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Discover a practical path to digital nomad life ... 

even if you're not ready to start just yet!


I normally charge $297 for the Travel Lifestyle Course, but considering recent global events i have decided to make three changes to our pricing structure: 

First, we are temporarily lowering the base price for access to $49. 

Second, we are giving Travel Lifestyle Course access a reward to Travel Lemming Patreons on our Nomad and above tiers. Click here to join us on Patreon.

Third, if you can't afford either of those options because you have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, just write me an email at [email protected] and I'll happily give you access to the course for free.

Why am I doing all of this? 

Two reasons:

First, about half the course - modules 1, 2, & 6 - covers "lifestyle" issues around the mechanics of how to travel the world full time. Sadly, given recent events, that half of the course just isn't all that immediately useful to most people. It will definitely be useful info to know for later, but we don't know when that time is going to come, so I think it's only fair to shave the price to reflect that.

Second, the other half of the Travel Lifestyle Course - modules 3, 4, & 5 - is focused on how to find remote income sources. Even though the course was shot and produced during the blissful days of life before this crisis, the lessons still apply today and so this half of the course offers a LOT of relevant value that could maybe help someone who really needs it right now. 

And, look this is personal for me:

Like many content creators, the recent shutdown of global travel has hit me hard. People basically stopped traveling overnight and, with that, my main source of income (my travel blog) basically vanished in a blink of an eye. 

But I know I'm still incredibly lucky because I know HOW to make a living remotely from a laptop. I'll be more than ok - I'll use the same tools we teach in the course to find a way to weather this and come out the other side stronger.

But I also know that so many other people don't know where to start when it comes to making a living remotely. And if you're currently struggling to find some sort of remote income, it probably also means you don't have a lot of extra cash lying around. 

Whatever way you choose to enroll, I'll be enormously happy just to have you in the course - and I genuinely hope that the lessons inside can help you improve your life for the better. 

Ok, with that preface, let's dive into talking about what The Travel Lifestyle Course is and why you should enroll in the course today: 

Want to live the life of location independence and online work but don't know how to get started?

​I've been there. ​I know what it's like to want ​the travel lifestyle soooo badly but to be simultaneously paralyzed by second-guessing, insecurity, and ​utter confusion over ​where to start.

Are you looking to make a location-independent income that gives you the freedom to live life the way YOU want to? 

Do you see other people working remotely from laptops and wish that could be you?

Do you wish you could take charge of your lifestyle and travel the world full time - but you just don’t know how?

Travel and Work Online

Believe me, I understand.

​It can be daunting to consider such a massive life decision.

​​And social media these days doesn't help matters, because it tends to present digital nomadism as this ridiculously ​easy ​lifestyle of ​working from a laptop on the beach.

And when something looks too good to be true, we rightfully tend to assume that it is (side note: the idea of being able to work from the beach is baloney. I've tried it. Sand, sun, and water don't play nice with laptops!).

You're also probably worrying about whether you'll be able​​​ to make ends meet on the road. 

​Or whether you'll end up ​lonely and miserable in some foreign country, with no sense of home.

Or whether you'll be perceived as a failure by your friends and family back home. 

I ​get it. 

All of those thoughts went through my head too.  

​I was living ​a perfectly respectable life as a corporate ​lawyer, doing everything just as I ​"should" have been. 

But I ​kept having this deep feeling of wanting more.

I wanted more control over my life.

​I needed for my time to truly be my own.

​And I wanted to follow my true passion: traveling the world.

So in 2016, after I finally got my student loans under control but without much of a plan, I​ took the leap and set out to travel the world.

Nate of the Travel Blog Travel Lemming

I had seen the news articles and Instagram posts about people who travel and work online, but I just kinda assumed that you had to have some sort of technical or programming skills for that to work.

So I did the only thing I could think of:

I started ​a travel blog.

​(continued next column...)

Digital Nomad Course

​On the road in Mexico

But I quickly learned that travel blogs take a long time to make real money (I would eventually get there, but it took years). ​So I ​explored many different ways to ​work while maintaining the freedom to travel:

​I started a software company.

I worked as a freelancer.

I did just about anything I could​.

​Through it all, I learned a lot (much of it the hard way).

But the two biggest ​lessons I learned ​are really important:

1) There are a LOT more ways to make a solid location-independent income online than I ever imagined. 


​​​2) It's totally ​possible to build ​meaningful friendships and to maintain a sense of "home" even while traveling full time. 

