Aerial view of the Las Vegas skyline at sunset, one of the best places to live in Nevada

11 Best Places to Live in Nevada in 2023 (By a Local)

I’m a Nevada local here to help you find the best places to live in Nevada! 

Some areas in this guide highlight the state’s iconic nightlife and entertainment. Others encompass Nevada’s history and the great outdoors. Whether you’re seeking something rural, suburban family living, or luxurious digs, I’ve got you covered when deciding where to live in Nevada. 

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11 Places to Live in Nevada

Las Vegas

Sin City may have a reputation for its glamorous nightlife, but it is also a very popular place to live

Aerial view of the mountain and residential area in Las Vegas
There are plenty of secluded neighborhoods in the party capital of the world

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Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada and is famous for its exciting nightlife. Its probably the first place most people think of when looking for places to live in Nevada.

Restaurants in Vegas are some of the best in the country, so there is always something new to try if you are a foodie like me. 

There are also a lot of outdoor parks, like Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Visitors can enjoy hiking trails, horseback rides, or even a gorgeous scenic drive. There are also plenty of things to do in Las Vegas with kids, making it a great place for families. 

You will find plenty of affordable housing options and cozy neighborhoods away from the Strip if you want to live in a more quiet area. 

Incline Village

Living in the mountains and near the water gives you the best of both worlds

View of the father and son walking along the scenic views of Lake Tahoe while holding their bicycles
Incline Village, Lake Tahoe is popular for its variety of things to do outside (photo: 1000Photography / Shutterstock)

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Incline Village is one of the best small towns in Nevada. It’s a gorgeous area in Lake Tahoe and one of the best places to live in Nevada largely because it has the most spectacular scenery. Lake Tahoe is a popular place to get away, but the Incline Village locals share a tight-knit sense of community.  

If you love the outdoors, Incline Village is the place for you with activities like mountain biking, skiing, and days out on the water. It is a great place to live if you are looking for a life away from big cities hustle and bustle. There are also a variety of gorgeous lodges and resorts in Lake Tahoe for when you want to take a staycation!    


The Biggest Little City in the World has exciting nightlife, plus activities for every interest

Aerial view of the mountain and skyline in Reno
Reno has attractions similar to the Las Vegas Strip, minus the crowds

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Reno is the second-largest of all the cities in Nevada. It offers many of the same great features as Sin City. Its large downtown area has plenty of hotels, casinos, and bars. 

There are also wonderful restaurants and coffee shops all around to explore. The Truckee River runs through the downtown area and makes for a fun place to raft, kayak, or hang out by the water. 

Many college students live here since the University of Nevada, Reno is just about 10 minutes away from downtown. Aside from all the student housing, there are also plenty of great neighborhoods where families live. 

Carson City

From glamorous casinos to breathtaking beaches, Carson City has it all 

View of the ice capped mountain and Washoe Lake State Park in Carson City
Washoe Lake State Park is one of many nearby attractions

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Carson City is Nevada’s state capital and offers nightlife at its breweries and casinos. It’s also home to many different museums and lovely outdoor activities. 

With Lake Tahoe only 30 minutes away, several of California’s best ski resorts are nearby. It’s also a great summer destination, perfect for when you feel like spending a day by the water or hiking near the beach. 

Though, there are plenty of great walking trails and parks to explore in Reno, too. Couples and young families especially enjoy this area. Carson City has many great neighborhoods, along with shopping centers close to each other so everything you need is just a short drive away.

Boulder City

Enjoy a peaceful city with little nightlife but amazing outdoor activities

View of Lake Mead and the suburb in Boulder City
Boulder City has breathtaking views of Lake Mead

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The suburbs of Boulder City are tranquil, which is one thing that many of the residents appreciate. It’s one of the only places in Nevada where gambling is not permitted, making it an excellent place for people who want a break from a lot of nightlife. 

Though, when you want a night on the town, it’s one of the quickest day trips from Vegas! In fact, Boulder City is considered one of the best towns near Las Vegas

Boulder City is a popular place to live for outdoor lovers since it sits on Lake Mead, and has plenty of outdoor attractions. The Hoover Dam is one of the highlights of the city and attracts many people every day. Hemenway Park is home to crowds of bighorn sheep which you can see up close, and the Historic Downtown area has amazing shops and local restaurants. 


This small town in the Nevada desert is home to many quaint neighborhoods and cool things to do

Aerial view of the picturesque Mesquite in the middle of the mountains
Mesquite has the beauty of a resort town while being in the middle of the desert

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Mesquite is about an hour away from Las Vegas and is a popular getaway spot. Many retired people live here, but there are also several schools in the area for families with children. 

You’ll find museums and parks in Mesquite, which is perfect for a day of learning or simply enjoying the beautiful outdoors. There are several breathtaking golf courses to choose from, and it is one of the main highlights of the area. 

Mesquite has a variety of resort-style hotels and casinos which are perfect for going out or even spending a weekend away. Although it is a smaller town, there is a lot to enjoy including restaurants, stores, and even a camel safari if you are feeling adventurous. 


