About Travel Lemming - Backpacking the World. Differently.

About Travel Lemming

Hi, I’m Nate, a US citizen from Denver, Colorado who travels the world frequently. I recently ended a year long trip around the globe which took me to forty-three countries across six continents (you can check out my favorite photo from each country here). I love to explore emerging destinations and vibrant cities. At the moment, you’re likely to find me in Merida, Mexico. 

Travel Lemming

I often get asked what my favorite places have been. While there are too many to count, you can read my running list of my top experiences (so far) here.

I picked Travel Lemming as my travel blog name as a tongue-in-cheek reference to a small animal rumored to engage in such mindless group behavior that it will follow other lemmings off cliffs. As it happens, real-life lemmings don’t actually do this at all. But I think the lemming myth humorously describes a lot of what you find after travelling for a few months. And I encourage people to get more for travel dollar by focusing their travels on places that are emerging or off the beaten path (in fact, this is my #1 tip for traveling the world cheaply). 

Travel should be about experiencing new things in the world your own way. In an industry increasingly dominated by Instagram likes and the incessant race to take the best selfies, that can sometimes feel difficult.

A screenshot of Maps.me after 7 months on the road

A screenshot of Maps.me after 7 months on the road

With that in mind, I don’t want this blog to be just another one of those sites that just tells you where I’ve been (though I’ll certainly do that) and why you should or shouldn’t do what I did when I was in a particular destination (though I’ll probably do that too sometimes). I also want it to be a place for analysis and discussion of international travel, so I’ll try to post notes with some of the more critical thoughts I’ve had while traveling long term — things like this post on 43 things I learned traveling the world for a year

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