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There’s a lot of information online about how to start a travel blog. That’s because so many people dream of traveling the world, while funding their trip from a blog. But the hard truth is that, while many try, few ultimately succeed. With that said, it is possible to make more money blogging than you might think – you just have to be ready to do the work! In this blogging resource page, you’ll find our best articles and tips for how to start a travel blog. Ready to dive in? 

🌎 Starting a Travel Blog

Starting a blog can seem overwhelming for newbies, but thanks to technologies like WordPress, it’s easier than ever. Here are the basic steps to how to get a travel blog set up:

  • Register Your Domain Name – Your url might be the single most important decision you make this early, so pick a good name!
  • Pick a HostYou need a host to serve your site to visitors. Fortunately, there are many affordable hosting companies available.
  • Install WordPress Don’t even think about going with a different content management system (CMS). WordPress is the best there is.
  • Install a Theme – There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from, but pick one that is fast like Astra, Kadence, or Generate Press.
  • Set Up Your Basic Pages – Most themes come with template designs you can use, or you can hire a custom designer on Upwork.

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✍️ Picking a Travel Blog Name

Picking a travel blog name is often the hardest part of starting a new travel blog. Here are some tips for finding the perfect travel blog name:

  • Keep it Short – Shorter travel blog names are generally better. Try to stick to 2 or 3 words.
  • Keep it Descriptive – Can the audience tell your blog is about travel just from the name? Ideally, they should be able to!
  • Avoid Dashes or Special Characters – It’s generally best to avoid any special characters in your domain name.
  • Avoid Domains – It may be tempting to go for a “.net” or different domain extension, but stick to .com (or at least country level extensions like
  • Double Check Trademark – Some names are trademarked, and you want to make sure you’re not on the wrong side of a losing legal battle.

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👉 Travel Blogging Tips (Beginners)

Getting started travel blogging is a challenge. Here are some beginner tips for travel bloggers:

  • Learn One Skill at a Time – From web design to social media to SEO, there is a lot to learn to become an expert travel blogger. Try to hone your skills on one or a few skills at a time, then move on to the next one.
  • Focus on One Topic The deeper you go on a single topic (like one destination or type of travel), the sooner you’ll build an audience. Don’t try to go “wide” and cover everything about travel right out of the gate.
  • Expect it to Take TimeFew travel blogs earn any real readership or money until a year or two into the blog. Blogging takes time!

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⭐ Travel Blogging Tips (Advance)

Ok, so maybe you’re a more advanced travel blogger? Here are some tips to level up your travel blogging game:

  • Monetize Only Where it Adds Value – It may be tempting to just throw random affiliate links all over your content and hope someone clicks, but you’ll get a better ROI if you only suggest affiliate products that actually solve a problem for your reader.
  • Market Your Brand It may feel like self promotion (and, well it is), but if you don’t market your brand who will? In order to grow your audience, you need to get out there and tell others about your great content.
  • Join a Premium Ad Provider – Once you meet their traffic thresholds, join a premium ad provider like Mediavine or AdThrive. If you’re not at those levels yet, consider a service like Ezoic.

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