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The Brutal Truth About Digital Nomad "Remote Work" Programs

Watch Lesson 3 to see why I think many people are getting ripped off, and how you can travel and work online for a fraction of the cost of these overpriced programs.

With the rise of digital nomads has come a wave of companies that will charge tends of thousands of dollars for the promise of traveling the world and working online. 

Watch the above video to see why I think these deals are often TOTAL RIPOFFS, and how you can make your own remote work itinerary for a fraction of the cost (as I've been doing for years!). 

In fact, to prove how overpriced these programs are, I did a case study of one of the most popular remote work programs where I priced out apartments, co-working spaces, and flights following their exact itinerary.  

It will SHOCK you how much cheaper my do-it-yourself itinerary is - and it only took me a couple of hours to put together! 

Click the above orange button to get your copy of that case study (and my detailed do-it-yourself RTW itinerary) right now! 

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Want to travel the world and work online but not sure how? 

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