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Best Travel Gifts (55 Ideas They’ll Actually Want)

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Trying to figure out the best travel gifts to give to someone who loves to travel?

Well choosing a travel gift idea will be easier than ever, because as a traveler myself, I want to help you out! So, I’ve created this travel gift guide with the top 55 travel gifts for travelers you can buy right from the comfort of your home.

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Best Travel Gift Ideas!

Travel Experience Gift Card

There’s a lot of research that says that spending on experiences makes us happier than buying things. So make your favorite traveler’s future trips a life-changing experience, with the Bucket List gift card from Tinggly. 

This gift card by Tinggly allows the traveler to choose one incredible experience they wish to do like skydiving or river rafting, among other 700 options around the globe. It’s a great way to gift of an experience while still giving them the flexibility to choose what is best for their particular trip!

World Map Wall Art

Our Pick
Wood 3D World Map Wall Art

Display a world map in your living room and customize it with your trips, favorite landmarks, pins, and flags. 

A gift idea that every traveler will love is a world map wall art they can display in their living room. This world map is beautifully crafted in wood, with customizable colors, plus additional push pins of airplanes, flags, and landmarks. You can also get it in different sizes.

Passport Holders 

Our Pick
Zoppen Passport Holders

Keep your passport protected with this eco-friendly passport holder, made of synthetic leather and RFID blocking material.

One of the best travel gifts is a passport holder since every traveler needs to protect his passport. The Zoppen passport holder is perfect because it can store your passport, your cards, and your boarding pass.

3 Day Getaway Gift Card

Our Pick
Tinggly’s 3 Days in 100 Capitals

This gift card is better than typical hotel gift cards since the traveler can choose where they will be staying.

When you go on road trips or international travels, deciding where to stay is a hassle. Tinggly’s hotel gift card gives the traveler options to choose from, with more than two thousand hotels in the capital cities around the world.

Universal Travel Adapter

Our Pick
Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit

Keep your electronics powered in any country with Ceptic’s six different electric adapters and portable plug. 

A travel adapter is one of the top travel accessories if you want to charge your electronics while you travel. The Ceptics world travel adapter kit is a personal fave for its six adapters, USB ports, and LED voltage lights that indicate the type of voltage you’re getting.

Portable Charger

Our Pick
Portable Charger Power Bank

You need one unless you like to rush back to the resort to charge your phone.

Check Price on Amazon

Frequent travelers know the struggle of running out of battery on the airplane, airport, or in the middle of nowhere. This portable charger can charge your phone up to 3 times, plus its slim and weightless design allows you to take it on the go.  

Portable Espresso Machine

Our Pick
Wacaco Portable Espresso Machine

Wake up with a cup of coffee even in the middle of the mountains with this portable espresso machine that doesn’t need batteries or electricity to work.

Travelers that are also coffee lovers will love anything that can help them enjoy a nice cup of coffee every morning. This portable espresso machine measures less than 7 inches, weighs less than a pound and will be one of your travelers’ favorite gifts this holiday season.

Action Camera

Our Pick

Record every memory of your trip, with this portable and waterproof camera you can fit inside your pocket and take it with you to the sea or to the top of the mountain.

Most travelers like to record the memories of their trip with photos and videos, but carrying cameras can be inconvenient. The GoPro HERO9 is a great alternative that can take 20 mpx photos and 5k video, so you only have to worry about enjoying the moment, and not your camera getting damaged.

Scratch Off World Map

Our Pick
Innovative Map Scratch Off World Map Poster

Feel the satisfaction of scratching off a new destination in this scratch-off world map made with a resistant material and vibrant colors to display your travel experiences beautifully.

World maps are always great travel gift ideas. Scratch-off maps are more interactive, as the traveler can mark the destinations he’s been to. This scratch-off world map poster is golden and black for a major contrast and it includes a map of the United States too.  

