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Introducing Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country of the cusp of something big in the tourism scene. It has already cemented its status as a popular destination for backpackers, but with growing international press around its beautiful beaches, rich history, and incredible historical sites, Sri Lanka is poised for a breakout decade. Visit and you'll learn why many think Sri Lanka marries the best of Bali, Thailand, and India - but without all the tourists! 

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Language: A large percentage of the population speaks Sinhala, one of the two main languages in Sri Lanka. While you can get by with communicating in English, especially in the urban areas, it helps to bring along a Sinhala phrasebook when planning to visit the more rural and remote areas.

Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee ($1 = ~186.09 rupee).

Credit Cards & ATMs: Major establishments accept credit and debit cards, even in the smaller towns. But it's always good to have enough cash on hand just in case. ATMs widely available. 

Plugs: Type D or G, 230V / 50Hz. Bring this universal adapter

Safety: Sri Lanka is generally a safe country to travel. However, as always when visiting somewhere unfamiliar ensure you take all the proper precautions. Theft does occur in major cities but the rates are much lower than in many other countries in Asia. Additionally, violence against foreigners is extremely rare in Sri Lanka, despite the much-publicized 2019 terrorist attacks. Still, it is a good idea to check the latest US State Department travel advisories for your destination.

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  • Colombo
  • Unawatuna
  • Ella
  • Kandy

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As a tropical island with a varied climate, the best time to visit Sri Lanka really depends on what is on your Sri Lanka itinerary. For the West and South Coasts (Galle and Colombo), choose to go between December to March. If your target destination is the Ancient Cities and the East Coast however, you should opt visit between April to September.

Sri Lanka Trivia and Facts

  • Due to the island having the shape of a teardrop and is at the same time off the coast of India, Sri Lanka is called the Teardrop of India. Alternatively, it is also nicknamed as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.
  • Sri Lanka has a large tea industry and is a leading tea producer and exporter in the world.
  • Did you know that Sri Lanka is the first country in the world to ever have a female prime minister?


January 23, 2020

What to Pack for Sri Lanka


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Driving in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka drives on the left hand side of the road. Try to avoid driving during high traffic hours in the larger cities. When renting a car, it's best to rent one with automatic transmission and we suggest using Discover Car Hire to compare the best rental agencies.

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