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34 Paris-Themed Travel Gifts (That They’ll Love)

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Looking for Paris gifts to give to someone who’s traveling to France soon? Help them take their trip to the next level with special Paris travel gifts.

The City of Light lends itself to so many unique travel gift ideas from travel gear to tickets for personalized experiences. In this guide, you’ll find unique Paris gifts, hand-selected by me, a Paris, France local. 

Without further ado, let’s jump into!

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Best Paris Gift Ideas

French Dictionary App

Our Pick
Collins-Robert French-English Dictionary App

A good dictionary helps travelers understand unusual French terms. This app dictionary can go everywhere with them.

I studied French for 13 years before moving to Paris. I’ve lived here for ten years, and some terms still baffle me, particularly on menus. I’ve tried several dictionaries, both paperback and online. But Collins-Robert French-English Dictionary App is at the top of my list for thoroughness, ease, and portability. It even works offline!

Parisian Candle

Our Pick
Café in Paris Candle

Planning a trip to Paris is half the fun, and this candle will transport future visitors to a Paris café instantly.

Paris doesn’t always smell great—but its cafés do. This Café in Paris Candle gives a great preview of what’s to come when lit while packing. And after travelers return, they can relive their best Paris memories by relighting it.

Tote Bag

Our Pick
"Oui" Tote

Save money while saving the environment with this chic French tote bag, perfect for shopping sprees.

Paris stores charge for disposable bags. This is part of an effort to be more environmentally friendly. Save your loved one money and waste with this chic and lightweight “Oui” Tote. Plus, it reminds them to say “oui” to Paris adventures!

Museum Tickets

Our Pick
Paris Museum Pass

Paris may be the world capital of museums, but ticket prices can add up quickly—unless you have a museum pass!

Some travelers come to Paris with the assumption that museums are free. National museums are, the rest aren’t. The Paris Museum Pass, available for 2, 4, or 6 days, gives unlimited access to 50 museums. A museum pass is one of the most useful Paris gifts to give and is the perfect way to help your loved one enjoy some of the best attractions in Paris.

Paris Travel Journal

Our Pick
Personalized Paris Travel Journal with Pockets and Envelopes

Help your loved ones preserve their Paris memories forever with this customized, luxe travel journal.

Journals can seem like impersonal gifts, but not this one. It’s the perfect place to collect memories of Paris, both in words and objects. The Personalized Paris Travel Journal with Pockets and Envelopes has custom features. Its envelopes and pockets are the perfect place to keep photos, ticket stubs, and other Paris souvenirs in one place.

Airport Lounge Pass

Our Pick
Priority Pass

"Upgrade" your loved one’s flights by giving them worldwide lounge access for their Paris trip… and any other trips they take this year!

Who wouldn’t choose to fly first-class if they could afford it? Make your loved ones feel like first-class travelers with access to airport lounges worldwide with this Priority Pass. At Charles de Gaulle, it gets travelers into the StarAlliance lounge. I received my Priority Pass last year. It makes every flight, even in economy, feel like a luxury.

VPN Subscription

Many banks and other institutions don’t allow you to access their websites abroad. Express VPN allows travelers to access important sites by picking where their computer appears to be accessing the site. 

It’s also great for watching English-language shows (many French streaming sites add dubbing or subtitles to these). I always keep ExpressVPN running on my computer for protection and ease. 

7 Paris Gift Ideas Under $25

Sleep Mask

Our Pick
Wake Me In Paris Sleep Mask

Sleeping on planes and even on vacation is hard, but this sleep mask makes it easier.

Sleeping in unfamiliar places like a plane or a hotel room can be difficult even without light distractions. Give a lasting solution to this problem with the Wake Me In Paris Sleep Mask.

Water Bottle

Our Pick
Special Made Water Bottle
Long days spent walking around Paris require hydration. This tiny bottle will come in handy when your loved one doesn't want to stop at a café.

Water bottles take up tons of precious suitcase space, and disposable bottles can be annoying and aren’t very sustainable. This Special Made Water Bottle is a good solution. It’s collapsible so it takes up only a tiny amount of space. Refill at the airport or before leaving your hotel.

Travel Jewelry Case

Our Pick
Eiffel Tower Travel Jewelry Box

Help your traveler keep their jewelry organized with this jewelry box. It celebrates the ultimate symbol of France: the Eiffel Tower.

Nobody needs all of their jewelry when traveling, even to Paris. But tossing jewelry into a bag is a good way to lose or damage them. I love this Eiffel Tower Travel Jewelry Box for its organizational features that make the most of a small space.

Power Adapter

Our Pick
Universal Travel Power Adapter

Keep your loved one connected by giving them access to different outlets (and future journeys to other places in the world!). 

This Universal Travel Power Adapter allows travelers to keep access to outlets in many regions, including the EU. I especially love the USB charging ports as well. This is one of those Paris gifts that can be reused for years to come!

Passport Holder

Our Pick
Vintage French Postcard Passport Holder

Useless luxury? Hardly! A passport holder makes it easier to keep your passport in sight—and keep it protected.

