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30 Travel Gifts for Couples (That They’ll Love)

So you know a couple. You know they love to travel. And now you’re trying to think of what to give them. Never worry — this list of 30 best travel gifts for couples will inspire you!

While there are many couples gift guides out there, this one will tell you all about the best presents for travel loving couples specifically! Whether they are an adventure lover or a foodie, here is the list of the best travel gift ideas for couples.

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Best Travel Gifts for Couples

Matching Passport Holders

Our Pick
Chelmon Passport Wallets

Because having a travel partner is something to show off! These cute matching passport wallets are waterproof and sport multiple card pockets to carry everything in one place while you travel.

Passport holders are a statement and fashion accessory for every traveler! Long gone are the days of just carrying your naked passport around. Why should you when you can both protect your passport and show off the design of your passport wallet?

The Chelmon passport wallets make the perfect travel gift for couples. They are lightweight and waterproof, plus they are super stylish while being understated.

Time Together Gift Card

Unique Gift Idea
Tinggly Travel Experience Gift Cards

Gift an adventure, or a dinner, or a night out. Tinggly's "Time Together" gift card is a great way to enjoy traveling experiences like taking a catamaran or visiting ancient ruins in any part of the world. Your traveling couple gets to pick the experience best for them!

Tinggly is a super cool concept which lets you buy gift cards that giving the most important gift of all: quality time with your partner. They say that people get more value out of experiences than out of things, so these travel gifts for couples are a great way to give the gift of a travel memory!

Tinggly offers a variety of options for redeeming the card, with all sorts of activities available – everything from dinner to a snorkeling date. Best of all: you don’t have to choose – the travel-loving couple you’re buying for does!

Matching Luggage Tags

Our Pick
Chelmon Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags

Matching suitcases aren’t complete without matching luggage tags! These tags are animal-friendly, made of vegan leather to resist everything during your trip.

Luggage tags function is simple, to identify your suitcase in case it gets lost. That doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty. These cute luggage tags make a great wedding gift for a travel couple. They’re made from vegan leather and they feature a flap to prevent strangers from seeing your name and number.

Scratch-Off World Map

Landmass Goods Scratch Off Map Of The World

Every traveling couple should have this beautiful map on their home to mark the destinations they’ve visited. This scratch-off map is detailed and has brilliant colors perfect to display on your wall.

Travelers obsess over countries, cities, flags, and world maps. A map of the world is something a true travel lover can’t miss at home. This beautiful Landmass Goods scratch off map allows travelers to scratch the countries they’ve visited to reveal a different color. The map also features different flags you can scratch too.

Taste the World Gift Card

Finding the right place to enjoy a gastronomic experience when you travel is as important as visiting landmarks. Now you can surprise your loved one with Tinggly’s Taste the World gift card. You can choose between more than 180 gastronomic experiences worldwide.

Wood Wall Map

Our Pick
Wood 3D World Map Wall Art

Display a world map in your living room and customize it with your trips, favorite landmarks, pins, and flags. 

Wall maps are one of the most common gifts for couples that love to travel. They make beautiful home decor and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This beautiful 3D wood world map is a unique travel gift not only because it’s 3D, but you can also customize it with airplanes, flags, special events, and famous landmarks push pins. 

Travel Themed Bedding Set

Ambesonne World Map Duvet Cover Set

You don’t have to get on a plane to travel the world, instead, you can admire this beautiful vintage map bed set, with a soft and comfortable fabric you can happily sleep in.

If you’ve already run out of gift ideas for your favorite traveling couple, or even for your own partner, a travel-themed bedding set is is one of the most unique gifts for couples who travel!

Seeing a map over the bed every time you enter your room is exciting and inspiring. The Ambesonne antique world map duvet is delightful to look at and comfortable for sleeping.

Gifts Under $50 for Couples Who Travel

Backpack Cooler

Our Pick
SPARTER Backpack Cooler
Keeping drinks cold and food fresh is easily done with a backpack cooler.
03/06/2023 04:12 am GMT

Couples that love road-tripping know how hard it is to pack drinks for the road just to find out they lost their temperature after an hour. 

The SPARTER Backpack Cooler can keep drinks cold for up to 20 hours. It also has a compartment where you can store snacks for the day. Best of all, it’s easy to carry and easy to clean.

Matching Travel T-Shirts

Our Pick
Travel is Life T-Shirt

You won’t need to think about your airport outfit anymore. You can travel in fashion while staying comfortable with these awesome travel tees you can match with your travel buddy.

If everything else matches, why not match t-shirts too? T-shirts with travel references are a favorite of every traveler. And if you’re looking for a practical and economic gift, a travel t-shirt is a good option. The t-shirts from Travel is Life are soft and comfortable, ideal for a long flight.

Bucket List Adventures Journal

Our PIck
Megan Adams Bucket List Journal

A bucket list journal is the best way to write the goals for the future and make them happen. This one is a top because it suggests 101 ideas of things you can do as a couple.

