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21 People Describe the Moment They Fell in Love With Travel

What was the exact moment you came to love travel?

For everyone, it’s a bit different.

Some people get bitten by the travel bug at a young age, while others don’t discover their love of travel until much later in life.

But, no matter how you fall for travel, it has you hooked for life once you do.

One of my favorite happy travel quotes is by Mark Twain, who said: “One must travel learn.”

But maybe we can learn just by listening to how others came to love travel?

So, with that in mind, I asked the folks over at The Travel Lemming Facebook Community to quickly describe the exact moment they fell for travel.

If you love to travel, and love awesome quotes about travel and adventure, you are sure to identify with at least one of their stories.

Read to the end to hear me quote my own story, and leave a comment at the end of this page to let us know your story of how you came to love travel.

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When Exactly Did You Come to Love Travel?

1) “I was, at a younger age, laying at the beach here in Puerto Rico, where I live and looking at the ocean I had this desire of knowing what was beyond that end line I’d see at the horizon. My first time on a plane was, going to Chicago. I fell in love ever since and haven’t stopped traveling. I’m obsessed with airports, planes, places. Whenever I arrive home from a trip, the first thing I do is planning my following trip.” —Neftali

2) “I fell in love with travel from the moment I thought I was born in the wrong country.” —Nora

3) “I was 30. I had just gotten out of an abusive marriage and had three young daughters. We were all pretty sad and decided to go on an adventure. We packed up the car and headed to Port Aransas in the middle of the week. It was amazing and we decided then we didn’t want to stop traveling. Instead, we came home sold all of our possessions and hit the road full-time!” —Amoya

4) “I was sitting in the lunch room at school. I am a teacher. And my colleague was mentioning that her sister, who had a flat in Paris needed someone to watch her cats and plants so she could come home to take care of business for three weeks. I thought why not? I spent three weeks in beautiful Paris, going to museums, drinking wine by the Seine, dancing in Monmarte, and riding the metro and getting off at random stops. And I took care of the kitty litter and watered plants. I was hooked.” —Patty

5) “When I got sick and realized life was short.” —Aoife

6) “I got hooked on travel while working as a tour leader in Turkey – I’d spent the day shut up in the local operators office trying to get a passenger onto a tour that had forgotten to pick her up. The operator was on the mezzanine floor of the hotel we used and the manager of the hotel and manager of the operator ended up in a fight by the pool throwing the sun loungers at each other which at the end of the day from hell, I had to break up! It was at this moment (laughing like a mad woman back in my room at the end of the day) I realized that whatever chaos ensued from my addiction that I would never, ever be able to give it up.” —Kristina 

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7) “When my parents moved me away from Germany at age 8. I learned that long distance friends are as important as any friends and that distances weren’t so far after all. And if distances aren’t really so far, then exploring as far as possible is all that I want.” —Ijana

8) “I was 17, and leaving California after spending one year there as an exchange student. As I kept looking around me trying to impress memories in my head on the drive to the airport, I realized I had never felt more free. In a country where I knew no one, I was free to be whoever I wanted, and I knew I was going to seek this feeling again as soon as possible. And so it was!” —Stefania

9) “My parents kept on moving us to different countries. I find it a challenge to stay put…” —Michelle

10) “No particular moment. Travel wasn’t a bug that I caught or a part of me that needed discovering; it has always been front and centre.” —Joss

11) “I was on a volunteer trip in Kenya and we had three days of downtime so my friend and I decided to visit the beach town of Mombasa. While we were there, I stayed in a hostel for the first time. Also staying at the hostel were several long term travelers – people traveling for six months or even a year. I became obsessed with the idea and am now nearly four years into what I thought was going to be a six-month trip!” —Nathan

12) “I started traveling before I was born as my mom emigrated from Cuba to the US while pregnant with me. But my first moment of realization that I had to travel was when I was 6. I asked a relative where he was going. ‘To the end of the world’ he flippantly responded. I thought that was a real place and became obsessed with going there; what was it like there, what did people look like, what did they eat? I think my wanderlust is in part a result of that conversation. Many years later, my heart still beats faster at the thought of ‘the end of the world.'” —Talek

13) “I went to Belgium with [my friend] Ruth. We had the best time ever. To get over the holiday blues we booked another trip to Norway, it’s was €40 return (be rude not to go to when it was so cheap). Doing it ever since, when I return I book another.  I holiday with my children and partner now as Ruth abandoned me and moved to Australia.” Anne-Marie

