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19 Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles (in 2023)

Coffee fanatics, listen up – there are some excellent coffee shops in Los Angeles. I mean, exploring Los Angeles is a constant go go go. You’re going to want to keep your energy high with a premium cup of coffee from one of LA’s most popular coffee shops.

Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or a place to work, you can take your pick of over 700 cafes in the “City of Angels.” As a caffeine addict and Los Angeles local myself, I’ve been to some of the best coffee shops in LA and some of the less-memorable ones as well.

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19 Best Los Angeles Coffee Shops & Cafes

Civil Coffee

With two LA storefront locations, this is a family-owned coffee shop that started in the back of a pickup truck.

A cup of iced coffee on a table in Civil Coffee

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (818) 238-7262

Located in the heart of Downtown LA, Civil Coffee is a quintessential Los Angeles coffee shop. The cafe is family-owned and was started as a nomadic coffee bar out of the back of a pickup truck, a true embodiment of the American Dream.

The eclectic selection of coffee at Civil Coffee caters to everyone’s unique taste buds. The main specialty coffee beans offered at each of Civil Coffee’s locations are from Mexico, Peru, Ethiopia, and Colombia.

Civil Coffee may be the excellent choice for your morning cup of joe and it’s also the prime spot to munch on delicious food in a casual environment. I recommend trying the chocolate croissant, avocado toast, or the soft poached egg breakfast on your first visit.

Cafe Santo

An Oaxacan mobile espresso bar in Montebello with the finest cultural treats.

A clay mug with a coffee on a wooden table in Cafe Santo

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (323) 765-7755

Located in Montebello, Cafe Santo inhabits a Spanish-style, desert-like building laden with cacti and desert palms. The mobile espresso bar focuses on Oaxacan flavors and culture. Chocolate compliments the seasonal coffee beans at Cafe Santo from regions like Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guatemala, and Colombia.

For ultimate freshness, Cafe Santo roasts their beans in Los Angeles, producing a multicultural cup of coffee. Along with famous Oaxacan coffee and chocolate, Cafe Santo also sustainably sources traditional Oaxaca mezcal.

The most popular menu items include Oaxaca Mocha, Dirty Chai, Chocolate Oaxaqueño Tradicional, and Chocolate de Nuez. This is perhaps the most diverse cafe in Los Angeles and my personal favorite. If you were limited to a select number of cafes to visit during your time in LA, I recommend putting Cafe Santo high on your list.

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen

A cafe with signature food items and three locations: Eagle Rock, Inglewood, and Slauson.

A breakfast meal served in Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (323) 672-4868

If you find yourself in Eagle Rock, Inglewood, or Slauson and are in need of a quick pick-me-up, then Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen is the perfect stop for you! The unique, creative cafes offer a welcoming environment and encourage visitors to connect to the free wifi and stay a while.

From Mexican hot chocolate to a sweet potato latte, the flavors fall anything but short at this Los Angeles cafe chain. The tasty caffeinated drinks do draw quite a crowd but the tasty food items at Hilltop are perhaps the main attraction.

The breakfast and lunch are simple yet nourishing. The acai bowls, Mexican burrito bowls, artisan breakfast sandwiches, and beignes are some of the most mouthwatering menu items. 

Sightglass Coffee

A hip new cafe in Hollywood with a modern aesthetic.

A sliced of cake on a plate and a cup of black coffee in Sightglass Coffee

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (323) 763-8588

There are tables for everyone at Sightglass Coffee. Primarily known for its international coffee blends, Sightglass also offers the freshest coffee scent in Los Angeles with an espresso bar and on-site coffee roaster.

The modern decor of Sightglass attracts hipsters and art lovers in Los Angeles. Native to San Francisco, this new cafe opened its doors in 2020 and has quickly risen to the top of the best coffee shops in Los Angeles.

Try the delicious espresso drinks or enjoy the all-day restaurant next time you visit LA’s Sycamore Media District. Sightglass offers full menu of food items like lunch wraps, sandwich platters, and pastries. You will find all of the cool Los Angeles kids at this cafe.

Coffee Commissary

With over 6 locations in the heart of LA, you will always find a Coffee Commissary when you need a boost.

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (323) 782-1465

This quirky Los Angeles cafe has perfected its specialty coffee drinks. Coffee Commissary is a LA native, serving residents espresso for over 10 years.

Regardless of where you stay in LA, there should be a location near you. In fact, there are over 6 locations – Beverly Hills to Fairfax and most major Los Angeles districts in between. 

