Interior of one of the best Cafes in Mexico City

19 Best Cafes & Coffee Shops In Mexico City (in 2023)

The abundance of cafes in Mexico City makes it the perfect place for coffee lovers and digital nomads alike. Mexico City is a paradise of coffee shops. 

As someone who has lived in Mexico City for the past 7 months and worked as a barista all throughout college, I’m here to spill the beans on all my favorite coffee shops. I’m thrilled at how many specialty cafes and seriously good coffee bars there are in Mexico City.

In this article, you’ll find the perfect cafe where you can relax with your favorite coffee drinks, grab a sandwich, or work the afternoon away. And while you’re here, be sure to bookmark my article on the best Mexico City restaurants

Let’s get right into it!

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19 Best Mexico City Cafes & Coffee Shops

Farmacia International 

A cozy cafe in Zona Rosa with exceptional coffee and homemade poptarts

Poptarts on a tray in Farmacia International
Farmacia International’s Homemade Poptarts

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +52 55 3668 9381

Walking into Farmacia International feels like strolling into a friend’s kitchen. They have top-notch hot and cold brews, comforting chai lattes, and quite a few wines/champagne to choose from. 

While they feature a great food and drink menu, the star of Farmacia International’s show is their homemade pop tarts. The yummy little sweet biscuit is so good that it’ll change your whole opinion of what constitutes a pop-tart. But, you can’t really go wrong with any of their baked goods. 

I’m lucky enough to live right next to Farmacia International and it’s one of the best coffee shops in Mexico City. 

⅜ Loft Cafe

A down to earth favorite in Juarez with lots of seating and breakfast and lunch options

People enjoying their coffee in ⅜ Loft Cafe
People Enjoying Their Morning Cup of Coffee at 3/8

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +52 55 5709 2146

A laidback spot to have a coffee and eat brunch, ⅜ Loft Cafe features both specialty coffee and all the traditional drinks that everybody loves. In my opinion, their iced lattes, mochas, and chilaquiles are especially great. 

There are a few baristas at this coffee bar and all of them are very friendly. It’s a Mexico City cafe with a very chill vibe to it. Everyone is simply enjoying their days and there’s plenty of space to situate yourself for a few hours. I would say that I’ve spent 80% of my mornings walking to ⅜ Loft Cafe for a cup of great coffee to go.

Cafe Nin

An ultra-trendy cafe in Juarez with an abundance of pastries

The aesthetic interior of Cafe Nin in Mexico City
The Super Aesthetic Space of Cafe Nin

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Cafe Nin | 📞 +52 55 9155 4805

Looking for an adorable specialty cafe located in Zona Rosa? Stop your search because you’ve stumbled upon Cafe Nin. 

The thing that’s special about Cafe Nin is its incredible ambiance. There’s lots of natural light and an overall comforting touch. It’s the perfect spot for drinking coffee in Mexico City and getting some work done on your laptop. 

The interior design of this charming coffee bar is simply spectacular, but it’s also pretty great that they serve absolutely delicious food and flavorful coffees. 

Madre Cafe

A bustling, vibrant cafe with boozy specialty coffee in Roma Norte 

Carajillo Coffee Drinks in Madre Cafe
Cafe Madre’s Beautifully Boozy Carajillo Coffee Drinks

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +52 55 6141 2847

Madre Cafe is a Mexico City brunch spot located in the neighborhood of Roma Norte. 

Madre Cafe takes pride in its variety of carajillos and it’s easy to see why – not only do these drinks have a stunning presentation, but they’re also some of the best coffee cocktails around. Of course, all their drinks are pretty incredible – from the cold brew to the dirty chai lattes. 

If you need a spot to recharge on Sunday afternoon in Mexico City, then Madre Cafe is sure to bring you back to life. 

👉 Pro Tip: Cafe Madre is located in the trendy neighborhood of Roma Norte. For more information about the different areas of Mexico City, read my guide to where to stay in Mexico City.  

El Otro Cafe

A cute cafe near Chapultepec Park with outdoor tables and tasty sandwiches

An affogato and an ice cream on a table
An Affogato, One of the Tastiest Drinks at El Otro

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +52 55 2624 3464

El Otro Cafe has some of the best coffee in Mexico City as well as great outdoor seating options and plenty of food choices. I’d go for their cold brew tonic or the Otro cold brew as a drink. For food, I’d recommend the chicken salad and the apple strudel. 

It’s also situated in a great location in Mexico City right near Chapultepec Park, so it’s easy to make a day out of visiting El Otro. 

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Cafe Memorias de un Barista

A quaint, cozy cafe with high-quality pour-over coffee and baked goods

A cup of cappuccino on a table

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +52 55 5207 6201

Cafe Memorias de un Barista is a quaint, adorable cafe with a lovely ambiance and friendly baristas who will teach you all about their coffee. Cafe Memorias de un Barista has a couple of brewing methods, but they’re especially known for their pour-over coffee and pastries. 