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Travel Jewelry

Our Pick
Zealmer Dainty Compass World Map

This delicate and lightweight 18K gold plated necklace will accompany your traveler everywhere, without tarnishing or breaking.

Travel-inspired jewelry is a great gift for all travel lovers since it feeds their wanderlust and it makes a nice keepsake. This Zealmer necklace sports a cute globe and compass design with a gold plating that will make it a long-lasting gift.

Water Filter Bottle

Our Pick
GRAYL GeoPress Filtration Bottle

A tried-and-true water filtration device that’ll save on water bottles and provide safe agua fresca

Drinking water recklessly while you travel can easily get you sick. With this water bottle, you can make any water potable quickly with an easy filtering process that doesn’t require any extra effort besides filling up the bottle, and your water will be free from viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals. Check out the full review here.



Our Pick
UBeesize 67'' Phone Tripod

This compact tripod reaches an altitude of 67 inches and it comes with a remote control so she can take beautiful pictures of herself during her next trip.

Taking pictures during the trip of your life can be a difficult mission if you don’t have the right equipment. This UBeesize cellphone tripod is both a tripod and a selfie stick, so you can take any type of picture. It also includes a remote control that allows you to get into position before setting off the shutter.

Instant Printer

Our Pick
Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer

Print your memories best photos on the go with the Canon IVY mini photo printer, with Bluetooth connection to link your smartphone.

Having a physical album is back on trend, that’s why one of the best travel gifts is a portable photo printer. The Canon IVY mini photo printer is the perfect gift because it connects to your phone via Bluetooth to print photos from your gallery or social media. 

Instant Camera

Our Pick
Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

Capture the nostalgia of every moment with this instant camera that takes your travel pictures without any screen or technology.

Some travelers prefer using a fully analog camera and enjoying the magic of not knowing how a picture is going to turn out. The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 delivers that nostalgia, printing pictures instantly, without any other technology than the classic of an instant camera that fits in your bag.

Pocket S Voice Translator

Our Pick
Pocketalk Classic Language Translator Device

Not knowing the language of a country won’t stop you from traveling with this accurate pocket translator with built-in data and a long-lasting battery.

International travel often involves language exchange and without wifi, your phone isn’t helpful at all. The Pocketalk voice translator offers instant translation for more than 80 languages through a device with its own internet data, so you can use it wherever you go.  


Our Pick
Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

Enjoy hundreds of books in the palm of your hand with this lightweight e-reader, with a battery that lasts for weeks and wide memory.

An e-reader is great to help you read the hours away while waiting in airport lounges or during long flights. The Kindle Paperwhite is a great travel gift idea for its long-lasting battery, wide memory for hundreds of books, and adjustable light so you don’t force your eyes.


Our Pick
DJI Mini 2

Take aerial pictures and stunning videos with DJI Mini 2, a drone so lightweight and compact, you won’t notice it in your luggage.

A drone is one of the most fun travel gifts for its versatility. Travelers can take pictures and videos from landmarks and landscapes from impressive perspectives. The DJI Mini 2 drone is foldable and so compact it fits in your hand, so you can even take it in your carry on suitcase.

Electronics Organizer

Our Pick
BAGSMART Electronic Organizer

Organize and protect your electronics cables with this multi-pocket, lightweight, and resistant electronic organizer.

An electronic organizer is a good travel gift for that frequent flier that is also a techie. The Bagsmart electronic organizer sports a slim, weightless, and water resistant design that protects all of your electronics on the go.  

Travel Essentials Gifts

Travel Backpack

Our Pick
Osprey Porter 46

This backpack takes comfort and practicality to another level, with easy-to-access pockets, a smart design for back support, and resistant fabric made of recycled materials.

Whether you pack light or you struggle to close the zipper of your suitcase, the complete Osprey Porter 46 backpack is a must have travel essential. This backpack sports a rear laptop sleeve to store your electronics safely, a store-away harness you can put away when you don’t need it, and a front panel zipper to access your things easily. Read the full review here.