Local favorite menu items include the golden milk cappuccino, breakfast burritos, and the best breakfast sandwich in Los Angeles.

All of the Coffee Commissary locations offer free wifi for customers and invite remote workers or college students to sit for a while and take advantage of the resources. I recommend sitting on the outdoor patio and people-watching for a perfect, lazy LA afternoon.

G & B Coffee

A delicious cafe in the historic Grand Central Market building.

Glass of espresso and tea shots served in G & B Coffee
Espresso and tea shots inside the market

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (213) 261-0622

One of the most popular culinary locations in all of Los Angeles is the Grand Central Market. Here, you will find G & B Coffee nestled between other whimsical eateries. 

Order from the wraparound coffee counter and relax with a seat by the street to watch the various Los Angeles characters stroll by. The hustle and bustle of the major market area is reason enough to visit this area, with G & B Coffee being a nice perk.

The area is pretty busy and isn’t the ideal place to study or work without headphones. It should, however, be on your LA itinerary due to the sheer popularity of the location. Try the almond macadamia latte or discover your new favorite drink with the house Spanish latte.

Verve Coffee Roasters

An aesthetically pleasing coffee shop in Downtown LA.

A man pouring a hot water on a coffee in Verve Coffee Roasters
Hand drip coffee

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (213) 419-5077

The beautifully-decorated interior of Verve Coffee Roasters is enough to draw LA folks to its coffee-scented establishment. Wood-paneled walls, low-hanging industrial lights, and broad open windows set this cafe apart from other LA coffee spots.

Verve roasts its coffee in-house and is a successful coffee supplier to other surrounding LA cafes. A fresh cup from Verve is sure to leave an impression on you, which is why the cafe sells its own fresh dark or light-roasted beans to loyal customers and fellow coffee addicts.

The unique menu items include a juice flight, lattes with house-made almond milk, blueberry yogurt muffins, and coconut & avocado chocolate chip cookies among others. 

Eightfold Coffee

The bright interior of Eightfold makes it one of Echo Park’s top cafes.

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (213) 947-3500

A minimalist, local coffee joint, Eightfold Coffee offers visitors a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Equipped with a small library, Eightfold encourages its customers to feel at home over a cup of coffee.

With two locations in the Los Angeles Arts District and Echo Park, Eightfold Coffee is one of the more popular coffee shops in Los Angeles. The cafe has perfected its latte art and guests almost always post a photo on social media before their first sip.

If it’s your first time to Eightfold, I highly recommend the lavender latte, the orange espresso tonic, or the iced matcha tea. To satisfy your hunger, Eightfold Coffee also offers signature toasts, bagels, chia pudding, and overnight oats.

Urth Caffe

A high-end cafe with multiple locations in LA including Melrose, Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, Santa Monica, and Pasadena.

A bread topped with bacon and poach egg served in Urth Caffe
An open sandwich at Urth Caffe

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (310) 205-9311

One of the hippest cafes in Los Angeles, Urth Caffee caters to a bohemian yet chic LA crowd.

Urth Caffe LA proudly inhabits a grand brick and turquoise building in the heart of Downtown LA. 

Urth Caffe is a bit on the expensive side of LA coffee stores but customers pay for an aesthetically pleasing experience. Most Los Angeles residents frequent Urth Caffe and if you’re lucky, you may just run into a celebrity.

The lattes are to die for as well as the many popular brunch items. Treat yourself to a breakfast panini or a pumpkin waffle for the most delicious experience you are likely to have in LA. The cold-pressed juices are also popular at Urth Caffe, so make sure to order one with your brunch!

Alchemist Coffee Project

A multiethnic, cajun-inspired cafe in Koreatown.

A man on his bike at the location of Alchemist Coffee Project
The cafe location (photo: StoopDown / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (213) 388-8767

The Alchemist Coffee Project is a New Orleans-style cafe. Its modern yet industrious aesthetic caters to a low-key crowd. My favorite time to visit the Alchemist is when they have live jazz performances to serenade the caffeinated crowd.

This Koreatown coffee shop offers specialty drinks, great coffee, and delicious pastries. Formerly known as Bourbon Street Cafe, this old cajun-inspired cafe still retains some of its cultural creativity with the New Orleans Cold Brew menu item.

