People wandering in Wall Street in Downtown Asheville, one of the best Asheville neighborhoods

6 Best Neighborhoods in Asheville (in 2023)

Asheville neighborhoods are small in quantity, but they’re unique—each with something different to offer. Areas like the River Arts District in West Asheville have a funky, artsy atmosphere. Others like Montford and North Asheville are full of historic homes.

I grew up in the Asheville, North Carolina area and love the fact that despite being a small city, each Asheville neighborhood has a different vibe.

In this article, you’ll gain a residential and visitor perspective on the areas and neighborhoods that make up Asheville. This way, you’ll feel in the know about the best places in Asheville

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Best Asheville Neighborhoods

Downtown Asheville

The central hub of Asheville with walkable streets and tons of shops, restaurants, and attractions.

People dining at the Grove Arcade in Downtown Asheville
Dining at the Grove Arcade (photo: Nolichuckyjake / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Asheville City Schools, Buncombe County Schools | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Kimpton – Hotel Arras

Downtown Asheville has a buzzing atmosphere while still having a small-town feel. Urban amenities like city parks, shops, restaurants, and cafes are all within walking distance here. 

Most visitors will choose to stay and spend time in downtown Asheville, but this area can also be a great place to live for couples and working individuals who can afford the higher price tag. The city-meets-small-town vibe is charming and perfect for anyone who wants to be in the middle of the action.

Another neighborhood near downtown Asheville is Kenilworth. Kenilworth is a good option for families who want to be within walking distance of downtown while having a more relaxed atmosphere. Craftsman-style homes and Spanish-style homes are common here.

Pros of Neighborhood

  • Close to shops, restaurants, and museums
  • Walkable 
  • Lively 
  • Don’t need a car to get around

Cons of Neighborhood

  • Noisy
  • More touristy
  • More expensive 


Asheville’s historic district, full of beautiful homes and picturesque streets.

One of the Historic homes at Montford in Asheville
Lots of historic homes

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Asheville City Schools, Buncombe County Schools | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: 1900 Inn on Montford

Montford is located just northwest of downtown Asheville. Montford is one of Asheville’s top historic places, as it’s full of large and beautiful historic homes with styles ranging from Queen Anne to Craftsman. Many local bed and breakfasts are located here.

Overall, Montford is a neighborhood worth checking out whether you’re visiting or looking to move. Montford is particularly popular for families and retirees looking for that peaceful, charming atmosphere not far from downtown.

You can expect picturesque, tree-lined streets in Montford. It’s quiet and close to local shops, restaurants, and cafes. The Blue Ridge Parkway is also within reach, which is a must-do for any Asheville itinerary.

Pros of Neighborhood

  • Quiet atmosphere
  • Beautiful, historic homes 
  • Walkable 
  • Lots of bed and breakfasts 

Cons of Neighborhood

  • More expensive
  • Limited number of attractions

West Asheville

Asheville’s go-to neighborhood for fun, funky, and local vibes.

A glass of beer served at One World Brewing in West Asheville
West Asheville is a great spot for more local breweries, cafes, and more

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Asheville City Schools, Buncombe County Schools | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Crowne Plaza Resort Asheville, an IHG Hotel

West Asheville is a popular neighborhood for couples, young people, and anyone who enjoys Asheville’s funky, artsy vibe. The prices in West Asheville are generally lower than those of other Asheville neighborhoods and new construction homes as well as bungalow-style homes can be found here.

Amenities like music venues, breweries, and local shops and restaurants make West Asheville unique. It’s also a good neighborhood for outdoor activities, as the French Broad River and green spaces like Carrier Park are located here. 

The River Arts District is another part of the West Asheville area. Similarly, it’s full of unique and artsy shops and galleries, and it’s definitely worth a visit. 

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Pros of Neighborhood

  • Friendly, local vibe
  • Great restaurants and bars
  • Walkable areas
  • More affordable

Cons of Neighborhood

  • Limited hotel options
  • Farther from downtown attractions 

South Asheville

A more suburban part of Asheville that’s close to the Asheville airport and shopping centers.