I’ve lost my passport more times than I can count in fifteen years of living abroad. It stopped when I got a passport holder. A good holder makes your passport stand out when you’re looking for it. It also protects it from accidental spills.

Paris Books

Our Pick
A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

This classic memoir of life in France in the 1920s will help travelers appreciate the long history of foreigners in France. 

Learning about the history of France is a daunting task. But A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway makes it enjoyable. It’s a classic memoir of an American in Paris. Travelers can read it in the same places Hemingway writes about, including the Luxembourg Gardens. As a bonus, buy the Kindle version and enjoy reading on a handy and lightweight e-reader.

Paris Audiobooks

Our Pick
Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

This essay collection about the adventures of an American in Paris will delight readers with its dry wit.

Almost every traveler to France gets frustrated with the language at some point (myself included). Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris is a hilarious collection of essays about his struggles learning French in Paris. As a Paris gift bonus, you can make it part of an Audible subscription.

3 Paris Gift Ideas for Unique Experiences

Going Membership

Our Pick
Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) Premium Membership

Have loved ones dreaming of Paris but waiting for a good deal? Help them score one with a Going membership!

Airplane tickets are one of the biggest costs travelers to Paris face. If you can’t buy tickets for your loved ones, consider a Going membership. It will alert travelers to the best ticket deals available. They can also try it free for a month to see if it’s for them.

The Perfect Day Trip

Our Pick
Guided Tour of Versailles Palace and Claude Monet's Giverny

History and art fans will delight in this expertly guided tour of the French castle and the Impressionist painter's country home.

A day trip from Paris can feel too expensive for budget travelers. Help history and art fans take their trip to the next level with this Guided Tour of Versailles Palace and Claude Monet’s Giverny. They’ll walk in the footsteps of French kings and Impressionist painters on the same day!

Perfumery Tour

Our Pick
Guided Visit of the Fragonard Museum and Perfume Workshop

French perfume remains some of the best on earth. This luxurious tour lets visitors discover a top perfume museum and workshop.

Perfume fans will love this tour of a French perfume workshop and museum. The price is incredibly reasonable for a Guided Visit of the Fragonard Museum and Perfume Workshop. Visitors will create their own eau de toilette at the end of the tour as a lasting souvenir. I think this is one of the most unique Paris gifts you can give.

11 Practical Paris Gift Ideas

Carry-On Suitcase

Our Pick
Osprey Transporter 4-Wheel Hybrid Carry-On

Checking a bag is the biggest hassle of international travel–until picking it up! Travelers can bypass the lines with this carry-on suitcase.

Checking a bag is a huge hassle, especially in a large and busy airport like Charles de Gaulle Airport. The Osprey 4-Wheel Hybrid Transporter is a roomy suitcase that’s still carry-on size. Its hard sides are perfect for protecting travelers’ belongings. Meanwhile, its wheels have spinners that make it incredibly easy to move with.


Our Pick
Amazon Kindle

Encourage your loved ones to relax in a Paris café with a pile of good books… that weigh under 6 oz!

Paris has a rich literary history, but nobody wants to lug a heavy pile of books to Paris. The Amazon Kindle e-reader makes it easy to travel with literally thousands of books. I’ve had several as they’ve updated it over the years, and Kindles are great for reading in Paris’s gardens and cafés!

Travel Umbrella

Travel Lemming Tested
Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella
Paris in the rain is less romantic in practice than in imagination. Protect your loved ones with this Travel Lemming-approved umbrella.

Paris can be unexpectedly rainy, even during the best time of year in Paris. Umbrellas are expensive here, and prices increase when it’s rainy. The Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella is Travel Lemming’s choice for a lightweight yet sturdy umbrella.

Cordless Transmitter

Our Pick
Twelve South Bluetooth Audio Transmitter
Let your loved ones travel cord-free with AirFlyPro, giving them 25 hours of transmission from a single charge.

Cords are a hassle when traveling. But the AirFlyPro cordless Bluetooth transmitter makes cords unnecessary. Travelers can use this to connect wireless headphones. It works with anything from airplane screens to hotel gym entertainment systems. Even better? Two people can use it at once. 

Portable Charger

Our Pick
INIU High-Speed Portable Power Bank

Nothing will drain your phone like a long day touring Paris. Ensure your loved one has a fully charged phone with this power bank.

Nobody needs the stress of searching for an open charger in an airport, or, worse, at a Parisian café. This INIU High-Speed Portable Power Bank is handy for travelers who spend long days away from their hotels. It quickly recharges phone batteries on the go. 

French Laundry Bag

Our Pick
Washable Drawstring Laundry Bag

Keep travelers' dirty laundry from messing up their fresh items with this French-themed laundry bag.

Anyone who’s ever opened their suitcase after a long trip knows the unpleasantness of traveling with dirty laundry. This Paris-themed Washable Drawstring Laundry Bag will separate travelers’ used clothes. It’s small when folded but roomy when open. It’s also a useful item even after returning from Paris!

