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Myanmar Boycott Travel

Should Travelers Boycott Myanmar (Again)?

Is it time for another boycott of Myanmar by travelers?  After backpacking Myanmar last April, it quickly became one of my favorite countries for travel. My Myanmar photos are still some of my best from my trip around the world. And I’ve spent the months since telling just about everyone who will listen that they […]

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Myanmar photos the Mandalay teak bridge

35 Incredible Photos of Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma) is one of my all-time favorite travel destinations. Until recently it was mostly closed off to the outside world, but with political changes Myanmar is now an emerging backpacking destination. It is just as gorgeous as its neighbors in Southeast Asia, but far less explored (and exploited) by tourists than other popular travel […]

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Backpacking Myanmar (Burma)

Backpacking Myanmar (Burma) – A Quick Guide

[Edit: In light of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Rakhine State, some travelers may feel ethical issues with backpacking Myanmar. I encourage you to consider these issues, which are discussed in further detail in my post: Should Travelers Boycott Myanmar?] With the Thai islands swarmed by millions of European student who read “The Beach,” and […]

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