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47 Travel Gifts for Women (Unique & Best Ideas for Her)

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If you’re wondering what makes a good travel gift idea for that airport-loving girl these holidays, you’re not alone. As a frequent traveler and travel writer myself, I know how hard it can be to think of fun travel gifts for women who love to explore.

To help you out, I’ve prepared an extensive gift guide with great ideas for travel gifts your favorite travel girl will surely love!

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Best Travel Gifts for Women

Travel Inspired Jewelry

Travel jewelry is a nice detail to inspire wanderlust, and one of the most obvious travel gifts for her. This delicate Efytal compass necklace material is 925 Sterling Silver, to accompany that special someone during many trips without turning dark or peeling off.

Toiletry Bag

Our Pick
BAGSMART Hanging Travel Toiletry Bags

Keeping toiletries organized won’t be a challenge anymore with this genius Bagsmart Toiletry bag you can unfold and hang anywhere you’re staying.

Toiletries are an essential part of traveling, but it’s a hassle to keep them organized. That’s why this Bagsmart toiletry bag is a life savior. It comes with multiple pockets that can hold a great number of things, but it is still compact and lightweight enough to carry around. The best of all is you can open it completely and hang it in your hotel room.

Travel Experience Gift Card

If you’re looking for a unique gift for that traveling woman, give her Tinggly’s Perfect for Her gift card. This card makes one of the best travel gifts because it allows her to pick what she wants to use it for, whether it is in a pampering spa section or any other of the 1,495 travel experiences available. 

Scratch-Off World Map

Our Pick
Lafefo Scratch Off Map

Showcase your travel experiences in your home or office with this stunning scratch-off world map. This one gets made in laminated paper so your map stays in one piece even after scratching it.

Scratch-off maps are something she’ll love for sure! This Lafefo Scratch Off Map makes a beautiful home accessory and a great conversation starter. It’s made of durable material and it includes a bonus scratch map of the United States.

Mini Cork Globe

Our Pick
SUCK UK Cork Globe

Globes are classic gifts for travel lovers. She’ll love pinning destinations and travel memories in this petite globe made of cork and stainless steel. 

A globe is something that can’t be missing from the home office of a traveling woman! She can customize the SUCK UK cork globe with pins and notes about her past traveling adventures.

World Wall Map

Our Pick
Wood 3D World Map Wall Art

Display a world map in your living room and customize it with your trips, favorite landmarks, pins, and flags. 

One of the best travel gifts for women is wall maps since they decorate the house and help them remember past trips. The Enjoy the Wood 3D world map gets crafted with wood you can customize to fit your home color palette, plus it comes with extra pins to mark landmarks, destinations, and flags.

Superwoman Gift Card for Travel Experiences

A creative gift is hard to come by, but this Superwoman gift card will become one of your travel lady’s favorite gifts. This gift card includes hundreds of traveling experiences she can choose from to redeem her gift, like a Safari or a surfing lesson. There are so many experiences to choose from, and it’s definitely one of the best travel gifts for her in terms of creativity. They say experiences are better than things after all!

Luggage Tags

Our Pick
Fintie Luggage Tags

Identify your luggage quickly with these colorful luggage tags. Travel Lemming loves these ones for the metal loop lock that keeps them from ripping off during your trip.

Luggage tags are a great gift idea for the ladies! They come in all kinds of shapes and colors to personalize and identify your luggage. The Fintie luggage tags are particularly great for their metal loop lock that keeps the luggage tag in place. They also come with a magnetic flip that protects your information.

Jewelry Case

Our Pick
BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Organizer

The Bagsmart travel jewelry organizer is a favorite for its slim design that holds everything from necklaces to rings without taking space in your suitcase.

One of the practical gifts for women is a jewelry organizer to prevent necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled or lost. The Bagsmart travel jewelry organizer offers a slim design, with pockets and detachable parts so you can choose your jewelry easily.

Travel Journal

Our Pick
Refillable Handmade Travelers Notebook

Writing down your adventures is always an important part of traveling. This real leather journal is compact and is refillable for when you run out of pages.

If you’re looking for simple and easy-to-find travel gifts, then travel journals make the best gifts. This handmade journal gets made with true leather and acid-free paper. The paper is also refillable and it features plastic compartments for keepsakes.

