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25 Remote Job Boards for Location Independent Work

If you are looking to move to location-independent work, your first place to start is usually with remote job boards.

And I’ll level with you about one thing:

Sometimes it may feel like a needle in a haystack to find digital nomad jobs that you might qualify for AND that are actually interesting.

But don’t give up!

There are a lot of remote job websites that focus solely on remote opportunities, and if you keep digging you will find what you’re looking for.

To help you out, I went and found 25 of the most popular remote job boards for you. 

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Ok, ready to take a look at where to find remote jobs online?

25 Remote Job Boards For Finding Location Independent Work

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At times, it can be equal parts frustrating and difficult to find #DigitalNomad jobs that are suited for your skills. To help you out, we have compiled and listed down 25 #RemoteJobBoards that can aid in your search for the perfect remote job opportunity. As a bonus, we have included FAQs about remote job websites and helpful tips for landing that remote job you’re targeting to get.
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1. FlexJobs

When it comes to find the best remote job board, there’s really one that stands shoulders above the rest.

FlexJobs is the leader in location-independent work focus on remote jobs including freelance, part-time, and flexible jobs.

You’re not going to find crappy jobs here because each job listing is vetted to ensure it’s a quality listing.

They also help you with your job search by providing resources like career coaching and resume review. You’re likely to find something that matches your job skills here.

Read our full FlexJobs Review for more info on why we think this is the best overall board for finding location-independent work.

Pro Tip: Use this link and our promo code “FLEXLIFE” to save 30% off your subscription

2. Contena

Working on a laptop in Istanbul looking for remote job boards

Contena has remote job opportunities for writers, content creators, and editors and is a great resource if you are looking to start a freelance writing business.

They have a ton of listings on their remote job website, and you can even create alerts to be notified of certain gigs you want.

It’s a fairly expensive membership, but the fee can pay off quickly if you get writing jobs fast.

3. Power to Fly

Power to Fly is focused on helping women get more technical roles in businesses.

They have a huge remote job board in areas like engineering, product and design, marketing, and more.

They also have free career training available and seem to genuinely care about getting more women in diverse roles.

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4. Remote OK

Remote OK has a lot of roles in their remote job board. Jobs range from marketing, design, customer support, and more.

According to their website, they have over 32,000 jobs available at the time of writing. There’s a lot to look through, and it’s possible to find the right remote job for you here.

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5. Jobspresso

Remote worker on phone

Jobspresso is another remote job board that reviews and adds high-quality job leads every day. They make sure that every remote job opportunity is legit by thoroughly researching the company and its reputation.

The best part is that signing up is free! You can upload your resume and have employers find you.

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6. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations saves you time by scouting remote job leads for you. They claim to visit hundreds of job boards, social media streams, and websites to find remote job opportunities.

A free account gets you limited access to their remote job board, so you may want to consider getting a paid subscription to have more choices.

7. Working Nomads

As the name implies, this remote job board is for digital nomads. Although you can find work-from-home positions too.

They curate remote job positions they find on the web and put it on their website. You’ll find more unique job roles here like health care, legal, and education positions.

8. We Work Remotely

Two people using laptops

We Work Remotely might be one of the most popular remote job websites. They boast over 2.5 million monthly visitors on their website.

It’s safe to assume that any job posted here will be competitive, but you might find the right role for you anyway.

9. says they curate jobs for the most popular remote roles; development, customer service, marketing, sales, and other similar roles.

However, you can find a lot of other roles like bookkeeping, online teaching, and even nursing on this remote job website.

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10. Skip the Drive

Skip the Drive has remote job opportunities in 31 different fields. There is a lot of variety here, and it’s easy to find a job that your skillset might excel in.

The interface is a little basic, but it does get the job done.

11. Remote Work Hub

Not only is this a remote job website, but it also covers advice on how to make the transition to remote work and how to work more effectively in a remote environment.

This site is great for beginners or those who are hesitant about if remote jobs are for them. 

12. Remotely Awesome Jobs

Happy woman look at remote job websites

Don’t be fooled by this remote job website’s ridiculously simple interface. They have a lot of remote job listings and they claim to search for more remote jobs than their competitors.

It’s also free to sign up for daily job alerts which means you won’t have to worry about missing the perfect remote job opportunity.

13. Remoters

This job board has a lot of remote and telecommuting opportunities listed. Remoters is dedicated to helping digital nomads find great jobs and connect them with our resources to live their new lifestyles successfully.

Check this out if you are looking for a digital nomad community.


What makes Torre different from other remote job websites? They genuinely care about matching talent with the best job opportunities.

They even came out with Torre Bio which is a free resume maker to help you stand out from the crowd.

15. Remote Mission

Are you a socially-conscious person? Then you might want to use the Remote Mission’s job board.

They focus on finding remote jobs with organizations like social enterprises, charities, and companies that are making a positive impact on the world.

16. Work From Home Jobs

Computer on a table

This remote job website curates listings from other sites. In fact, it will take you to the original site for the job listing.

They focus more on work-from-home opportunities versus the digital nomad lifestyle, but you will get the same high-quality remote job opportunities.