Nothing accompanies a fresh, hot cup of coffee quite like a warm pastry. If you’re in the mood for something heavier, try the Egg Bat Sandwich or the Grillen Caprese Sandwich next time you’re in Koreatown and pay the Alchemist a visit.


A brilliant Chinatown cafe with a one-man show.

A barista pouring a hot water on a coffee filter in Endorffeine
Endorffeine specializes in coffee science

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (415) 322-0918

This minimalist espresso bar attracts the ultimate coffee nerd and is one of the most popular cafes in Los Angeles. Started by a previous biochemist, all Endorffeine beverages are brewed by the mastermind himself.

This Chinatown coffee bar is in the perfect tourist location and receives hundreds of thirsty customers a day. Its location is small on purpose and a bit out of the way to seem like a hidden gem.

You will find unique flavors at Endorffeine like vanilla pandan and matcha coconut, both a tribute to the owner’s Thai roots. This minimalist cafe is a one-man show and is growing daily. Everyone is talking about this independent cafe and its boldly flavored brews.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Work remotely with comfort at this Pico Gardens cafe.

Cup of iced coffee served in Blue Bottle Coffee

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (510) 653-3394

Blue Bottle Coffee is a remote worker’s dream. With a clean, cozy environment and ample seating space, Blue Bottle invites Los Angeles residents and visitors to charge up electronics, sip some coffee, and stay for an extended period of time.

Blue Bottle Cafe supplies bold coffee blends and lighter roasts for your every coffee mood. The majority of the brews are certified organic, which is the major draw to this cafe over others in the greater Los Angeles area.

If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the Vietnamese Iced Coffee or the house New Orleans Cold Brew and you may just find your new favorite drink. It is also highly recommended to pair your delicious, organic coffee with a freshly baked pastry.

Cafe Dulce

A Little Tokyo cafe that’s perfect for a quick pick-me-up.

View of people outside the location of Cafe Dulce
The outside location of Cafe Dulce (photo: LnP images / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞+1 (213) 346-9910

Cafe Dulce is a unique spot in Los Angeles with no inside seating but plenty of outdoor seating space. This counter-serve cafe is the perfect coffee spot if you are pressed for time and need a quick pick-me-up on the run.

Located in Little Tokyo’s Japanese Plaza, Cafe Dulce offers over 10 years of coffee-perfecting experience to caffeine lovers. With such a motley crew of pedestrians outside the touristy Little Tokyo area, people-watching on a coffee break is one of my personal favorite activities to do in LA.

Food items on the menu at Cafe Dulce are essentially more popular than espresso drinks. If it’s your first time at Cafe Dulce, I recommend trying the Spicy Korean Cheesesteak, the Peanut Kale Salad, or the Pesto Chicken. 

Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea

Sip on a hot cup of coffee in a Spanish-style courtyard near Cal State LA.

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (323) 222-8884

Holy Grounds is a Spanish-style cafe near Cal State LA. The outdoor courtyard fountain creates an incredibly relaxing environment for those who choose to dine in the fresh air. The decorative cacti also make this coffee shop a highly photogenic spot in Los Angeles.

This homey cafe with a Southwestern motif also promotes an artistic culture and displays local art on its walls. Enjoy coffee, tea, pastries, salad, and sandwiches at Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea.

Holy Grounds also sources its food and ingredients from local sources, yet another strong draw to the establishment. The coffee shop frequently rents out its patio space to big parties, so make sure there are no events occurring beforehand if your goal is to work remotely in a quiet setting.

Beachwood Cafe

Near the Hollywood sign, Beachwood is a famed breakfast spot with quintessential views.

A man eating chilaquiles and drinking his coffee in Beachwood Cafe
Delicious Beachwood Cafe chilaquiles

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (323) 871-1717

One of the closest cafes to the Hollywood sign, Beachwood Cafe is also one of the most popular cafes in Los Angeles. Everything from the menu is made from scratch, with each bite and sip more delicious than the last.

The colorful interior creates an enjoyable atmosphere if you’re lucky enough to snag one of the usually-occupied tables. More known for the fresh farm-to-table dishes than the coffee menu, Beachwood Cafe is a favorite establishment at any time of the day.

Make sure you visit Beachwood on an empty stomach because you are sure to walk away stuffed. The breakfast menu is impressive with everything you could possibly want from chilaquiles to strawberry waffles and everything in between.

Dinosaur Coffee

An architecturally-praised cafe on Sunset Boulevard with unique seasonal coffee flavors.

