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15 Best Bars in Las Vegas in 2023 (By a Local)

Bars in Las Vegas are pretty easy to come by, but finding the best bars in Las Vegas takes an inside scoop.

Lucky for you, I’m a Las Vegas local and am here to help you find the best bars in Las Vegas. Nightlife is one of the things Las Vegas is famous for, and checking out the bar scene is easily one of the best Las Vegas activities.

From super popular bars to lowkey bars, Sin City has a spot for everyone. In this article, we’ll dive into the best bars no matter your style – whether that’s a girls’ night out, a boys’ night out, or even a romantic night out. Let’s get into it!

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15 Best Las Vegas Bars

Velveteen Rabbit

A super aesthetic bar in the Arts District with delicious seasonal cocktails.

View of the Velveteen Rabbit signage outside the bar
(photo: Page Light Studios / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Velveteen Rabbit Website | 📞 702 685 9645

Velveteen Rabbit is an upbeat bar in the Arts District with lovely local art and the cutest pink outdoor patio. It is gorgeous and adorable inside and outside, and it makes for a perfect girls’ night out. 

They have won a variety of awards, including an award for being the best cocktail bar in Las Vegas 2021. They also have a large craft cocktail list with some of their most popular drinks like the Goodnight Kiss which you can share with up to three people. 

👉 Don’t Miss: Some of the most popular breweries in Las Vegas are also in the Arts District.

Laundry Room

Find this hidden bar for a mixology experience like no other.

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Laundry Room Website | 📞 702 291 7389

The Laundry Room is a secret speakeasy inside the Commonwealth, which is another popular bar. You will find the Laundry Room on Fremont Street, but you will only get in if you have reservations. It is very small and elegant, so you will feel as if you are in an old movie. 

With over 20 signature cocktails, there are drinks that will suit anyone’s taste. They also have a mixologist who can tailor your drinks to whatever flavors you are looking to try.

Chandelier Bar

Drink amongst the diamonds in the 44-feet tall chandelier in the Cosmopolitan.

View of people inside the Chandelier Bar in Las Vegas
The enormous Chandelier in the namesake bar (photo: Kobby Dagan / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Chandelier Bar Website | 📞 702 698 7000

The Chandelier Bar has three different levels, each with a different ambiance and a different signature cocktail menu. 

Level 1 is in the middle of the casino area, and it is usually pretty busy and buzzing with energy and live music. Level 1.5 is a little more hidden and is the perfect place to enjoy a drink in a more private area. Level 2 is a lounge area that is less busy but is completely inside the chandelier so it is incredibly beautiful. 

They are famous for their Verbena cocktail which comes with a flower that completely changes the taste of the drink. Although you will not see it on the menu, be sure to ask for it for a very unique experience. Some of their other signature beverages include; Whiskey Business, Finishing School, and the We’re All Mad Here. 

Oak & Ivy

The best bar for whiskey lovers in Las Vegas.

View of the Downtown Container Park at night in Las Vegas
(photo: Kit Leong / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Oak & Ivy Website | 📞 702 553 2549

Oak & Ivy is in Downtown Container Park, and it is a bar that features whiskey as the main component of many of its signature drinks. They have an indoor and outdoor area, each with a rustic yet comforting atmosphere. Although whiskey is the main feature of this bar, they have a cocktail menu and beer for those who are not big fans of whiskey. 

Their most famous drinks include Apple Pie Harvest, Whiskey Smash, and the Last Mule. They also have different seasonal cocktails which tend to be very popular. They do not serve food here, but they have a great selection of restaurants nearby. 

Gold Spike

Work hard during the day, party at night in this unique bar on Fremont Street.

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Gold Spike Website | 📞 702 476 1082

Gold Spike is a unique bar that is a workspace during the day and a perfect place to have fun at night. They have a variety of different games including pool, beer pong, legos, and even a couple of arcade games indoors. 

The indoor area is the Living Room, and it is where people might come to do work during the day and jam out to exciting DJs at night. They have a large outdoor area called the backyard where they often host events like themed parties or different local food trucks.

Ghost Donkey

Step into a quirky neon speakeasy in the Cosmopolitan.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas from the outside
(photo: Kit Leong / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Ghost Donkey Website | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 702 698 7000

Ghost Donkey is a fun tequila lounge in the Cosmopolitan, based on the bar’s first location in New York City. 

Many people report that finding the secret bar is part of a super cool experience, and you can look online for clues. The truffle nachos are one of their most popular snacks, and the mezcal sunrise is the perfect drink for those who love all things spicy. 


Get a taste of authentic Bavarian beer and food.

View of people inside the Hofbrauhaus
(photo: Kit Leong / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Hofbrauhaus Website | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞702 853 2337

Just next to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Hobrauhaus is a hotspot for local college students. 

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas is very close to the accurate representation of what the original beer house in Germany looks like. They have live music every day, and it is also a child-friendly restaurant so you can bring your kids for dinner. 

The schnitzel and German beer are the highlights of the menu, but they have a wide variety of other delicious food options. 

Frankie’s Tiki Room

Enjoy a night at this tropical oasis, away from the scorching Nevada desert.

