Digital Nomad Life

The Travel Lifestyle Course

2 Modules 3 Chapters 17 Lessons

Introduction to the course (watch this first!)

The Travel Lifestyle Course is a practical guide to how to work online and travel the world.

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Course Structure


Module Introduction and Goal Statement

A quick preview of what's inside this module and a discussion of our goal for this Module: to help you learn what to expect from the travel lifestyle, and to decide if it is right for you. 

Introduction to Being a Digital Nomad

A brief overview of what digital nomads are and a discussion of some common myths about them. We'll also introduce the important concept of geo-arbitrage. 

The Reality of Nomad Life (Pros and Cons)

Learn honestly what to expect from the travel lifestyle, including the major benefits of this lifestyle choice but also the 5 major challenges (and how you can mitigate them!). 

Is the Travel Lifestyle Right for You?

I'll be honest with you: the travel lifestyle isn't for everyone. So in this lesson I'm going to explain the good and bad reasons to pick this lifestyle, and will help you work through questions you need to ask yourself to decide if it is best for you. 

Mastering the Right Mindset for Success

In this quick lesson, I'll give you a few tips for how to get into the right mindset for long-term success in the travel lifestyle. 


Chapter 1: Budgeting Like a Rock Star 4 Lessons

Module 2 Intro & Goal Statement

A quick road map of what we'll cover in Module 2, plus our goal statement: to help you get an action plan for everything you need to do before leaving (aside from the making money part, which we'll cover in the next modules). 

How Much Does Nomad Life Cost?

So exactly how much should you expect to spend on nomad life? Learn what factors go into answering this question, and what others who have actually done this have spent. 

Creating a Budget: Part I

In this first half of our budgeting lesson, we'll learn some money-saving tips and how to do a burn-rate analysis to assist you in creating your budget in part II.

Creating a Budget Part II

Let's create a budget! I've prepared some template spreadsheets that you can fill in to quickly create a more accurate forecast of how much you can expect to spend while traveling!

Chapter 2: Getting Ready for Your Trip 6 Lessons

The Best Destinations for First-Time Nomads

Where should you travel as a digital nomad? Just about anywhere! But to help you narrow it down, I'll walk through some of the best digital nomad destinations for beginner nomads. 

How to Minimize Your Life

Learn why minimizing your life before you leave can save you so much hassle later, plus some tips for how to do it!

Pre-Trip Checklist (Admin Issues)

In this super practical lesson, we'll walk through a checklist of the administrative issues you'll need to prep for before leaving for nomad life: including passports, banking, insurance, health issues, and mail. 

Taxes (and Setting Up LLCs)

A quick lesson where we'll cover some common tax mistakes digital nomads make, and will also walk through how to set up an LLC for your business or freelance work. Note this lesson is most useful for US citizens. 

Planning for Your Return (Even if You Think You Won’t)

Learn why it's important to plan for your return from digital nomad life before you even start, and some tips for preparing yourself for that possibility now. 

BONUS: Using Miles and Points for Free Travel

Learn how to leverage credit card miles and points to get free flights and save money on your budget.

Chapter 3: Taking the Leap 2 Lessons

How to Overcome Jump Paralysis And Take the Big Leap

Learn how to overcome "jump paralysis" and actually take the big leap into becoming a digital nomad.

How to Talk to Family, Friends, and Employers

In this quick lesson, we'll cover how to talk about your lifestyle decision to your friends, family, and employers.