Colorful houses in Mexico City neighborhoods

11 Best Mexico City Neighborhoods (in 2023)

If you’re struggling to find your perfect fit among all the Mexico City neighborhoods, then you’re in the right place.

There are over 300 neighborhoods in the vast metropolis of Mexico City, so there’s a ridiculous amount of options to explore for where to stay. Having all those choices sounds great at first, but many people find the sheer number of neighborhoods in Mexico City overwhelming pretty quickly.

When I moved to Mexico City six months ago, I did a deep dive into many of Mexico City’s popular neighborhoods to find an area that was ideal for my lifestyle. Now, I want to share the insight I gained to help you figure out the neighborhoods in Mexico City where you’ll feel the most comfortable. 

Whether you’re looking for where to stay in CDMX on a short vacation, or planning a full-blown move to Mexico City, I’ve got you covered with the 9 best neighborhoods in Mexico City.

Let’s dive in!

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11 Best Neighborhoods in Mexico City

The Historic Center (Centro Histórico)

A bustling neighborhood filled with history, culture, and unique architectural styles 

View of the Mexico City's Metropolitan Cathedral and people passing by to it
Mexico City’s Metropolitan Cathedral in the Zocalo

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | 👉 Best Hotel: Mumedi Design Hotel 

If you’re considering moving to Mexico City but don’t know the area that well yet, then Centro Histórico is the best neighborhood to stay in for a scouting trip. As its name suggests, Centro Histórico is located in the heart of the city. It’s nearby many of Mexico City’s other tempting neighborhoods, like Zona Rosa and Roma. 

Centro Histórico is also very close to some of Mexico City’s top attractions like Palacio de Bellas Artes, the Zocalo square, and Museo de Arte Popular for folk art. You can find many different kinds of restaurants and some nice rooftop bars around Centro Histórico. Accommodations are plentiful in this neighborhood, and the prices can accommodate everyone from luxury travlers to backpackers exploring CDMX on a budget

While Centro Histórico is close to everything and a convenient place to stay, it’s also a very crowded and loud area. There are also very few schools in Centro Historico, so that’s a big thing to consider if you have children. 

Pros of Centro Historico

Cons of Centro Historico 

  • Not many schools nearby
  • Often very crowded with tourists
  • Higher rates of petty crime

👉 Local Tip: Centro Historico is one of the best places to stay in Mexico City for a scouting trip. There are lots of affordable hotels, and it’s close to many of the other neighborhoods.

San Angel

A chill district with cobbled streets, churches, and weekend markets 

Arts displayed on side street during Saturday Bazaar in Mexico City
Art at the Saturday Bazaar (photo: Kamira / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Colegio Senda 2000 Fleming, S.C., Queen Elizabeth School | 👉 Best Hotel: Galeria Plaza San Jeronimo 

If you’re the type of person who needs a little space from the hustle and bustle of being in a major city, then I’d highly recommend checking out San Angel. This neighborhood is located a little over 30 minutes drive from central CDMX. The distance gives San Angel a blanket of calmness that neighborhoods like Centro Histórico simply don’t have. 

Within the district, there are a few markets and art galleries like Flux/Lab, Baga 06, and Arte Carrillo Gil Museum. The downside of this area is that it’s a bit of a hike from every other neighborhood on this list. 

But, if you don’t mind relying on public transportation or a car, San Angel is one of the best neighborhoods in Mexico City. 

Pros of San Angel Neighborhood

  • Peaceful, safe, and quiet
  • Lots of history and culture to explore 
  • Art galleries and artisan markets
  • Striking colonial buildings
  • Less touristy than other neighborhoods

Cons of San Angel Neighborhood

  • Less nightlife than in other areas 
  • Far from the city center
  • It gets busy on the weekends


A safe and traditional area with art galleries, mercados, and yummy restaurants

View of the Coyote Fountain in Jardin Centenario
The Coyote Fountain in Jardin Centenario (photo: Just Another Photographer /

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Everest School, Muriel Maria Del Carmen Preschool, Escuela Mier y Pesado | 👉 Best Hotel: Mansión Papilio 

The Coyoacan neighborhood is named by a lot of travelers as the coolest neighborhood in all of Mexico City. While you’ll have to decide that for yourself, Coyoacan is undeniably a great neighborhood.

