View of a mountain range from afar with houses from one of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas

9 Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods for 2023 (A Local’s Picks)

Drawn by the neon lights and endless entertainment, the population of Las Vegas is increasing more and more each day. However, moving to (and even just visiting) Las Vegas can be intimidating because it is such a large city and there are so many different neighborhoods in Las Vegas to explore. 

I’m a long-time Vegas local, and I’m here to help you discover the best Las Vegas neighborhoods. In this guide, I’ll describe the best areas in Las Vegas and where to stay during your visit or new home search. I’ve also provided maps to help you get a better idea of each place.

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9 Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas


A beautiful community with lots of activities and a great school district.

A welcoming sign of Summerlin under the clear blue sky

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Clark County School District | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Summerlin is one of the most family-friendly, master-planned communities in Las Vegas. With an abundance of parks, coffee shops, golf courses, and outdoor activities, downtown Summerlin is home to some of the best stuff to do in Las Vegas

Summerlin features over 200 miles of walking trails, with stunning scenery of mountains, wildlife, and nature. Even if you are visiting, places like Red Rock Casino, the Las Vegas Ballpark, and Tivoli Village are all worth checking out.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is only 15 minutes away from Summerlin, so if you love hiking, it is extremely convenient. It is easy to feel like you are part of the community in Summerlin, with plenty of events and places to get to know your neighbors. Weekly farmer’s markets or shopping at Downtown Summerlin are fun activities in the community.

Pros of Summerlin

Cons of Summerlin

  • Rent is more expensive in this area
  • You will likely need a car to get around (in some ways it’s more like a suburb of Vegas)

Skye Canyon

One of the new, modern neighborhoods in Las Vegas with incredible amenities.

View of houses in Skye Canyon

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Clark County | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Aliante Casino Hotel Spa

A new, master-planned community, Skye Canyon is family-friendly and located more toward North Las Vegas. The area is gorgeous and small, which provides a great feeling of community and connection with neighbors. 

Skye Canyon offers a number of amenities for its residents including free access to their gym, pool, and community events. The events they offer range from fitness classes to sushi-making classes. 

Skye Canyon Park is where many of the amenities are located, but the park is still open to the public. There are often farmer’s markets and small art festivals, and if you still want to check out the gym or pool you can pay a small fee to get in. 

You will always see people walking their dogs or running around, and it is a very safe area. Outdoor activities like Mount Charleston or Floyd Lamb Park (where peacocks roam freely) are just a short drive away. 

Pros of Skye Canyon

  • The area is plenty walkable
  • Great community feeling 
  • Quiet and friendly area
  • Very new and modern houses and amenities

Cons of Skye Canyon

  • Rent is more expensive in this area, except for apartments which are more affordable
  • Many parts of the area are still under construction, like schools, casinos, and restaurants
  • Not a lot of nightlife

The Lakes

A community with gorgeous waterfront property and cute local businesses.

Waterfront homes under the clear blue sky in The Lakes
Beautiful waterfront homes (photo: Ravid_C0hen / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | School Districts: Clark County | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa

The Lakes is a planned community in the western part of the Las Vegas Valley. The community has different manmade lakes, the largest one being Lake Sahara which many of the homes surround. You can go fishing, boating, or lay out on the dock in your own backyard. Indulge in a picnic by the water or at one of the parks.

Although waterfront properties are rare in Sin City, many homes and condos in The Lakes are still budget-friendly. The Lake Town Center Plaza is a shopping area in the neighborhood, complete with local restaurants and a mini market. 

Pros of The Lakes

  • Quiet, secluded area
  • Many outdoor activities and places to walk
  • Affordable homes

Cons of The Lakes

  • Need a car to get to most places
  • Homes and condos are older

Southern Highlands

Luxury community with beautiful homes and scenery.

Aerial view of the Southern Highlands

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Clark County | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: M Resort Spa & Casino 

Southern Highlands is a luxury, master-planned community encompassing 10 different neighborhoods. It has everything you could want ranging from schools to parks to expansive golf courses. 

This is a very popular Las Vegas neighborhood for families, but beware that it is one of the more expensive places to live in the city. Southern Highlands feels as if you are in your own world surrounded by a gorgeous community, and no longer in Las Vegas.  

Pros of Southern Highlands

  • Great community feeling 
  • Quiet and friendly area
  • Very new and modern houses and amenities

Cons of Southern Highlands

  • Expensive area
  • Need a car to get to most places
  • Not a lot of nightlife

Green Valley Ranch

Gorgeous area with plenty of places to shop, dine, or explore the outdoors.