Passport Holder

Our Pick
Dayna Lee Passport Holder

Make a statement with this cute passport holder gift set that also includes a luggage tag.

Passport holders are a great gift for female travelers and they’re cheap too. This Dayna Lee passport holder is light and has a cute design. It also comes with a matching luggage tag.

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Language Learning Subscription

Our Pick
Rosetta Stone Learn Unlimited Languages

Gift your favorite traveling woman the chance to communicate with the locals everywhere she travels to. This lifetime language learning subscription will be something she’ll definitely use.

A traveler that loves communicating with the locals is someone that is always looking for a way to learn new words. 

Rosetta Stone is one of the best ways for travelers to learn languages in a short amount of time. With this subscription card, you can gift your traveler easy access to 24 different language courses including Spanish, Korean, German, and Mandarin.

Travel Gifts For Women Under $50

Travel Throw Pillows

Our Pick
Ramirar World Map Pillow

Made 100% of cotton and linen, this throw pillow linen makes the perfect gift to decor a travelers bed or sofa.

A traveler can never have enough maps around the house! The bed isn’t an exception. The Ramirar world map pillow linen is both beautiful and comfortable to hug, made 100% of linen and cotton.

Travel Themed Phone Case

Our Pick
JAGA Boarding Pass Case

Feed your wanderlust while looking at this travel-themed phone cover made of heavy-duty material to protect your phone.

Girls can never have too many travel-themed accessories! So, one of the best travel gift ideas for her is travel-themed phone cases. This JAGA anti-scratch shockproof phone case imitates a boarding pass so you feel like you’re about to travel every time you look at it.

Waterproof Phone Case

Our Pick
Case-Mate Pelican Floating Pouch

Your phone isn’t waterproof? No problem! This waterproof case will keep it dry and working up to 3 feet underwater.

Not all travel gifts for women have to be pricey. This Pelican waterproof phone case is one of the best cheap and practical gifts you can give a lady! The material not only will protect your phone in the water but will allow you to take pictures too.

Adult Coloring Book

Our Pick
Lonely Planet Adult Coloring Book

Get inspired to visit new places with this adult coloring book that features coloring images of the 100 top places in the world. 

Adult coloring books help to relieve stress, but this Lonely Planet adult coloring book will also feed your wanderlust with beautiful images to color from popular destinations around the world. 

Portable Steamer

Our Pick
Hilife Steamer for Clothes

Fold them, roll them, or just throw them in your suitcase… Regardless of how you pack your clothes, this steamer will make them look as if they were dry-cleaned.

For that friend that is always out on business trips and social gatherings, keeping her clothes neat-looking is a must. Portable steamers are a quick and easy solution on the road, so you don’t have to worry about finding a clothes iron in your apartment rental. 

The Hilife Steamer is compact and has a large water capacity that can keep the steam going for 15 minutes.


Our Pick
KECUCO Velvet Scrunchies

These scrunchies are a favorite for their double functions as a hair accessory and a safe, with their secret pocket!

Scrunchies are already a necessary thing for every traveling woman, but what if they could do more than tie your hair? The Keuco velvet scrunchies are a great gift for women. They come with a secret pocket and a zipper so you can hide money and small important items on the go. 

Bucket List Journal

Our Pick
Letterfolk Bucket List Journal

Keep track of your adventures and get inspired with this slim and portable bucket list journal. It offers space for notes, pictures, and guide questions.

A bucket list journal is a great gift for an adventure lover because it both inspires new ideas and records past experiences. They come in all sizes but this Letterfolk bucket list journal is the perfect gift to take with you on during your trip. 

Bottle Opener 

Our Pick
ATP Airplane Bottle Opener

This lovely and cute stainless steel airplane bottle opener will be the highlight of your party.

Sometimes the most simple details make the greatest gifts. This antique airplane bottle opener is made of stainless steel and is a fun way to open your favorite drink.

Essential Travel Gifts for Girls

Travel Backpack

Our Pick
Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack

Backpack freely with the Osprey Porter 46, a TSA-approved backpack with smart designed zippers and compartments that allow you to access everything easily.