It’s safe and perfect for families with children, but there are still plenty of activities to do throughout the area. It’s definitely the type of place where you’ll never be bored. 

Coyoacan has a number of galleries and museums for contemporary art. You can visit the Blue House where Frida Kahlo lived with her husband Diego Rivera or get a glimpse of history at the Leon Trotsky Museum. The Coyoacan Market is also a daily event in the neighborhood where you can get a better feel for local Mexican Markets. 

Pros of Coyoacan Neighborhood

  • Safe and good for families with children
  • Lots of cool activities like modern art galleries, markets, and museums
  • Plenty of spots to chill outside, like Plaza Hidalgo
  • Top-notch restaurants and street food

Cons of Coyoacan Neighborhood

  • Far from the city center (40 minutes)
  • Car or public transportation needed

👉 Local Tip: Need a set of wheels to get around? Renting a car in Mexico can be very confusing and expensive, so before you reserve anything, read our guide to renting a car in Mexico.

San Miguel Chapultepec

A historically-rich neighborhood with stunning architecture and a central location

Overlooking view of San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood
(photo: Suriel Ramzal / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Primaria Bilingüe Colegio Lan Siloé, Escuela Primaria República de Costa Rica, Colegio Montessori del Bosque | 👉 Best Hotel: Hotel Park Villa 

San Miguel Chapultepec is one of the best neighborhoods in Mexico City for people who want to be close to the action but not right in the middle of it. It’s located right next to awesome areas like Condesa, Roma, and Escandon, but it’s not as touristy or busy as these neighborhoods are. 

San Miguel Chapultepec is a nice spot to get an apartment if you want to stay in Mexico City long-term. Everything you could ever need (or want) is close by. Plus, it’s a nice enough neighborhood that you could be entertained simply by walking around the streets. 

Pros of San Miguel Chapultepec

  • Close to Chapultepec Park
  • Rich in history and culture
  • Walking distance to other interesting neighborhoods

Cons of San Miguel Chapultepec

  • Fewer options for accommodations
  • On the pricier side

👉 Local Tip: Chapultepec Park is one of the largest city parks in the entire world, and there’s a lot to explore. However, getting caught in a storm here during the rainy season isn’t as fun. For more information about the local weather and seasons, check out my article about the best time to visit Mexico

Zona Rosa

A vivacious area with a thriving nightlife scene, tree-lined streets, and plentiful accommodations 

View of a sidewalk in Zona Rosa with trees and vines along it

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website  | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Sofitel Mexico City Reforma 

Zona Rosa is the ideal neighborhood for young people that want to be within walking distance of an exciting party or an array of some of the top cocktail bars in Mexico City. It’s one of Mexico City’s best neighborhoods to live in because of this vicious nightlife scene. 

Besides the area’s flourishing nightlife, Zona Rosa is just a great place to be in general. You could spend hours wandering Paseo de La Reforma, shopping for handicrafts, or just hanging out at one of the neighborhood’s many chic cafes (the area is home to some of the best coffee shops in CDMX). It’s also in a terrific location with lots of apartments between Centro Historico and Roma. 

Zona Rosa is a lovely spot to live and very easy to get comfortable in. 

Pros of Zona Rosa Neighborhood

  • A lively nightlife scene and great bars 
  • Great restaurants and street food
  • Close to public transport and Paseo de La Reforma
  • Many apartments available

Cons of Zona Rosa Neighborhood

  • Fewer schools nearby
  • It can be a bit loud at night

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A modish neighborhood that’s known for excellent restaurants, luscious parks, and good vibes

View of a Roma Street in Mexico City surrounded with trees
You’ll Always Be Surrounded by Trees on the Streets of Roma

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Montessori’s World Preschool & Elementary School, Escuela Primaria Benito Juarez, Valentin Zamora Orozco Elementary School | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Stanza Hotel

The Roma neighborhood is home to some of the best restaurants in Mexico City, and is known for its trendy ambiance that pulls in travelers.  

Roma is located in the middle of a few other cool neighborhoods and has lots of places to stay. It’s very close to expansive green spaces like Chapultepec Park and Parque Mexico, and is home to tons of cool restaurants, cocktail bars, and even co-working spaces. It’s the perfect area for grabbing brunch in CDMX on a Sunday morning.

Roma is great for young people who want to live in an upbeat neighborhood with plenty of things to do nearby. At the same time, it’s also laidback enough to accommodate families. 

Pros of Roma

  • Several schools for kids of all ages
  • Hundreds of amazing restaurants and bars
  • Lots of street food
  • Trendy atmosphere
  • Close to Bosque de Chapultepec and Parque México

Cons of Roma

  • Touristy area, especially during the high season
  • Busy
  • Expensive 

👉 Local Tip: Roma is one of the most popular neighborhoods for tourists to stay in when they visit. So, during the high season, the streets get very busy. It’s something to consider if you’re the type of person who prefers a laidback neighborhood all year round. 


A cozy and stylish district close to Bosque de Chapultepec and Roma

Aerial view of streets in Condesa
A Drone Shot Above the Streets of Condesa (photo: Andres Medina / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: KPM, Instituto Condesa | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Casa Mannach

Condesa is the neighborhood with the best location on this list. It’s located right next to Roma, Zona Rosa, and parks like Bosque de Chapultepec and Parque Mexico. Condesa itself is also a very welcoming neighborhood. 

Similar to Roma, Condesa has this trendy vibe about it. There are lots of restaurants to explore and nightlife to indulge in. Condesa seems to be slightly less touristy than Roma, but there are also fewer accommodations in this area. 

Pros of Condesa

  • Plenty of food and bars
  • Trendy atmosphere
  • Close to Bosque de Chapultepec and other popular neighborhoods

Cons of Condesa

  • Limited accommodations for scouting trips
  • Expensive 

San Rafael

A centrally-located neighborhood with art deco architecture and contemporary art galleries

The Palacio de Bella Artes during sunset
Palacio de Bella Artes at Sunset (photo: Santiago Castillo Chomel / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website  | School Districts: Colegio Ingles Elizabeth Brock, Escuela Primaria “Margarita Maza de Juarez” | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: City Express Junior CDMX Sullivan 

San Rafael is all about outstanding architecture and supplying a multitude of tasty traditional food. It’s a special area because they’re very close to the big places like Centro Historico and Zona Rosa, but it’s still just far enough to get a bit of respite from these busier parts of the city. 

San Rafael also has a bunch of nearby galleries and museums like Museo Experimental El Eco and Galería Hilario Galguera.

Pros of San Rafael

  • Central location
  • Close to other neighborhoods
  • Many public transportation options nearby 
  • Plenty of restaurants, cafes, and nightlife
  • Museums and attractions nearby

Cons of San Rafael

  • Less well-known than other neighborhoods
  • Not many hotel options

👉 Local Tip: San Rafael is pretty close to other neighborhoods like Zona Rosa and Roma. It’s easy to get around CDMX using taxis or public transport, but I’d recommend walking to as many neighborhoods as possible. For more advice about visiting CDMX and Mexico in general, be sure to read these  23 Mexico travel tips to know before traveling.  

Santa Maria La Ribera

A comfortable neighborhood with a great location and bilingual schools 

A bicycle in front of the Kiosco Morisco in Santa Maria La Ribera
The Kiosco Morisco in Santa Maria La Ribera (photo: Eve Orea / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Cezar Bilingual School, Bilingual School Saint Mary | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Holiday Inn Buenavista 

Santa Maria La Ribera is San Rafael’s neighbor, so they have many of the same draws. Just like San Rafael, Santa Maria La Ribiera is placed in the ultimate location for living or visiting. It’s pretty close to busier neighborhoods like Zona Rosa and Centro Historico. But, it’s not so close that you’re plagued with chaos on the streets every day. 

The other cool thing about Santa Maria La Ribera is that they have a few different bilingual schools for kids. So, if you’re looking for a neighborhood with a school for your English-speaking child, this might be a great fit. 

Pros of Santa Maria La Ribera

  • Central location
  • Close to other neighborhoods
  • Several bilingual schools in the neighborhood

Cons of Santa Maria La Ribera

  • Less popular than other neighborhoods
  • Limited options for accommodations


An upscale, romantic area featuring an array of gourmet cuisine and luxury stays

Plants in front of the Beluga Restaurant in Polanco
Beluga, An Upscale Restaurant in Polanco

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Colegio Ciudad de México, Plantel Polanco, Lafontaine School Polanco, Liceo Franco Mexicano | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: The Wild Oscar 

Are you someone who values having peace and quiet in your neighborhood? But, do you also want access to lots of shopping, fancy restaurants, and other fun activities? If so, then Polanco is the right neighborhood for you. 

Polanco is a romantic neighborhood that’s rich with the finer things in life. We’re talking gourmet cuisine and luxury boutique hotels on nearly every block. Polanco also has quite a few different schools in the neighborhood, so it’s a common choice for families with young children. 

On the flip side, this neighborhood tends to be pretty expensive. Accommodations and restaurants in Polanco can average a few hundred dollars a night more than in other neighborhoods.

Pros of Polanco

  • Plenty of shopping
  • Several schools nearby
  • Lots of luxury accommodations and experiences
  • Endless gourmet cuisine
  • One of the most romantic neighborhoods

Cons of Polanco

  • Very expensive
  • Fewer public transportation options
  • Located outside the city center

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A quiet and family-friendly neighborhood removed from the city chaos 

View while walking on the streets of Narvarte
Strolling the tree-lined streets of Narvarte

📍 Google Maps | School Districts: Centro Universitario Mexico, Jardín de Niños Buckingham (Campus Narvarte) | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: OM 686 Urban Lofts 

Out of all the neighborhoods on this list, Narvarte is by far the quietest and calmest. Narvarte is mainly a residential area with lots of families. There are still quite a few restaurants serving up traditional food, and a huge mall called Parque Delta is within walking distance.  

I stayed in Narvarte during my first week in Mexico City, and I adored the tranquil nature of the neighborhood. There were multiple times when I thought to myself, “this might be the quietest part of the city I’ve ever been to.” It’s a very relaxing atmosphere. 

Narvarte’s peacefulness makes it a terrific neighborhood for people that don’t want to be bothered by the partying side of this great city. 

Pros of Navarte

  • Quiet, cozy, and safe
  • Authentic to local life in Mexico City
  • Fewer tourists 
  • Several schools in the area

Cons of Navarte

  • Limited nightlife scene
  • Very few hotels
  • Largely residential area

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FAQs About Mexico City Neighborhoods

What are the hip neighborhoods in Mexico City?

Mexico City’s hip neighborhoods are Roma, Condesa, Polanco, and Zona Rosa. These areas have many of the qualities that travelers or residents look for. There are plenty of restaurants, hotels, cafes, and activities to do. The areas are very safe, clean, and cute.

What is the best area of Mexico City?

Condesa is the best area in Mexico City, as it’s in a prime location right next to Roma, Chapultepec Park, and Bosque de Chapultepec. Many other interesting parts of Mexico City are walkable from Condesa. It’s filled with delicious dining establishments, fun bars, and adorable cafes for getting work done during the day.

Where should you avoid in Mexico City?

You should avoid Itzapalapa, Tepito, and Ciudad Neza in Mexico City. These neighborhoods tend to have higher crime rates than other areas of Mexico City. 

How safe is Roma Norte?

Roma Norte is one of Mexico City’s safest neighborhoods. Not only is there a lot to do in Roma, but you can also feel comfortable knowing that it’s a very safe area. Some other safe neighborhoods in Mexico City are Condesa, Polanco, and Coyoacan, to name a few.

📚 Related Reading: Even though Roma Norte and the other neighborhoods listed in this article are safe, anything can happen. That’s why you should consider Mexico travel insurance whether you’re booking a quick scouting trip to CDMX or are moving to Mexico City long term.


Congrats, you’ve officially discovered the nine best neighborhoods in Mexico City! All you have to do now is book a ticket and see them with your own eyes. 

If you’re curious to explore outside the boundaries of CDMX neighborhoods, check out my list of the 19 best day trips from Mexico City

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