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Organic Lip Balm Set

Our pick
Earth’s Daughter Organic Lip Balm

Repair dry lips and keep them moisturized in heat or cold with this organic lip balm set.

Frequent travelers know all about the struggles of having dry lips. This is why a lip balm is essential in any traveler’s bag. This Earth’s Daughter lip balm set includes six different balms with unique flavors like eucalyptus mint. It combines natural and organic ingredients to heal and repair dry lips.

Toiletry Bag

Our Pick
BAGSMART Toiletry Bag Travel Bag

Keep your toiletries in order with this portable toiletry bag with four different compartments that can pack more than one person’s toiletries. 

Keeping toiletries loose in your luggage is a recipe for chaos. Things can spill at any moment and damage everything in your suitcase. That’s why a toiletry bag is a perfect travel gift. This Bagsmart toiletry bag is portable, so you can fix it in your carry on and later hang it in your hotel room.

Travel Jewelry Box

Our Pick
BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Organizer

Carry safely your precious jewelry while you travel with this travel organizer with detachable parts you can take out to look at your jewelry closer.

Finding out your jewelry is all tangled after a trip is dreadful, which is why a portable jewelry organizer is one of the top travel gift ideas. The Bagsmart travel jewelry organizer is a favorite for its slim design capable of fitting necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The detachable earring holder makes this bag outstanding.

Travel Shoe Bag

Our Pick
YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set

This travel shoe bag is perfect to store your shoes inside your luggage without worrying about them getting your clean clothes dirty.

Having your shoes touch the clean clothes in your bag is a big no-no! But, most suitcases lack a special compartment to store them and travelers just have to make do.

The YAMIU travel shoe bag set is an easy solution. It stores all kinds of shoes including sneakers, heels, and flats, and it’s easy to pack them in your bag. The fabric is resistant and waterproof. 

Neck Pillow

If you’re sitting in the aisle or middle seat, you don’t have much support for your neck while you sleep. The Trtl Pillow Neck Support Travel Pillow Trtl Pillow – Neck Support Travel Pillow can support your neck regardless of where you sit, it’s portable, soft, and also machine washable, so you can keep it smelling fresh. 

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Packing Cubes

Our Pick
Well Traveled Packing Cubes
Keeping your things organized while traveling is easy with this complete packing cube set.

Packing a suitcase is easy, but keeping it neat once you arrive at your destination is almost impossible. Packing cubes solve that problem by keeping all your stuff where it belongs. The Well Traveled packing cubes set is a great gift because it includes multiple sizes plus a laundry bag.

Eye Mask with Speakers

Our Pick
Lightimetunnel Washable Sleeping Headphones

Relaxing and sleeping on long flights is necessary! This eye mask blocks out the light and it features Bluetooth speakers you can connect to your phone.

Sleeping on a plane is difficult due to both the light and the noise. One of the most thoughtful gifts for travelers is this Lightimetunnel eye mask with Bluetooth headphones included to block out noise too. It sports a long battery life and an ergonomic design so you can sleep on your side comfortably.

Luggage Scale

Our Pick
Etekcity Luggage Scale

Weigh your bags before arriving at the airport and never pay another overweight fee with this luggage scale. It’s travel size and it holds more than 100 pounds!

If you’re looking for practical travel gifts, then a luggage scale that helps your favorite traveler to avoid paying overweight fees at the airport is a great idea. This Etekcity luggage scale fits in your pocket and it features a high accuracy sensor that can weigh a 110lb/50kg bag, so you can take some stuff out at home and not at the airport.

Laundry Bag

Our Pick
Miamica Travel Laundry Bags

Keep your dirty laundry separated from everything else in your suitcase with this water resistant and lightweight laundry bag. 

A lot of travelers put together their dirty and clean laundry on the suitcase. Laundry bags are not a glamorous gift, but a practical gift all travel lovers will like. The Miamica travel bag is moisture-resistant and expandable, perfect to fit your dirty laundry and put right into the washing machine when you’re back home.

