Lonely Planet Guidebooks for Free with This Trick (Guidebook in Paris)

How to Get Every Lonely Planet Free for a Month

Here’s how to get Lonely Planet guides as a free download to your device (for up to a month).

This is a quick, easy, and cheap way to carry almost every Lonely Planet guidebook in your pocket? I’ve been traveling the world for the past ten months and have visited over 40 countries during that time. Though I love using the Lonely Planet guidebooks, it would have cost me a fortune to download 40+ Lonely Planet travel guides if I had to pay full price for each one.

That’s why one of the first things I did before setting out to travel the world was to sign up for Kindle Unlimited, a program by Amazon that lets you download tons of e-books – including Lonely Planet’s library of travel guides. 

Despite the name, you don’t need a Kindle for it to work – you can download the Lonely Planet guides to use on your phone, tablet, or e-reader device.

You can even try out all the Lonely Planet guidebooks as free downloads for a month! After that, it’s just a small monthly fee if you decide to keep the service. 

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How to Download Lonely Planet Guidebooks for Free

Getting electronic access to the Lonely Planet travel guidebook library as downloads is actually fairly simple:

First, Join Amazon Kindle’s Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial. It’s free for the first 30-days and an excellent value after that.

Second, download the Kindle Unlimited app on your smartphone, e-reader, tablet, or laptop (I personally use an an iPhone 6 plus and the very affordable and functional ASUS Flipbook).

Third, search the Kindle Unlimited library for the guidebook you want by typing “Lonely Planet Peru,” “Lonely Planet Paris,” or your desired destination.

Fourth, on the page for the book, you should see a button that says “Read for Free.” Press it and the Lonely Planet guidebook will download to your library.

Fifth, to save the book offline, just go to your library on the device you want to use and click the icon for the guidebook in question. It should then download to your device, allowing you to access the guidebook offline.

That’s it! You now have access to the guidebook for as long as you maintain your Kindle Unlimited subscription. If you decide you don’t want it after the trial period, just remember to cancel within 30 days.

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind while using Kindle Unlimited to download Lonely Planet travel guidebooks:

  • You can only have 10 books at a time signed out. If you go over that limit, you just need to return an old title before downloading a new one.
  • Some of the features, like maps and images, work better on larger tablets or smartphones.

Why Downloading Lonely Planets Through Kindle Unlimited is a Tremendous Value

Lonely Planet has a huge library of travel guidebooks, covering just about every travel destination you can think of. While the guidebooks aren’t perfect, they cover the basics and can give you a really good overview of a place before you get there. They include maps, restaurant and hotel/hostel recommendations, basic phrases in the local language, and much more.

The electronic versions are easy to navigate using the clickable Table of Contents. And, since the guidebooks are stored electronically, you don’t have to carry any additional weight in your bag.

So whether you are looking to tour Bolivia’s salt flats, explore a city like Denver, Colorado, or just find a guidebook for traveling Europe on the cheap, you can download the free Lonely Planet versions for your destination!

Lastly, Kindle Unlimited provides you will access to a ton of books — not just the Lonely Planet library. Perfect for keeping you entertained on those long flights or bus rides.

I’ve been using Kindle Unlimited since I started my trip, and it’s been one of the best investments I made. Information is power, and having so much of it at your finger tips can help you travel smarter — ultimately saving you money in the long run.

And since the first month is free with this Lonely Planet Book free download trick, you might as well give it a try!

Just click this link to sign up and download your first Lonely Planet travel guidebooks for free in a matter of minutes:

Join Amazon Kindle’s Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

Lastly, if you like saving money on travel, be sure to check out my post on how I get cash back from travel, online purchases, and more! And if you are planning to travel long term, be sure to look into buying an annual travel insurance policy.

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