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Traveler Resources (My Favorite Travel Sites)

Looking for the best traveler resources to help plan your trip? Well, on this page I’ve put together a list of to my favorite traveler resources for everything from finding flights to booking hostels to getting free access to airport lounges (scroll to the end to see that one!). These are all the sites I use to book my own travel!

DISCLOSURE: One of the major ways I keep this site running is through commissions when readers use affiliate links to make purchases. If you make a booking or purchase through one of my affiliates (the companies marked with a “*” below), I may get a small commission at no cost to you. I only recommend sites I personally use for my own travel, and you of course don’t have to use my links, but it really helps me out if you do!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a list of what I carry with me, check out my post on what I pack to travel the world.

Accommodation Sites

traveler resources:* is my go-to when I’m searching for hotels. More often than not, they have the cheapest rates and they almost always have the largest inventory. Click here to book your next hotel!

traveler resources: airbnb


I love using Airbnb to get the space of an apartment while traveling, and because it is often cheaper than hotels. If it is your first time using it, click here to get a free $40 towards your first booking.

traveler resources: hostelworld


My preferred booking engine for finding hostels is Hostelworld. Just plug in your location and date, and search by review score to find some awesome hostels just about anywhere in the world!

traveler resources: agoda


A solid alternative to, Agoda is especially popular in many parts of Asia.

traveler resources: couchsurfing


An affordable way to get accommodation and meet people around the world. Couchsurfing also organizes meetups in many cities, which can be a great way to meet locals and other travelers.


traveler resources: google flights

Google Flights

The first place I check when I’m searching flights, and more often than not the best source to find the cheapest prices.

traveler resources: momondo


I love Momondo’s layout, and it sometimes finds cheaper fares or unusual routings you won’t find elsewhere.

Traveler resources: Skyscanner


One of the most popular flight booking engines out there, Skyscanner has a solid interface.

Travel Insurance

traveler resources: insurance

World Nomads*

World Nomads is the only travel insurance company I use and I love them because they have an easy-to-understand interface and coverage available for long trips. Though I usually do buy travel insurance, it’s not right for everyone, so be sure to first read my guide to whether or not you need travel insurance.


Chase Sapphire Reserve*

Americans can get 50,000 bonus points (worth an incredible $750 in travel) plus 3x points on travel when applying for my favorite travel rewards card through this link. Note that you should never use a credit card unless you can responsibly manage your credit and pay it off each month.

Charles Schwab Investor Checking Account

This is my favorite bank and one of the best traveler resources out there. Why? Because they refund all ATM fees from anywhere in the world! You have to open an investor account, but you don’t have to buy any stock to get this deal. If you want more details (and a free $100 referral bonus) email me at


What if you could get cash back every time you book a hotel or make a purchase online? Well you can with Ebates – really! Here’s my detailed review of how to use Ebates to get cash back from travel. Use this link and you’ll get a free $10 cash back the first time you use it!



I don’t personally take many group tours, but I know others are different and sometimes it just makes sense to use a tour company. Viator has a solid platform for finding quality tours all over the world.


Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging Course*

Taking this course was probably my best investment after starting my blog. If you’re new to travel blogging, it’s a life-saver to have the industry’s best walk you through the basics, starting with just picking a travel blog name. You can read my full review of Superstar Blogging here to find out if it’s right for you.


Travel Lemming is hosted on SiteGround. I picked it after a year with a different host because, unless you want to pay through the nose for super-high-end hosting, SiteGround has by far the best reviews in terms of speed and service.


A remarkably powerful yet highly affordable keyword research tool. I use it find travel blog post ideas people will actually read. Sign up for it through this link and use my special discount code KSDISC to get 20% off!



My favorite way to travel cheap in Europe, BlaBlaCar lets pairs drivers with passengers taking the same route. It’s like a long distance version of Lyft or Uber, but much more social! They are growing beyond just Europe, and operate in Mexico, Brazil, and some other places now.


Taking a train is a classic way to backpack in Europe. And though Eurail passes don’t always offer the best value, sometimes they do and there is an added convenience in buying a single pass for your entire trip.

Additional Traveler Resources

Lonely Planet Guidebooks*

Lonely Planet still has some of the best guidebooks around is one of my favorite traveler resources. You can browse their library through the above link, or check out my post on how you can get the entire Lonely Planet library as a free download for a month.

Priority Pass*

I love this pass, which gets me into thousands of airport lounges around the world. It’s a must-have for a frequent flier like myself. Note that Priority Pass actually comes as a free benefit if you get the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit card. Otherwise, you can buy it separately through this link.


That’s it for my favorite resources for travel! If you have any questions, please scroll down and leave me a comment.

And before you go, be sure to check out my post listing everything I pack in my bag for traveling around the world!