The Frankie’s Tiki Room neon sign at night
(photo: Page Light Studios / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Frankie’s Tiki Room Website | 📞 702 385 3110

Frankie’s Tiki Room is a fun tiki bar that makes for a great laid-back night out. Everything is tiki-themed from their bright decorations to their fun, fruity cocktails. If you want to gamble on your night out, they also have gambling machines. 

They even have some of the most popular drink recipes on their website so you can make them at home too. 

Lucky Day Tequila & Mezcal House

From shareable punch bowls to classic cocktails, Lucky Day is the place to go for tequila lovers.

View of the Lucky Day Tequila & Mezcal House signage outside
(photo: Page Light Studios / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Lucky Day Website | 📞 702 291 7599

Lucky Day is in the heart of Fremont Street and it has an exciting amount of neon lights and decorations. They even have a constant rotation of Latin music with a dance floor so you can show off your best moves. 

Their Scorpion Punch comes in a large punch bowl with flavors of watermelon, pepper, lime, and even a scorpion to top it off. While they don’t have a large food menu, they do serve their delicious homemade tortilla chips and salsa to snack on.

Downtown Cocktail Room

Visit the oldest operating bar in Downtown Las Vegas for a night you won’t forget.

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Downtown Cocktail Room Website | 📞 702 880 3696

The Downtown Cocktail Room is a dim, classy cocktail lounge perfect for an intimate night out. Craft cocktails are their specialty with unique drinks like the Downtown Dill Bloody and the Grape Balls of Fire.

They also feature a great happy hour menu where everything is half-price. They have classic bar snacks like pretzels and pickles, but if you get hungry then it’s worth checking out some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas

Peppermill Fireside Lounge

Cozy up by the fire pit and sip on their delicious cocktails for a relaxing night out.

The Peppermill Fireside Lounge in Las Vegas
(photo: Page Light Studios / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Peppermill Fireside Lounge Website | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 702 735 4177

Peppermill Fireside Lounge is an amazing bar for a date night on the Las Vegas Strip. They have cozy couches by fire pits or they have booths if you want to enjoy a tasty meal. 

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you can stop by at any time of the day. The food portions are huge so you can share them, and they also have an extensive drink list to choose from.

Atomic Liquors

Take a “dive” into Las Vegas history at this old yet iconic bar.

View of the Atomic Liquors signage in Las Vegas
(photo: BestStockFoto / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Atomic Liquors Website | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 702 982 3000

On Fremont Street you will find Atomic Liquors, which has been a dive bar in Vegas since 1952. When it was first opened, people would go to the roof of this bar and watch nuclear test explosions at the Nevada Test Site. 

Their craft beer menu is extensive, and it is one of the many things that people love so much about this bar. To fully experience this bar, try the Nevada Test Shot, which is a combination of rum, lime, and cider. The truffle fries and pretzel bites with cheese are some of their most savory and popular food menu items. 

The Underground Speakeasy and Distillery

After a fun day at the Mob Museum, unwind at this hidden speakeasy.

View of The Mob Museum from the outside
(photo: Fotos593 / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 The Underground Speakeasy Website | 🍽️ Food Served | 📞 702 229 2734

The Mob Museum is one of the most popular things to do in Las Vegas and little did you know that it also contains one of the best bars in Las Vegas. The Underground Speakeasy is a Prohibition exhibit in the Mob Museum, which also serves as a fully functioning bar. You will need the password to enter, so be sure to check their website to find it. 

They serve authentic Prohibition-era drinks like the Bee’s Knees and Moonshine Mayhem. The distillery is separate, but you can also tour it and get samples of their distilled spirits, like their moonshine.

The Dorsey

Sit in their relaxing library area complete with a fire pit for a cozy yet upscale ambiance.

View from the inside of The Dorsey in Las Vegas
(photo: Benson Truong / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 The Dorsey Website | 📞 702 414 1945

The Dorsey is a classy bar in the Venetian with a great selection of classic cocktails. The vibe is very old-school, but it is the perfect place to lounge around and socialize with friends. 

They usually have DJs playing classic hip-hop music, so there is always something exciting going on in the bar. The Sunday Service and Harajuku are some of the most popular drinks on their menu. 

Minus 5 Ice Bar

Step into this chilly bar for a night out like no other.

View of the Minus 5 Ice Bar in Las Vegas
(photo: Jeffrey J Coleman / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🍻 Minus 5 Ice Bar Website | 📞 702 740 5800

Minus 5 Ice Bar is a bar where everything, even the cups you drink out of, is completely ice. There are three locations in Las Vegas, there is one in Mandalay Bay, one in the Venetian, and one at the Linq. 

After you buy your tickets, they will give you gloves and a coat to keep you warm during the experience. There are fun light shows and exciting music, which make for a really fun and upbeat atmosphere. This is one of the few bars in Las Vegas where you can bring your kids and have them enjoy handcrafted mocktails (before 9 pm). 

FAQs About Las Vegas Bars

Where do locals party in Las Vegas?

Gold Spike and Hofbrauhaus are where many locals party in Las Vegas, especially college students. 

How much are bars in Vegas?

Bars in Las Vegas can range from $8 for a beer up to around $20 for a signature cocktail or mixed drink. 


Thanks for reading about the best bars in Las Vegas! Up next, check out my ultimate guide to where to stay in Las Vegas.

Happy bar hunting!

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