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Georgia Travel Insurance (5 Best Sites to Compare for 2023)

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Georgia Travel Insurance
Me in the mountains of Georgia

Planning a trip to the country of Georgia and unsure of whether you need travel insurance for Georgia (and where to find it)?

Well, fear not because I’m here to help!

I’m Nate Hake – a travel blogger, recovering attorney, and digital nomad who has visited Georgia multiple times – I even lived in Georgia for an entire summer.

In this guide, I’ll show 5 sites where you can find the best Georgia travel insurance. We’ll go over the requirements for Georgia (travel insurance is not currently required by Georgia), and cover some safety information. You can click the below links to jump around the article:

Disclaimers: We are not insurance brokers. This post is for informational purposes only and is not insurance advice. Links on this page are affiliate links. Using them supports this independent blog with a small commission. See our Advertising Policy for further explanation. Thank you!

Best Sites for Georgia Travel Insurance Quotes

Just looking for the best sites to search for Georgia travel insurance? We’ll cover 5 sites in detail. But, first, here is a quick rundown of my top 3 choices:

⭐ My #1 Choice
Comparison Site
For Digital Nomads

A search engine that fetches quotes from hundreds of companies. Great for comparison shoppers who want to really dig into details!


Can pull quotes for either travel medical insurance or trip insurance. Great if you only need one type of cover!


Affordable medical cover targeted at digital nomads who want recurring subscription-style coverage.

  • Compares hundreds of insurers in one click
  • Easy to see customer reviews
  • Filters to search for CFAR & Covid-19 coverages
  • Super easy to customize
  • Often finds cheapest policies
  • Cheap monthly travel medical insurance for digital nomads
  • Choices may be overwhelming
  • Not full travel insurance (only medical)
⭐ My #1 Choice

A search engine that fetches quotes from hundreds of companies. Great for comparison shoppers who want to really dig into details!

  • Compares hundreds of insurers in one click
  • Easy to see customer reviews
  • Filters to search for CFAR & Covid-19 coverages
Comparison Site

Can pull quotes for either travel medical insurance or trip insurance. Great if you only need one type of cover!

  • Super easy to customize
  • Often finds cheapest policies
  • Choices may be overwhelming
For Digital Nomads

Affordable medical cover targeted at digital nomads who want recurring subscription-style coverage.

  • Cheap monthly travel medical insurance for digital nomads
  • Not full travel insurance (only medical)

That’s a quick summary of the 3 best places to find a travel insurance plan for Georgia. Next, let’s do a deep dive into why I selected those three, plus a few alternatives: (#1 Overall)

#1 Comparison Site

This fantastic search engine fetches quotes from hundreds of insurance companies in just one minute. The intuitive interface is perfect for comparing policies & quotes.

  • Compares hundreds of insurers in one click
  • Easy to see customer reviews
  • Filters to search for CFAR & Covid-19 coverages
Get Quotes is a really user-friendly site that allows you to quickly compare quotes from dozens (or even hundreds) of travel insurance companies at once. Just tell it a few details about your trip (your destination, the cost of your trip, and your age), and in seconds it’ll retrieve a bunch of quotes.

To test it out, I pulled a quote for a sample trip for 1 person to Georgia for a month:

Sample travel insurance quote for Georgia from
Screenshot of the quote I pulled

Of course, you should expect your quote to vary based on the cost and length of your trip, your age, and other factors. But I hope it gives you a good idea of the information you’ll find on the site.

I really like that the site clearly displays the following topline coverage information for each policy:

  • Trip Cancellation limits
  • Trip Interruption limits
  • Medication Evacuation limits
  • Baggage Loss limits
  • Flight Accident limits
  • Accidental Death limits

You can also check a box to compare two quotes against each other. Or use the filters on the left-hand menu to narrow your search to specific types of coverage. They have filters for Covid-19 medical coverage, Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage, Pre-Existing Exclusion Waiver, and a number of other popular categories that might be helpful for your Georgia trip.

Overall, is a fantastic site and the first place I will personally go to compare policies for my next trip to Georgia.

VisitorsCoverage (Insurance Comparison Site)

Comparison Site

I love that VisitorsCoverage lets you compare quotes for either travel medical insurance or trip insurance. They are different things, so it's great if you only want one!