The Green Valley Ranch Resort and palm trees in front of it
Green Valley Ranch Resort (photo: Jeffrey J Coleman / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Clark County | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Green Valley Ranch Resort

Just outside Sin City is Henderson, Nevada where Green Valley Ranch resides. If you are looking for an escape from city life but still want to be within driving distance of downtown Las Vegas, Green Valley Ranch is a great place to live in Nevada.

There are many neighborhoods within this community, and also a resort, four different parks, and a library. The District is a large shopping and dining complex, where you can go hang out or try delicious places to eat. 

Sloan Canyon Natural Conservation Area is only a 10-minute drive away, where you can hike and see a large number of ancient petroglyphs. Hands down, this destination is one of the top day trips from Las Vegas

Pros of Green Valley Ranch

  • Escape from tourists and crowds
  • Quiet and friendly area
  • Many parks and family-friendly areas
  • Large shopping areas like The District

Cons of Green Valley Ranch 

  • Everything closes early
  • Need a car to get to most places
  • 15-minute drive to The Strip

The Strip

A magnificent area filled with lights and entertainment, perfect for those who love nightlife.

Aerial view of the illuminated Las Vegas at night
Captivating sunset views of The Strip, one of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas

📍 Google Maps | School Districts: Clark County  | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: The Cosmopolitan

The Las Vegas Strip is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, which also appeals to locals who love to go out. The Strip is constantly buzzing with action at all hours of the day, and there are always parties, clubs, and live music to enjoy. 

It is more common for singles, couples, and students to live near The Strip because the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is just a couple of minutes away. If you are a big fan of nightlife and going out, then The Vegas Strip is a great place to live. There are endless shops, delicious dining spots, and entertainment almost anywhere you go.

Pros of The Strip

  • Great nightlife and constant activities
  • Incredible selection of bars and places to eat
  • Easy place to meet new people
  • Apartments and houses are more affordable 

Cons of The Strip

  • Very loud and often crowded with tourists
  • Houses and apartment complexes are older
  • Not many parks or outdoor areas nearby
  • Driving and traffic can be chaotic 
  • Crime rates are higher in certain areas of The Strip

Arts District

A hip district with street art, delicious food and drinks, and friendly people.

View of the Arts District under the clear blue sky in Las Vegas
(photo: Usa-Pyon / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Clark County | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Circa Resort & Casino  

The Downtown Las Vegas Arts District is a trendy area with cool street art, new bars, and lots of unique shops. There are mainly apartments in this area, so it is not as suitable for families. However, many of the apartments are new and considered to be luxury living at lower costs than in other Las Vegas areas. 

On the first Friday of every month, there is a fun art festival where you will find food trucks, local artists, and musicians. Able and Baker is a very popular brewery in the Arts District, and Velveteen Rabbit is one of the best bars in Las Vegas. If you like feeling surrounded by art, culture, and exciting events then the Arts District is for you. 

Pros of The Arts District

  • Great nightlife 
  • Home to some of the most popular restaurants and bars
  • Very artsy and hip area
  • Apartments are more affordable 

Cons of The Arts District

  • Very loud and often crowded with tourists
  • Fewer homes and more apartments
  • Not many parks nearby
  • Driving and traffic can be chaotic 
  • Crime rates are higher near downtown Las Vegas

Peccole Ranch 

From affordable homes to million-dollar homes, Peccole Ranch has a place for everyone.

View of houses in Peccole Ranch 

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Clark County | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Peccole Ranch is a community with 22 different neighborhoods, 10 of which have gates for those who prefer an extra sense of security. Peccole Ranch offers a place to stay for everyone with condos, affordable homes for families, and expensive luxury homes. 

The community features a tennis court, clubhouse, and a swimming pool for its residents. There are also many gorgeous trails for those who like to take walks or go for runs. Some of the nearby activities include laser tag, athletic gyms, and even Red Rock Climbing Center where you can learn how to rock climb indoors.

Pros of Peccole Ranch

  • Well-maintained walking trails
  • Many shopping centers nearby
  • Price range from affordable to expensive, based on preference

Cons of Peccole Ranch

  • Not a lot of nightlife
  • Less dining options than in other areas

Lake Las Vegas

A secluded neighborhood with modern homes surrounding a stunning blue lake.

