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Is it safe to travel to Ukraine? Photo of Kiev

Ukraine Travel Safety: Are Kiev and Lviv Safe?

Since I traveled to Kiev (Kyiv) last month, and especially returned this week to visit Lviv, I’ve had a number of folks message me with concern over whether it is safe to travel in Ukraine. I’ve been a little surprised by this. While I’ve definitely been willing to push the envelope a bit in terms […]

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Chernobyl tours

Chernobyl Tours Review: Visiting Chernobyl Today

Chernobyl Tour Review: A Guide to Visting Chernobyl Today Can you visit Chernobyl today? What are Chernobyl tours like? And are Chernobyl and Pripyat tours safe? What does a Chernobyl tour cost? I’ll answer all those questions inside this Chernobyl tour review. First, a brief summary: despite what you might expect, it is actually quite […]

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