Travel Lemming 2018 Update

2018 Update: What I’ve Been Doing and Where I’m Going Next

One of the hardest things I’ve ever done was to return home from my year-long trip around the world (even if I was kinda ready for it at the time).

After a year traveling the world, I returned home to Denver to contemplate my life and figure out my next steps.

So what have I been up to this year?

And where I am going next?

Read on to find out!

But, first, a digression:

I think that when I set out to travel I thought that I would gain some clarity about life along the way.

Not really.

Anyone who is looking to travel to solve their problems should, in my mind, look elsewhere.

But I DID gain one important piece of insight about myself on the trip:

I figured out, in part through starting this blog, that I wanted to be more entrepreneurial.

I wanted to have more control over my life. I wanted to create something, instead of just servicing someone else’s creation. And I wanted to gain a broader skill set than just lawyering.

Fortunately, a good friend of mine had just the thing.

I had met him in law school but, unlike me, he had taken the entrepreneur path from the get-go.

He had an idea for a new software start up, and he and his partner were looking for a third.

So for the last year I’ve been working heavily on that project, which I often describe as a modern “garage startup.” The project has been going really well, as I’m excited that we will finally launch our product soon (when I’ll be able to talk a bit more freely about it).

Part of founding a startup is learning to live on nothing, all while pouring your own money into it. So to help with that financial aspect, I spent last winter living in Merida and Playa del Carmen, Mexico. That allowed me to finally experience life as a “digital nomad,” as well as to explore some more of the many awesome things to do in Mexico.

I then returned home to Denver, Colorado, where I’ve taken on some additional work. Blogging makes money but doesn’t fully pay the bills just yet, so I’ve picked up a few other online projects to make ends meet. Oh, and I’m working on a legal marketing site I hope to launch soon.

In short, I’ve been really, really, really busy lately.

What’s Next for Travel Lemming?

All of that work hopefully explains why I’ve been so quiet on this travel blog over the past six months.


That’s about to change soon.

At the end of this month, I’ll attend a large travel blogger conference in Austin, Texas.

From there I plan to fly directly to one of my favorite destinations on the entire planet:


This will be my third visit to Thailand.

I’ve written before about solo travel in Thailand, and one of my top experiences traveling was participating in the giant country-water fight and festival called Songkram.

Songkram in ThailandGetting soaked at Songkram 2017

But this time I’m looking forward to spending several months there working and exploring the many places to visit in Thailand on a deeper level.

I plan to be based out of Chiang Mai for most of the time, as I still have a lot of work I need to bunker down and focus on. But I hope to get a break to visit some of the Trat province islands as well as to explore more of Bangkok.

I also went through a motorcycle class this past month so that I can be properly licensed to drive a scooter this time (yes, you can technically drive without a motorcycle endorsement, but it is illegal and my travel insurance for Thailand won’t cover me).

Oh, and fingers crossed that I can navigate the complicated web of Thai bureaucracy to register my drone so that I can post some awesome aerial shots!

Motorcycle class to drive scooter in ThailandLearning how to ride safely for Thailand! 

What’s my plan after Thailand?

Well, I don’t know exactly.

But I do have one other awesome thing on the books: a trip to Nigeria!

Specifically, a good law school friend of mine is getting married in Lagos Nigeria this November. I’m really looking forward to visiting the western part of Africa for the first time.

After that?

Well, stay tuned for the next chapter in the adventures of Travel Lemming.


I want to hear from you! What are your travel plans and what have you been up to?

And have you been to Thailand or Nigeria? Any tips?

Scroll down and leave a comment.

Thanks for following along!

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3 thoughts on “2018 Update: What I’ve Been Doing and Where I’m Going Next”

  1. Avatar

    I totally get where you’re coming from because I felt a mix of emotions when I came back from being traveling for an entire year as well (and feeling burnt out and knowing its time to go home even though you don’t want to).

    And on top of that trying to find work to pay the bills.

    What a journey!

    See you soon in Austin, and really excited for you to travel again!

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