I absolutely love the name of this Mexico City cafe (translated to Memories of a Barista Cafe). It’s something different, but not just strange for the sake of it. 

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Blend Station

An upscale Condesa cafe serving up specialty coffee and globally-influenced snacks

A toasted bread on a plate topped with avocado and poached egg

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +52 55 6868 5350

Blend Station offers high-quality Mexican coffees brewed in a modern and chic space. They have specialty coffee, incredible nitro cold brew, and really unique food dishes to try. I’d recommend trying one of their steamed chicken buns, the avocado toast, or the pad poke. I also really like the matcha tonic from Blend Station. 

One of the coolest things about Blend Station is the architecture of their dining room. The roof of the dining room opens up into super high ceilings with greenery all around the walls. It’s a very cool effect. Structurally speaking, Blend Station is one of the most unique coffee bars in Mexico City.

El Illusionista Cafe

An affordable coffee shop in Escandon with a touch of elegance 

An iced coffee with straw on a counter

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +52 55 6840 9359

Even though El Illusionista Cafe looks like it’d be expensive, their drinks and food are actually very affordable. The restaurant has an elegant layout and whimsical lighting. I really love their wooden coffee counter. 

El Illusionista also has some gorgeous baked goods and some of the best coffee in Mexico City. 

Chiquitito Cafe

A tiny traditional cafe with three locations across Mexico City

A cup of matcha latte on a table
A Beautifully Fluffy Matcha Latte

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website  | 📞 +52 55 5211 6123

Chiquitito Cafe is an LGBTQ+-friendly cafe with three locations in different corners of Mexico City. They have all the classic drinks that you’d expect to find at an old-school cafe in Mexico City like vanilla lattes, cortados, and cold brews. They even have beverages without caffeine like San Pellegrino sparkling water.  

Chiquitito Cafe offers a spread of food items and baked goods to munch on. It’s everything you can ask for in a cafe, wrapped up in a teenie shop. 

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A minimalist Roma Norte coffee shop serving Mexican coffee from various regions

A cup of hot milk latte art at Buna in Mexico City
Beautiful Hot Milk Latte Art at Buna

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website 

Buna stands out from the crowd of Mexico City cafes for its variety of Mexican coffee from different Mexican regions. It’s one of the greatest specialty cafes. 

If you’re a caffeine fan, you have to try the locally-grown Mexican coffee. You can try it by the cup or buy some coffee beans. There are four different kinds of coffee beans and two coffee shop locations. 

My personal favorite is the Dahlia coffee from Green River, Guerrero. In addition to their Mexican coffees, Buna’s cafe space is super sleek and minimalist with outdoor tables available. It’s a great stop if you want to get a feel for the coffee in Mexico City. 

Qūentin Cafe

A teensy coffee bar near Parque Espana exploding with modern chic-ness 

The author holding an iced coffee in Mexico City
There’s nothing better than a cold brew in the morning

📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 55 7312 6188

Qūentin Cafe has mastered the art of packing a trendy environment into a small space. I really dig the minimalist layout that they’ve cultivated in their coffee shop. It’s one of the chicest coffee shops in Mexico City. 

Make sure you snag one of their baked goods when you stop in to try an espresso drink. 

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Drip Specialty Coffee 

A specialty cafe located in Roma featuring several brewing methods

View of drip coffee brewing on a cafe in Mexico City
Some drip coffee brewing to perfection

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website  

Drip Speciality Coffee is one of the top specialty cafes around Mexico City. Like many of the cafes around Mexico City, Drip has a fairly small space but they’re doing a lot with it.

Drip has a variety of espresso-based drinks, but what makes them special is their brewing methods. As its name suggests, this cafe is famous for its drip coffee, but you can get your drink brewed in the national or international style. Whichever you choose, it’s sure to be delicious.

Cafe Regina

A lowkey cafe with plenty of seating in the busy district of Centro Historico 

A plate of molletes and coffee in Cafe Regina
A Plate of Molletes and Coffee

📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 55 5709 2436

Cafe Regina is located in Mexico City’s Historic Center – one of the busiest neighborhoods in Mexico City. However, Cafe Regina is located on a peaceful pedestrian street and offers solace from the usual chaos of the neighborhood’s main street. 

I’d recommend stopping into Cafe Regina for breakfast or early lunch. The atmosphere and delicacies of the cafe are a perfect way to start your day in Mexico City. 

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Café Negro

A gorgeous cafe with an open layout in the Coyoacan neighborhoods

A cup of coffee and a chocolate brownie

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website  

Café Negro is located just outside of the main city center in Coyoacan. But, it’s the perfect spot to grab a coffee in the neighborhood if you’re visiting the Frida Kahlo Museum or nearby Coyocan Market. Café Negro has a huge open space with lots of sunlight pouring in. 