Whether you want to visit the Great Wall of China, or you want to ride a camel in Egypt with your loved one, a travel bucket list journal is a fun gift that can help you write down your travel goals.  This Megan Adams adventure journal features 101 ideas to inspire you, and blank space so you can write down with your partner all the adventures you’re looking forward to.

Keepsake Box

Our Pick
Made In Sun Keepsake Box

The next best thing after traveling is recalling great memories with keepsakes and photos. This beautiful box is made of wood to protect your souvenirs.

There are many ways to keep your travel memories. One of them is by having a keepsake box full of photos, souvenirs, and rare findings of your trips. The Made In Sun State keepsake box sports a gorgeous design with a colorful world map and it’s made of wood.

Travel Journal

Our Pick
Orendebon Leather Journal

Build a book of memories, photos, and experiences with your significant other you can use to relive your adventures later in life. Travel lemming loves this one for its non-bleed pages!

A travel journal is something travel couples should carry with them everywhere. A travel journal is a simple travel gift, but it’s always significant. The Orendebon leather journal offers a classic and beautiful design along with non-bleed through pages also resistant to environmental conditions.

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Food Destinations Book

Our Pick
National Geographic’s Food Journeys of a Lifetime

If you travel to discover new plates and beverages, this book will tell you exactly where to go. It sports the best ratio between pictures and valuable information for foodies.

There are hundreds of destinations around the world with amazing dishes to offer, but it’s hard to know where to go to find them. The book Food Journeys of a Lifetime from National Geographic features 500 of these destinations that will contribute to your culinary globetrotting.

Travel Fund 

Our Pick
FanMuLin Shadow Box Frame

Save money together for each trip with a travel wood bank and start a new adventure. This one is both sturdy and cute.

Savings for a trip is not an easy task if you’ve got debts to pay. A physical fund is a good way to motivate yourself to save money and make your next trip come true. The FanMuLin box frame offers a simple way to save, and a nice decor touch to your home.

Cork Globe

Our Pick
SUCK UK Cork Globe

Globes are classic gifts for travel lovers. She’ll love pinning destinations and travel memories in this petite globe made of cork and stainless steel. 

Let’s be honest. Travelers love maps and globes! They love to daydream about their next destination while looking at it. A cork globe is one of the best travel gifts for couples as they can mark their destinations together. The Suck Uk cork globe is compact and it comes with pins included to pin your favorite romantic destinations and memories.

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Essentials for Traveling Couples

Luggage Set

Our Pick
SHOWKOO Luggage Set

This matching luggage set not only will make you feel like a Hollywood couple in the airport, but it will be comfortable to take wherever you go.

03/06/2023 04:27 am GMT

If you’re looking for something a traveling couple will use and love, then you can’t go wrong with a matching luggage set. 

This SHOWKOO Luggage Set boasts an exterior hardshell that is resistant to impact and scratches. But its highlight is the multi-directional spinner wheels that allow you to move the suitcase effortlessly and fashionably everywhere. If you’re looking for more options, then check out our carry on luggage comparison and review.

High-Capacity Portable Charger

Our Pick
RETMSR Portable Charger

Being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery is no longer a scenario you have to worry about.

03/06/2023 04:32 am GMT

Couples constantly use their phones while they are out exploring, but batteries can quickly be drained from so much use.

This RETMSR Portable Charger is compatible with phones, tablets, and even small laptops. It features high-speed charging and it can charge your phone up to ten times on the go.

Eye Mask with Speakers

Our Pick
Lightimetunnel Washable Sleeping Headphones

Relaxing and sleeping on long flights is necessary! This eye mask blocks out the light and it features Bluetooth speakers you can connect to your phone.

Sleeping in an airplane can be difficult if your seat neighbor is snoring or if the light from his screen is too bright. Using both an eye mask plus headphones could help you out, but might be uncomfortable.

The Lightimetunnel sleeping headphones are a solution for that! They block out all light plus the Bluetooth speakers connect to your phone so you can play relaxing music until you fall asleep. It’s definitely one of the most practical travel gifts for couples on this list!

Luggage Scale

Our Pick
Etekcity Luggage Scale

Weigh your bags before arriving at the airport and never pay another overweight fee with this luggage scale. It’s travel size and it holds more than 100 pounds!

After doing everything you can to save money during your trip it’s disappointing to spend it all on overweight baggage fees at the airport. A compact luggage scale allows you to measure your bags back at your hotel, so you can rearrange them better. This Etekcity suitcase scale sports a high-accuracy sensor to let you know exactly your bag’s weight.

Anti-Theft Bag

Our Pick
Travelon Anti-Theft Bag

Never worry about losing your stuff again or getting your bag snatched away while you travel with this safe and protected anti-theft bag, made of slash-proof material.

You’ve probably heard horror stories of people that suffered pickpocketing while traveling. This is why an anti-theft bag is one of the best travel gift ideas for couples. The Travelon anti-theft bag features slash-resistant body panels and shoulder straps plus exclusive lockdown hardware to keep your things safe.

