The author McKenna Mobley, posing in the middle of the empty road at Hither Hills State Park Campground during her camping in Long Island

Camping in Long Island in 2023 (9 Best Spots)

Are you considering camping in Long Island on your upcoming trip? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the right guide. I’m here to help you choose the best campground per your camping must-haves, whether that includes RV hookups, beach access, or an ADA campground.

I recently went to Long Island with the sole purpose of gathering helpful information for my articles. I searched out the best of the best in the area like the top restaurants in Long Island, cool hiking trails, where to stay, and awesome campgrounds.

Let’s get right into it!

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9 Best Places to Go Camping in Long Island

Hither Hills State Park Campground

A family-friendly campground right on the beach.

View of the wildflowers near the campground of the sandy Montauk beach
The campground is right on the sandy Montauk beach

🗺️ Distance from Montauk: 10 minutes | Google Maps | Hither Hills State Park Campground Website | Reservations: online reservations | Amenities: showers, beach access, equestrian trails, biking, picnic tables, playgrounds

Camp right on the Montauk beach at Hither Hills State Park Campground. This is one of my favorite places to stay on Long Island and is close to one of the top surf beaches in town.

Roll right out of your tent, sleeping bag, or camper bed and be on the beach either surfing, rolling down the walking dunes, or fishing within a few steps. Hither Hills also has a full playground and playing fields, perfect for challenging family members to a game of soccer or ultimate frisbee.

The only downside of this otherwise perfect campground is that no pets are allowed.

Wildwood State Park

A shaded woodland campground on the outskirts of the Atlantic Ocean.

View of the beach at Wildwood State Park
The state park beach

🗺️ Distance from Riverhead: 18 minutes | Google Maps | Wildwood State Park Campground Website | Reservations: online reservations | Amenities: cabins, RV camping, showers, playgrounds, beach access

Camping under a shaded tree canopy at Wildwood State Park is the perfect way to relieve summer humidity. Wildwood State Park Campground is the ideal Long Island camping spot for trailers and motorhome campers, as no tent camping is allowed.

Whip up some camp eggs and toast at the shaded picnic tables for breakfast before taking the short walking path (about 15 minutes) to the sandy beach of the Long Island Sound. Back at the campground, kids can enjoy the playground while the adults cook up a scrumptious dinner in the provided fire rings.

Eastern Long Island Kampground

BYO-tent or stay in one of the cool yurts at this eastern campground.

A horse eating the grass near the camping tents at Eastern Long Island Kampground
Waking up to a surprise at the Eastern Long Island Kampground

🗺️ Distance from Sag Harbor: 1 hour, 15 minutes | Google Maps | Eastern Long Island Kampground Website | Reservations: phone reservations | Amenities: camp store, swimming pool, laundry, outdoor movie theater, playground, Wifi, garbage services

Are you visiting Long Island sans the camping essentials? If so, the cabins and luxurious yurts at Eastern Long Island Kampground are the place for you.

Get a Serengeti-like experience by staying in a safari tent or feel like a Long Island lumberjack by booking a night in one of the Eastern Long Island Kampground wooded cabins. Enjoy the extensive trail system that runs through the campground or relax with some popcorn at the organized outdoor movie nights on the weekends.

Heckscher State Park Campground

A campground with plenty of space to roam about.

A man riding a bicycle at the Belmont Lake State Park
Riding a bike near the state park

🗺️ Distance from Queens: 1 ½ hours | Google Maps | Heckscher State Park Campground Website | Reservations: online reservations | Amenities: picnic tables, restrooms, showers, boat launch, biking trails, hiking trails, dump station

Staying in a beachside cottage is the name of the game at Heckscher State Park Campground, but tent campers and RV-ers also find delight in staying at the spacious campground.

Clean bathrooms and showers, water spigots at each site, and charcoal grills await each camper at the Heckscher. No fire rings are provided, however, so bring your own to this Western Long Island campground. 

🚗 Need a Ride? Long Island is pretty spread out. The best way to get around is via your own car. I used Discover Cars to research rental options and costs when I visited Long Island and cannot recommend them enough.

Peconic River Campground

Camp right on the river at this affordable Long Island campground.

