Aerial view of Downtown Denver with mountains on the background, home to several of the 5 area codes in Colorado

5 Colorado Area Codes in 2023 (With Map)

As of 2023, Colorado has 5 area codes. The area codes in Colorado are: 

  • 303
  • 720
  • 983
  • 970
  • 719 

I’m a Colorado local and in this guide, I overview the five Colorado area codes used today, plus a map of the area codes. The majority of these are used in the Denver area, while two area codes service other areas of the state.

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Colorado Area Code Map

View of the area codes in Colorado on map
Source: NANPA

Area Codes in Colorado


The 303 area code is used in central Colorado, namely in the city of Denver, the Denver suburbs, and a few Front Range mountain towns.  


The 720 area code is an overlay that also services central parts of the Centennial State. It covers the city of Denver, Boulder, and select areas of the Front Range. 


Area code 983 is the newest overlay in central Colorado, servicing the same geographic areas as the 720 and 303 area codes. 


Area code 970 covers a wide swath of northern Colorado and the Western Slope including Fort Collins, Grand Junction, and all the way to Durango. Most Colorado ski resort towns also fall into this category. 


The 719 area code covers southeastern Colorado, encompassing Colorado Springs and Pueblo. 719 also includes customers to the west in towns like Buena Vista and Fairplay.

Facts About Area Codes in Colorado

The 303 Area Code Used To Cover The Whole State

Scenic view from Maroon Creek during spring season
From the mountains to the valleys, all of Colorado was in the 303

From its start in 1947 to 1988, 303 was Colorado’s only area code. This is still considered Colorado’s primary area code. In fact, some businesses include 303 in their names, as it’s considered a shorthand way to indicate the state. 

Colorado Has Had Two Area Code Splits

Aerial view from Colorado Springs at sunset
Colorado Springs is part of the 719 area code region

As the state’s population increased, Colorado finally had to split its area code in 1988. The 303 was joined by the 719 area code, which includes service areas south of Denver. 

In 1995, Colorado had another area code split. The 970 code was created to serve customers from Fort Collins in the north all the way to southwestern towns like Durango.

Colorado Has Two Area Code Overlays

Aerial view from Denver Metro Area during autumn
As Denver’s suburbs grew and spread, more area codes were needed

The 720 area code was added as an overlay to the 303 code in 1998. In 2022, a second overlay was added — the 983 area code. Overlays are still considered local calls, so although the area code is different, there is no extra long-distance charge. 

Colorado’s Newest Area Code Was Added in 2022

Aerial view of buildings in Denver, Colorado

Because the Front Range began to run out of phone numbers, the 983 area code was added in 2022. Colorado should be able to serve numbers using the 983 code for the next 25 years. [Source

For more fun facts, see our full list of interesting facts about Colorado.

FAQs About Area Codes in Colorado

What are all the area codes for Colorado?

All the area codes for Colorado are 303, 720, 983, 970, and 719.

Where is area code 303 in Colorado?

Area code 303 in Colorado covers the state’s central region. It includes Denver, Boulder, and several Front Range cities and suburbs. The 303 area code used to be the only one in the state. Some places of business use 303 in their names to indicate that they are Colorado businesses. 

Which area code is 720?

The 720 area code serves central Colorado, specifically the Denver metropolitan region. This includes Front Range suburbs like Aurora, Golden, Jefferson County, Brighton, and Lakewood. 720 is an overlay of area code 303.  

What area code is 983?

Area code 983 is used in central Colorado, including Denver and select areas of the Front Range. It services the 303/720 overlay region and was established in 2022 due to the need for more available phone numbers. For the next 25 years, many new numbers will be assigned this area code. 


As you place your Colorado calls, hopefully, this list of Colorado area codes proves helpful. If you want to experience where these digits cover, read our Places to Visit in Colorado guide next!  

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