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How to Travel Cheap in Europe

5 Tips on How to Travel Cheap in Europe

Figuring out how to travel cheap in Europe can be tricky. Though it’s probably the most popular continent for most first-time travelers, Europe can also be the most expensive. If you don’t watch yourself, your cost to travel Europe can get expensive quickly. But with so much to see in such a small continent, it’s worth […]

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Free Cash Back from Travel and Online Shopping

How I Earn Cash Back from Travel

Do you ever make hotel, hostel, or airfare bookings online? Or do you ever shop online? If you do either, you’re probably paying too much. In 5 minutes, you can sign up to receive 2-10% cash back on travel bookings made online. This trick even works for plain-old, everyday online shopping. And if you sign […]

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Resist Travel FOMO

Don’t Catch a Case of Travel FOMO

Travel FOMO – or “fear of missing out” – is a mindset that easily takes hold in today’s social-media driven environment. A case of travel FOMO can lead to your travel choices being dictated by what you think you are supposed to do, or what you see others doing. FOMO is a very real thing […]

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What to Pack for a RTW Trip

What To Pack to Travel the World

Figuring out what to pack for traveling around the world might seem daunting, right? I mean, you have to fit your entire life into just a bag or two – and you need to pack everything you’ll need for a variety of situations and climates. With limited space, how do you know what to pack […]

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Why you should quit coffee before you travel the world

Why You Should Quit Coffee Before You Travel

After a year traveling the world, one of my biggest regrets is not kicking my coffee habit before my trip. I got addicted to coffee in college when my work-study job at a student cafe gave free access to the magic elixir. Don’t get me wrong – I think coffee is amazing. But a coffee […]

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Travel Lemming Myanmar

How I Travel the World – Affordably and Comfortably

Most of my life, I’ve desperately wanted to travel the world. So in September, September, 2016, I finally made it happen – I left home with a brand new passport on a one-way ticket to Mexico City. After less than a year of global travel, I’m already running out of passport pages, having visited nearly forty […]

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