View of the beautiful daisies blooming near the Peconic River Campground
Daisies by the river

🗺️ Distance from Hampton Bays: 20 minutes | Google Maps | Peconic River Campground Website | Reservations: phone reservations | Amenities: tent camping, outdoor shower, restroom, fishing, hiking trails

Peconic River Campground is another of my Long Island favorites. Wake up to the serenading call of local river birds at this primitive campground. Find any spot on the property with the best view and simply pitch your tent.

$40 per night (up to 4 people) will get you an outdoor shower, restroom, horse bibs, and plenty of horseback riding trails at the Peconic River Campground. Launch a kayak, go fishing, or simply sit back and relax on the river, one of the best things to do on Long Island

Indian Island County Park

A campground with an ocean view and perfect cell service for on-the-fly workers.

Two kayaks on the shoreline at Indian Island County Park
Kayaking at the state park (photo: Joe Trentacosti / Shutterstock)

🗺️ Distance from Southampton: 30 minutes | Google Maps | Indian Island County Park Website | Reservations: online reservations | Amenities: picnic tables, ocean view, dump station, restrooms

Camp with an ocean view at Indian Island County Park. This Suffolk County park offers picnic tables, fire rings, ADA access, cell service, and is pet-friendly. You’ll often find a handful of digital nomads, thanks to the good reception and Wifi option at the campground.

Walk to the beach with your morning cup of coffee during the summer or bear the winter cold and enjoy the cross-country ski trails through Indian Island County Park at this time.

Nickerson Beach Campground

A dog-friendly RV campground right by the beach. 

A dog admiring the scenic view near the water
Taking my dog for a walk along the water

🗺️ Distance from Long Beach: 7 minutes | Google Maps | Nickerson Beach Campground Website | Reservations: online reservations | Amenities: beach access, full hookups, swimming pool, pet-friendly, picnic tables, grills

A giant, 121-acre wilderness area allows campers to run wild and free at Nickerson Beach Campground. 74 campsites are available at the campground with water and electrical hookups. There are two dump stations on-site at either end of the campground for full motorhomes as well.

Nickerson Beach Campground allows dogs but the nearby beach does not. Additionally, no tent sites are available but Nickerson Beach does allow park visitors the option to rent an airstream for the night.

Sears Bellows County Park

A campground right on the water that appeals to boat enthusiasts.

Scenic waterfront view on a sunny day in Sears Bellows County Park
A waterfront view

🗺️ Distance from Southampton: 20 minutes | Google Maps | Sears Bellows County Park Website | Reservations: online reservations | Amenities: tent sites, RV sites, water on-site, picnic tables, fire rings, pet-friendly

Tent campers, trailer campers, and boat enthusiasts take refuge at Sears Bellows County Park in Long Island during the summer vacation months. Rowboat rentals are available here as well as a plethora of hiking and horseback riding trails.

Smith Point County Park

Camp with a view of the ocean at this Fire Island campground.

View of the boardwalk near the water in Smith Point County Park on a gloomy day
A gloomy beach day on Fire Island

🗺️ Distance from Riverhead: 30 minutes | Google Maps | Smith Point County Park Website | Reservations: online reservations | Amenities: picnic tables, tent sites, RV sites, dump station, ocean view, potable water, restrooms

Enjoy your stay at the country’s largest oceanfront park, Smith Point County Park. Located on the eastern end of Fire Island, Smith Point offers outer beach camping right on the sand, one of my favorite aspects of the campground.

FAQs About Long Island Camping

Can you go camping on Long Island?

There are campsites on Long Island. There may only be a few campgrounds on Long Island compared to the rest of the state, but quality takes precedence over quantity here. Top sites like Hither Hills State Park Campground are perfect places to camp right on the beach.

Can you camp in the Pine Barrens on Long Island?

Camping is allowed at the Pine Barrens in Long Island. However, reservations are required and must be made several months ahead of time.

Can I camp at Plum Island?

Camping is not allowed at Plum Island. Instead, camp at Wildwood State Park, less than an hour from the Plum Island ferry port.

Is free camping allowed on Long Island?

There is no free camping allowed on Long Island. That being said, you may be able to score some cheap nightly rates at campgrounds like Smith Point County Park and Battle Row Campground.


You made it to the end of my Long Island camping list! Drop a comment below on which campground was your favorite and be sure to check out Travel Lemming’s pick on other top campgrounds around New York state.

Happy camping!

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