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View of the Bagan Temples at sunset
Bagan Temples at sunset

Why We Love Myanmar – The story of Myanmar’s tourism industry is sadly a story of what might have been. Due to years of military rule and sanctions from the outside world, Myanmar has not developed in anything close to the same fashion as other major Southeast Asian tourist destinations. On the positive side, this means that traveling Myanmar feels like what it must have felt like to visit Thailand 40 years ago. For a brief period in time, it looked like Myanmar might become the tourist destination of the future. Sadly, since 2017 the country has drawn headlines for the Rohingya genocide, a tragic human rights violation that has sparked criticism of the government from human rights organizations around the world. While the country of Myanmar (aka Burma) is understandably enticing to many travelers, many more are still choosing to skip it out of ethical concerns. Do your research on the latest situation and make a considered choice about whether and how you can travel Myanmar ethically. 

Best of Myanmar

🏙️ Destinations

View of the Mandalay Hill and the colorful sky
Mandalay Hill

When, and if, travel to Myanmar is again ethical, some of the top places to visit in Myanmar will include:

  • Yangon
  • Mandalay
  • Bagan
  • Kalaw
  • Naypyidaw

✨ Things to Do

Myanmar is one of the most beautiful places in the planet, and also one of the most unique. Some of the most famous sites, attractions, and things to do in Myanmar include:

  • Shwedagon Pagoda
  • Bagan Temples
  • U Bein Bridge
  • Mandalay Hill
  • Indein Village
Aerial view of the Indein Village
Indein Village

Myanmar Travel Advice

🗓️ Best Time to Visit

November to February is the best time to visit Myanmar due to its comfortable weather. If you’re not bothered too much by the heat, then you can also opt to visit during the warmer months. Try to avoid visiting between June to September though as these months fall under Myanmar’s rainy season.

⚠️ Safety

It is a good idea to check the latest US State Department travel advisories for your destination, as well as to make an informed decision about the ethical implications of tourism in Myanmar. 

🤓 Facts & Info

  • Population – 54.5 million
  • Capital – Naypyidaw
  • Currency – Myanmar Kyat ($1 = ~1403.19 kyat)
  • Language – Burmese
  • Plugs – Type A, C, D, G or I, 230V / 50Hz.

💵 Budgeting & Money

Major accommodations and establishments in the cities may accept credit and debit cards. However, cash is still the main mode of payment throughout the country. As ATMs are widely available in all major towns and smaller areas that are frequented by tourists, this shouldn’t pose a problem.

📰 Myanmar Travel Guides

Getting planning your trip to Myanmar with all our Myanmar travel guides: