People eating in an outdoor dining brunch and breakfast restaurant in Mexico City

15 Mexico City Brunch & Breakfast Spots (in 2023)

Starting your day off at a delectable Mexico City brunch & breakfast spot is practically required with so many great options. In Mexico City, you can find everything from classic Mexican breakfast dishes to international options showcasing French and European traditions. 

Mexico City has an affinity for brunch. So when you’re visiting Mexico City, you have to experience the incredible brunch scene. It’s the perfect way to try some of the best Mexico City foods at some of the best restaurants in CDMX.

Let’s get into the best breakfast & brunch spots in Mexico City!

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15 Best Mexico City Brunch & Breakfast Restaurants


Mexican-Euro Fusion Brunch | ($$) | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 555 211 7731

A toast with cheese topped with egg and a vegetable on a plate

Lardo is a breakfast and lunch spot serving up Mexican-Euro fusion fare. They feature a bunch of creative takes on traditional dishes, including chilaquiles verdes with burrata cheese and Croque Monsieur sandwiches. They have a pretty comprehensive breakfast menu. 

Lardo is the perfect Mexico City breakfast institution to have eggs or avocado toast with a coffee on a warm sunny morning. The restaurant has a super cool and upscale feeling without being pretentious or intimidating. Lardo is one of the best places to grab a quick bite for brunch in Mexico City. 


Mexican Brunch | ($$) | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 556 267 6844

Egg omelet with green peas on a plate

QueSeriaDeMi is a busy weekend brunch spot in Mexico City. It boasts good food, great coffee, and a cozy restaurant space. It’s located right in the heart of the La Condesa neighborhood and has that classic feel of being a welcoming neighborhood cafe. 

QueSeriaDeMi has all the great breakfast options we’ve all come to love, like pancakes, french toast, and omelets. But there are also some classic Mexico breakfast options like molletes and huevos en cazuela as well. Basically, everyone’s taste buds will be satisfied with a stop at QueSeriaDeMi. 

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El Cardenal

Traditional Mexican | ($$) | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 555 521 3080

A traditional mexican dish named Escamoles in El Cardenal
Escamoles, a traditional Mexican dish made from ant larvae, an El Cardenal speciality

El Cardenal is one of the local hot spots in Mexico City for traditional cuisine. There are actually three different El Cardenal locations around CDMX, but they’re all equally as tasty. The brunch restaurant has an extensive menu and you can find everything from egg dishes and traditional chilaquiles to sweet bread and hot chocolate. 

Since it’s one of the most popular places for brunch in Mexico City, it’s always pretty busy. Be prepared to wait for a table and deal with a high-energy atmosphere. 


Upscale Brunch | ($$$$) | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 555 230 1818

An octopus dish with vegetable in Zanaya
Zanaya is Known for their Seafood Lunch Dishes, like Octopus

Zanaya leans more towards the upscale end of the brunch spectrum. They have a wide menu variety, including seafood specialties and steak plates. The ambiance of Zanaya truly fits the luxurious menu too, as the restaurant’s layout is immaculate and the open-air garden dining area is the perfect place for a morning recoup. 

Cafe Nin

International Espresso Bar | ($$) | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞+52 559 155 4805

A quiche pie on a plate with fork
The quiche at Cafe Nin is to die for

Cafe Nin is one of my favorite places for brunch in Mexico City. Cafe Nin presents diners with a stunning restaurant space and authentic brunch. I’d definitely recommend trying their sweet bread, particularly their chocolate conchas or the citrus scone. There are lots of other pastries that make for great light breakfast options. 

There are also great offerings beyond their baked goods. Cafe Nin serves excellent cheesy croissant breakfast sandwiches and egg dishes. My personal go-to is the spinach and ricotta croissant, but the classic ham and cheese is amazing too. 


International Brunch | ($$) | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 555 280 6681

A fresh French croissant with prosciutto and a glass of coffee

For an international flair, stop by Catamundi for brunch in Mexico City. Catamundi is located right in the trendy Polanco neighborhood, and it offers a few Mexican classics with an international twist. 

Think flautas with BBQ beef, chilaquiles with short ribs, and Veracruz-style eggs. There are also some incredibly tasty boozy brunch drinks like the mezcalada and the ginmosa. 

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Mediterranean | ($$) | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 555 584 0870

A pavlova dessert on a plate with fork
People love Delirio for their pavlovas

Delirio is a casual breakfast spot located in the chic neighborhood of Roma Norte. They have lots of desserts and baked goods, but they’re especially known for their delicious pavlova. 

For breakfast and brunch, I’d recommend their chilaquiles rojos. The sauce is out-of-this-world incredible. If you haven’t tried chilaquiles yet, you’ll soon find out that the Mexican classic makes for one of the best brunch dishes in Mexico City. 

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Enhorabuena Café

International | ($$) | 📍 Google Maps 

A chicken sandwich with a basil on it

Enhorabuena Café has many of the brunch staples that you’d hope to find on a hot Sunday afternoon. We’re talking crisp salads, fresh fruit, flavorful soups, and fantastic sandwiches. It’s definitely one of the more casual breakfast spots, but they have some of the best breakfast and lunch dishes in CDMX. 

Enhorabuena Café also qualifies as a top-notch coffee shop. They have all the classic coffee shop drinks and some more unique choices like ginger espresso. 

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Deseo Café de Especialidad

Mexican & International Cafe | ($) | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 557 095 3649 

Waffles topped with berries and powdered sugar

If you want to try Mexico City’s local and international food in a single sitting, visit Deseo Café de Especialidad for brunch. No matter what you’re craving for brunch, they have it at this tiny, yet functional, cafe. Some of my top recommendations on the menu are the waffle breakfast sandwich or the french toast casserole with honey syrup and walnuts. 

Deseo Café de Especialidad also has some amazing coffee drinks like the horchata latte. 

Cafe de Tacuba

Mexican | ($$$) | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 555 521 2048

A traditional molletes in Cafe de Tacuba
Traditional Molletes

Cafe de Tacuba is probably the most popular place for brunch in Mexico City, and they’ve been feeding the people of CDMX brunch food for over 100 years. In that time, they’ve cultivated a reputation for having some of the best spicy mole in the world. It’s an uncomplicated yet authentic brunch spot. 

Eating at Tacuba is truly an experience because of their lavish decor. Inside the cafe, you’ll find massive murals and colorfully tiled walls. Oftentimes, there’s live music from a mariachi band. It’s a great place to get a feel for Mexico City if you’re visiting from far away.

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Madre Cafe

Classic Brunch | ($$$) | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 556 141 2847

Thick pancakes with maple syrup and butter on a plate

Madre Cafe has that raw and exciting energy that most people are looking for in a brunch spot. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that all their food is ridiculously delicious. In fact, I’d say they have some of the best breakfast options in the city. However, be sure to get there on time because their brunch hours are 8 AM to 1 PM. 

There are so many tasty menu items. I’m a huge fan of the caramel layered pancakes and the eggs benedict with home-cured salmon. There are also some Mexican classics, like their many different chilaquiles. For people with a sweet tooth, I’d highly recommend their variety of carajillos. 


International Brunch | ($$) | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 559 130 8449

French toast banana with powdered sugar on it

Frëims is a funky brunch restaurant with a style totally its own. The walls are adorned with bright green plants, and there are friendly cartoon murals painted across the walls. There’s so much space to make yourself comfortable and spend hours at Frëims. 

Their menu features super unique dishes like waffle pizza and lemon ricotta pancakes, but there are also age-old brunch favorites like BLTs and parfaits. Best of all, Frëims serves brunch all day long so you never have to worry about brunch hours.  

Jardín Chapultepec

International | ($$) | 📍 Google Maps

Located by the famous nearby park of Bosque de Chapultepec, Jardin Chapultepec is a terrific stop along a busy day of sightseeing. They aren’t exclusively a breakfast and brunch spot, but they have a lot of these types of options. 

If you want a place where you can continue the party from the night before, Jardin Chapultepec is a good choice. They have lots of different beers and cocktails readily available. 

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Mexican | ($$) | Website | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 555 584 3210

Salmon with vegetables on a plate

Matisse is an adorable, artsy brunch spot that specializes in Mexican food. Their tiny dining room is covered in interesting paintings and red walls. There’s also a gorgeous open-roof-style garden area too if you need more room to breathe. 

Matisse features so many different dishes and many of its menu items aren’t available at other places around Mexico City. My favorites are the margarita eggs with green salsa and the Cochinita pibil scramble. 

Cafe La Habana

Mexican | ($$) | 📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 555 535 2620

Mexican enchiladas with chicken and vegetables on a plate

Cafe La Habana is a traditional Mexican brunch spot with a lengthy history in Mexico City. It’s definitely considered a local favorite. 

As you would probably expect, Cafe La Habana has all the Mexican breakfast specialties that you’re probably longing to try. There are lots of variations on molletes, chilaquiles, and other popular local dishes. I’d also go for one of their many drinks like deliciously fresh juice or the Habana cold brew. 

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FAQs about Mexico City Brunch & Breakfast

What do people in Mexico City eat for breakfast?

Many local people in Mexico City eat sweet bread with some coffee or atole for breakfast. But, there are also some heftier breakfasts that people eat in Mexico City. Like chilaquiles, tamales, molletes and huevos rancheros. 

What time is breakfast in Mexico City?

During the weekdays, breakfast in Mexico City takes place from around 7:30 AM to 10 AM. On the weekends, however, breakfast time can extend all the way to 12:30. 

What is the most popular brunch restaurant in Mexico City?

The most popular brunch restaurant in Mexico City is Cafe de Tacuba. While Café de Tacuba is very popular, there are lots of other really well-known brunch spots in Mexico City such as El Cardenal and Cafe La Habana

What is the main meal of the day in Mexico?

The main meal of the day in Mexico is lunch. Lunch is typically served between 1 PM and 3 PM in Mexico City. 


That’s it for my guide to the best brunch and breakfast spots in Mexico City. I hope you’re ready to munch down on some fantastic food and possibly dip down a mimosa or two.

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Have fun at brunch in Mexico City!

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