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Looking to get in contact with me?

Great, just send me an email at:


Here are a few common issues:

Media Inquiries

Please email and clearly state your deadline. I travel full time, so likely am not in your time zone, but if I’m awake I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Work with Me

I’m always happy to explore partnerships with brands that are a good fit for, and add value to, my readers. I generally am very selective about taking on partnerships, so please make sure you are a good fit for my site before pitching.

Guest Posts

I’m happy to consider quality guest post pitches from fellow travel bloggers (not brands or sponsored posts). If you are a travel blogger, please clearly state so in your pitch and include a link to your site.

The content must fit well within the existing content of my site. In your pitch, please include either a full draft of your proposed post or a detailed outline of what you will write and samples of similar posts you’ve written (so I can gauge whether your writing is a good fit for my site).

Guest post rules:

  • All content must original and owned by you.
  • Must be at least 1,000 words.
  • Pictures must be horizontal and sized to 1280p on the long side.
  • Useful travel advice, guides, and the like is preferred to first-person content.

Travel Advice

I’m always willing to help provide travel advice if I can. I’ve been to 65+ countries, so if I’ve been there I’ll do what I can to help!

But if you want even better advice, join us over at the Travel Lemming Community on Facebook, where over 200 intrepid travelers are standing by and would love to answer your question!

Travel With Me

At the moment I don’t offer group tours, but it’s something I may consider in the future. If you would be interested in such a tour, please shoot me an email to be put on my list.