Compression Socks

Our Pick
Travelsox Graduated Compression Socks

Keep your blood flowing and avoid swelling with the unique graduated compression socks that apply the pressure exactly where you need it.

Is not unusual for travelers to suffer from swelling and discomfort in their legs, especially after long haul flights. Compression socks are a simple and effective way to help with leg discomfort. The Travelsox socks are a must have for their unique patented graduated compression design that uses four levels of compression in the socks.

Travel Gifts Under $55

Tech Gloves

Our Pick
The North Face Etip Gloves

Use your phone without having to take off your gloves with these screen-compatible gloves from the North Face. 

One of the best travel gifts you can give to that traveler that loves hiking in snowy mountains is screen-friendly gloves. Taking off your gloves to answer your phone is bothersome, but with the North Face polyester gloves with etip, you can both use your phone and keep your hands warm.

Waterproof Phone Case

Our Pick
Pelican Waterproof Case

Whether you’re swimming on the beach or visiting a waterfall, this waterproof phone case will keep your phone dry and working.

Phones are an essential part of traveling, but they won’t always support the surrounding conditions. The Pelican waterproof case is one of the best travel gifts because it helps to protect your phone regardless of where you want to go, even underwater.

Travel Journal

Our Pick
Refillable Handmade Travelers Notebook

Writing down your adventures is always an important part of traveling. This real leather journal is compact and is refillable for when you run out of pages.

The chances are all the travelers in your life like to record their trips, whether they’re a travel blogger that uploads videos or they’re traveling solo and writing their experience down on their phone. The travelers notebook is a good travel gift for both of them. It’s resistant and refillable, so they can keep track of their traveling stories.

Luggage Travel Cup Holder

Our Pick
Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder

No more coffee spilled by accident! Now you can store it safely on your bag’s handle with this luggage travel cup holder.

If you’re someone that loves carrying your Starbucks through the airport, then you’ve probably spilled your drink more times than you’d like to admit. The Riemot travel cup holder allows you to store your coffee cup, thermos, or bottle of water on your bag’s handle. It also has an extra pocket where you can put your phone.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

Our Pick
JefDiee Travel Pillow

Sleep in a correct and comfortable position during long flights with this inflatable travel pillow designed to rest your head and neck forward.

A common neck pillow isn’t necessarily the most comfortable travel accessory to sleep on a long flight. This JefDiee travel pillow offers a different and innovative design so you can lean forward over your pillow and support your head, neck, shoulders, and back with the help of the tray table.

Airplane Phone Holder

Our Pick
Perilogics Phone Holder

No entertainment on your plane? No problem. Turn your phone into your own airplane screen with this phone holder.

Most small aircraft designed for domestic and short flights lack an entertainment screen. As a result, many passengers use their phones as substitutes to help the hours fly by. 

You can use this Perilogics phone holder to snap your phone to the tray table or your luggage handle. You can even use it on its own as a small stand. It fits most phone styles and is lightweight and portable.

Resistance Bands

Our Pick
HPYGN 150lb/200lb/250lb Resistance Bands

Stay in shape wherever you go with these portable resistance bands that are equivalent to weights from 20 to 50 pounds and include a travel pouch.

Most travelers have a hard time staying in shape while they travel, because of the changes in their diet. The HPYGN 150lb/200lb/250lb resistance bands are good travel gifts to help a traveler lead a healthy and active life. The bands come in a travel pouch and they’re easy to take everywhere in your carry on.

Travel Towel

Our Pick
Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

This microfiber towel is lightweight and dries really fast, so you can use it and pack it as soon as you need to be back on the road.

A towel might not be between your top travel gifts ideas, but it can be more useful than you think. It’s the perfect gift for campers, travelers staying in hostels, and people that work out even when they’re traveling won’t always have a towel available.

The Rainleaf microfiber towel comes in different sizes and colors, doesn’t take much space, and dries super fast so you can pack it whenever you need to.