One of the most important travel tips for backpackers is to pick an adequate travel bag. Travel Lemming loves the Osprey Porter 46 travel backpack, because of its travel-friendly smart design that helps you to access everything easily while keeping organization. Read our full Osprey backpack review here.

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Travel Hairdryer

Our Pick
Dan Technology 1200w Travel Hair Dryer

Keep your hair looking wonderful while you travel with this portable blower that includes a button to switch between voltages, so you can use it safely in more than one country.

Not all hotels and rental apartments include a hairdryer. This is why a travel hairdryer is one of the best gifts for your traveling gal! The Dan Technology travel hairdryer brings its own electricity adapter and it features a voltage switch so you can change the voltage when you need to.

Inflatable Pillow

Our Pick
JefDiee Travel Pillow

Sleep in a correct and comfortable position during long flights with this inflatable travel pillow designed to rest your head and neck forward.

Travel pillows are great gifts for traveling women, but not all of them provide support to your neck. This JefDiee Travel Pillow sports a unique 45° angle that supports your neck naturally while you lean forward. The best is that it’s portable and you can put it back into your luggage after you’re done with it.

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Hand Warmer

Our Pick
BESKAR Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Stay warm while hiking during winter or exploring a new city with this rechargeable hand warmer you can carry in your pocket.

The cold arrives with the holiday season and the struggle to stay warm while you travel is real. This rechargeable hand warmer is one of the most thoughtful gifts for outdoorsy women. The Beksar hand warmer heats up to 95°F in about 3 seconds and can work up to 12 hours on one single charge.

Travel Blanket

Our Pick
EverSnug Travel Blanket & Pillow

This 2-1 blanket doubles as a pillow in case you don’t get cold during your flight but you still want to get a nap.

Anything that helps with making a flight more comfortable makes a great travel gift. This 2-1 blanket is soft, with microplush fabric and it can keep warm up to two people. It also doubles as a pillow and has a belt to attach it to your suitcase.

Makeup Remover Wipes

Our Pick
Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Cleansing Towelette

Ditch the micellar water if you’re traveling with a carry-on and opt for these make-up remover towelettes that won’t trigger any TSA alarms.

If you’re traveling with a carry-on, you can only bring a limited quantity of makeup remover in your bag. Plus, you also need to make space for the cotton pads. Makeup remover wipes are a better alternative when you’re out on the road. 

The Neutrogena makeup remover towelettes can remove even waterproof mascara and they’ll leave your face feeling fresh.

Brush On Sunscreen

Our Pick
Colorescience Brush-On Sunscreen Mineral Powder

Never forget to reapply your sunscreen while you’re traveling with this brush-on sunscreen that is lightweight and easy to apply.

If you keep forgetting to reapply your sunscreen when you’re out and about, a brush-on sunscreen is the perfect solution. The Colorescience Brush-On sunscreen Mineral Powder has an SPF of 50, is water resistant, and it works for all skin types. Best of all, it’s compact and super easy to apply.

Packing Cubes

Our Pick
Well Traveled Packing Cubes
Keep your carry-on organized and clean with this set of packing cubes – it even includes a bag for dirty laundry.

Popular travel advice is to use packing cubes to stay organized and fit more in a bag. The Well Traveled packing cube set is a great option and comes in multiple sizes.

Filter Water Bottle

Our Pick
Brita Stainless Steel Filter Water Bottle

Filter water everywhere you go with this 32 ounce insulated bottle of water with an integrated carbon filter.

Water safety is a concern for every traveler. Finding potable water in other countries is not only a challenge but also can turn expensive quickly. This Brita stainless steel water filter bottle can filter water on the go, filtering out heavy metals, and chlorine. If the woman you’re buying the gift for is more of the outdoors type, you might also check out the Grayl Geopress (it’s a bit more expensive, but a great gift idea for outdoor-loving women).

Cutlery Set

Our Pick
Outlery Portable & Reusable Stainless Steel Travel Cutlery Set

Taste the world’s top plates consciously with this amazing Outlery cutlery set that you can carry in your pocket.