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (323) 284-8544

A uniquely designed cafe, Dinosaur Coffee sits on the famous Los Angeles Sunset Boulevard. The coffee shop has a loyal crowd of caffeinated locals and welcomes visitors from all over the United States.

The cafe itself is bright and is centered around the main attraction, a creative hanging wood installation with the menu. The minimalist aesthetic attracts hipsters but the good coffee brings all to Dinosaur Coffee on any given day. 

This is one of the best coffee shops in Los Angeles for its central location. The Coconut Cacao Cold Brew is a local favorite and I recommend trying the Cardamon Cinnamon Cappuccino if you like your coffee sweet.

Menotti’s Coffee Stop

Enjoy a steaming cup of coffee with a sea breeze and a view of Venice Beach.

View from Venice Beach where the Menotti’s Coffee Stop is located
The downtown Venice boardwalk (photo: Frank Fell Media / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (424) 205-7014

Antique meets modern at Menotti’s Coffee Shop. Take your coffee to the outdoor patio and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze at this Venice Beach cafe.

Before you spend all day roasting in the sun or hitting the waves, stop by Menotti’s for the perfect cup of coffee to keep you up all morning. The outdoor seating options are the most popular but there is also a high wooden bar inside with outlets so you can finish an essay or work on sending that last email.

Menotti’s Coffee Shop is one of the best cafes in Los Angeles for its location near the beach. The cafe has exquisite latte art, great food, and fresh pastries. Pair your excellent coffee latte with a signature Menotti’s donut next time you’re in town.

Chaumont Bakery & Cafe

Perhaps the best bakery and pastry spot in all of Beverly Hills.

Croissant on a plate and a cup of black coffee in Chaumont Bakery & Cafe
A delicious almond croissant compliments any cup of coffee

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (310) 550-5510

Chaumont Bakery & Cafe offers quality coffee in one of the most popular places in Los Angeles. Located right off of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, dress your best and be on the lookout for a celebrity sighting.

The ivy-covered cafe has outside seating, which is ideal for people-watching. The baked goods at Chaumont are the main focus of the cafe. From almond croissants to pain suisse, apricot tarts, and more, the Chaumont is sure to satisfy your every sweet tooth need.

This is one of my favorite coffee shops for the selection of pastries alone but I also enjoy the savory cappuccinos and lattes with sweetened condensed milk. Nothing compliments high-quality pastries quite like a good cup of joe.

👉 Don’t Miss: Ask about the vegan options at Chaumont Bakery & Cafe. These pastries are just as yummy as their non-vegan counterparts.

​​Intelligentsia Coffee Silver Lake Coffeebar

With coffee beans from 13 countries around the world, Intelligentsia is a multicultural coffee experience.

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 (323) 663-6173

There’s plenty of room at Intelligentsia Coffeebar for remote working, big family gatherings, and other social events. The large patio is the ultimate hangout spot on Sunset Blvd.

The coffee beans from Intelligentsia are ethically sourced from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Burundi, Colombia, Peru, and Rwanda. This coffee shop alone sources the most diverse coffee in all of Los Angeles and everyone’s unique coffee preferences are sure to be satisfied at Intelligentsia.

The coffee is naturally sweet at this coffee shop in LA, meaning you can skip drowning your bitter cup in sweet cream and sugar. This coffee shop has some of the warmest workers and owners, making it a Los Angeles favorite.

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FAQs About Los Angeles Cafes

What makes a perfect cafe?

Quality makes the perfect cafe. High-quality ingredients, fresh-tasting food and beverages, and a well-kept environment make the perfect cafe in Los Angeles. Location is another important factor. Whether the cafe is next to a flower shop or a busy sports arena matters.

How many coffee shops are there in Los Angeles?

There are a total of 727 coffee shops in Los Angeles. This is one of the largest cafe populations in the United States. LA sure does love its coffee. 

How much is coffee in Los Angeles?

How much you pay for a cup of coffee depends on your source. If you go to a quick donut spot, coffee can be as low as $1.50 a cup. If you go to a high-end cafe, on the other hand, you may spend upwards of $6-7 for a latte.

Is it expensive to eat in LA?

LA is one of the more expensive places to eat in the United States. Because the city is so big, however, you can find a variety of expensive and inexpensive places to eat.

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I hope you feel as enthusiastic about your morning cup of coffee as I do now that you read my guide on the top coffee shops in Los Angeles. For more awesome LA travel information, be sure to check out this list of top beaches in Los Angeles.

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