17. Gigers

Gigers has a worldwide community of remote workers. They have resources and courses to help keep your job skills sharp. They also have a coworking system to help find places to work remotely.

Their remote job board is kept updated regularly, and it’s a great place to start looking for remote jobs.

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18. My Work Hive

My Work Hive is a social enterprise that supports remote work for environmental reasons. Less commuting means fewer carbon emissions which make a healthier planet.

They offer remote job listings as well as resources to succeed in a remote role.

19. Remotive

Remotive updates their remote job board daily with hand-picked opportunities.

They also have community and resources available for those wanting to work remotely. They discuss the ups and downs of remote work and how to make it work for you.

20. Job Rack

Man using a laptop to browse job boards for location independent work

Are you from Eastern Europe?

Then Job Rack may be the best remote job website for you. They focus solely on helping people from Eastern Europe find remote jobs from other areas of the world.

It’s free to sign up, and you can start looking for jobs in no time.

21. Workew

Workew has been featured in Forbes, BBC, and Entrepreneur. Their mission is to help people find their dream remote jobs.

It’s free to sign up for an account and upload your resume. It’s pretty easy to start your remote job search here.

22. Ed2010

Ed2010 focuses on media and content marketing job opportunities. Not all of their job listings are remote, but you can find the occasional remote job.

This is a great job board to keep tabs on for job listings you won’t find on other remote job boards.

23. Vitamin Talent

Vitamin is a talent agency that helps creatives find work with companies who appreciate their work. You can find a lot of remote work opportunities on this remote job website.

“Creatives” is defined as people in job roles like creative directors, copywriters, project managers, front end developers, visual designers, and digital marketing managers.

24. Dribbble

Dribbble is a community for designers. It’s a place for designers to showcase their work and also find jobs. You can find a lot of remote-friendly design jobs listed here.

All designers seem welcome including branding, animation, web design, and more.

25. Remotees

Man using cellphone and laptop to look at location independent job websites

This is another remote job website that combs through other job boards and curates them on their website.

They have a unique search engine on their site as you can also search using tags instead of jobs or companies.

FAQs About Remote Job Websites

What’s the difference between a remote job and freelancing?

A remote job has a lot of benefits that freelancers don’t have. 

If you are hired as a remote employee at a company, you may be eligible for things like healthcare, holidays off, and paid vacation time. They also pay some taxes for you.

If you are hired as a remote freelancer, then you aren’t eligible for any benefits and can only get your paycheck. You’re also responsible for paying any taxes that you owe.

If you’re new to remote work and the digital nomad lifestyle, you might want to check out our 100% free Work Online and Travel mini-course.

Is remote work competitive? How can I stand out?

Woman working on laptop remotely

Remote work is a pretty competitive world.

Remote jobs mean that anyone in the world can apply, and there are a lot of people who want to work remotely.  It’s not uncommon for companies to receive hundreds of applications for one remote position.

There are a few ways to help your resume stand out from literally hundreds of other people.

  • Read the job application instructions carefully. Some companies put little details in the instructions to see if you pay attention to detail. For example, sometimes they ask to put a certain word in a subject email. Following these detailed instructions will help you stand out as an ideal candidate.
  • Customize your cover letter. Your cover letter is not about you but about how you can help the specific company that you are applying for a job.
  • List your accomplishments in your resume. People make the common mistake of just listing the tasks they did in their previous job. You should create a job description of the action you took and how it affected the company.

Tips for Getting a Remote Job

Woman using laptop in outdoor place

Tip#1 – Be prepared for a video interview 

Sometimes you might get a phone call, but if you are working remotely, companies want to see your face and know that you’re a real person. 

You should expect a video interview done over Skype or Zoom. You can prepare for this by making sure you have all the right tech in place:

  • Confirm your internet connection can handle video calling
  • Does the microphone on your laptop work? If not, or if you want a more crisp sound, you might want to get headphones with a mic attached.
  • Make sure you will be a quiet environment. Dogs barking in the background can be distracting.

Tip #2 – Take a look at the time zone before applying

Just because a job lists itself as remote, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any time zone contingencies. 

Some companies want you to be available for at least 4 hours during the Eastern Standard Timezone. Others want you to work within 4 timezones of the main office headquarters. 

This may not be a problem if you plan on working from home, but it can be an issue if you plan on traveling the world frequently.

Tip #3 – Get used to tools that remote companies use 

man working remote on laptop on camper van RV

If you’ve never done remote work before, then you should familiarize yourself with popular tools that remote companies use. It’s helpful to at least know what these tools are before you do an interview for a remote job.

  • Slack (Instant messaging platform)
  • Asana (Project management tool)
  • Trello (Project management tool)
  • Zoom (Video conferencing)
  • Toggl (Time tracker)


Where to find remote jobs is easier than ever. There are a ton of remote job boards and many of them are focused on specific industries like design or writing.

It’s a lot of work to get a remote job mostly because it’s so competitive. There are a lot of tools you can use to make yourself stand out from the crowd though.

I would recommend signing up for FlexJobs to get access to high-quality remote jobs and access to people who care about supporting your transition to remote work.

Remember, you can save 30% on your FlexJobs subscription using code “FLEXLIFE.”

Happy remote job hunting!

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