View of buildings at the Biltmore Park
Biltmore Park

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Buncombe County Schools | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Hilton Asheville Biltmore Park

South Asheville encompasses a large part of the Asheville area, but it’s full of many popular neighborhoods. Visitors will enjoy the attractions, shopping, and dining in South Asheville. Locals love the variety of single-family homes and suburban feel, while still having easy access to downtown and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Biltmore Village is located just south of downtown. It’s home to the Biltmore Estate, which is one of Asheville’s best attractions. Biltmore Forest and the Ramble are nearby residential neighborhoods on Hendersonville Road. These are affluent, but beautiful neighborhoods with large homes and lots of private space. 

Oak Forest, Biltmore Park, Avery Creek, and Royal Pines are a few other popular residential neighborhoods in South Asheville. 

Pros of Neighborhood

  • Close to airport
  • Close to larger shopping centers
  • Good dining options

Cons of Neighborhood

  • Lacks charm and a local feel
  • Gets congested with traffic

North Asheville & Grove Park

A quiet, residential neighborhood full of beautiful mountain homes and the Grove Park Inn.

The Omni Grove Park Inn building from the outside
The Omni Grove Park Inn

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Asheville City Schools, Buncombe County Schools | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: The Omni Grove Park Inn

North Asheville & Grove Park is an often overlooked part of Asheville. There are outdoor attractions, quaint areas for shopping and dining, and nice residential neighborhoods in this area. 

Beaver Lake, the Botanical Gardens at Asheville, and the historical Grove Park Inn are just a few attractions. The historic district of Montford is also nearby.

Popular residential neighborhoods in this area include Lakeview near Beaver Lake and Albemarle Park. Town Mountain on Town Mountain Road is another nice nearby neighborhood. Overall, the North Asheville neighborhood has many houses of different types and it’s a nice place for young families.

Pros of Neighborhood

  • Quiet and private atmosphere
  • Residential feel

Cons of Neighborhood

  • Farther from Asheville attractions
  • More expensive

East Asheville

A residential side of Asheville known for its homes with greenspace and a rural, yet suburban feel.

View of the Asheville Mall signage at the entrance
The Asheville Mall (photo: Nolichuckyjake / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Neighborhood Website | School Districts: Buncombe County Schools | 👉 Best Hotel for Your Scouting Trip: Holiday Inn Asheville East-Blue Ridge Pkwy, an IHG Hotel

East Asheville is an area of Asheville that’s more catered towards residents than visitors. This is because it’s quieter and more out of the way in regards to Asheville attractions. However, it offers a relaxed community vibe with churches, schools, and access to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Attractions include the shopping centers on Tunnel Road and the WNC Nature Center.

Quaint cottages and single-family homes are the home styles commonly found in East Asheville. Residential neighborhoods of Haw Creek, Beverly Hills, and Oakley are popular. Chunn’s Cove is another residential neighborhood that’s ideal for families and those looking for private and open green space. 

Pros of Neighborhood

  • More privacy and greenspace
  • Good for families
  • Easy access to downtown
  • More affordable area

Cons of Neighborhood

  • Less local charm
  • More limited attractions 

FAQs About Asheville Neighborhoods

What is the hipster part of Asheville?

West Asheville is known as the most “hipster” Asheville neighborhood. This being said, you’ll find similarly artsy, quirky, and local vibes throughout Asheville. 

Which side of Asheville is best?

No side of Asheville is necessarily “best” because each neighborhood is different, and caters to different people and interests. However, popular Asheville neighborhoods outside of downtown Asheville include Montford, the River Arts District in West Asheville, and Biltmore Village in South Asheville.

What are the neighborhoods in Asheville, NC?

The top neighborhoods and areas in Asheville are downtown Asheville, Montford, West Asheville, South Asheville, North Asheville & Grove Park, and East Asheville. Each of these areas have neighborhoods within them, with options that are geared towards visitors and those looking residentially.

Where is the best place to live in Asheville NC?

The best place to live in Asheville depends on your lifestyle, budget, and interests. Downtown Asheville is more expensive but great for young couples. West Asheville offers a more local, laid-back vibe with more affordable prices. Montford and neighborhoods like Lakeview Park and Biltmore Park are beautiful, quieter areas with a more upscale lifestyle. 


I hope you enjoyed this article on Asheville neighborhoods and learned something new along the way. Check out our guide to Asheville safety too if you’re interested in visiting or moving to this cool Western North Carolina city. 

(Featured Image Credit: Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock)

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