Packing Cubes

Our Pick
Well Traveled Packing Cubes
Don’t worry about sharing your luggage with your loved one, these amazing packing cubes help to fit more things in your luggage while keeping everything organized.

Packing cubes are a travel gift every traveler will appreciate. Cubes are great for keeping your belongings organized and protected. The Well Traveled compression packing cubes go the extra mile not only for organizing your clothes but also for compressing them to save even more space.

Cutlery Set

Our Pick
Outlery Portable Stainless Steel Cutlery

Eat all you want everywhere you go and avoid one-use plastics with this portable cutlery set. Its material is resistant, hygienic and the design is ideal to take with you in your pocket.

Doing a gastronomical trip as a couple can involve a large amount of waste from one-use plastics. But, you can make a difference and reduce your planet’s waste by carrying with you a cutlery set. The Outlery set is our favorite because of its portability and smart design. The stainless steel material not only lasts longer, but it’s hygienic too.

Electronics Gift Ideas


Our Pick
UBeesize Extendable Tripod

Taking pictures together as a couple while on a trip doesn’t have to be hard! You can take this compact tripod on the go and even take pictures yourself with a shutter control.

There is nothing worse than returning from a romantic trip and noticing that all your couple photos are selfies, just because you couldn’t find someone to take them. This is why a tripod is one of the best gifts for couples. The UBeesize is a cell phone tripod, compact enough to fit in your suitcase and it comes with a small remote to take your photos whenever you want it.

Go Pro

Our Pick
GoPro HERO7 Black

Don’t worry about carrying a heavy camera or about ruining it during your trip. This small camera takes 4k video, 12mp photos, and it’s waterproof!

Cameras are an important part of traveling. The more lightweight and sturdy they are, the better. The GoPro HERO7 is perfect for the adventurous couple, with features like 4k recording and a 12-megapixel camera. This small and portable camera is also waterproof so you can capture your experiences regardless of the surrounding conditions.

Electronics Organizer

Our Pick
Bagsmart Electronic Organizer

Keep all chargers, cables, and adapters in one place and never worry about detangling them again with this electronic organizer with multiple pockets and a slim design.

Nowadays not only do you need to travel with toiletries, but you’ll also take USB cables, chargers, and USB ports with you. An electronic organizer is a great gift for travelers, as it helps to keep your cables apart and without knots. The Bag Smart electronic organizer sports a durable and water-repellent case that can keep even your hard drives safe.

Portable Projector & Speaker

Our Pick
Anker Nebula Capsule

Enjoy a romantic night under the stars watching your favorite shows and movies without the need for cables and computers. This projector is a favorite for its portability and quality.

Portable projectors are great to enjoy a movie night on the road, but even those can take too much space in your luggage. That is why the Anker Nebula Capsule makes a great present! This small projector is the size of a can, ideal for taking on your carry on, works cordless when you’re connected with wifi and you don’t need an additional speaker to watch movies under the stars.

Gift for Outdoor Loving Couples

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Our Pick
Kootek Camping Hammock

A hammock is a good addition for your beach trip, so you can swing while listening to the waves and soak in the sun. Travel Lemming loves this one for its safety harnesses!

Lying on the beach isn’t always the most comfortable way to sunbathe. You’ll find a hammock is the best option to relax, feel the breeze, and even take a nap. The Kootek hammock is one of the top travel gifts for couples for its versatility and easy assembling. The hammock also includes ropes and security harnesses that support up to 2 persons.

Sleeping Bag for Two

Our Pick
Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide Sleeping Bag

Camping and outdoor loving couples can snuggle together comfortably in this lightweight sleeping bag with extra space to sleep comfortably.

 A good sleeping bag makes one of the best gifts for outdoor lovers. Camping involves a lot of planning and packing if you want to spend a good night, a poor quality and uncomfortable sleeping bag can easily ruin a romantic getaway in the wild. The Kelty Tru.Comfort sleeping bag has two built-in blankets and 64 inches of shared shoulder space to move around freely.

Pop Up Tent

Our Pick
Coleman Pop-Up Tent

Going camping has never been easier! We love to save hours of work with this pop-up tent you can put together in just 10 seconds.

Camping is something almost every adventure loving couple likes, but putting up a tent is a hassle almost nobody wants to go through. But, pop-up tents can save the day! The Coleman pop-up tent assembles in 10 seconds and is both water and fire-resistant.

Water Bottle with Filter

Our Pick
LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Drink water freely wherever you are without worrying about pollutants with this top-notch water filter bottle that filters out bacteria, viruses and makes your water potable.

Going camping and hiking with your partner often means drinking water from unreliable sources. A bottle of water with a filter helps to keep your camping experience safe. The LifeStraw water filter bottle filters out bacteria, and microplastics, making even the most polluted water safe to drink.

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That’s the end of the top travel gifts for couples this holiday season! Looking for gifts for someone else?

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