Moisturizing Mist

Our Pick
Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin Hydrating Facial Mist

Keep your skin glowing even after hours of exposure to cabin air with this hydrating facial mist with rose oil and glycerin that refreshes your skin.

Not all travel gifts are directly travel-related, some of them are about self-care. An avid traveler knows the cabin air, the lack of sleep, and the frequent change in weather can dry out your skin.

This Heritage rosewater and glycerin mist locks in the moisture of the skin and refreshes the appearance with a sensitive formula without alcohol. 

Portable Hairdryer

Our Pick
Dan Technology 1200w Travel Hair Dryer

Keep your hair looking wonderful while you travel with this portable blower that includes a button to switch between voltages, so you can use it safely in more than one country.

Whether it’s for a weekend getaway or a big trip, a portable hairdryer is one of the best gift ideas to give to the travelers in your life. It’s handy for drying your hair but also for drying clothes, and documents. This portable hairdryer comes inside a traveling pouch and it features a voltage switch so you can adapt it according to the place you’re staying.

Silk Pillowcase

Our Pick
Bedsure Pillowcase

Keep your hair and skin glowing while you travel with this silk pillowcase you can buy in different colors.

A frequent traveler that sleeps in hotels, airplanes, and apartment rentals can end up with irritated skin. 100% Silk pillowcases like the Bedsure pillowcase, are one of the best recommendations from dermatologists to avoid dry skin, acne, and aging, and you can take it everywhere.

Foot Hammock

Our Pick
Travel Sloth Airplane Footrest

Let your feet rest and keep a healthy blood circulation during long flights with this hanging hammock with memory foam you can assemble easily on the plane.

Traveling on an airplane can be uncomfortable in many ways, especially when traveling in economy class. Anything that makes your legs more comfortable in that cramped space is a great travel gift. The Travel Sloth foot hammock gets assembled quickly and it helps your feet rest gently during long flights on top of memory foam.

Gifts for Outdoor Loving Travelers

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Camping Hammock

Our Pick
Kootek Camping Hammock

A hammock is a good addition for your beach trip, so you can swing while listening to the waves and soak in the sun. Travel Lemming loves this one for its safety harnesses!

It can be hard to think about travel gift ideas for outdoor adventurers, but something all outdoors explorers will love is a portable hammock. The Kootek Camping Hammock comes in a portable pouch that weighs only 2.18 pounds and features a water bottle pocket.

Sleeping Bag

Our Pick
Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag

Sleep comfortably in almost any weather with this waterproof sleeping bag that is easy to carry.

One of the best gifts for hikers and outdoor lovers is a lightweight sleeping bag they can use to stay on exteriors. This Oaskys sleeping bag is great to use during different seasons, because of its breathable and waterproof material. 

Portable Cutlery

Our Pick
Outlery Portable & Reusable Stainless Steel Travel Cutlery Set

Taste the world’s top plates consciously with this amazing Outlery cutlery set that you can carry in your pocket.

One of the best practical travel gifts is a portable cutlery set since every traveler can use it, either outdoors or indoors. The Outlery cutlery set works like a puzzle you can fix back into a pocket-size box after you’re done eating and it’s also stainless steel to last longer.

Meal Kit

Our Pick
UCO Camping Meal Kit

Enjoy a meal even during your outdoor adventure with this compact, stackable, and BPA-free meal kit.

If you’re going on a road trip or camping you’ll need lightweight utensils to have your meal. The UCO cutlery set includes a bowl, forks, and even a cup. It’s made from plant-based plastics and it’s BPA-free.

Reusable Bag

Our Pick
BigGreen Grocery Bags

Go on a shopping spree on a local market with these resistant reusable bags that can hold up to 50 pounds.

Digital nomads and frequent travelers know that buying souvenirs and groceries is part of a trip. That’s why it is always useful to carry reusable bags in your travel bag or carry on. The BigGreen grocery bags are a set of six bags that can carry up to 50 pounds and they come inside a pouch.

