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Our Planet Netflix Lemming Death Walrus

Upset About the Netflix Our Planet Walrus Scene? Wait Until You See What Disney To Lemmings!

Over the past few days, there has been a fervor online about a particular scene from Netflix’s heart-wrenching nature documentary Our Planet. In the bloody scene in question, walruses can be seen plunging over cliffs to their deaths – which David Attenborough’s narration explains is because of a lack of icy habitat caused by global […]

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Free Lonely Planet PDF and Ebook Download Trick

How to Get Every Lonely Planet Ebook Free (in 3 Minutes)

Looking for a Lonely Planet pdf free download or a Lonely Planet ebook free download? You need to be aware that most of the places you’d find travel ebooks free downloads are either: 1) scams or, 2) illegal. BUT I’m here to tell you that there IS a way to get electronic Lonely Planet travel […]

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Wineglass Bay: a top spot on any Tasmania road trip

Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary (The Best 5, 7, and 10 Day Routes)

Looking to take an incredible Tasmania road trip? Whether you’re planning to cover Tasmania in a campervan, RV, or car,  and whether you’re mapping out a Tasmania 7 day itinerary, or just a quick 3 or 4 day road trip through Tasmania, this post will quickly get you covered with everything you need to know […]

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Travel Insurance for Nigeria: Do you need it?

Travel Insurance for Nigeria: Do You Even Need it? (An Honest Guide)

Trying to decide whether you need travel insurance for Nigeria? Or trying to find the best Nigeria travel insurance? As a travel blogger who travels the world full time, I know that sorting out travel insurance can be a difficult issue. I struggled with this issue when I went to Lagos, Nigeria in late 2018 […]

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Where to Stay in Lagos Nigeria

The 13 Best Hotels in Lagos Nigeria (+ Map of Where to Stay)

Find the best hotels in Lagos Nigeria can be a bit tricky.  Lagos honestly doesn’t have the best offering of hotels in the world, and most Lagos accommodation you do find is either overpriced or of middling quality.  But, never worry because I am here to help!  In this guide to where to stay in Lagos Nigeria, I’ll […]

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Travel Writing Course Review - Superstar Blogging Nomadic Matt

How to Become a Travel Writer (Superstar Travel Writing Course Review)

Note: this is my review of the Superstar Blogging “How to Become a Successful Travel Writer” course. You can also check out my review of Superstar Blogging Business of Blogging, which is more of an intro course to travel blogging for beginners. In this detailed review of Nomadic Matt’s Superstar “How to Become a Travel Writer” […]

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