View of houses with lights at night in Lake Las Vegas
The center of Lake Las Vegas at night

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Clark County | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: The Westin at Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas is a wonderful place to live for those who prefer quieter, low-key lifestyles. What feels like a small town offers plenty of outdoor activities, restaurants, and amenities. The community surrounds a 320-acre lake, where you can indulge in kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, or just lounging out in the sun.

Saturday nights also have live entertainment by the lake, so grab a bite to eat and enjoy the show. Residents also gain access to amenities like the Lake Las Vegas Sports Club where you will find pools, tennis courts, and a fitness center. 

Pros of Lake Las Vegas

  • Variety of outdoor activities
  • Secluded and quiet
  • Beautiful, modern homes

Cons of Lake Las Vegas

  • Not a lot of nightlife
  • Most major grocery stores and schools are 10 to 15 minutes away
  • The restaurant selection is limited

FAQs About Las Vegas Neighborhoods

What are the best areas to live in Las Vegas?

The best areas to live in Las Vegas include Summerlin, The Lakes, and The Arts District. Each of these areas offers different styles of living, so there are neighborhoods for everyone’s preferences. 

What is the safest area in Las Vegas?

The safest areas in Las Vegas are Summerlin and The Lakes because they are less known to tourists, and most of the locals keep to themselves.

What are the neighborhoods of Las Vegas?

The neighborhoods of Las Vegas include The Strip, Summerlin, Southern Highlands, and Peccole Ranch. However, there are many more neighborhoods in Las Vegas, each with its own unique perks and amenities. 

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Thanks for reading! If you’re looking to explore more cities in Nevada, check out that guide. Or scroll down and leave me a comment with your thoughts on this one. I hope I provided you with some useful information about the best Las Vegas neighborhoods.

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  1. Desert Shores beats the Lakes any day – with 4 lakes, swimming lagoon with sandy beach, restaurants on the water including Americana and Marche Bacchus.

    1. Except the huge uptick in crime in DS in recent years, resulting in plunging property values. This is what happens when you flank a beautiful community with apartments and low cost condominiums.

  2. These are all upper middle income neighborhoods not all can afford them. ARTS district is an area they are trying to bring back nut still reworking on. It is one of my favarice areas buy not some where to live yet.

  3. I love the area I live in now. Having lived in some of the Las Vegas areas mentioned, I much prefer where we live now, but will not reveal it because it’s reasonable, has nice parks near me and entertainment not far away. I don’t need anyone else moving here.

  4. I live in Cadence in Henderson and love the area and being only 20 minutes from just about everything. Not too close to worry about much noise or crime, but close enough to make it to any event. Houses here are nice, too.

  5. No where did you mention Centennial Hills
    Beautiful upscale area close to freeways and far enough away from the strip and downtown to feel like your in the suburbs but close enough if you need to see the nightlife
    Centennial Hills is the place for me

    1. I agree… Centennial Hills is awesome.., not too congested, very low crime near Mt Charleston, shopping restaurants,etc!

  6. I lived in Cadence, Henderson since 2018. Lovely areas around but there are also many run-down areas with older run-down stores that NEED to be revamped. Seeing those areas makes it feel a bit depressing. They are slowly bringing in businesses, and a lot of housing. It’s quite quiet and nothing is too far away that you dread the drive.

  7. what about Spring valley? close to the strip, diverse community and restaurants, unique homes that are less cookie cutter.

  8. My wife and I have lived in Anthem(Henderson)for the past 16+ years and find it very pleasant. We live in a 55+ Community named Solara

  9. what do you all think of silverado ranch
    it’s close to a few areas already mentioned and as a temp necessity it may be an area i MUST consider

  10. North Las Vegas is really being built up! Lots a great new construction. There’s an old NLV and the some what new NLV. Just moving to this area (frm the Midwest) is very nice.

  11. SW Las Vegas is crime ridden and failing quickly. I guess that’s all of the Las Vegas Vallley unfortunately.

    1. Yeah, it’s a shame the way Las Vegas is on one hand building and adding amazing things and then ignoring hundreds of drug addicted people living in the wash where it’s polluting the water supply. They have been in the tunnels underground for decades. But they are now living in tent cities around the valley. It’s starting to resemble the failed streets is San Fran. Sad.

  12. We lived in the southwest for 20 years and now we are enjoying Skye Canyon in the northwest. I wish we had made the switch years ago.

  13. Hi, I am looking into purchasing a condo in Las Vegas and looking at Spring Valley and Paradise. Are these safe neighborhoods? I would appreciate any input you have!

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