The beaches in Tulum

15 Jaw-Dropping Photos of Tulum, Mexico

The Tulum beaches are gorgeous from every angle (that’s the reason they’re #1 on our list of the best things to do in Mexico).

But do you know where Tulum photos look especially stunning?

From above!

Imagine turquoise clear blue water lapping up against white sand beaches, all set against a lush green jungle.

Ok, actually you don’t have to imagine any of this because I’m going to show it to you in the following drone photo series of the beaches in Tulum.

And be sure to scroll through to the end for a few bonus pictures of some of the other incredible non-beach sites around Tulum. And, while I don’t want to make any promises, there might even be a surprise video in the works for you!

Oh, and before you go be sure to check out our guide on staying in Tulum beach vs town, plus the best hotels in Tulum Mexico.

Incredible Drone Photos of Tulum

Tulum, Mexico has some of the most incredible beaches on the planet. If you’re planning a visit to this Riviera Maya destination, be sure to check out my full guide to the beaches in Tulum.

Beaches in Tulum from Above
Boats swaying on the beaches in Tulum

Unlike the modern beach developments in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, you won’t find any high-rise condos in Tulum.

While the town has exploded in popularity recently, it still retains its charm as a relatively small Mexican beach town (pro tip: take a day trip to check out the nearby colonial town of Valladolid, Mexico).

Despite the tourism-driven development, these photos from above prove that Tulum is still primarily an amazing natural destination!

Drone shot of Tulum South Beach
Tulum’s south beach from above

The beaches in Tulum can roughly be divided into the southern beaches (pictured above) and the northern beaches (pictured below). The southern beaches have been heavily developed by high-end Tulum hotels and resorts, while many of the northern beaches remain accessible to the public (and are just as gorgeous).

Beaches in Tulum from Above
The north beach in Tulum

The northern beach is probably my favorite because the beachfront is wider and the water is a bit more clear than on the southern front.

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But the truth is that all of the beaches in Tulum are quite excellent!

I’ve been to hundreds of beaches all around the world, and Tulum’s really are some of the most incredible beaches in the world.

Boats along the northern beaches in Tulum
Boats in the northern public beaches

One of the most unique things about the beaches in Tulum are that you can find Mayan ruins set against a cliff overlooking the ocean!

Sure, the Tulum ruins aren’t nearly as large as those at nearby Coba, but just look at this gorgeous setting!

Mayan Ruins Overlooking Tulum's Beach
Mayan ruins set against a beach in Tulum
Tulum's Mayan Ruins
Tulum’s Mayan Ruins

Another one of the greatest things about the beach in Tulum is that the Caribbean water has this cool, almost enchanting, blue/turquoise color to it:

The blue water in Tulum
The water in Tulum has such a cool color!

Not to mention the fact that the sand is silky smooth as well!

White sand on the beaches of Tulum
Look at this incredible sand!

No wonder Tulum, Mexico is such a popular holiday destination on the Riviera Maya!

The Caribbean waves crashing up against Tulum’s amazing beaches creates the perfect environment for relaxing on a beach towel or cabana with a drink in hand. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, hop in the warm water for some swimming, boating, or even kite surfing!

Water crashes on Tulum's north beach
Me debating whether to go swimming 🙂

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Tulum's beaches from above
I love the colors of the waves in Tulum

And don’t forget to stay for a sun-downer. When the sun settles in over the Yucatan, the beaches in Tulum glisten against the jungle.

The north beaches of Tulum
The sun setting over the beaches in Tulum

But, no matter the time of day, the beaches in Tulum always look incredible from above.

The beaches in Tulum
Have you booked your tickets yet?
Tulum's north beach from above
Tulum’s north beach from above

A Bonus Tulum Video

Have you put Tulum on your travel list yet?

I mean, just watch this quick one minute video I made and tell me you don’t want to go! : )

And Bonus Photos of Other Cool Stuff in Tulum!

The beaches in Tulum are absolutely incredible. But there are a lot of other reasons to go to Tulum too! In fact, I wrote a whole post loaded with 10 reasons to visit Tulum.

For example, you can visit this magical lagoon – which has a cenote in the middle of it!

The Lagoon in Tulum
Doesn’t this look cool from above?

Or you can explore stunning underground caves, where the water creates these awesome reflections:

The Caves at Cenote Caracol Near Tulum
Tulum isn’t just about the beaches!

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So what do you think? Have you booked those tickets to travel to Tulum, Mexico yet?

If you’re thinking about it, be sure to check out our guide on how to go from Cancun to Tulum.

Lastly, if you’re booking your next trip to Mexico, be sure to check out my article on whether you need travel insurance for Mexico.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts – on Tulum, the beaches, my photos, or just anything at all – in the comments! Thanks for visiting and I hope you love Tulum as much as I have!

These photos of Tulum, Mexico will have you want to book tickets to this Caribbean paradise. Check out these incredible pictures of the beaches in Tulum!
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    1. Sure! I’ve stayed a bunch of places. Most recently, this past weekend at the El Pariso hotel on Paradise Beach. It’s a gorgeous location and a nice hotel for the price given that it’s on the beach. You can find a full list of recommended hotels in my Guide to the Beaches of Tulum.

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