Two-Way Voice Translator

Our Pick
Berlanche Language Translator

Non-French-speakers may struggle to communicate. But the Berlanche Language Translator has them covered.

Travelers struggling with French aren’t alone, but it can sometimes be frustrating to have a conversation in Paris. The Berlanche Language Translator works two ways. It automatically translates both sides of a conversation. 

French Toiletry Bag

Our Pick
Toile de Jouy Makeup Bag

Traveling with makeup can lead to a messy nightmare, but this French-made bag will keep makeup items safe.

Separating potentially leaky items like makeup is key for safe packing. For makeup, I love this Toile de Jouy Makeup Bag for its classic French pattern. It’s also made in France, so by purchasing it, you’ll be supporting a French creator and your traveler!

Toiletry Bottles

Our Pick
Airplane Toiletry Bottles

Security restrictions on liquids don't have to equate to checked bags. These bottles make carry-on travel hassle-free.

French pharmacies are wonderful places to stock up on toiletries. But what should travelers do before they can get to one, especially if they aren’t checking a bag? These Airplane Toiletry Bottles are perfect for carry-on-only travelers. I love the varied sizes and sleekness of this kit.


Our Pick
Waklyte Ultraviolet Blacklight Flashlight

Sanitary-minded travelers will appreciate the peace of mind a blacklight can give them. This one is small but powerful.

Some travelers are worried about cleanliness after the 2023 Paris bedbug scare. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Experts recommend using a UV flashlight to look for the creatures. The Waklyte Ultraviolet Blacklight Flashlight is great: it does double-duty as a blacklight. This means it can reveal other unsanitary conditions. 

Travel Shoe Bags

Our Pick
Personalized Travel Shoe Bags

Help travelers keep their clean clothing fresh with a set of ultra-personalized travel shoe bags. 

A long day of walking in Paris can make shoes filthy. Help your loved one separate their shoes from the rest of their luggage with these Personalized Travel Shoe Bags. These are great for many reasons. They’re inexpensive. They come in multiple sizes. But my favorite part is the custom printing options that allow travelers to see which pairs are in which bag at a glance.

5 Paris Fashion Gift Ideas


Our Pick
French Silk Scarf

A chic scarf is the quickest way to make an outfit classier. Boost your traveler’s style with these French silk scarves.

It’s easy to feel intimidated by Parisian style. This is especially true when you’re traveling! This floral French Silk Scarf is the perfect outfit upgrade. It’s also the ideal size to use as a hair or bag accessory, or, around the neck.

Bamboo Cardigan

Our Pick
Lightweight Bolero Cardigan

Paris weather is unpredictable, but layers can keep travelers comfy. A luxury layer of cashmere boosts warmth and style.

Paris evenings get chilly, even in summer. But layers can be bulky to pack. This bamboo Lightweight Bolero Cardigan is the perfect layering piece. It takes up only a tiny amount of space. Meanwhile, the fabric makes it ideal for changing weather conditions.

Chic Tote

Our Pick
Transporter Laptop Tote

Almost everyone travels with a laptop, but clunky laptop bags are a pain to lug around. This sleek tote doubles as a chic purse.

A bulky laptop bag or backpack is nobody’s favorite carry-on, yet almost everybody has to have one. This Transporter Laptop Tote looks like a chic purse, yet has enough room for a laptop and more. It’s also just a great way to keep your items safe in Paris since it’s zippered and secure. It also makes a great shopping bag for Paris outings!

Multi-Purpose Carry-On Bag

Our Pick
Osprey Transporter Boarding Bag

Lighten your traveler’s loads—literally—with this roomy boarding bag. It's stylish, durable, and meets airlines' personal bag size limits.

Flying without a checked bag removes so much hassle from international travel. This is especially true at the busy Charles de Gaulle Airport. But many travelers struggle to pack everything into a carry-on. 

Enter the Osprey Transporter Boarding Bag. This bag meets airline size requirements for a personal item. At the same time, it gives travelers enough room to carry vital items, such as e-readers and cardigans.

Personalized Lingerie Bags

Our Pick
Embroidered Lingerie Bags

Nothing says "French chic" like French lingerie. These personalized bags separate and protect delicates while traveling.

A trip to France should make lingerie wardrobes better, not worse. Help loved ones protect their intimate items with these personalized Embroidered Lingerie Bags. These lovely bags protect delicate items while organizing suitcases. The best of all worlds!

FAQs About Paris Gifts

What are some good gifts for Paris under $50?

There are many good Paris gifts under $50; the best are useful. A French dictionary app, travel umbrella, and audiobooks are good Paris gift ideas.

What are some unique Paris gifts? 

Unique Paris gifts include personalized luxury items like a custom travel journal, personalized embroidered lingerie bags, or travel shoe bags that are chic and practical at the same time.


The best Paris gifts are unique, personal, and useful. Boost your Paris gift to a loved one with a printed copy of my five-day Paris itinerary!

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