There's a lot packed into those two points, to be sure.

And all of it is something I really wish I knew ​three years ago.

It would have saved me so ​much time, money, and frustration chasing paths that weren't right for me.  

But the truth is that I don’t know what else I could have done. I mean, there really wasn’t much great information out there about how to actually go from the dream of “I want to work online and travel” to actually ​doing it successfully.

So in the end I really had two choices: quit or figure it out myself.

I thought about quitting. Really, I did. So. Many. Times.

But I pushed through.

And while it took years, I managed to figure out a system for successfully living the nomad life ​in a happy and sustainable way.

I've figured out not just the income part of it, but the part that's probably harder and more important: how to actually ​handle the many challenges - from the personal to the practical - of living life on the road​.

And so that’s why I decided to build this course: to give you the practical skills you need to transition to the travel lifestyle.

I’ve poured months of effort into building an honest and comprehensive roadmap for how to realistically turn that dream of traveling the world into a reality - without the hype, BS, or ​fluff (I'm allergic to hype, BS, and fluff).

And I​'m so incredibly excited to finally be able to share that practical knowledge with you ...

Introducing the Travel Lifestyle Course

53 hyper-practical video lessons covering every aspect of how to live a nomad life

If you wish you could become a digital nomad, but don't really know how to start, I've got you covered.  This course is designed to teach you exactly how to successfully transition to the travel lifestyle, step-by-step. Over the course of more than 50 lessons, my guest instructors and I cover all the practical information you need to know but were afraid to ask. From how to build meaningful friendships while abroad, to budgeting and planning, to the hard truth about making money online, this is your one-stop shop for planning your nomadic life! 

Enroll TODAY and get lifetime access

Here's What Our Students Say:

"I would buy it again without hesitation."

The course "has been very helpful to help me plan my future digital nomad life in a very concrete way. The course covers all the process [of becoming a nomad] and cuts it in simple pieces with concrete actions to make your dreams become real. All the explanations are very easy to follow (even for non-native English speakers like me). I particularly enjoyed all the files (e.g. Excel files to plan the budget) .... I would buy it again without hesitation as it is even better than expected!"

Aurélie V.  //  France

"The Travel Lifestyle Course took that dream and gave us the tools to make it a reality."

"My husband and I have dreamed of traveling with our children for over a decade. The Travel Lifestyle Course took that dream and gave us the tools to make it a reality. I have no doubt we'd still be dreaming, instead of preparing, if we hadn't invested in it. This is a practical course offering an in depth look at living the life of a digital nomad, as well as how to get there."

        KIM  //  USA

An Actionable and Practical Framework for Planning Your Life of Remote Work and Travel

I'll walk you through the entire process of how to plan for and convert your life to the travel lifestyle - without regretting it down the road! You can expect practical, no-nonsense lessons, filled with candid and realistic advice and lots of actionable tips.

​Honest Guidance ​About What to Expect from Nomadic Life

​There is a lot of hype on the internet about the nomad lifestyle. And ​that fluffed-up advice can lead people to make really bad life decisions. I'll square with you about what to honestly expect​, what you actually need to ​do to prepare yourself, and whether the travel lifestyle is even right for you in the first place (spoiler alert: it's not for everyone).

Actionable Information About How to Earn Money Online

​I've brought in real-life digital nomads to help walk you through a wide variety of online-friendly ​skills to help you earn money online. And I'll teach you how to pair those ​new skills with your existing experience to develop a location-independent income source that fits ​YOU, your talents, and your goals.

​Step-by-Step ​Lessons ​for How to ​Live Happily on the Road 

​Here's some real talk: just about everything about nomad life is different ​from what you're used to back home. Many of those differences are awesome, but others bring challenges. From building friendships, to creating a sense of home, to dealing with everyday admin issues, the ​hurdles of nomad life are real.​ But you CAN conquer them - and I'll show you how. Step. By. Step.  

​A Course Laser-Focused on YOUR Goals 

Too many course instructors just send their students down the instructor's exact life and career path. But the best path for YOU probably isn't the same as mine. I know that and that's why I've built a course centered around one thing: helping you achieve YOUR dreams. And to back that up I offer a 30-day money back guarantee (so you can try the course out and decide if it's right for you).