With plenty of lovely neighborhoods, Henderson caters to outdoor lovers, partygoers, and everyone in between

Aerial view of the illuminated houses near Lake Las Vegas at sunset
Lake Las Vegas is near Henderson, one of the best places to live in Nevada

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Henderson is one of the best Las Vegas suburbs. It has plenty of affordable housing options and is quieter than the busy city. Its gorgeous outdoor mall, The District, is where many locals hang out and dine at delicious restaurants. 

Henderson also has a large number of outdoor activities. Many of the best hikes near Las Vegas are in Henderson, so you will find many people in the mountains. 

Nearby Lake Mead is a popular spot for locals to hang out by the water, purchase watercraft rentals, or even take sunset cruises. Lake Las Vegas is just 15 minutes away and has more spectacular water activities, along with lovely golf courses. 


A small city with great schools, neighborhoods, and cute places to hang out

View of the Chilton Centennial Tower with the letterings of Elko
The Elko Centennial Tower commemorates the city’s 100th anniversary (photo: E Fehrenbacher / Shutterstock)

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Elko feels very suburban and has a great sense of community with a population of around 20,000. Events are held weekly, helping to bring people together to form connections. There are also plenty of delicious local restaurants and cozy coffee shops where people hang out.

Elko is famous for being one of the top Western towns in the country, with events like the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. It has a few casinos and hotels around, but there is not too much nightlife here which is perfect for people who enjoy more peaceful areas. 


An above-average school district, cooler weather, and lovely neighborhoods make Sparks an ideal place to live

Aerial view of the beautiful neighborhood in Sparks
A look at one of the gorgeous neighborhoods in Sparks, Nevada

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Sparks is a short drive from downtown Reno and have a variety of cute and welcoming neighborhoods. It has a great school district, making it a wonderful place to live with children. 

Sparks gets a good amount of snow in the winter months, so it is a good place for people who enjoy cooler weather and winter activities like skiing. 

There are a few shopping centers in the city, but you will need a car to get to them since they are not very walkable from the neighborhoods. The city also has a great selection of restaurants and hotels, so you won’t have to go far for a nice night out. 


The entertainment capital of the world also makes a great home for people of all ages

View of The Las Vegas Strip from the car stopped at traffic in Paradise
The Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada

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Paradise is one of the best places to stay near Las Vegas, and one of the best places to live! It’s home to the University of Nevada, much of the Las Vegas Strip, and many popular tourist attractions. 

Many young professionals, college students, and couples live in the area due to its proximity to nightlife. You’ll find some of the top clubs in Las Vegas here, as well as some of the best Vegas bars and restaurants. 

There are a few parks in the area to bring your family or pets, and Sunset Park is a very popular place for festivals in Las Vegas. There are also plenty of stores nearby, but you will most likely need a vehicle to navigate the area. 

North Las Vegas

A family-friendly city with access to everything from fun parks to exciting nightlife

Aerial view of the Mojave Desert behind  the neighborhood in North Las Vegas at sunset
Mojave Desert scenery backdrops North Las Vegas

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North Las Vegas is a short drive from the exciting nightlife in downtown Las Vegas. But it maintains a feeling of seclusion and quiet which is perfect for families. North Las Vegas is affordable, has many newer homes, and provides a sense of community. 

The Aliante Nature Discovery Park and Craig Ranch Regional Park are just a few of the many cool parks in North Las Vegas. There are also many delicious restaurants and large shopping areas all around, which makes the city very accessible. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is nearby and often hosts fun events like concerts and car races. 

👉 Pro Tip: North Las Vegas has its own airport so you can avoid the chaos of the Harry Reid International Airport when traveling.  

FAQs About Living in Nevada 

Where is the most affordable place to live in Nevada?

The most affordable place to live in Nevada is Elko. North Las Vegas is another area known for its reasonably priced homes. 

What is the safest place to live in Nevada?

The safest place to live in Nevada is Boulder City. It has the least amount of overall crimes per capita. 


Thanks for reading my guide to where to live in Nevada! I hope I was helpful in your quest to find the best places to live in Nevada.

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  1. Your list is all the more populated towns and cities. Get out and check out our smaller communities. You’d definitely change the list. My list would be way different.

  2. As someone who has lived in Northern Nevada for 30+ years now, southern Nevada would NEVER be on my list of desirable places to live in Nevada. I’m a California expat, and got out because I wanted a more rural, laid back lifestyle.
    Incline Village is a great place to live. If you’re a millionaire. It used to be affordable, but the millionaires moved in and took over. Now it’s a wealthy person’s enclave.

    Reno is a smaller version of Las Vegas. Back in the 90’s we called it- Reno California. Too many people.
    Same with Sparks.
    In fact, the joke is- Reno is so close to hell you can see Sparks.
    I like where I live, but the cost of living has tripled to quintupled over the past 30 years. I can’t imagine how people can afford to live here anymore. California’s SFBay Area expats over the past 30 years have driven the cost of living through the roof.

  3. Nice relaxed style to your prose & reporting style. Couple of typos…where might they be? A native Nevadan….nice.

    Though, as you are surely more then aware of, you just can’t please John Q Public entirely! Perhaps your next byline might be The Ten Best Rural Enclaves in Nevada.

    You covered a lot of territory &
    your article was informative thru-out! Good job.

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