  • Super easy to customize your coverage
  • Quotes tend to be cheaper
  • So many options & choices may be overwhelming
Get Quotes

VisitorsCoverage is another user-friendly travel insurance comparison site. The main difference is they give you the option to pull quotes for either Visitors & Travel Medical Insurance (for medical and travel emergencies) or Trip Insurance (for flight cancellations, CFAR, etc):

Screenshot of VisitorsCoverage homepage, showing choices for types of coverage you can compare
When you go to VisitorsCoverage, you’ll be presented with these two options (and a quick explainer)

To test it out, I pulled a quote using the same information for a trip to Georgia. Here is what it looked like:

Screenshot of a travel insurance quote for a Georgia trip on VisitorsCoverage website

As you can see, in my test the quote came out a little bit more expensive. But, if I only searched for medical insurance, it would have been cheaper.

Although VisitorsCoverage doesn’t offer as robust a feature set as, it does have several filters, including for CFAR and Covid-19 benefits. You can also compare policies against each other or expand the “show details” section to dive into deeper details (one reason I prefer is this information is shown upfront).

VisitorsCoverage is also very proud of their 4.8 out of 5 customer reviews on Trustpilot, which I have admit is pretty impressive for a travel insurance company.

Overall, it’s another excellent comparison site and I usually run searches on both VisitorsCoverage and to compare against each other.

Genki (Digital Nomad Health Insurance)

For Digital Nomads

Genki provides extremely affordable medical cover for longer stays. It's really targeted at digital nomads who want health cover as a recurring subscription.

  • Affordable monthly medical coverage
  • Simple claims process
  • Only medical - not full travel insurance (no gear, theft, or trip delay coverages)
Get Quotes

Georgia is now a digital nomad hotspot. If you’re planning to visit Georgia as a remote worker, this next option is one you may be excited to learn about.

Genki is a bit different. Genki is a health insurance company that focuses on providing coverage for medical expenses for digital nomads and long-term travelers. I personally started using Genki recently for my health insurance, and I really like it so far.

Genki works on a monthly subscription basis (just like regular health insurance). One of its main advantages is the relatively affordable cost of coverage, which starts at under $40 USD per month.

The primary downside of Genki is that it is unambiguously not comprehensive travel insurance. They simply don’t sell things like trip interruption, trip delay, or trip cancellation coverages.

But for digital nomads who primarily care about medical insurance, or for anyone who plans to find full travel insurance cover elsewhere, Genki is a gamechanger.

Insure My Trip (Comparison Site for Seniors)

Best for Seniors 70+
Insure My Trip

This is the site that seems to return the most quotes for customers who can't find one elsewhere due to age or pre-existing conditions.

  • Usually finds quotes for seniors even when other sites won't offer anything past a certain age
  • Also finds quotes for pre-existing conditions
  • No clearly displayed info about Covid coverages
  • Clunky user experience
Get Quotes

Insure My Trip is another site where you can compare travel insurance for Georgia. In my tests, the site took almost a full minute to return quotes, which isn’t a big deal and was significantly slower than the above sites. Here is the quote I got:

A screenshot of a travel insurance quote for Georgia from Insure My Trip
The site doesn’t have quite as much detail at first glance

Here are the pros of Insure My Trip: it has decent filters and a compare feature. And I like the clearly visible customer reviews. There’s also a handy button to email the quotes to yourself. And, in my tests, it tends to return more results for seniors and pre-existing condition waivers.

But, in terms of cons, it really lacks in how it presents coverage limits for trip cancellation, trip delay, and other coverages. Unlike, you have to individually dig into each policy to get that information.

Aardy (Comparison Site)

The final comparison site I’ll mention is Aardy, though it is not my favorite. Unlike the others on the list, the site requires handing over your email address to get a quote. And, while I appreciate that Aardy does provide a lot of detail to compare, I’m not a huge fan of this interface:

A screenshot of a travel insurance quote for a trip to Georgia on Aardy
Aardy provides lots of detail

As you can, Aardy is recommending a relatively expensive policy, but it does provide cheaper insurance options too. And there are features to compare plans against each other.

Georgia Travel Insurance Requirements

For most travelers on a tourist visa, Georgia does not require proof of travel insurance to enter the country. Travel insurance has at times been required as a condition of application for certain other visas in the recent past, though, so travelers should check the terms of their specific visa applications carefully.

Assuming you are visiting Georgia as a tourist, that means that whether you should buy travel insurance for Georgia is ultimately a personal risk tolerance choice. For reasons I’ll explain in this post, I personally decided to buy travel insurance for both of my trips to Georgia and will continue to do so.

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Is it Safe to Travel to Georgia?

Many potential travelers to Georgia get put off because they wonder: is it safe to travel to Georgia?

In general, Georgia is a safe country for international travelers, and the most common risks involved in travel to Georgia are petty theft, automobile accidents, and issues related to covid-19. Most travelers to Georgia will visit without any incident, and in general travel safety is on par with most European countries.