​Learn ​Online-Friendly Skills from ​REAL-Life Digital Nomads

​I didn't want to build a course that ​only focused on ​MY path to the travel lifestyle. Because my path might not be the exact best ​path for ​you (actually, I'm almost 100% sure it isn't)! So that's why I brought in real-life digital nomads to give you their practical perspectives on different actionable skills you can use ​in your nomadic life.  

​Lozzy Squire & Andy Quarmby

​Brand Consulting Superstars

​​Andy & Lozzy began their careers in brand strategy consulting at a London-based consultancy. Craving adventure, they initially planned to travel South America for 6 months using savings. ​That morphed into​ setting up their own business to freelance on the road. Now, having traveled for 20 months, they continue to build their business, adding new clients and strengthening relationships.

Neil Reeve-Newson

Search Engine Advertising Wizard

​Following the footsteps of influencers like Tim Ferriss, Neil took the leap into running a full-time location-independent business in 2013 after working for one of Canada's biggest agencies. Since then, he’s established a successful Google Advertising and continues living life to the fullest around the world in places like Mexico​ and Vietnam.

​Linda Roser

​Travel Consultant & Virtual Assistant

Linda was born and raised in Germany and went on to graduate from the University of South Florida with a degree in International Business. She is now living fully nomadic working remotely as a Virtual Assistant & Travel Consultant while pursuing her passion of travel/wildlife photography and film making.

​Iris Permuy

​Translation ​Pro

​Iris has been a marketing, tourism and gastronomy translator and content writer for 8 years, plus an audiovisual translator, subtitler and audio describer for 5 years. Her clients include important sport brands, airlines, hotels and TV platforms and broadcasters. She is also about to finish her PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies. She has been location independent since before finishing her studies and travels the world full-time.

​Andres Moretti

​Facebook Ads ​Specialist

​Andres is a digital marketer from the United States specializing in Facebook ads for dentists, nightclubs, and other local businesses.​ ​Among other places on his digital nomad journey, he's lived and worked in Budapest, Playa del Carmen, and Barcelona. ​Andres loves to travel our beautiful planet exploring new places while ​growing his business.

​Nathan Aguilera

​Freelance Writing ​Virtuoso

​Nathan is a food writer and blogger who has written for ​renowned publications ​including Eater.com, International Living, Great Escape Publishing, Matador, Travioor, Spice, and Writers Weekly. ​Five years ago he sold everything he owned and set out for a​n adventure that has so far ​seen him ​eat his way across more than ​60 countries ​and 5 continents.

​Chelsea Evans

​Online English ​Teaching ​Expert

​Chelsea is an English teacher from Georgia, and has spent the last few years traveling all over the world while teaching English online. She has been able to work from the Mexican Caribbean, from the heart of the jungle in Thailand and even while living in a van around the coast of Australia. ​Chelsea has found online teaching to be a fun and rewarding way to make a living as a digital nomad.

​​A Look Inside the Travel Lifestyle Course

There's a lot to unpack in this course, so here's a breakdown of the 6 main subjects we'll cover in over 50 video lessons jam-packed with actionable advice and practical tools:


Module 1: What to Expect & If Nomad Life is Right for You (5 Lessons)

​I know you want to travel and work online, but that doesn't mean taking the big leap is the right thing for you. I'll give you candid insider advice on what to expect, including the good AND bad ​aspects of life as a digital nomad, so that you can confidently make the right decision for your life.


Module 2: How to Plan for a Life of Travel (12 Lessons)

​​You need to prepare before you buy that one-way ticket to the other side of the world. I'll cover the super practical details you should be thinking about, like how much you should save, how to budget, how to minimize your life, the best places to start digital nomad life, and how to put yourself in the best mindset to succeed abroad.


Module 3: Crafting a Career That Gives You Freedom (6 Lessons)

​I'll do a deep dive into the three types of digital nomad careers: traditional remote work, freelance work, and entrepreneurship. I'll walk through the pros and cons of each, and teach you my proprietary Skill Pivot Method for learning how to leverage your existing skill-sets ​into a location independent income.


Module 4: Practical Skills to Work Remotely (19 Lessons)

Hear from real-life digital nomads who will give you actionable and practical advice on specific skills that you can learn to level-up your ability to make an income online - plus advice on what not to do. You may be surprised by the variety of skills that can lead to an online income. And, no, you don't need to learn how to program or write code!


Module 5: Where to Find Location-Independent Work (5 Lessons)

I will walk you through the specific steps you need to take to find a remote job, to sign freelance clients, or to get started building your own business from scratch. I'll also cover common mistakes beginner digital nomads make and how you can avoid them.