14) “When I was able to let go of all stress and worries in my mind, and finally felt peace.” —Alfin

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15) “Six months before I turned 25, I decided I wanted to have visited 25 U.S. states before my 25th birthday. I had already been to 22 at that point, a combination of places I’d lived, vacations with family, and visits to friends. But this was the first time that I picked places off of a map and went to them just to see them. That October, I took a road trip to Maine and Vermont with a couple of friends. I remember walking along the beach in Ogunquit at midnight and taking a commuter ferry back and forth across Lake Champlain at dusk, marveling at how broad and beautiful the world could be. Later that month, my boyfriend and I tacked a night in West Virginia onto a trip to D.C. We took the train to Harper’s Ferry, and wandering around at random, we found ourselves on the Appalachian Trail. I came home wanting to go everywhere.” —Connie

16) “When I discovered the world is actually much smaller than I originally thought. The further I go and more I travel, only has made me want to travel more!” —Jessica

17) “I was reeling from a broken heart, had planned to travel with a friend, and unfortunately, she broke her leg. Long story cut short, I traveled solo to the UK, spent an amazing 15 days in London and Ireland just exploring, eating and having fun. It was when I was on my return flight back home when I was stranded at the airport for 22 hours, that I realized that I had been hit by the travel bug. I didn’t want to return, but did so, so that I could travel again!”  —Maria

18) “On our drive in Costa Rica. The adventure activities and food made travel the best thing. [After that,] my husband who hated travel began taking travel seriously.” —Pragati

19) “For me, there were two moments. As a history nerd and Italophile, I was so overwhelmed to explore Rome for the first time — a city I’d studied for years and saved up to see since I was a kid — I (embarrassingly!) got a bit teary. A year later, on an impromptu solo tuk tuk tour around the ancient city of Ayutthaya, Thailand, it struck me how many fascinating cultures and places are out there that I know so little about — but am itching to visit and experience firsthand.” —Sarah

20) “I was 16 and had never been overseas. Begged my mum to go on the exchange program for 2 weeks to Japan. We had a stopover in Kuala Lumpur for one night and I was walking in a group to get dinner and everything was so different and scary (it was a Saturday night) and I was terrified and thought ‘this is the best thing ever!’ I’m not one for jumping out of planes but I get a real thrill from the challenge of being in foreign places. I have been to 42 countries since then and am currently in a hostel in Malaysia with my 3 little kids, teaching them [to love travel] early!” —Fiona

And, lastly, here’s my own story of how I came to love travel:

21) “I was staring out over on an empty part of the Great Wall of China just a couple weeks after finishing the bar exam, the hardest achievement of my life to date. I realized that no matter how much I lived, or how much I did, I would never be able to experience more than a fraction of what the world has to offer. But I also realized that I had to try.” —Nate

Do You Love Travel? Tell Us Your Story

How come to fall in love with travel? Tell us your story in the comments at the end of this post.

And if you love travel, come join the wonderful folks from this story over at The Travel Lemming Community on Facebook. We are a hardy band of travelers that help each other out with advice, recommendations, support, and more. We’d love to have you!

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When did you fall in love with travel? Hear 21 travelers describe the exact moment they fell for traveling the world. #travel #travelquotes
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3 thoughts on “21 People Describe the Moment They Fell in Love With Travel”

  1. The best thing about travelling is not destination, so much as the journey they say. Thanks for sharing these lovely moment of all travellers like me. Even I loved travelling when I visit GOA first time with my family when I was just 6 years old. Thanks again. Keep coming with great article.

  2. Anthony b Polonio

    I was about 15 or 16 seated in the back of my high school classroom in Belize, my close friend Domingo and I had been dreaming about coming to the US to go flight school in Orlando Florida to fulfill our dreams of becoming pilots at recess, as we both loved airplanes as kids. As I saw daydreaming about flying I began staring out the window at the sunny blue skies and forgot where I was when my Biology teacher asked me a question. Since I wasn’t paying attention, I had no idea what was going on class that period, I thought, how dare he disturbed me out of my dream? It was at that moment I knew even if a don’t learn to fly, I was going fulfill my dreams of seeing the world. No clue how it was going to happen or when, but it has. I’ve been to over 40 countries and counting. I am forever hooked and love to travel. God I pray it never ends….

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