With that said, there are a few safety risks you should be aware of, starting with the Russian occupation of Georgia.

Political Stability and Russia’s Occupation

Map of Georgia with Disputed Territories Highlighted
A map of Georgia with the occupied territories highlighted

Some of you may be thinking, “ok, sure, but what about the war with Russia? Isn’t Georgia an occupied country?”

And, yes, it is true that in 2008, Russia invaded Georgia in a brief conflict that lasted for less than a month before returning to a stalemate. To this day, Russia occupies two parts of Georgia: South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

(Side note: I actually managed to travel to Abkhazia in 2017, and it was one of the most surreal travel experiences I’ve ever had. You can read my Abkhazia travel diary if you’re interested in my experience there.)

So, yes, Georgia is an occupied country.

Despite that, the truth is that Georgia today is stable and safe for travelers.

Now, you may also be wondering if Russia will invade Georgia again. As Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine shows, it’s certainly not impossible. Indeed, some analysts do think Georgia is a possible next target for Putin. So I definitely wouldn’t totally rule it out.

But the occupation lines in Georgia have been stable for over a decade. And, thanks to the bravery of Ukraine’s defenders, Russia is stretched thin at the moment and actually had to re-deploy a bunch of its troops in Georgia to Ukraine [Source].

Personally, I would feel safe returning to Georgia in 2023 (and, in fact, I plan to!). I have always felt very safe in Georgia. Years ago, I originally drafted this article from my apartment in Tbilisi several years ago, and I can tell you that I felt safer in Georgia than in 90% of the destinations I travel around the planet.

Still, it’s always a good idea to check out the latest international travel advisories for Georgia (I always check the US State Department’s advisories, as well as the United Kingdom’s official advice).

Crime and Other Risks in Georgia

From a crime or violence perspective, the most common risks involved in travel to Georgia are the same sort of risks you face anywhere: petty theft and maybe the occasional scam (not really a big problem here, to be honest though, as the Georgian people are generally lovely).

Travel Insurance for Georgia - Flag against Mountains
The most dangerous thing about Georgia are these views 🙂

There are definitely some insurable risks involved in traveling to Georgia though:

First, the roads in Georgia, particularly in the mountains, can be very treacherous. I wager that a vehicle accident is by far your biggest risk here, and so travel medical insurance (and rental car insurance) can come in handy if you’re covered.

Second, if you’re planning to hike or ski in Georgia’s mountainous regions (and, really you should – because they are gorgeous), you run all the risks that come with being in remote regions of nature: landslides, floods, avalanches, and other incidents that might require medical evacuation. Again, something where travel medical insurance can help in case of a covered loss.

Ultimately, these are the reasons I personally chose to buy travel insurance for Georgia. But you’ll have to make your own decision about the risks vs cost of insurance.

So with that in mind, let’s explore why I personally have always opted to get insurance for my trips to the country of Georgia:

Why I Get Travel Insurance for Georgia

View of Kutaisi from a Drone
Just putting this drone photo of Kutaisi here because I’m proud of it and it’s awesome – and you’re probably tired of hearing me drone on about insurance (see what I did there?)

Travel insurance policies tend to cover a variety of different risks, and what is covered varies greatly from policy to policy. Therefore, it is crucial to do your own research when comparing travel insurance.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most common types of travel insurance coverage and how I personally approach them when comparing policies:

  • ✈️ Trip Cancellation and Interruption Coverage – Note that trip cancellation coverage often only covers you if you have to cancel for a limited number of reasons such as a natural disaster, so you’ll want to check closely if the trip cancellation benefits in the policy you’re looking at match up to the risks you are concerned about (e.g., political or covid-19-related risks).
  • ⚱️ Accidental Death and Repatriation of Remains – It would be a total, complete, and utter bummer to die. But what makes that thought even worse is realizing that it can cost a down payment on a house to repatriate remains from Georgia to the United States (my home country). That can become a huge burden for many families, especially in a time of grief. Many policies provide some sort of repatriation of remains coverage to assist in such situations.
  • 🚗 Car Rental Insurance – I’d definitely want some sort of coverage if I planned to rent a car in Georgia. I don’t drive in Georgia though and, even if I did rent, my credit card has insurance that would cover me. But I wouldn’t dare drive in Georgia without making sure I had insurance covered first.
  • 🧳 Lost or Delayed Baggage – Honestly, airlines only very rarely lose bags (never once happened to me in hundreds of flights). And, when they do, they tend to pay out funds directly to passengers anyway. So, personally, this isn’t the most important insurance to me.
  • ⚕️ Emergency Medical Health Insurance – Medical expenses add up quickly, so emergency medical health insurance is something that matters to me a lot. Many tourists end up in the hospital while on vacation every year, and often their health insurance from home doesn’t cover them. So I pay a LOT of attention to this when shopping travel insurance policies.
  • 🚁 Medical Evacuation – I like to get off the beaten path and deep in nature in places like Abkhazia and Svaneti. So I really care about this, as I want to make sure I’m not bankrupted if I have to be evacuated in a helicopter off of some mountain top after breaking my leg while hiking. At least for me, medical evacuation is something that medical insurance back home typically doesn’t cover.