Module 6: Living Your Best Life on the Road (8 Lessons)

​From dealing with annoyingly administrative details like ​insurance and mail, to finding communities and building friendships, to staying healthy while on the road, I'll walk you through all those practical questions you've been vexed by. Plus, we'll also cover how to plan for the long-term (whether that's on the road or life after the Travel Lifestyle).

About ​Your Instructor,
(​Nate Hake)

​​An American from Denver, Colorado, Nate graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Communications​ and then later with a J.D. from Yale Law School. He went on to work at one of the top litigation firms in the USA as a trial lawyer. After paying down his student loans (well, some of them!), Nate left his career in 2016 to travel the world.

​In the past three years he has visited almost 50 countries across 6 continents. It's not all been rosy (he's been burglarized twice, contracted dengue fever, and ​was once trapped by protestors in the Bolivian desert), but Nate wouldn't trade his experiences for the world. 

​In his new life as a digital nomad, Nate ​created ​the popular online travel blog TravelLemming.com, which focuses on emerging travel destinations around the world​. He also helped ​found a software start-up that provides inventory management solutions to the world's museums. Nate has been featured as an authority on travel in publications like Lonely Planet, US News, Mic, Reader's Digest, and more. ​Oh, and one time he was even in The New York Times​, but that's just because he complained like a typical whiny American about not having a fan in his Berlin hotel room (true story!). 

​​A recovering workaholic, Nate has found his passion in traveling the world and helping others ​​discover incredible experiences they might not have known about.  

Nate Hake in Chiang Mai
Nate Hake, travel lifestyle instructor

​Here's what other people who've learned from Nate have to say about him:

​From aspiring travel bloggers to others looking to shift to a nomadic lifestyle, ​hear what others have to say about what it's like ​learning from Nate:

Cairo Dey

​"An encyclopedia of information"

​“It is my pleasure to recommend ​Nate Hake to anyone seeking information about a digital lifestyle. He is absolutely an encyclopedia of information. I knew some things but he took my knowledge base to an entirely new level. I was so consumed with the amount of research that he gives. His conversation and training is tip top but the resources are way beyond my expectations."

Aarielle Simmons​

​"Nate is exceptional

​“I was clueless on where to begin with an idea I had based on my passion for travel! ​[Nate] made the effort to schedule a time to talk with me on his busy traveling schedule to get my scattered idea more solidified! I’m elated that I got the opportunity to talk with him and now I’m officially doing what I love; traveling and blogging! Nate is exceptional!”

Xavier Santiago

​"I highly recommend his mentorship"

​"I have been traveling for some years and decided to ​start a blog to share my adventures. I had no idea how to start a travel blog or any experience in webpage design at all. ​ Nate was able to answer my questions and share his experience as a successful travel blogger. I highly recommend his mentorship services to all aspiring travel bloggers."

​30 Day Money-Back ​Guarantee - No Questions Asked

​If I can't deliver you honest and actionable advice that makes a positive difference in your life, I don't want your money.

It's really that simple.

So if you're on the fence about whether to enroll, know this: I offer an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee to all my students. If you buy the course and want a refund it's as simple as sending an email asking for one within 30 days. No reason needed. ​Really.

 The travel lifestyle 

​The step-by-step guide to traveling and working online


297 $49 

  • No recurring charges
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee
  • Immediate Access to all Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

​How long do I have access to the course?​

​Do I have to know how to program or code to travel and work online?

​How long does the course ​take?

​When does the course start?

​What's ​the format of the course? 

​What if I don't like the course? 

​I'm already a digital nomad. Is this course for me?

​I'm not quite ready to start traveling but am thinking about it. Is this course for me?

​I'm not from the USA. Is this course still for me?

​I have another question not covered here. How can I get an answer?

​One final personal note

​I've poured my heart and soul into building this course, and I truly hope it shows. 

I've really been laser-focused on creating something that genuinely helps people make good decisions in their lives and that focuses on honest, ​realistic, and actionable info. I know this ​candid approach may cost me some sales versus over-hyping the travel lifestyle into something that it's just frankly not.

But I'm 100% ok with that.

Because my goal ​truly is to help you​, and I can't do that if I'm not presenting you with the complete and honest picture of ​the travel lifestyle.

I hope you can appreciate that. And I really hope to see you in class!

Signature of Nate

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