Shampoo Bars

Our Pick
Ethique Shampoo Bar

Don’t worry about running out of shampoo while you travel with this long-lasting, vegan, and eco-friendly shampoo.

Backpackers and people that travel only with carry on can run out of toiletries like shampoo during their trip. A useful gift to give them is a shampoo bar. These Ethique shampoo bars last longer than a small travel size shampoo and they also double as a conditioner, soap, or shaving cream.

Outdoor Bracelet

Our Pick
Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet

Have your fire-making tool available when you need it the most with this fire starting bracelet that you can attach to your hand for excursions.

Lighters can easily get lost during camping excursions, which is why the Atomic Bear bracelet is a life-saving gadget you can gift to any traveler. This bracelet combines the functions of a fire starter, a compass, and a whistle, and it attaches to your hand comfortably, so you never lose it.

Pop-Up Tent

Our Pick
Coleman Pop-Up Tent

Going camping has never been easier! We love to save hours of work with this pop-up tent you can put together in just 10 seconds.

Going on an exterior excursion should be all about enjoying the fun. A camping tent that takes too much time to set can quickly ruin that for you. That’s why the Coleman pop-up tent is such a great gift. You can open it and secure it to the ground in a few minutes, and still, the tent is large enough to fit two people.

Gifts for Travel Safety

Anti-Theft Bag

Our Pick
Travelon Women's Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

Travel safely with this Travelon anti-theft bag with a 5-Point Anti-Theft security system, including anti-slash technology, and multiple pockets to protect your belongings.

Pickpocketing and identity theft are common concerns while traveling. The Travelon anti-theft cross body messenger bag is carefully designed to resist sudden pulls, fabric slashes and it features RFID blocking pockets.

Bluetooth Tracker

Our Pick
Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Know exactly where to find your lost keys or bags in the airport, with this attachable Bluetooth tracker you can connect to your phone.

Things get lost all the time while you travel, but luckily, Bluetooth trackers exist to help you find the things that matter. This Tile Bluetooth tracker pairs with your smartphone to locate your keys, bags, wallet, and basically anything that can get lost, including a person. The tag sports a long-lasting battery and is water resistant.

Security Door Stop Alarm

Our Pick
SABRE Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm

Go to sleep in peace while you’re on a trip with this door stop alarm that is loud enough to wake you up in case someone wants to enter your room.

Safety and security gadgets are great travel gift ideas. Doorstop alarms are easy-to-carry gadgets that can help you sleep peacefully knowing you’ll be aware if someone enters your room. The Sabre door stop security alarm sports a 120 dB alarm that anyone within 1,000 feet/300M will hear.

Money Belt

Our Pick
Travel Money Belt with RFID Block

Keep your passport and cash safe with this slim, weightless, and discreet money belt you can wear under your shirt. 

Travel lovers also know some risks come with traveling, like losing your passport or becoming a victim of pickpocketing. This money belt includes RFID block protection, and theft insurance to prevent some of the common incidents during trips.

UV Light Sanitizer

Our Pick

Clean water regardless of where you are is what this small, compact, and powerful rechargeable UV light pen can offer you.

World travelers know all about the struggle of finding potable water in some destinations. When a carbon filter isn’t enough, UV water purifiers can help! The SterPen UV rechargeable water purifier uses portable UV technology that destroys 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. 

Door Lock

Our Pick
Virdy Home Security Door Lock

Keep the doors to your apartment rental locked from the inside with this portable and strong security door lock that can prevent anyone from breaking in.

You can find horror stories of people who found someone breaking into their room or apartment rental all over the internet. Portable security door locks help to jam your doors from the inside so it’s impossible to open them. This Virdy lock fits almost all types of doors if they open to the inside, plus it’s made of stainless steel to last longer.


You’ve reached the end of the top 51 gifts for travelers this holiday season! 

Did you find any travel gift ideas yet?

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