Conscious travel is the best way to travel. That’s why many people are swapping to eco-friendly products like portable and reusable cutlery. We love the Outlery cutlery set for its portable design and hygienic material, not to mention the cute turtle that doubles as a cutlery rest.

Luggage Scale

Our Pick
Etekcity Luggage Scale

Weigh your bags before arriving at the airport and never pay another overweight fee with this luggage scale. It’s travel size and it holds more than 100 pounds!

If you run out of travel gift ideas, you can always opt for a practical gift like the Etekcity luggage scale. This compact scale can support up to 110lb/50kg and its sensitive sensor will let you know if you have to leave some things behind, before leaving for the airport. Travel Lemming’s founder Nate has personally used and loved this scale – and says it’s saved him hundreds of dollars in excess baggage fees over the years. 

Travel Umbrella

Our Pick
TIME LOVER Mini Windproof Folding Travel Umbrella

Travel prepared with this compact and windproof umbrella you can fit in your travel backpack.

Rain doesn’t have to keep you inside during your vacation. Travel umbrellas are real and they’re made to go everywhere! The Time Lover travel umbrella measures only 7.5 inches / 19 cm long and it’s windproof, waterproof, and blocks UV rays. It’s definitely one of the more practical (and stylish!) travel gifts for her on this list!

Electronics for Her Next Trip


Our Pick
UBeesize 67'' Phone Tripod

This compact tripod reaches an altitude of 67 inches and it comes with a remote control so she can take beautiful pictures of herself during her next trip.

When you’re traveling alone, you have to ask strangers to take your pictures for you. This UBeesize 67” phone tripod allows you to do it yourself with its wireless remote control. You can also adjust it to different heights to get the best angle for your photo.

Instant Photo Printer

Our Pick
Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer

Print your memories best photos on the go with the Canon IVY mini photo printer, with Bluetooth connection to link your smartphone.

Instant cameras are nice, but they have limitations if you want to know how your picture is going to turn out. The Canon IVY mini photo printer is a solution to that problem. You can take the pictures with your smartphone and then print them instantly with this printer! The paper is 2 x 3 inches and it comes with stick backing.


Our Pick
Kindle Paperwhite (Now Waterproof)
Reading in this lightweight e-reader will make the hours you spend traveling fly away. It even includes an adjustable warm light to take care of your sight.

E-readers are awesome gifts for travelers. They’re lightweight, slim, and packed with hundreds of books at once. Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is a favorite for its touch technology and long-lasting battery. The best? You can also listen to your stories with Audible.

Wireless Earbuds

Our Pick
iLuv TB100 Wireless Earbuds

Forget about pulling your earphones every time you move and enjoy music during your trip with these wireless long-lasting and fashionable iLuv wireless earbuds.

Wireless earphones are on everyone’s holiday shopping list, and they make some of the best gifts for women. Wireless earphones give you freedom from those easily damaged cords. These iLuv TB100 wireless earbuds feature a cute design and an 8-hour lasting battery. They’re also water-resistant, so you can exercise with them.

Portable Charger

Our Pick
Bonai Portable Charger

Never run out of battery while following your GPS, with this portable power bank that can charge your phone up to 8 times.

Tech accessories like power banks are always good travel gifts for women. Phone batteries can quickly drain if you’re following a GPS, recording videos, and taking photos, and portable chargers can save you from a dead battery in the middle of nowhere. This BONAI portable charger can charge your phone up to 8 times, or 4 different devices at the same time.

Portable Action Camera

Our Pick
GoPro HERO7 Black

Don’t worry about carrying a heavy camera or about ruining it during your trip. This small camera takes 4k video, 12mp photos, and it’s waterproof!

Action cameras are awesome gifts for travelers as they are lightweight, resistant, and most importantly discreet. Travel Lemming loves this GoPro HERO7 because it’s waterproof and has a touch screen. Besides recording in 4k it can also take 12mp photos.

Travel Drone

Our Pick
DJI Mini 2

Take aerial pictures and stunning videos with DJI Mini 2, a drone so lightweight and compact, you won’t notice it in your luggage.

If you’re looking for travel gift ideas for a photography lover female traveler, but she already has a camera, you can opt for this lightweight drone. The DJI Mini 2 is compact, perfect to take on a carry on, it records 4k and takes 12MP photos. 

