Chernobyl tours

Chernobyl Tours Review: Visiting Chernobyl Today

Chernobyl Tour Review: A Guide to Visting Chernobyl Today Can you visit Chernobyl today? What are Chernobyl tours like? And are Chernobyl and Pripyat tours safe? What does a Chernobyl tour cost? I’ll answer all those questions inside this Chernobyl tour review. First, a brief summary: despite what you might expect, it is actually quite …

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An abandoned theatre in Gagra

Abkhazia in Pictures

Abkhazia is a remarkable juxtaposition of sorrow and beauty, where abandoned places mix with natural beauty. It has almost been forgotten by the outside world, and even just getting to Abkhazia can be a serious challenge. It’s a land that offers striking landscapes checkered by abandoned buildings everywhere — haunting reminders of the war that tore …

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An abandoned palace near Lake Ritsa Abkhazia

Abkhazia Travel Diary

Abkhazia – A Forgotten Land of Sorrow and Beauty “An AMERICAN? Why are you trying to travel to Abkhazia?” inquired the Georgian police officer as I slipped my blue passport under the checkpoint’s glass. Uh, that’s a good question, I thought to myself. I had planned how to go to Abkhazia, but hadn’t really pondered my …

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A cup of coffee at one of the best Almaty cafes

The 5 Best Almaty Cafes

For the uninitiated traveler, a visit to Almaty, Kazakhstan isn’t likely to fit with your expectations. It’s an incredibly vibrant, cosmopolitan city, whose lush green streets buzz in the shadows of imposing snow-capped mountains. But the core of its culture is the bustling Almaty cafe scene. You won’t have to search long in Almaty to …

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