For food, you’ll find a variety of yummy sandwiches, salads, and Mexican staples like molletes and chilaquiles. I’d recommend trying out the rooibos tea with vanilla and a brownie. The chai lattes at Café Negro are also out of this world. 

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Boicot Café 

A unique, rustic cafe in Roma featuring special beverages like Turkish coffee

A cup of Turkish coffee in Boicot Café
A rich and dark cup of Turkish Coffee

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website  | 📞 +52 55 6845 6037

If I had to pick just one cafe on this whole list with the best ambiance, I’d choose Boicot Café. The interior design is one-of-a-kind. It almost feels like you’re stepping into another, quirkier, universe. Complete with artwork, retro wall decals, and even a bright red piano. 

The food and drink at Boicot Café are just as incredible as their atmosphere. There are a bunch of breakfast options like omelets and waffles. Along with an extensive list of drinks from a shot of espresso to beer. 

Moronas Café Roma

An adorable eatery with a sophisticated layout and tasty frozen drinks in Roma Norte

A shot of espresso and a carrot cake on a plate
A piece of carrot cake and a shot of espresso

📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 55 9155 4861

The adorable Moronas Café Roma is on the list of Mexico City’s best coffee shops for its extensive food menu and incredible frozen coffee drinks. Specifically, their latte helado shaker and carrot cake are absolutely amazing. The New Yorker in me also greatly appreciates that they have bagels on the menu. 

I’m a big fan of the vibe at Moronas as well. The cafe is very organized and simple, but it gives that air of sophistication.

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Cardinal Casa de Café

A classic Roma shop with everything you could want in a cafe

📍 Google Maps | 📞 +52 55 6721 8874

Cardinal Casa de Café is what I would consider a “classic coffee shop” They have an open layout with loads of sunlight, and all the traditional espresso offerings are written on chalkboards. Whimsical drawings and lighting hanging all around. It’s one of my top choices for places to get work done. 

Cardinal Casa de Café provides several brewing methods for you to choose from, which adds a nice professional touch to your coffee experience. However, if you’re feeling hungry, then this coffee shop might not be the best choice. They have a few kinds of sandwiches, but their food menu is much more limited than other cafes on this list. 

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Café B

A simple cafe near Condesa with vegan options and herbal tea frappes

A traditional Mexican breakfast on a plate
A Traditional Mexican Breakfast

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +52 55 6585 9439

Everything that’s made at Café B, whether it’s a drink or dish, looks beautiful when it arrives at your table. Perfectly Instagrammable. It’s just the cherry on top that their products are beyond the realm of delicious. One of their most unique menu items is their tuna burger (hamburguesa de atún tartaré), which they also have beef and vegan versions of.

For breakfast, I’d recommend either their traditional chilaquiles or the banana waffles, or there’s a variety of frappes, milkshakes, and coffees at Café B. I tend to go for the herbal tea frappe because I’ve never seen anything like it on a cafe menu before. 

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Almanegra Café

A hidden gem with specialty coffee in Narvarte 

A barista making a latter art on a cafe

📍 Google Map | ☕ Website | 📞 +52 55 4162 5899

Almanegra Café isn’t one of the most well-known coffee bars in Mexico City, but it’s one of the best, in my opinion.

But, Almanegra Café has everything I look for in a cup of coffee – their espresso is top-notch and their baristas are knowledgeable in the art of crafting the perfect cup. Plus, they even offer some incredible pastries. 

One thing to note is that Almanegra Café doesn’t have much indoor seating, although there are tables outside along the sidewalk. It’s still a nice spot to sit with a cup of coffee, but it might not be the right fit for someone who needs to do a lot of work on their laptop. 

FAQs About Mexico City Coffee Shops

Is coffee popular in Mexico?

Coffee is extremely popular in Mexico because of the country’s long history of coffee production.  Mexico ranks as the ninth-largest coffee producer in the entire world as of 2022. Most of this product is exported, but plenty of coffee is still enjoyed right here in Mexico. As of 2020, there are over 9,000 cafes in Mexico.  

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How do you ask for an iced coffee in Mexico?

When you’re asking for an iced coffee or cold brew in Mexico City, you can say “Cafe helado, por favor” or “un cafe con hielo, por favor” (a coffee with ice, please). 

Does Mexico have the best coffee?

Mexico has some of the best coffee in the world, thanks to the state of Oaxaca. It’s in a prime location right between Veracruz and Chiapas. Oaxaca is at a high elevation and has a tropical climate. Making it the ideal place for producing high-quality gourmet coffee. 

What coffee is famous in Mexico?

The most famous coffee in Mexico is Arabica coffee. The majority of the coffee produced in Mexico is Arabica, and it’s actually one of the most popular varieties in the entire world.


Thanks for reading my guide to the best coffee shops in Mexico City. Now, get out there and enjoy all the cafes that the city has to offer! 

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Happy caffeinating!  

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