It’s what Travel Lemming’s founder Nate – who has been traveling nonstop for 5 years – uses to take many of this site’s most popular photos. The best part is that it’s just under 250 grams. For many countries (such as Mexico) that’s the limit where regulations start to kick in for flying drones. So this is the perfect gift idea for someone going to Mexico, or anywhere they want to legally fly a drone legally abroad. Oh, and it’s super compact and easy to carry in your bag!

Universal Travel Adapter with USB

Our Pick
Ceptics Adaptor Set Dual USB Ports

Travel the world without unplugging using this genius Cepticts adapter kit, with 13 different adapters to fit plugs around the globe.

When you’re packing for a trip, you have to worry about more things than clothes, like if you’ll be able to charge your phone where you’re going. The Ceptics adaptor is the ideal gift to solve that issue. This set offers 13 different adaptors to match electric plugs around the world while keeping things small and weightless.

Electronics Organizer

Our Pick
BAGSMART Electronic Organizer

Organize and protect your electronics cables with this multi-pocket, lightweight, and resistant electronic organizer.

Besides a makeup organizer, tote bags, and jewelry travel cases, a lady also needs an electronics organizer. She’ll love the Bagsmart electronic organizer for its fool’s proof design and capacity to hold cables, cellphones, power banks, and even a mouse.

Travel Gifts for Her Safety

Antitheft Purse

Our Pick
Travelon Women's Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

Travel safely with this Travelon anti-theft bag with a 5-Point Anti-Theft security system, including anti-slash technology, and multiple pockets to protect your belongings.

Pickpocketing is something you will find almost in any country. It’s not uncommon for travelers to get their bags slashed or snatched away, which is why anti-theft bags are so important when traveling. The Travelon anti-theft bag sports slash-resistant mesh body panels and shoulder strap, plus a strong lock that won’t break easily. 

Key Chain Personal Alarm

Our Pick
Evershop Personal Alarm Safe Sound

Start your next big adventure safely with this key chain rechargeable alarm that will let anyone within 300 yards know you’re in danger.

Whether you’re visiting a national park, a night club or a library, a personal alarm can save your life. The Evershop personal alarm is a must have not only for its powerful sound when activated but also because, contrary to other alarms, this one is rechargeable. This alarm also works as a flashlight and you can make it part of your everyday wear by attaching it to your keys.

Security Door Alarm

Our Pick
SABRE Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm

Go to sleep in peace while you’re on a trip with this door stop alarm that is loud enough to wake you up in case someone wants to enter your room.

A woman traveling alone can never take enough safety measures. The Sabre security alarm is an amazing gift to prevent strangers from entering the room when you’re alone or sleeping. It sports a 120 dB alarm loud enough to warn you in case someone is trying to come into your room.

Portable Water Purifier

Our Pick

Clean water regardless of where you are is what this small, compact, and powerful rechargeable UV light pen can offer you.

Water safety is something that concerns every traveler, that’s why the SteriPEN is one of the best travel gifts for women. This small tool uses a UV light system to purify water. The best of all is that it is portable and rechargeable!

Anti Pickpocket Travel Jacket

Our Pick
SCOTTeVEST Women's Pack Windbreaker Travel Jacket

Go on an adventure without worrying about the safety of your belongings with this windbreaker jacket with 14 hidden pockets.

If you’re thinking about gift ideas for that best friend that is always hiking in national parks, a windbreaker jacket is a no brainer. The Scottevest women’s windbreaker jacket has a total of 19 pockets, 14 of them hidden, that can hold everything from a tablet to an ID and it’s machine washable.

First Aid Kit

Our Pick
First Aid Only All-Purpose First Aid Kit

Have everything you need for an emergency at hand with this portable first aid kit that carries more than 300 pieces in a slim pack. 

Emergencies happen all the time while you’re traveling, and having a first aid kit can save your day. The First Aid Only kit measures less than 10 inches, but it carries 312 first aid supplies including bandages, alcohol wipes, and antibiotic ointment.

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That’s it for this list of the best travel gifts for women.

Whether your travel girl is an outdoor lover, a history enthusiast, or a beach bum, she’ll love any of these travel gifts for her! 

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