Pro Tip: There is limited parking in the canyon but plenty at the base of the canyon that requires only a short walk to the springs.

🎟️ Admission: Free
🌡️ Temp: 97-104 F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: multiple pools, free parking, clothing optional

Crystal Hot Springs


📍 Google Maps | Website | Phone (435) 339-0038 | 👉 Book a Stay on Tripadvisor

Crystal Hot Springs is located right off the I-15 in Honeyville, Utah. Established in 1901, the accommodating Crystal Hot Springs resort has four hot pools and one cold pool.

Stay the night at the family-friendly campground at Crystal Hot Springs, a site that’s been used for over a century to rejuvenate after a long desert day. There are also two 360-foot water slides at the Crystal Hot Springs resort, making it a fun, family-oriented area.

🎟️ Admission: $18, under 3 free, additional $2 to ride the slides
🌡️ Temp: 120-134 F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: restrooms, showers, water slides, hot and cold pools

Baker Hot Springs


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The small, isolated Baker Hot Springs is a great destination for travelers who like to bask in undisturbed rest and relaxation. 40 miles north of Delta, the Baker Hot Springs resemble concrete rectangles in the middle of a tall grass plains-like field.

While the pools themselves may not be the most photogenic, the soaking experience is unparalleled. The Baker Hot Springs don’t require a hike to get to, another great reason to visit! Park right at the springs, pack your daypack with a trustee quick-drying towel and an undisclosed canteen, and let the good times roll!

🎟️ Admission: Free
🌡️ Temp: 107
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: drive-up parking, multiple pools

FAQs About Utah Hot Springs

Does Utah have any hot springs?

There are quite a few hot springs in Utah from naturally-formed springs to geothermal water-fed resorts. You will also find a variety of warm water springs in Utah, the perfect summer soaking experience.

How many hot springs are there in Utah?

There are about 14 hot springs in Utah, some of which are natural and free of charge, and others that are located in resorts and require an entrance fee.

Is Lava Hot Springs better than Crystal Hot Springs?

While both hot springs provide soakers with a relaxing experience, Crystal Hot Springs does boast more minerally-rich waters than Lava Hot Springs.

What causes hot springs in Utah?

Subsurface magma heats groundwater, causing the hot water to rise to the surface and form pool-like formations over time, which in turn creates Utah hot springs.


You made it to the end of my ultimate Utah hot springs guide! I hope you have a relaxing, mineral-dense experience next time you explore the western desert state. Next up, check out my list of the top places to visit in Utah.

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