For me, personally, I focus on the health insurance and medical coverages when comparing policies because those are the risks that I take most seriously. But you should do your own research.

Ready to compare travel insurance policies for Georgia? Head on over to the comparison tool.

FAQ: Travel Insurance & Georgia

Do I need travel insurance for Georgia?

Georgia does not require travel insurance as a condition of entry for tourists to the country. There are nevertheless good reasons many travelers get insurance. To compare policies, see our list of the best sites to search.

What is the average cost of travel insurance for a trip to Georgia?

Based upon my test quotes comparing these 5 insurance sites, the average travel insurance cost for a 36 year old from the USA to take a one month trip to Georgia is between $100 and $250 USD. However, the cost of Georgia travel insurance will vary depending upon a number of factors, including age, length of trip, pre-existing medical conditions, country of origin, and other factors.


Ultimately the choice of whether you want to buy travel insurance for your international travel to Georgia is a personal one, and you are responsible for doing your own research and reading the terms and conditions closely. I’ve bought it both times I’ve traveled to Georgia, mostly for the travel medical insurance and evacuation coverages.

Have a question not covered in this Georgia travel insurance guide? Scroll down and leave a comment!

Oh, since you’re here and you’re going to Georgia, you should really check out all our Georgia travel guides. I put a ton of time into preparing these guides, and I hope you love them! Enjoy your trip to Georgia!


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  1. One more consideration when making the decision: will the airline refuse to let me check in and make me buy a year of travel insurance on the spot? Happened to me a couple years ago flying with Gulf Air.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Did that happen flying into Georgia? I’ve never heard of Georgia asking for proof of travel insurance on the spot, but would be curious to hear your experience. In any event, it certainly worth having cover anyway.


  2. Hi Nate, thank you for the great useful info. In regards to travel insurance, you wrote: “For most travelers on a tourist visa, Georgia does not require proof of travel insurance to enter the country.”

    I was curious about this because I am a US citizen and this site specifies that I don’t need a VISA for Georgia. Did you apply for a VISA for your trips to Georgia?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Roel, whether or not you need a visa for Georgia depends on your passport. For me, as a US citizen, there was no visa required to visit as a tourist. Hope that helps and enjoy Georgia!

  3. Dear Nate,

    Thank you for your extremely useful advices! I am writing a little bit out of topic: we are about to leave for Georgia for a ski mountaineering trip. Given your experience with Georgia, do you think that there would be any safety concerns with the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    Thank you a lot for your advices!



    1. I have many friends still in Tbilisi (locals and expats). In general, they are very concerned about what is happening in Ukraine and what it means for the medium to long term security of Georgia. Many seem to also feel that in the short term Russia is busy with one war and would be unlikely to start another and split its resources. Personally, I would feel ok going to Georgia right now, but for a less risk-tolerant traveler, it may be unwise. The bottom line is that for the foreseeable future it is not without risk and I would monitor the news closely if I did go.

  4. Hey Nate! We tried to book insurance via World Nomads and they say they are not providing insurance for Georgia currently. Any other recommendations that don’t break the bank? TIA.

    1. Oh, that’s interesting. I just checked, and World Nomads is still offering quotes to US residents. But World Nomads has different offerings based on your country of residence, so it may be they just aren’t selling to your country.

      In any event, I really like for comparing a lot of policies at once. It’s just a portal that searches many different insurance companies, so hopefully it will offer some options that make sense for your trip. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your trip to Georgia!

  5. Hello .. Is travel insurance are still required to travel to Georgia? I’m from Denmark and planning to go on the last week of October this year.

  6. Hey Nate,
    I have 2 question in case if you could help me.
    1. I have got my UAE resident 3 months back I hope then I don’t need to have a Georgia Visa (confused because in some blogs its written that it should be 6 months old).
    2. Do need to have a travel insurance I have UAE resident visa and i am planning to travel to Georgia for 4 days April.

    1. Hi Shivangi,

      Did you able to get the details as I also have concerns, planning to travel to Tblisi from UAE?

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